San Diego

San Diego (San Diego), United States The state of California A Pacific coast city. The United States is located in the extreme southwest corner, with warm climate and many famous beaches. According to the latest census of 3095313 (2013) in the population is the second largest city in California, the eighth largest city in the United States, seventeenth U.S. metropolitan area. At the same time San Diego County The capital And San Diego - Carlsbad - San Marcos metropolitan economic center. The world's top universities, UCSD (full name: University of California in San Diego) is also located here.
San Diego
San Diego is the economy. California The third of the city economy, the economic strength behind Losangeles and San Francisco. In 2013, the city's economic output (GDP) $336 billion 591 million
The U.S. military in San Diego city with many Military base In the United States Navy, The United States Marine Corps Mainly, and the U.S. Coast guard. At present, there are three Aircraft carrier That is, Karl Vincent (CVN-70), Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and Ronald USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) . The Marine Corps training base in San Diego is one of the two, the Marine Corps recruit training center for the nation's only. Someone called San Diego" naval air force The birth of "(Birthplace of Naval Aviation).
The number of navy ships to mark the city in the name of San Diego, the latest San Diego amphibious transport dock ship (USS San Diego LPD-22) for a ship San Antonio-class The amphibious dock ship, May 7, 2010, "San Diego" amphibious transport dock ship (USS San Diego, LPD 22) in the company at the Pascal Gura Ingalls shipyard. In December 19, 2011, Ingalls shipyard delivered the "Santiago" to the United States Navy (LPD 22) in the amphibious transport dock ship.

San Diego History

The south coast of California is the United States Indian Hometown. Here the land is fertile
 San Diego San Diego
, warm climate, abundant marine resources, farming, fishing, Indians in hunting. In seventeenth Century sixteen, the European explorers arrived here, disrupted the lives of Indians, started the European colonial period. In 1542, the Portuguese explorers first arrived in San Diego, with the "age of discovery" in Europe and the Atlantic countries have also come to this remote place at that time.
1821, Mexico Gain independence from Spanish rule, California became a part of Mexico territory. At the same time, located in the east coast of the United States is committed to the development of the mainland in the American Southwest land, 1846, the United States launched a war against Mexico, will Mexican From California.
1848, California The United States officially became
 San Diego City Emblem San Diego City Emblem
. The same year, found in the California area. Gold mine Gold, people poured into the population here. In 1850, the establishment of San Diego City, California county is also named San Diego first.
In 1885, Sangtafu transcontinental railway opened, San Diego boomed. California The southern arid land with irrigation, planting large citrus and other economic crops. Convenient transportation and developed agriculture, so many immigrants come here.
In 1963, California became the most populous state, about 26 million people, including 16 million people in southern California from different countries, including the different races, here is a different culture and different ways of life of the furnace.

San Diego The general situation of the city

The port city of California, Pacific coast of the United states. Located in the southern tip of San Diego bay,
 San Diego San Diego
20 km south from the Mexico border, west longitude 117.10 degrees, 32.45 degrees north latitude, from California Only 125 miles from Losangeles city's first big city. The urban area is 829 square kilometers, according to the latest census, the population of the city of San Diego is 1345895 (2013), the metropolitan area has a population of more than 3095313 (2013) and Mexico Spanish Seed; large urban areas including near the beach and highland, an area of 11020 square kilometers, East, North and South three hills surrounded by towering mountains northeast of downtown San Vicente.

San Diego Natural features

Diego, in January the average temperature of 13 degrees, 22 degrees in July, a tropical desert climate; the annual rainfall of 240 mm. California, the earliest European Settlement. Diego The annual average temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, there are several different climate zone. The coastal area of the inland temperate climate, hot summer and cold winter, the eastern Alpine winter snows sometimes, summer temperatures up to the desert area Fahrenheit 100 degrees. In short, San Diego warm in winter and cool in summer, sunny, less rainfall, the average annual rainfall of about 10 inches.

San Diego Ethnic population

The population of 1197077 people living in the United States, the city population of fourteenth, which accounted for 50.69% of men, women accounted for 49.31%, The average population Age of 33.2 years. The largest city in the holy white ratio is about 53.30%, The black race Accounted for 8.53%, accounting for 13.70% of Asian descent, Portugal Hispanic, accounted for 23.84%.

San Diego Economic development

Now the city government employees accounted for about 1/4 of the total number of workers, most of them in the Military base work
 San Diego San Diego
For. Missiles and aircraft manufacturing two industrial sectors, with the total number of employees in 1/4. urban economy Occupy an important position in. Electronics and shipbuilding industry is developing rapidly, has a considerable scale.
San Diego communication industry, founder of CDMA communications giant high pass The company is headquartered in the. In addition, the second CDMA chip manufacturer VIA The research center is also located here.
San Diego City, the bio pharmaceutical industry is also very developed.
City and traffic
City Water Mainly from Colorado River Diversion canal. In the suburbs Avocado . The public square is located near the city center, is the business district. The north side of the square of the Mission Valley is the main living area. The valley of the old city, there are many early buildings.
Railway and highway Los Angeles and St. Francesco In 1981, border with Mexico City Tijuana Between the building about
 Santiago city traffic map - the latest version of erlinyou Santiago city traffic map - the latest version of erlinyou
26 km of tram line. The port throughput of 2 million tons. Northwest of downtown Bay Crescent Lindborg international airport. The constant sunshine and mild and pleasant climate, for the United States, the West Coast main tourist resort. Many luxury hotels and amusement places, such as a variety of animal to exhibit at the San Diego zoo and the world famous art gallery, museum, theater, garden, zoo, in one of the exhibition hall Balboa The park, including a variety of water sports facilities in the Mission Bay park. The city has 5 universities. The famous Palomar Observatory is located in the outskirts of.
The main agricultural products in San Diego for flowers and fruits, Nut And vegetables, poultry and poultry products, field crops, honey products etc..
Employment, income and housing conditions
San Diego city about labor force of 578060 people, the employment population of 552850 people, unemployed population of 25210 people, the unemployment rate is 4.4%. The annual per capita income is US$20410, the average annual income per household was US$39214. In San Diego City, the average price of housing is US$265688, a total of 457231 housing units, which accounted for 56% of the independent apartments, housing accounted for 41.42%, mobile housing accounted for 1.33%. There are 45.88% people in San Diego have their own house, 48.39% people rented a house.

San Diego Tourist traffic

San Diego aviation

San Diego International Airport (San Diego International Airport), also known as Lin
 San Diego San Diego
Deberg International Airport (Lindbergh International Airport), is San Diego's main commercial airport. The airport is the busiest single runway airport, more than 17 million tourists from the airport every year. From the airport to the U.S. domestic flights, in addition to travel in Mexico, Canada and other areas of international flights.

San Diego Amphibious

The port of San Diego (port of San Diego) is one of the most important ports in the United States, a cruise ship docked or leave the port of San Diego every day. Moreover, San Diego is the West Coast's largest shipbuilders - General Power National Steel Shipyard (general dynamics''national steel and shipbuilding company, referred to as: nassco) headquarters. This is not difficult to see the port of San Diego is very important for the United states. San Diego port is California south of the Gulf of San Diego natural harbor, an advantage in geographical location, climate, modern equipment, more and more ships come here, which makes San Diego become one of the world's most excellent harbor port, the busiest. The goods can handle 20 or 40 feet high speed automatic container crane here, for the weight of the goods can use a floating crane. The port has a set of refrigeration equipment to ensure the fresh vegetables, fruits and other products transportation, this equipment can provide receiving, processing and sterilizing area of 10000 square meters and 10000 square meters of cold storage area. San Diego port in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Hongkong with the agency. "Port of the Maritime Museum of San Diego is a famous scenic spot in San Diego.

San Diego Railway

" Amtrak "(Amtrak) and" frost "(coaster) along the coast of San Diego will train with Losangeles, orange county (Orange County, Orange County), San Bernardino (San Bernardino) and other places connected. There are two Amtrak train station in San Diego, a city located in the old city, another is located in the center of the Union Station (Union Station).

San Diego Public transportation

Public bus, train, tram and ferry highway, is the most economical and convenient public transport facilities in San Diego. City traffic network not only has a very developed city between the United States and its own internal city's public transport network is also developed.
Tram line nearly 50 kilometers around the center of San Diego, and at the same time (East County), ITA City, Nangang (South Bay), Mi Shengu (Mission Valley) and other places connected.
San Diego City local public bus by the San Diego transportation company (San Diego Transit Corporation) is responsible for. The regular price of $2.25 for the majority of lines. More humane, almost all of the buses have wheelchair lifts, which provides great convenience for the disabled bus ride. In addition, each bus can also put two bike rack.
At the airport, bus station, train station or the ports do not need to call a taxi. However, if you need to go to other places, you can call or call a taxi in the street.
If you only visit in the city of San Diego is not need to rent a car, but if you want to go to another city or go to Mexico, car rental is undoubtedly the most convenient way.

San Diego Government official

The current mayor (2006)
Jerry Sanders (Jerry Sanders) (in December 5, 2005)
 San Diego San Diego
The current city council (2006)
1- Scott Peters (Scott Peters) District speaker
Kevin Fokona (Kevin Faulconer) 2- constituency
Toni Atkins (Toni Atkins) 3- constituency
4- Tony Jan (Tony Young) District Deputy Speaker
Brian Mainsen (Brian Maienschein) 5- constituency
Donna Frei (Donna Frye) 6- constituency
Jim Madav (Jim Madaffer) 7- constituency
8- Ben hueso constituency (Ben Hueso)

San Diego Military base

The U.S. military has many military bases in the city of San Diego, in the United States navy, The United States Marine Corps And, uscg The main. There are two aircraft carriers, i.e. USS Nimitz (CVN-68) and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), the number of nuclear submarines, and other warships in San Diego Home port . The Marine Corps has the only one of the two recruit training center. A person is born at the San Diego Navy flight, although the state of Florida Pensacola (Pensacola) also claimed this.
The number of navy ships to mark the city in the name of San Diego, the latest San Diego amphibious transport dock ship (USS San Diego LPD-22) for a ship San Antonio-class The amphibious dock ship, the service launched in 2007.

San Diego Sports

San Diego City, known as the "American sports city", there are many famous athletes and teams
 San Diego San Diego
, to commemorate the history of all sports industry giant, San Diego City, the construction of the hall of champions". The main sports are football here, ice hockey Baseball, basketball, football, tennis, golf, skiing, fishing, and racing, horse racing, mountain climbing, skiing and other activities. San Diego Jack Meng fly stadium can accommodate 60000 people, is a good place to hold a baseball, soccer and football in San Diego city. In 1992, American Water Ski Championships held in San Diego city.
MLB (San Diego Padres) in San Diego.
NFL (San Diego Chargers) San Diego Dianguang

San Diego tourist resources

San Diego county natural landscape reputation, driving a day you can see the different styles of beaches, forests and deserts. There are more than and 60 golf courses, many National Park To meet the national forest, and rand.
San Diego City, famous tourist attractions are the harbor village, conference center, Baibei Park, art museum, zoo, Spanish village etc..
Balboa Park (Balboa Park) is the largest urban cultural park, is one of America's oldest public entertainment facilities, have been held in various large-scale exhibition expo. The buildings are mostly Spanish colonial style, but also the integration of many other architectural styles in different degrees, such as the Byzantine and Baroque, intricate decoration and exquisite details, let's praise. Each Museum has a rich collection of books, involving a wide range and deep, almost dizzying, difficult to choose. The botanical garden and outdoor music hall, it reflects the human high in architectural art and landscape culture on the pursuit of knowledge.
In 96 years the city tourists reached 14000000 people, the annual tourism revenues for US$4000000000, engaged in tourism services a population of 123800 people. Tourism industry plays a big part of the economy, is in the manufacturing sector, military manufacturing industry third.

San Diego Friendly city

San Diego city has 12 Friendly city . In July 1985, San Diego city and Yantai city construction
 San Diego San Diego
The friendship city relations. Yantai City Since the establishment of friendship city and San Diego City, the two sides carried out a series of exchanges and cooperation in the economic, cultural and educational fields. In 1989, San Diego donated 2000 rose to the city of Yantai, for Yantai people's friendship. Holy smoke friendly association has sent a delegation to visit Yantai. San Diego city people Wusu Liu Chang by Yantai municipal government granted Yantai City Economic adviser. 1993, port of yantai A formal friendly relationship between Hong Kong and San Diego port. 1995, deputy director of the Yantai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Sun Yuankun was invited as a visiting scholar to lecture at San Diego State University for 1 years. In 1996, the young art troupe of Yantai city to San Diego City show, St. municipal government awarded small actors "honorary citizen of San Diego city" title. San Diego city mayor Susan Goldin and the city of San Diego The Pacific Rim Park board invitation, Yantai University 4 architecture students and the Foreign Affairs Office of 1 leaders from July 3, 1998 to 26, visited San Diego City, participated in the construction of the Pacific Rim friendly city park the first phase of the project. San Diego municipal government and the San Diego International Friendship City Association awarded all the members of the delegation "honorary citizen of San Diego city" title. From June 23, 2001 to July 23rd, the city park construction of Yantai Pacific director in Yantai Pacific Park will organize United States, Mexico and Russia more than 20 people to the students and professors.
2 on the afternoon of 2013, vice mayor of Yantai City Wei Ning song In the golden The Bay Hotel met by the world's top 500 U.S. Qualcomm San Diego friendly city delegation led by Owen Jacob, the founder of 155 people.

San Diego education

San Diego city education is developed, a total of 547 schools, including 368 primary school, 60 high school education, 8 schools, 8 universities, 26.6% of the population of the city has a population of 15.9% with a bachelor's degree, master's degree. Local consumer spending on education than the national average cost of more than 19%.

San Diego Three university

San Diego branch of University of California (University of California, San Diego)
San Diego State University (San Diego State University)
University of San Diego (University Of San Diego)