Nevada (Nevada) is a state in the western United States, North Oregon and Idaho The east boundary, The state of Utah Adjacent to the southeast. Arizona Southwest, and The state of California Border. In 2010 the area of 286297 square kilometers, ranking seventh in the 50 states. The population of 2 million 700 thousand (2010). The capital of Carson City (Carson city). The state from Spanish, meaning "snow mountain".

Nevada History

 State of Nevada State of Nevada
The middle of the eighteenth Century, the Spanish missionaries and fur traders first came here.
In 1840s, the United States Pioneer Through the port of Fort trail to California through the area.
1859 found mineral deposits in comstock.
Established in 1861 in nevada.
Joined the Union in 1864, became a state.

Nevada Geography

Nevada position

In the United States, western Nevada, on the border with California.

Nevada climate

Nevada is located in the United States, Western Pacific, because the distance is near, so the state's climate with oceanic climate and continental climate.
 The position of Nevada in the United States The position of Nevada in the United States

Nevada natural resources

Mainly in mineral, such as gold and silver, platinum, cement Gypsum. In 1859, gold was discovered in the city of Virginia, the miners found the world's largest silver mine. The state energy there are three main sources: coal, water and natural gas. The state is actively using the local geographical environment (the sky is clear all the year, the sun is shining and high latitudes), to develop a low-cost alternative energy, such as: Solar power And geothermal power generation.

Nevada Economics

Economic indicators: 2011 Nevada GDP $130 billion 300 million, thirty-second of 50 states in the United States, the United States accounted for the proportion of GDP 0.87%. GDP47870 dollars per capita.
Trade: international trade of large state economic contribution, the expansion of exports and foreign direct investment increased greatly improves the state level of employment. The main export commodities for base metal products, industrial machinery and electronic equipment. In 2011, Nevada exports totaled $7 billion 980 million, an increase of 35%. In 2011, exports amounted to $420 million, the main export products for mineral products (55.7%), computer and electronic products (25.9%), chemicals (5.5%), (3.9%) and other mechanical products.

Nevada population

According to the 2012 census, Nevada has a population of 2 million, the population increased by 8.4% since 2000. 6.8% of Nevada's population under the age of 5, 26.3% minors (under 18 years), 13.6% for the elderly aged 65 or above. 50.7% of the population of women. According to the 2000 census:
89.6% (1533261) for White
5.5% (94425) for Latin America American
4% (68541) were black
1.3% (21931) for Asian
0.9% (14896)) is Indian Or aborigines
0.05% (836) Hawaii or Pacific Islander
2.8% (47845) for other ethnic groups
1.4% (23953) belong to more than one ethnic group

Nevada Politics

Nevada state is located in the distance less than 10 kilometers in Europe, the Carson The city. Governor Republican Brian Sandova (Brian Sandoval). Vice governor Brian Kraulik (Brian Krolicki) is a republican.
The governor of Nevada term of four years, may be re elected once. The State Council is divided into the house and Senate, Senator 21 seats, a term of four years, A member of the House of Representatives 42 seats, a term of two years, there were no re-election limits.

Nevada City

Mario (Reno)
 Las Vegas night Las Vegas night
Las Vegas (Las Vegas)
North Las Vegas (North Las Vegas)
Henderson (Henderson)
Carson City (Carson City)
Sparks (Sparks)
Virginia City (Virginia City)
Elko (Elko)

Nevada Culture

The culture of Basque
In 1850s the Amoy silver thermal wave, many of the Basque left the European mountain home to nevada. Mine was dug as much as possible, they return to the traditional work, such as a shepherd. Nevada has some day to commemorate Basque's tenacity, strength and delicacy of taste.
west cowboy
Gallop. cowboy culture In the state of Nevada has a history of 150 years. In the past, there have been Pony Express race; today, Renault Rodeo (Reno and Rodeo) in Las Vegas at the national finals Rodeo (National Finals Rodeo), a bonus of up to $450. In addition to the annual horse riding, but also in the elk (Elko) held a rally (Cowboy Poetry Gathering cowboy poets) in their voices heard.
 Cowboy Country Cowboy Country
Nevada is the home of golf, natural terrain Golf unlimited development, more than and 100 world-class golf courses, every year attracts many of the world's major events held here. The top of the world professional soccer player Here the mountain terrain, often receive different shade trees such as waterside scenery, exquisite flat fairway and harsh desert environment challenges. This magical Oasis by more and more people as a world-class golf paradise.
City Culture
 State of Nevada State of Nevada
Flag: The first is through the state of Nevada in 1905 by the State Council, which is fourth times the revised version by the state legislature in 1991. The flag of blue background, the upper left corner is the sagebrush wreath and the pentagram consisting of pattern, ribbon in the "Battle Born" means the United States is Nevada civil war A state in the period of the establishment of.
In India By the third edition of the state seal. The picture consists of mountains, quartz processing plants, silver, farm machinery, railway, four wheeled carriage and the sun. 36 stars represent the state of Nevada is thirty-sixth states. The first edition was printed in 1861 by the state Mark Twin The brother of Russian Leon (Orion) design, he worked as a secretary in the office of the government at the Nevada border.
traditional festival
The end of August each year at the beginning of September, Americans in their traditional labor day at the same time, will not forget the anti tradition festival once a year" Burning Man Festival "(Burning Man Festival).
"Burning man" from a "Black Rock City LLC," the organization against the traditional carnival, usually lasts a week. Since 1986 inception, held annually, held in Nevada Black Rock Desert Basin. "Burning man" with whimsical and absurd as is known, all things are brought together into the desert fever Festival, there are a large number of young people to flaunt freedom to express themselves in a radical way "every year".

Nevada Sociology

Nevada Hotel

Riviera Hotel Riviera
 Slots-A-Fun Slots-A-Fun
O'sheas casino O'Sheas
Pariz Hotel Bally's
Hotel Sahara Sahara
Bill Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon Casino
Tropic Park Hotel Tropicana
Casino Royale Casino Royale
Excalibur Hotel Casino Excalibur)
New York New York Hotel - New York, New York
Treasure Island Treasure Island
monte carlo hotel Monte Carl
Stardust Hotel Stardust)

Nevada Sports

University of Nevada Wolf
 University of Nevada Wolf University of Nevada Wolf
Little League Las Vegas Area 51 (Las Vegas 51's, 3A Pacific Coast League team, Toronto blue bird)

Nevada education

(Western Nevada College)

Nevada traffic

An airport
Rui Ou city international airport, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS)- US Airways Southwest Airlines and transport center
An important highway
No. 15 Interstate highway And Interstate 80

Nevada Tourism

 Reynolds - Too vast lake area Reynolds - Too vast lake area
Great Basin National Park
Great Basin National Park covers an area of 77 thousand and 100 acres, the bottom of the basin sagebrush trees has been extended to 13063 feet high Wheeler peak . The landscape in the parks, there are rivers and lakes, Alpine plants And rich wild animal species, the complicated and difficult to deal with the old pines, limestone Cave - Li Mandong.
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe Is located in the United States of California and Nevada mountain lakes, at an altitude of 6225 feet, 22 miles long, 12 miles wide and 72 miles long lake, surrounded by mountain peaks surrounded by the lake Clear Blue, winter snowfall of up to 8 months, the road is often snow Ying Chi, but the lake bottom of the deep, maximum depth of 1645 feet, the lake will not freeze.
Nevada tourism point :
The 1 secret Lake National Recreation Area Mead National Lake Recreation Area
2 Lee Canyon Winter Sports Area
3 Valley of Fire flame Valley State Park State Park
The lake Pyramid 4 Pyramid Lake
5 mountain Charleston Mount Charleston
6 Death Valley Death Valley
The 7 hole Lehman Caves Li Man

Nevada Specialty

Northern Nevada's Renault Oysters Italian cuisine and seafood. Grilled salmon, crab cakes, and seafood barbecue Roasted Duck
Nevada (Nevada) is one of the 50 states, is located in the southwestern United states. North and Oregon (Oregon) and Idaho (Idaho), on the west side of California and adjacent states bordering (California). The state covers an area of 110500 square miles (286000 square kilometers), located at latitude 35 to 42 degrees.
Grape varieties
Gewurztraminer (Gewurztraminer), Sai Meirong (Semillon) and Chardonnay (Chardonnay), Muller-Thurgau, Muscat, Blanc

Nevada (Nevada) is one of the 50 states, is located in the southwestern United states. North and Oregon (Oregon) and Idaho (Idaho), on the west side of California and adjacent states bordering (California). The state covers an area of 110500 square miles (286000 square kilometers), located at latitude 35 to 42 degrees.
Grape varieties
Gewurztraminer (Gewurztraminer), Sai Meirong (Semillon) and Chardonnay (Chardonnay), Muller-Thurgau, Muscat, Blanc