Alias: camphor, camphor, camphor, Yao Chai, Lao Zhang, Zhang, Zhang Wu smelly; Latin name: Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl. Laurales , Lauraceae , Cinnamomum Large evergreen trees up to 30 meters high, up to 3 meters in diameter, wide oval crown; crown wide exhibition, lush foliage, magnificent, is an excellent green tree, trees and shade trees. China South and southwest provinces. Vietnam, Korea, Japan and other countries often have distribution, introduction and cultivation. All the plants have camphor aroma can be produced. camphor And the extraction of camphor oil. Beautiful hard wood furniture, the box should be. The camphor tree Chlorine And sulfur dioxide, ozone and Fluorine gas The harmful gas such as resistant, mosquito flies, capable of short-term flooding, is the main raw material for production of camphor. The material is superior, is a good material for making furniture.

Camphor Morphological character

evergreen The big tree , up to 30 meters high, up to 3 meters in diameter, crown wide ovate; branches and leaves and wood have a smell of camphor; bark brown, with irregular crack. Bud scales broadly ovate or spherical, broadly ovate or suborbicular, slightly outside is silky hairs. Branches pale brown, terete, glabrous. Ye Husheng, ovate elliptic, long 6 ~ 12 cm, width 2.5 ~ 5.5 cm, apex acute, base broadly cuneate to subrounded, margin entire, cartilaginous, sometimes is sinuolate, glossy above green or yellow green, the yellow green or gray green, dark, glabrous on both surfaces or below when slightly puberulent, out from the base three veins, sometimes the transition to the base with no significant 5 veined, midvein conspicuous on both surfaces, each side has the upper lateral veins 1 ~ 3 ~ 5 (7). Basal lateral veins to the leaf edge side of a branch, branch and lateral veins below the axillary vein was significantly above the uplift fossa, fossa often pubescent; petiole slender, long 2 ~ 3 cm, concave convex dorsal ventral, glabrous. Bark smooth, green when young, old tawny and Taupe bark; Winter buds Oval.
Panicles axillary, length 3.5 ~ 7 cm, with stem, total stem length 2.5 ~ 4.5 cm, glabrous or with all levels of order axis is gray to brown puberulent, hairs are often in the festival is particularly evident. Green flowers with white or yellow, ca. 3 mm; pedicel length 1 ~ 2 mm, glabrous. Perianth outside glabrous or puberulent, inside densely pubescent, perianth tube conical, ca. 1 mm, perianth lobes oblong, ca. 2 mm. Fertile stamens 9, ca. 2 mm, pubescent. Staminodes 3, located in the inner wheel, arrow shaped, ca. 1 mm, pubescent.
Ovary globose, ca. 1 mm, glabrous, ca. 1 mm. Fruit ovoid or subglobose, diameter 6 ~ 8 mm, dark purple; fruit tray cupular, ca. 5 mm, apex truncate, 4 mm wide, base ca. 1 mm wide, with longitudinal grooves. Florescence 4 to in May, fruit period from 8 to November.

Camphor Growth environment

Meet at an altitude of 1800 meters, in the south of the Yangtze River and southwest regional growth of up to 1000 meters above sea level. The main growth in the subtropical soil fertile sunny slopes, valleys and river plain. Mountain slopes or valleys, often cultivated.
Camphor like light, slightly shade; hi warm and humid climate, cold resistance is not strong, suitable for growing in sandy loam, a water wet, but when transplanted to keep soil moisture, water rot easily lead to hypoxia and died, but not resistant to drought, barren and saline alkali soil. The main root is developed, deep root, wind energy. Strong sprout, cut resistant. The growth rate of medium, such as a huge tree umbrella shade, avoid cold. Long survival period, can grow into towering hundreds of thousands of years of ancient wood, has a strong ability of smoking and dust, water conservation, soil and sand and beautify the environment.

Camphor Distribution range

China South and southwest provinces. Vietnam, Korea, Japan and other countries often have distribution, introduction and cultivation.
Sichuan area of Yibin Province, the most wide area growth. The main breeding base in Jiangsu Shuyang Anhui, Zhejiang, etc..

Camphor Breeding method

The use of seed propagation, cutting propagation.

Camphor cultivation techniques

Camphor Planting time

In mid March to mid April, in the spring spring bud will sprout before planting. In the rainy season planting. In autumn September.

Camphor Planting method

The planting hole depth, length and width will reach 50 ~ 60 cm. Planting depth to ground and Cinnamomum camphora root diameter at level is appropriate, planting, mulch and hole be closely linked to the soil, soil is not tight or not will form a hanging space. Whether it is cloudy or sunny planted camphor trees, should be timely watering a root water. Dry weather, exposure to meet every 7 days or so with a permeable. For 3 ~ 4 times.
1 bare root seedlings of Cinnamomum camphora whole cut
The roots were collected before planting, cut, dry root rot, root cutting, cutting short without root root, to crown pruning, to cut all branches of the 1/3 ~ 1/2, which greatly reduces the area of canopy transpiration.
2 ball camphor tree pruning
The ball of the seedlings without root pruning, tree pruning can only. Pruning, can cut the crown 1/3 close fraternal tie to 1/2, greatly reduce the leaf area to reduce the moisture loss of the whole tree, but the tree should be basically, to speed up the landscape greening effect as soon as possible to speed.
Camphor short branches, continuous strong results, just a normal tree, every year a large number of flowers. But as an excessive amount, heavy load, tree nutrient surplus, will show a big picture on the consequences. Therefore, the demand of flower and fruit thinning extra time. But the camphor short flowering season, female flowers is small, so the consumption of many flower thinning, and fruit thinning, but the tall camphor tree, flower and fruit thinning are very difficult, so some position trial chemicals, implement thinning.
Special processing technology: the transplanting process, in order to maintain large camphor trunk humidity, reduce the transpiration from the bark of the tree trunk, to soak the rope winding package until the tip of the main stem, branches should be larger if the wound. Then, the modulation of the thick clay mud covered rope around the trunk. Later, often use the spray to spray moisturizing trunk. In the big camphor up, but also to prune root root and root litter, broken, cut and then dip wrapped clay mud mud roots; if adding 0.03% naa Auxin can promote large camphor after transplantation of new root growth.

Camphor management and maintenance

Because it is planted camphor tree, in the off-season not suitable so camphor trees planted after the more to strengthen maintenance and management. Usually, attention to watering, watering to grasp "do not pour, poured the water through" principle; and often on the ground and camphor tree foliar spray of water, increase air humidity, reduce plant transpiration.
A, nursery selection
Select the neat open, flat ground, Xiangyang, good drainage, adequate water, underground water level is low as a nursery area. Generally 2 to 5 degree slopes as well. The ground must be open to the drainage groove, and lower the groundwater. The soil should choose deep soil, rich in organic matter sandy loam or loam. For the first time in the winter is not frozen before ripening ploughing, tillage should not be too deep to control root growth ability, promote the growth of lateral root. Before sowing shizujifei, usually basal manure.
Two, the seed collection and storage
In the mid to late 11, camphor is purple black berries, gathering the fruit from the robust growth of pest free seeds. Collected berries should be timely treatment to prevent deterioration. The fruit into the container or packing water retting, make the flesh softening, remove seeds washed with water. The seeds are spread thin in a cool ventilated place to dry after the selection, the seed purity is more than 95%.
Three, sowing
Camphor, autumn in spring sowing spring can be good. With the autumn sowing in autumn before soil freezing. Spring should be carried out in the early spring soil thawing. Before sowing by 0.1% Bromogeramine solution soaking seeds in 3 ~ 4 hours of sterilization and disinfection. And with warm water for germination, 50 degree water, soaking repeated 3-4 times, can make the seeds germination of 10 ~ 15 days in advance. Camphor can be used a seeding distance of 25 to 30 cm, ditch depth of about 2 cm, 5-6 cm wide, sowing seeds per meter ditch 40 ~ 50 grain, 15 kg per mu planting.
Four, management
Seedling management: seedling emergence, timely remove cover, so as to avoid the Yellow seedling. When the seedlings grow 2 ~ 3 leaves, thin. Do early seedling thinning stage, timely Dingmiao according to 7 centimeters Dingmiao spacing. Among the healthy seedling, should be planted to save seeds, improve germination rate. Note that after planting shading, watering and maintenance, to ensure the survival.
Timely transplanting: a year - Zhang seedling height of about 60 cm, diameter 0.8 cm, seedling yield of 25 thousand plants per mu. Except for the annual afforestation, Cinnamomum camphora is not up to the city with green seedlings, after transplantation must be cultured for 3 ~ 6 years.

Camphor Seedling maintenance

Shade: high season tree water evaporation is relatively large, the root did not completely restore function, too much water loss will be strictly Heavy impact on survival rate and growth of trees. Shading is beneficial to reduce tree body and surface temperature, reduce tree water loss, increase air humidity, is beneficial to improve the survival rate of trees. In the top tree erection of 60 ~ 70% shading rate shading net. At the same time make tree rhizosphere mulching, straw mulching and other ventilation can cover material in the tree root week, to improve soil moisture.
Watering: days of drought, should do the work in the morning and evening. When watering, watering not only to soil, and tree and inclusions (such as dressing trunk rope etc.) are wet. But poorly drained soils should pay attention to control the number of watering, so as to avoid excessive soil moisture caused by root rot.
Drainage: natural disasters such as typhoon season, garden water to drainage, so as not to rot.
Tree support: because tree roots were transplanted in May have not yet been restored soil support capacity in windy weather (typhoon) to be blown over, thus affecting the root recovery growth, it should support the work in a timely manner to the trees. The supporting material can be bamboo, can also be a wire etc.. But in support of the tree, should protect the bark, avoid wire damage or even embedded in tree bark, the influence of upper tree survival.
Water: for the restoration of growth hormone in the rhizosphere as soon as possible, can be appropriate to irrigate some growth promoting hormones, such as ABT rooting powder, promote the rapid growth of root.

Camphor Transplanting method

(1) root root growth for DBH of 10 cm below the trees, just according to the general requirements of mining soil ball transplanting, soil ball diameter usually shift from 5 to 6 times the tree trunk, and the height of 10 cm above the large trees, should first cut the roots and root inducing treatment. The specific approach is: on both sides of the main relative distance, trunk diameter of 2 ~ 2.5 times digging slot, with a saw or axe cut coarse root section must be flush. The smaller lateral roots can use pruning shears to cut, then covered with fine soil, which was in the near fracture grow roots, second years in the coming third years on both sides of the same work, spring can lifter.
(2) stem and branches of small trees, 1 ~ 2 years old without cutting branches, 3 ~ 6 years of trees should be cut branches 1/3, usually in the lower part of the trunk of 1/3 collateral should be cut off, the upper 2/3 branch should be stratified cut, while the larger trees should be fully cut branch. Usually trees trunk height control in 3 ~ 3.5 meters thick branches retain 0.3 ~ 0.5 meters. After the cut, with wax or plastic film bag on the section, to prevent water loss.
(3) and the best seedling transplanting time ball wrapped in March, soil soil should be the diameter of the 5 ball to 6 times (30 ~ 40 cm seedlings), with the rope winding, ensure the soil ball.
(4) transplanting hole diameter should be greater than the camphor soil ball 1/3, depth of soil ball soil, roots and ground. The L tree will be planted after the fine soil and fill in the gaps with a heavy stick ramming. Are 10 to 20 cm, water absorption through the water, and then the rest of earth fill, until the trunk base into Steamed Buns like so far.

Camphor Pest control

Camphor trees are magnificent, colorful spring leaves, and the leaves flickering, shade everywhere
 Camphor tree Camphor tree
That is the most common tree species in the south, widely used as shade trees, trees, can also be used to create a scenic forest and shelter forest, the prevention of plant diseases and insect pests are simple to introduce:
A powdery mildew: the disease occurred in nursery seedlings. In high temperature, high humidity, density and seedling. Poor ventilation conditions most likely to occur. Grey brown spots appear on the back of leaves near the main vein, after spreading across the back of the leaves, and the emergence of a layer of white powder, dry twigs and serious is white.
The nursery should always pay attention to sanitation, proper seedling thinning; or found a few plants should be immediately removed or destroyed.
When using 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees Baume lime sulfur mixture injection, once every 10 days for three or four times.
Two, black spot : camphor seed germination after seedling grow 1 ~ 4 leaves, prone to the disease. From seedling to root tip become dark brown and death.
Good seeds, soil and mulch and planting disinfection work. At the time of onset, the first removal of diseased seedlings and burned, 0.5% formalin injection Potassium Permanganate or two or three times, can prevent the spread of.
Three, sawfly: a year in algebra, long period of damage, 1 year old seedling death caused serious damage to die, after planting trees in the upper canopy leaves are often eaten, seriously affecting the growth of trees.
Available 0.5 kilograms of rhododendronmolle or vine powder add water 75 ~ 100 kg into liquid spraying seedlings, or with 90% or 50% trichlorfon marathon emulsion 2000 times pensha.
Four, Zhang shoots moth: one year the number of generations, the larvae of shoot, resulting in high effect of camphor tree growth, stem bending.
In March the new camphor tree shoots out, the first generation larvae hatch in 90%, 50%, 50% Dibrom trichlorfon emulsion marathon emulsion 10000 times liquid jet, once every 5 days, two or three times in a row, can kill the larvae. If the larvae has decayed into the new shoots, can also be sprayed 40% dimethoate emulsion 200 ~ 300 times liquid.
The nursery or small land area, in the winter to collect litter burned to destroy overwintering pupae.
Five, orthagaachatinabutler : general damage of camphor tree seedlings and 20 years old the following saplings. Two generations a year. The first generation larvae in late May to mid July on. The second generation larvae in 8 ~ September by crowds assembled in the new shoot larvae feeding on the leaves and buds of silk wrapped buds, curl up in a ball, and shoot dead, even the death of the whole plant.
The larvae started activities have not yet net nest, spray 90% trichlorfon 4000 ~ 50000 times liquid, can kill.
If the larvae have formed a net nest, it is best to cut down.
Six, Zhang longicorn:
Oviposition period (from early May to early June) with wire brush oviposition scars, thorn eggs or newly hatched larvae.
With the victim after the artificial cut off branches, drain holes into the dichlorvos and medicament, which will kill the larvae.
Seven, Ceroplastes Rubens: the insect is the camphor tree secondary sucking insects. The early nymph is pale, than the flat back uplift, a star shaped white matter; female adults were oval, with dark white wax. Female adults and nymphs in the shoots, camphor group shoot and leaves, sucking plant sap. Camphor damaged shoots stop pumping, gradually to the dead leaves, or the whole plant death of Cinnamomum camphora.
Combined with camphor cutting in winter worm, cut off the branches.
Remove the overwintering female, oil emulsion rosin mixture sprayed 1 times in summer 10 ~ 15 or 40 ~ 50 times.
Remove the overwintering nymph, spring sprout before spraying 3 ~ 5 degrees Baume lime sulfur or 3% ~ 5% diesel oil emulsion.
The nymph of control, unearthed the first instar in early spring, camphor roots around soil surface spraying 50% phoxim EC 100 times liquid of camphor; plant nymphs, catch the hatching (early June to early July). Supracid can be sprayed 1500 times liquid or Omethoate 1500 times liquid, 1 times every 1 weeks, lasting 3 to 4 times.
Maintenance of various natural enemies, the insect predators are wasps.
Eight, termites
Looking for rain spraying, termites are in the vicinity of the root neck of damaged trees in soil nesting activities, digging up the topsoil 5 ~ 10cm can see the termite activity dug into a ring groove, groove width of 20 ~ 30cm, application of carbofuran granules with 5 ~ 10 grams / plant, and topsoil backfill, will be buried in the carbofuran under the topsoil.
The camphor tree termites do mud shell tools all destroyed, let the tree back to the soil in all termites.
If the soil is dry before watering, and sprinkle medicine, in order to facilitate the effective components of the agent quickly dispersed in the soil.

Camphor The main value

Camphor economic value

 Camphor Camphor
This species of subtropical regions (southwest) important timber and special economic species, wood, roots, branches and leaves can be extracted from camphor and camphor oil, the main component of oil for camphor, pine, bicyclic hydrocarbon camphorene, Lemon Hydrocarbon, Eugenol Etc.. Camphor for medicine, plastic, explosive For, antiseptic, insecticidal, camphor oil can be used as pesticides, dressing, soap, varnish and essence as raw material; wood quality, pest resistance, water resistance, for the construction, shipbuilding, furniture, cabinets, sheet, carved with thick foliage; beautiful tree for greening Roadside trees and Windbreaks . Camphor wood rot resistance, insect resistant, and dense aroma. Is furniture, carved wood; in addition to refining camphor Or, for trees and Cultivation Landscape tree Besides, there is a strong heart of camphor antipyretic, insecticidal effect, if the effect to the summer outdoor activities you can try: the removal of camphor leaves, shattered after daub in the hands and feet on the surface, anti mosquito effect. According to the scientists, the camphor tree exudes a pine Bicyclic hydrocarbon Camphor, pinene, limonene, Eugenol Other chemical substances have the ability to purify poisonous air, have anti-cancer effects, with pest control effect, a fresh and clean air filter, Gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind . Long life will avoid the risk of a lot of camphor in the environment in Difficult miscellaneous diseases. Therefore, many southern city and regions become camphor Landscaping The preferred liangmu, landscaping industry favored by.
Camphor tree has a special aroma, can be repellent, that almost no gardener sprayed pesticides. Camphor tree seeds are rich in oil, decanoic acid content reached more than 40%, is a short carbon fatty acid chain, has its special physiological and nutritional function, using camphor tree seed oil products research are developing new.
Camphor tree seed can be made into a pillow.

Camphor Landscape value

The trees lush foliage, big crown shade trees are thick, majestic, smoking and dust, water conservation, soil and sand and beautify the environment, is a good city green tree, widely used as shade trees, trees, forest protection and forest landscape is often used in ornamental gardens, residential, gardens, schools, institutions, factories, the hillside, courtyard, roadside, in front of the building. Planting pool, water, slope etc.. In the meadow Clump planting , Group planting , Solitary plant Or as the background because of the majestic tree, a variety of poisonous gas with strong resistance, strong ability of absorbing dust, is often used in city and industrial and mining areas. It can absorb harmful gases, as residents, factories, roads, squares, green campus is quite appropriate.

Camphor Medicinal value

Camphor skin medicinal:
[medicine name] camphor skin
[effect] for gas.
[application] Camphortree bark powder for ulcer of lower limb.
Fresh camphor skin amount, scrape skin and dry grind, 80 ~ 100 mesh sieve, storage bottle.
First with 3% hydrogen peroxide cleaning wound, remove the rotten tissue. Then take Camphor skin The amount of powder plus vitamin AD pill in oil mixing, Fuyu ulcer surface, then gauze bandage or light bar. Dressing was changed 1 times a day, generally 15 ~ 25 days or more.
Camphor tree fruit medicinal:
[source] for Lauraceae Sassafras Fruits, plant morphology in detail a camphor.
[collection] autumn harvest, dry in the shade.
[taste] micro Wen Xin.
[indications function - camphor fruit jiebiao antipyretic effect]. Treatment of cold fever, measles, Pertussis Dysentery.
[1] election fever cold treatment, measles One to two pieces of fruit: camphor. At the end of the research, boiling water delivery service.
Camphor roots medicinal:
[synonym] incense, camphor tree roots, soil aloes, aloes mountain.
[source] for Lauraceae camphor roots.
[collection] 2 ~ April excavation. Wash, dry slice of selenium.
[Medicine] for transverse or oblique disc, diameter 4 ~ 10 cm thick, 2 mm to 5 mm. The quality is hard, there is a smell of camphor. The large, uniform, yellow and white color, fragrant smell is preferred. Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangsu.
[taste] "herbal" classification: Xin, non-toxic.
[function indications - camphor root effect] Qi and blood circulation, removing rheumatism. Treatment of diarrhea, heart pain, rheumatism, traumatic injury.
The "classification": Herbal cure all pain, physical weakness, Qi, and cholera Vomit。
The "Guizhou folk prescription": cure rheumatism, traumatic injury.
The "Guiyang folk herbs": Qi, blood, stomach. Cure the stomach pain, aching pain, sweat.
Brief introduction of medicinal materials
[name] camphor
[alias] Zhang material ("herbal supplements"), camphor wood ("medicine data compilation"), ("blowing powder Guangxi zhongyaozhi").
[source] medicine for the Lauraceae camphor wood, usually in winter cut from camphor tree, cut into smaller pieces, dried.
For the irregular shape of the wood, the appearance of a red brown to dark brown, cross-sectional visible rings, heavy and hard texture, has a strong camphor aroma, taste and refreshing feeling. To block, complete, aroma is preferred. In China's coastal areas, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places have the largest production in Taiwan.
Sichuan has made the ship bottom, after years of flooding and decay, take the medicine,
 Camphor tree Camphor tree
"A agilawood".
[taste] Essien, temperature.
The "herbal supplements": "spicy, warm, non-toxic. "
The "herbal medicine to the new": "bitter taste, warm, non-toxic. "
The "Guangxi zhongyaozhi": "Weixin, warm in nature, a small drug. "
[meridian] "herbal medicine to the new": "into the liver, spleen, lung by three. "
[action] dispelling dampness, Qi and blood, and joint. Treatment of heart pain, beriberi, gout, scabies, traumatic injury.
The "herbal supplements": "the main heart pain, cholera, bloating, indigestion disappear, often spit sour water, boiled wine service. For bath soup beriberi, in addition to wind itch scabies. "
The "herbal medicine to the new": "warm blood, and joints, treating traumatic fracture of a bone, inverse gas blood stagnation, and abortion. "
[effect] Qufeng Medicine Classification
[usage]: oral decoction, 10 ~ 20g; at the end of the research, 3 ~ 6G; or drink wine. External use: the amount of washed fried
[note] pregnant women jifu.
The stomachache: camphor five money, shuijianbi. ("Jiangxi herbal")
The treatment of beriberi, phlegm vomiting, chest stuffiness, no diet: one or two camphor (coated ginger juice with that yellow), vibrating sieve for powder. Each serving regardless of the time, with a money drinking porridge. ("Puji side" camphor powder)
The treatment of gout, and cold pain such as tiger bite: camphor wood shavings a bucket, a water to boil to boil, put camphor wood chips inside the VAT, a sitting side, put foot, with a pallet collar, do not make soup gas by fear of bad eyes, their very nimble. ( "Medicine." )
The treatment of centipede bite: fresh camphor branch, decoction of two bowls. ("prescription anthology")
The [discussion]
The "compendium": "cholera and dry cholera to spit, spit to camphor wood chips fried gravy, very good and evil in the pawn of the dead, to burn the smoke to Zhangmu, it is Su Xin Liexiang medication, channeling, to moisture, it is also evil evil. "
Come from "Compendium of Materia Medica supplements" 1; "pinhui Jingyao": Zhang Kitaka, four or five Zhang, Zhang Xu large diameter. The skin such as willow and solid, thick and surface like leaves of pear is green, such as maple Dan back, whirling branches shade, summer white flowers, five if the plum, autumn fruit, winter to solid such as hazel, brown bear and taste, but can make the oil lamp. Fujian Fuzhou Prefecture Luoyuan deep valley and Zhang state, or near the road in the country are also.
2 "compendium": Zhang, southwest Valley is everywhere. Kitaka Zhang Yu, Nan and lobular like long pointed back Chirong yellow hair, four fine carving, summer flowers, knot. A large number of wooden arms, muscular striae fine and wrong marks, for
[storage] harvesting and planting for 5 ~ 6 years, usually in the winter harvesting trunk sawing, chopped into pieces, dried.
The chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicine []
Camphor camphor and aromatic essential oil (a camphor oil). Camphor oil vacuum distillation, available white oil 20% (the boiling point of 160 to 165 DEG C), containing 1, 8- cineole from 25 to 30%, alpha pinene, camphene, limonene; oil red 24% (boiling point of 210 to 250 DEG C), containing Safrol , a-terpineol, carvacrol, eugenol; blue oil 1% (the boiling point of 250 to 300 DEG C), containing cadinene, bisabolene, alpha camphorene, azulene. Camphor root is Xin Litsea alkali and reticuline. The wood still containing C16 ~ 25, C17 ~ 33 ISO alkanes alkane, C16, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 (including C26 alkanol alkanol accounted for about 50%), beta sitosterol, polyol, Ketoalcohol Etc.. Is the detection of propionic acid, butyric acid, valeric acid, hexanoic acid, octanoic acid, capric acid, lauric acid, myristic acid in the bark, stearic acid Oleic acid, etc.. Leaves still containing C16 ~ 33 n-alkanes. The seed contains fat, saturated fatty acids accounted for 93%; three of the proportion of saturated acid and two unsaturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids and three unsaturated fatty acid glycerides were 80, 17, 1, 2%. Pulp in different seasons in the leaves of camphor from 0.2 to 1.5%. Ye Zhonghuang Zhang ether content is 0.04 ~ 0.05%, has nothing to do with the season.
Hanzhong variants of the volatile oil of Cinnamomum camphora leaves 0.83%, 0.26% light volatile oil. Ether 80%, safrole containing heavy oil containing 10% camphor oil; Linalool 70%, camphor 1%.
Yunnan camphor leaves Xiuzhong containing camphene, a-pinene, p-cymene, linalool, a-terpineol, camphor, citral, decyl aldehyde, methyl heptenone, 1, 8- cineole and eugenol.
One of Mao Yezhang's small Zhang citronella varieties of fresh leaf oil from 0.68 to 2%, about 50% in camphor leaf oil, citral and methyl hepten up about 42%, also contains 1, 8- cineole, pinene, camphene and limonene dl-. Mao Yezhang a small variety of Mao Xie Fang Zhang leaf oil containing terpene and 1, 8- cineole.
Japan's production of camphor leaves and twigs produced about 1% volatile oil and camphor, volatile oil to the remaining oil camphor after about 10%, there are about 3% ene blue clothes of alpha, beta elemene about 8% beta caryophyllene, about 35%, about 18% of Humulus ene, selinene 14%, orange flower tertiary alcohol 1%.
 Camphor tree Camphor tree
[Methods] washed, dried and processed airtight.
2, [medicine name] camphor son
[alias] Zhang, Zhang Zi Kou, camphorwood buckle, Camphortree fruit
[source] fruit medicine for the Lauraceae zhang.
[taste] Xin Wen;
[action] Qufeng; temperature in the stomach and Qi pain. The main symptoms of abdominal pain and cold dampness stagnation; vomiting and diarrhea; abdominal distension; beriberi
[effect] classification of expelling wind and cold; the temperature in the stomach and Qi pain;
[usage]: oral decoction, 10 ~ 15g. External use: the amount of decoction, wash with water; or at the end of the research and apply to affected area.
[storage] recovery and 11 to December picking ripe fruit, dried.
The chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicine []
The seed contains fat, saturated fatty acids accounted for 93%, three and two saturated acid saturated acid, a saturated unsaturated acid and three acid esters of glycerol molar percentage is 80:17:1:2.
[identification] Students
Identification of fruit traits were spherical with a diameter of about 5 ~ 8mm, dark brown to purple black, uneven surface,
 Camphor tree Camphor tree
Or shiny, sometimes basally persistent perianth tube, pericarp fleshy and thin, with big black 1 seeds. Very fragrant, spicy taste.
3, [medicine name] camphor leaves
[alias] camphor leaves
[source] leaves medicine for the Lauraceae Zhang, can be taken throughout the year, fresh or dried.
[taste] "Lu Chuan Materia Medica": "bitter taste and temperature. "
[action] Qufeng, dampness, pain, insecticidal. Treatment of rheumatism, traumatic injury, scabies.
The "Lu Chuan:" Materia Medica ". Insecticidal sterilization treatment. "
The "Nanning drugs": "wind, phlegm, insecticide. Cold cure rheumatism, stomach pain. External treatment of traumatic head injury, spreading poison, Qi, relieving pain. "
The "Guangxi zhongyaozhi": "wash the branches and leaves of rheumatism. "
[effect] Qufeng medicine dampness medicine classification;
[usage]: oral decoction, 3 ~ 10g; or Daozhi, at the end of the research. External: pound deposited or washed fried.
[note] "Nanning drugs": "pregnant women should avoid. "
The treatment of yellow puffy: camphor leaves,. At the end of the research, every five minutes, boiling water delivery service. ("Hunan drugs")
The treatment of hookworm disease: camphor tree shoots half a catty. Fried yellow, two pounds of water, fry until half a catty, morning fasting. ("Jiangxi herbal")
The treatment of foot sores, the sores all such as small pen: large camphor leaves, incompletely cooked, slightly doped Sida Dan, with camphor leaves, even for. ("Zhou Yisheng Jia Baofang")
The treatment of Yin carbuncle: camphor leaves, fresh rice cold ramming dressing. The initial energy dissipation, such as can have purulent discharge pus.
 Camphor tree Camphor tree
("Quanzhou Materia Medica")
The treatment of tinea manuum: camphor leaves (fresh) water decoction fumigation. ("Fujian Chinese herbal medicine")
The treatment of burn blister: camphor leaves, the amount of skin. Dry ash, white paint transfer. ("Jiangxi herbal")
The [discussion]
1 "Lu Chuan": insecticidal, bactericidal, herbal treatment.
2 "Nanning drugs": the wind, phlegm, insecticide. Cold cure rheumatism, stomach pain. External treatment of traumatic head injury, spreading poison, Qi, relieving pain.
3 "Guangxi zhongyaozhi": wash the branches and leaves of rheumatism.
[storage] before harvest and in late March and early May after long oil, fresh or dried.
The chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicine []
The leaves contain volatile oil, the main ingredient is camphor (camphor) (54.54%), and 1, 8- cineole (1, 8-cineole) and a small amount of a-terpineol (alpha -terpineol), beta pinene (beta pinene), alpha pinene, geranial, alpha (geranial) phellandrene (alpha -phellandrene), camphene (camphene), and the Dragon (borneol), neral (neral) etc..
4, [medicine name] camphor skin
[alias] camphor bark ("jade" bureau), Zhang skin ("outline supplements"), ("camphorwood skin Herbal Medicine Handbook").
[source] medicine for the Lauraceae camphor bark can be taken throughout the year, fresh or dried
[taste] "Lu Chuan:" Materia Medica "Essien, warm, bitter taste. "
Qi, relieving pain, rheumatism. Treatment of vomiting and diarrhea, stomach pain, rheumatism, beriberi, scabies, traumatic injury.
The "outline supplements": "day cure pestilence, damp streamer, wash bath scabies, beriberi. "
The "Lu Chuan:" Materia Medica "Qi, swelling, pain, diarrhea. Stomachache, diarrhea, swollen. "
The "Nanning drugs": "wind phlegm, insecticide. Cold cure rheumatism, stomach pain. External treatment of traumatic head injury, shedding of Qi, relieving pain. "
[effect] classification of Qi; analgesics; rheumatism medicine
[usage]: oral decoction or dip wine, 10 ~ 15g. External use: the amount of washed fried.
[note] "Nanning drugs": "pregnant women should avoid. "
The treatment of cholera diarrhea: a camphor skin. Water decoction,. ("Yang Su Park messaging square")
The treatment of love: camphor bark, take to face black, with second skins, mashed, fried soup. (the "jade bureau")
The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: camphor double skin (fresh), one or two fresh root flabellata. Shuijianbi. ("Fujian Chinese herbal medicine")
The treatment of skin moisture swollen feet: camphor a catty, clam pepper half a catty, Sugiki Hideichi. Xian Decoction fumigation. (the "Lu Chuan")
Governance drunken: camphor skin decoction. ("Hunan drugs")
The treatment of measles after skin itching: camphor skin (fresh) boiling water bath. ("Fujian Chinese herbal medicine")
The [discussion]
"Outline supplements" day: cure pestilence, damp streamer, wash bath scabies, beriberi.
"Lu Chuan": Herbal Qi, swelling, pain, diarrhea. Cure the stomach pain, diarrhea, swelling.
"Nanning drugs": Qufeng Huatan, insecticidal. Cold cure rheumatism, stomach. External treatment of traumatic head injury, shedding of Qi, relieving pain.
[storage] recovery and can be taken throughout the year, stripping the bark, cut, fresh or dried.
The chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicine []
Bark containing levo epicatechin (epicatechin), dextran - epicatechin and procyanidin (procyanidins) B1, B2, B7, C1 and cinnamon tannin I (cinnamtannin I), also containing propionic acid (propionicacid), butyric acid (butyricacid), valeric acid (valericacid), acid (caproicacid), has been bitter (caprylicacid), decanoic acid (capricacid), Lauric acid (lauricacid), myristic acid (myristicacid), stearic acid (stearicacid), oleic acid (OLEICACID) and myristoleic acid (myristoleicacid) etc..
[identification] students character identification of bark surface smooth, brown, brown or gray brown, with longitudinal seam. Camphor gas, taste hard.