Refer to daily meals, with meals. Is the ancient people said food.

Diet The meaning of a word

In the ordinary course of the meal.
"Pipe - entry": "to persuade children fine meal, ask for ask, this is called old." Hanvon praise "four sub moral theory": "reduced diet, humble temple, Tian Guan, Zhu Yuan loss." "Bing Xin will live forever in our hearts": "Premier Zhou was Prime Minister of the diet was so simple."

Diet The basic concept

1, dietary energy is not high, there are plenty of high-quality protein, animal fat, trace elements, inorganic salts (including vitamins) sufficient to meet the human needs. Nutrition is reasonable because of their balanced diet. The characteristics of the dietary structure of old people is that the more amount of milk, poultry, fish, the amount of meat, a small amount of eggs, liver etc.. The staple food has coarse grains, quantitatively. There are a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, also often eat some nuts, such as bacteria and algae.
2, good eating habits, regular meals a day 3-5. Quantitative meals on time. Diet, eat properly, but hunger and satiety, every meal seven or eight full, overeating, bogey gobble. Not picky eaters, not a partial eclipse, are less salt, less sugar, less fat, more delicate food.
3, carefully modulated, cooking, all kinds of food with thick thin, meat collocation, diet soft and easy digestion and absorption.
In 4, the longevity of many health and well-known ballads such as "useful: breakfast, lunch, dinner to eat less", "eat more vegetables and less meat, coarse rice meal of longevity", "dinner less export, can live 99", "fire fish, meat phlegm, turnip green vegetables security and peace".

Diet Make

Diet Hawthorn porridge.

Efficacy: Yiqiyangyinhuoxue, spleen and stomach, soothe the nerves.
Material: Shashen, yam, lotus seed, hawthorn 20 grams, sugar, 50 grams of rice.
Production: first yam cut into small pieces, and lotus seed, haw, Shashen together to soak, then add all the materials with water, fire boil, and then simmer porridge.

Diet Hawthorn Coix porridge

Effect: heat, dampness heat and activating blood.
Material: Hawthorn 30 grams, 50 grams of mung bean, coix seed 30 grams, 100 grams of rice, sugar amount.
Production: the mung bean, coix seed, clean rice, porridge, to be cooked and then add sugar, meat can be eaten.

Diet Decoction for promoting blood circulation and removing dampness heat

Effect: heat, dampness heat and activating blood.
Material: hawthorn, Chinese rose, white bean, red bean, cooked barley, sweet basil, bergamot by equal amount.
Production: the material into the pot, add 10 bowls of boiling water and simmer for about 2 hours, and lean meat soup

Diet Millet milk

Efficacy: the treatment of stomach disease, heat, consumption, open up Dantian Jether stomach
Material: water, millet, white sugar, milk powder, honey
1 apply millet clean, in warm water for 7-8 hours.
2 to millet bubble, pour out the water, put into the cooking machine in millet. Add milk and honey, pay attention to the water level should not exceed the highest water level.
3 enabled cooking machine for more than and 10 minutes to boil thoroughly, millet grain beverage of fresh milk is ready.
Adding 4 sugar added according to personal preferences.