Anton, is the period of the Republic of China Northeast China A province in the southeast, northeast China, 1947 national government will Manchukuo During the period of anton, make well-connected Two, with Anton Province, located in Tonghua province (now Tonghua city). After the founding of the establishment of 1949 Liaodong Province (Anton city), 1954, the two revocation of Liaodong Province, Liaoning province recovery. ( The Central People's Government Committee The thirty-second meeting decided in June 19, 1954), the northern and southern Jilin province was transferred to Liaoning province.
Anton provincial government was established in November 3, 1945, the provincial capital city, the provincial government is located in Anton, eight channel gold district, the site of the former puppet government Anton (now ICBC province cadre school). Gaochongmin The chairman (1946.3.16 office), Lan Bo Liu Vice chairman, presided over the work. The provincial government set up offices, the Secretary of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau, bureau of industry and Trade Bureau, post office and bank, and later added the shipping, food, electricity, telephone and telegraph, salt, taxation, mining bureau, Department of education, Anton customs management offices and other institutions.

Andong History

Anton belongs to the ancient liao dynasty The The Qidan nationality And the Jin Dynasty jurchen The area of activity.
To the Qing Dynasty Fengtian general jurisdiction, Qing Dynasty Guangxu reign period Thirty-three years (1907) is a province in Northeast China. Fengtian province . In eighteen years (1929), Fengtian province was renamed Liaoning Province, under the jurisdiction of Liaoning province to continue.
In twenty-one years (1932) Japanese troops Occupation of Northeast China, become" Manchuria country "Territory. In October 1934, Manchuria in the 4 northeastern provinces are divided into 14 provinces, the new province under the jurisdiction of Anton anton, Forbidden City And horse racing, Kuandian 12 County, the county seat is located in Anton became, Anton Anton, military, political and economic and cultural center.
In December 1937, the puppet Manchuria government from Anton County The precipitation. Andong As the capital, anton. Anton and Anton County belong to the urban planning, Anton, Jintang bullions, ZTE, Zhenan, wave, and sun, 7 district.
In thirty-four years (1945) after the victory of Anti Japanese war, National Government Ready for the northeast, Northeast China will be explicitly designated as the nine province, appointed in September 4th, President anton. At this time China Communist forces already stationed in the city at the beginning of November the establishment of Anton, Anton, democratic government. After the withdrawal of the Soviets from northeast, the occurrence of large-scale military conflict in Northeast china. In thirty-five years (1946) in late October, the capture of most parts of the province, the province government Anton withdrawal of Guangdong province. In November, the government personnel stationed in Andong city. The same year in December 17th to the following April 3rd," Four Linjiang Paul "And" Three under the Yangtze River "After the battle, veteran Communist military leader and Mao Zedong's designated successor until his death command The Northeast Democratic Coalition Turn to the strategic counter offensive. In thirty-six years (1947) in June 5th, the withdrawal of Anton, June 10th, the provincial government moved back to the city, Anton anton.
April 21, 1949, Northeast Administrative Committee Jian min released No. fifteenth command, administrative divisions formed in northeast provinces, to re do the adjustment, revocation of the Andong province construction, North under the Jilin Province, and southern Liaoning province and set up Liaodong Province , Andong Then become the capital of Liaodong province.
During the war of Liberation Anton province is located in the northeast region to the southeast, east of South Korea, when Soviet control of Dalian, the Yellow Sea and Shandong across the Jiefang District sea. Ann Shen railway runs through the north and the south, connected with Shenyang, Fushun, Benxi and other big city. The capital city is Anton Liaoning
 Andong Andong
East of the political, economic and cultural center, the strategic position is very important. Therefore, in the Northeast liberation war, theantung area has become one of the China Communist Party and Kuomintang focus area. "August 17 five" after the recovery, according to the instructions of the CPC Central Committee, in early October, the rate of the main forces stationed in Xiao Hua Andong, according to the need to fight the situation, decided to set up a working committee of CPC northeast Bureau Anton province, Xiao Secretary, Jiang Hua , Yi Shan Lin , Liushunyuan He served as deputy secretary, Lan Bo Liu , Lvqien Huang, kai, Rui Lin Wu , Wang Zheng He served as a member of. After the establishment of Provincial Working Committee, started the key for anton. After 1 months of hard work, the people's armed forces to expand rapidly, especially the "three stream" battle, the reactionary nature of the Soviet Red Army to Anton will maintain, change the understanding of the Communist Party and the people of northeast China guard, its influence will be thoroughly, the prestige and the status is further improved. Therefore, from November 1st to 3, the Soviet Red Army under the assistance of guardsmen seized successively theantung area Peace Preservation Association The armed with guns, the dissolution of the Andong province and city and county will maintain the original puppet government, took over Yuan Andong and the provincial public security bureau, the institute And the courts and prisons. Established in November 3rd by Anton provincial government, was established on 5 Andong Since then, the government, the democratic government of all cities and counties have set up.

Andong Orion of the Name

Take the meaning of peace east Anton province. It is also said that the Tang Dynasty Protectorate General to Pacify the East The old name.

Andong Jurisdiction

In thirty-six years (1947) new northeastern provinces plan in June 5th promulgated by the national government, in Manchukuo, anton, make well-connected Two, the merger, the area is 62279.23 Square kilometre This is Liaoning Province, territory, Xinbin qingyuan, Huanren Kuandian, Forbidden City , Dandong , Donggang And in Jilin Province Tonghua City That is the nine provinces in the northeast region The minimum area.

Andong administrative division

Anton province 18 County 2 provincial capital city. Andong
Municipality: Anton, Tonghua
Xinbin County, make well-connected , Huanren , Ji'an , Linjiang And landrace, Fusong , Dragon , Liuhe, dongfeng, Forbidden City , Kuandian Anton, Huinan Qingyuan, Jinchuan, Meng Jiang GUSHAN,

Andong Geography

Anton province area of about 63900 square kilometers, is the smallest area of East nine province.
The hilly terrain to the South as the main body The Yalu River The river valley and The coastal plain North, mainly for
 Andong Andong
A part of Changbai mountain. The Yalu River through the whole territory, is the most important river. Rich in water, has a water power plant.
Because offshore, annual rainfall in 1000 mm or so, is Temperate monsoon climate In the northeast, plus low latitude, is milder. The first half of 1947 the population rule data for 3 million 163 thousand and 911 people, the second half of the 2 million 971 thousand and 170 statistics.

Andong policy

Anton province government was established, according to the Northeast Bureau of the CPC Central Committee's instructions, in the direct leadership of the Provincial Committee, launched by the masses to carry out anti rape liquidation, The reduction of rent and interest The struggle, the land reform, to further expand the people's armed forces, busy and recovery
 Anton Hotel Anton Hotel
The production of the construction of the party, government work. In the armed struggle, the enemy, smashed Jiang Jieshi "south north to attack defend, strategy from south to North", to create, maintain and consolidate Anton base, defend North full, make an important contribution to support the northeast and the national liberation war. In October 24, 1946, the Kuomintang army rampant attacks, just set up Anton base, has been a serious threat. In order to cooperate with the south main force of combat, Anton provincial government staff in the party and government organs in President Liu Lanbo's leadership, strategic shift, Anton city to evacuate. Kuandian County Taipingshao Transfer of large quantities of materials and the families of cadres and logistical personnel transferred to North Korea, leading the people of the province began a guerrilla struggle extremely hard and bitter. In June 10, 1947, recovered Andong After the return to the provincial government, Anton anton. In May 9, 1949, Northeast China Bureau of the CPC Central committee, Northeast Administrative Committee The Northeast military, decisions and orders of the government of Liaodong Province, the military set up with Anton, the CPC Liaodong Provincial Committee and the Liaodong provincial government, the Liaodong military region, and in the office of the provincial Party committee, former communist Anton Anton Anton Anton province government, military three authority site.