Denver city (City and County of Denver), United States The state of Colorado A combination of cities and counties, the largest city and capital of the state of Colorado is.
Denver is a close neighbor Rocky Mountains On the plain, form the core of the metropolitan area of Denver - Aurora. Denver city is located in the southern pallettec River (South Platte River) on the east coast, near the South River and pallettec Cherry Creek (Cherry Creek) of the interface, from the foot of a hill about 15 miles away.
The United States Census Bureau estimates Denver city population of 682545 in 2015; the U. S. Census Bureau estimated that in 2015 the Denver metropolitan area (Denver - Aurora - Rick Wood) population of about 2 million 810 thousand people, is the metropolitan area of the metropolitan population ranked nineteenth. According to the combined statistical area population rankings, 2015 Denver metropolitan area is about 3 million 410 thousand of the population, ranked seventeenth.
Denver alias for the high city (The Mile-High City), because the height measurement on the west side of the Capitol fifteenth order ladder is 1 miles above sea level (5280 Foot Or 1609 meters). stay Denver International Airport Measurement of the height of 5431 feet (1655 meters). To this end, the land Major league The team put their home court the Colorado Rockies at Coors field (Coors Field) is located in the sea 1 miles above the high seat specially painted one of their team color purple.
In the history of Denver has been called the queen city of the plains (Queen City of the Plains), said the importance of Denver to the Rocky Mountains in the east plain of agriculture. The U.S. Navy has put the number of warships named USS Denver (USS Denver).

Denver History

Denver (Denver)

Denver City, built in 1858, this is a coal mining town, the town built shortly after the discovery of gold, attracted a large number of gold. At that time, Denver belongs to the Kansas administrative region, so as to Kansas's chief executive James Danfo by the name of the new town, hence the name of Denver. The purpose of this was to make Denver was chosen as the county's capital, but that James Denver had to resign, then the message is not smooth, until the town residents know the news of the resignation of Denver, the town's name has been registered.
Early Denver is a coal mine, livestock and goods trade as the foundation of the town, with the construction of the railway, gradually accelerating city development, city economy to service industry and logistics supply change. Built in 1861, in 1867 to become the capital of the District of Colorado, Colorado in 1876 to join the Federation, Denver logical to become the capital of the state. With the rise of fall of mining Rocky Mountains and Great Plains area of agriculture and animal husbandry, the transcontinental railway in the Pacific, and the large-scale development of the westward migration, the rapid development of the city.

In the second half of the nineteenth Century, with the development of Denver, attracted a lot of millionaires moved here, bring a lot of money and energy for the development of the city, built many villas, hotels, opera and other famous buildings. The rapid development of the city, the population increased, from Germany, Italy, China workers poured in, and African Americans and Hispanics are also increasing, the city population has exploded, making Denver became famous city.
After World War II, Denver urban population increased rapidly again, oil and natural gas in 70s, will bring new vitality to the development of the city. Denver has built many new downtown skyscrapers so far in this period of time, energy and mining in Denver is still an important economic foundation. At present, Denver's economy has diversified, is the Rocky Mountain region, financial industry, commercial and transportation center; government, industry, services, high-tech, biochemistry, medical care, education, tourism, transportation, agriculture, the city economy occupies an important position.
 Denver Airport Denver Airport
Richly endowed by nature geographical location and altitude of the satellite communication the main city of Denver city and the continents of the world between the transit without emission, even failure in transoceanic submarine cable, Denver and all over the world can maintain real-time synchronization of satellite communications. With this advantage, aerospace technology became clockwise to become the Denver economic leading industries.
Denver city to maintain their unique competitive advantages, and actively develop new technology industry good prospects, and gradually formed a pillar industry of aviation, aerospace, biotechnology, energy, financial services and information technology software of the six rich potential, while maintaining a beer and beverage production, broadcast communication and information technology, the hardware of the three the traditional industries in the United States at the top of the position.
American Beer Festival (Great American Beer Festival) is the first beer festival and beer contest. Every year, a large American beer festival will be held in public tasting and beer competition, attracting a large number of beer brand competition, brand competition is the nation's largest beer beer contest. In the contest to promote, the United States has become the largest country in the world beer production. Now Denver is the nation's largest beer production city, and therefore won the reputation of "beer Napa Valley". The annual beer festival held in Denver in the United States and Munich Beer Festival, London Beer Festival and said the world's most famous beer festival three.
Denver City International Airport completed in 1995 at a cost of $5 billion, was one of the world's largest and most advanced airport. In 2015 the annual airport throughput of 54 million 10 thousand, ranking nineteenth in the world for the busy airport.
According to the 2010 census, the population of the city of Denver in 2010 600158; in the 600 thousand city residents, white (not Hispanic Hispanic) accounted for 52.8%, accounted for 31.8%, blacks accounted for 10.2%, accounted for 3.4% of Asians and Native Americans accounted for 1.4%. According to the data of 2009, among the urban residents family income before taxes is $46410, significantly lower than the $55430 in urban housing prices; middle value of $244600, slightly higher than the level of $237800. Residents' income and housing prices than to a ratio of five point two seven, that is to say residents need more than five years of income to buy a set or a house in the city, this level is much higher than the U.S. level higher than the state level, Denver prices are more expensive.
 City of Denver City of Denver
Denver is a transportation hub in the western United states. 7 rail lines and highways in this intersection. A city of northeast Stapleton international airport. Close to the beautiful scenery of the city The Rocky Mountains , a pleasant climate, many of the city parks, green space, beautiful environment, as a tourist destination.
Denver is rich in carnations for. There are hundreds of parks in urban areas, located in the center of the State Capitol in Jinding known; the International Conference Center, the Denver performing arts center, Denver city hall, Denver Art Museum, the Denver Museum of nature and science, Denver Museum of history, Denver Central Library, Denver Museum of art, the Federal mint and the Denver Mint 16 pedestrian shopping street the center, is bound to the tourists.
Cultural and sports activities in Denver is very active, but is a paradise for skiers, four occupation sports team in the team, including the Denver Broncos football team (Denver Broncos), professional baseball teams Colorado Lo Rockies (Colorado Rockies), the Colorado avalanche hockey team (Colorado Avalanche) and Denver (the Denver Nuggets basketball occupation Nuggets) as a home.
Denver alias for the high city (The Mile-High City), because the height measurement on the west side of the Capitol fifteenth order ladder is 1 miles above sea level (5280 feet, or 1609 meters). stay Denver International Airport Measurement of the height of 5431 feet (1655 meters). To this end, the major league team Colorado Rocky to their home court at Coors field (Coors Field) is located in the sea 1 miles above the high seat specially painted one of their team color purple. The U.S. Navy has put the number of warships named USS Denver (USS Denver).
geographical position
Denver city is located in the Colorado area of Front Range,
 Denver City Emblem Denver City Emblem
West Rocky Mountains Great, East Plains.
The city has a total area of 401.3km - (MI - 154.9); 4.1 - km (1.6 - mi), which is 1.03% for the surface area.
Neighborhood: Adams County - Northwest
Arapahoe County - East
Jefferson County - West
Neighborhood: Denver has 79 neighboring areas for planning and administrative purposes. Neighborhood edge outline is not accurate, the definition is used for local residents of the district boundaries. Denver has several adjacent areas in administrative districts in the region, sometimes these partitions will use the painting area residents identity; sometimes used as outlined in the area of property developers.

Denver Economic development

The food industry occupies an important position, for Chicago The West's largest slaughter and meat processing base. Once a year the Western livestock exhibition held here, with cattle and sheep in huge size of the market. Beet sugar, flour, wine and other industries have also developed.
The emerging industrial sectors of aerospace, mining machinery, electronic instruments, metallurgy etc.. The factory is mainly distributed in the The South Platt River Coast。 After the middle of the 70s, Denver became the development of western mountainous area of oil and gas, coal, oil shale , uranium And the solar energy center, the emergence of a large number of Energy Development Corporation, suburban built nuclear power plant.

Denver The sixteen Street business district

To Denver, can not go to the famous sixteen Street shopping district (16th Street Mall), it is not only shopping, tourism paradise, and is one of the highlights of Denver city public management level. As the main commercial pedestrian street art in Denver, from union station to the municipal center two kilometers long, here on the Denver city commercial art essence, hundreds of shops, catering division, there are a number of cultural, financial and other important institutions. as Denver Public Library , Denver Art Museum And the U.S. mint, The Fed The money museum.
 Denver Denver
But the most impressive is the free public transport system and supporting the whole atmosphere here. At sixteen street and California Avenue at the junction of Denver information service center, Mr. Tom said proudly in an interview with reporters: free bus service in Denver is now the United States successfully maintained only one, now has 31 years of history, there have been some imitation of the practice of Denver city near Denver at first, but ultimately failed to stick. According to the reporter observed, sixteen street ends of the city bus station, the station is two blocks between people through free round-trip bus and other vehicles to enter the forbidden area. It is understood that the 7 day free bus service every week, every day at 6 in the morning until late at night, just 2 minutes into a class, the average daily passenger capacity of more than 40 thousand people, only this reduces 50% downtown traffic congestion, but also reduce air pollution.
According to the Denver information service center of Mr. Tom, the current operating mode officially began in 1982, during the period also experienced a process of development. Originally, after 1960s, with the further development of urbanization, suburban people become life in downtown area, gradually hollowing out, due to the rapid development of large suburban Park Shopping Center, and listed the central area of the parking difficulty, rush hours, traffic congestion and pollution problems have become increasingly serious, the surrounding environment of urban Street sixteen long-term prosperity the history of the decline of commercial activities began to deteriorate. Thus, requirements to downtown Denver recovery voice rising, how to solve the urban traffic congestion, people will be more attractive to the commercial area of traditional commercial culture and entertainment consumption, in order to maintain the inherent vitality of the old city, then people began to explore the issue, including the free bus, sixteen street this district is under the background of the building.

Denver Business zone

Reporters learned that regardless of appearance or feelings of the people here, the business district sixteen Street 30 years ago compared with today are quite different. 30 years ago, the sixteen Street open to social ordinary vehicles, street and traffic congestion and other street to have what difference, so the traffic jam is a homely food, miles at least spent more than and 30 minutes, so it can not adapt to the pedestrian aggregation, dining and shopping on the street is also very inconvenient. In 1971, the municipal government planning administration, Denver Central Committee began to put forward to promote the business district (CBD) of the plan, they borrowed the related suggestions of American Architectural Association proposed in 1963, and the interval of sixteen Street nearly two kilometers of construction of commercial pedestrian street, this plan has been seriously discussed in 1976. It is this concept in the area, becoming a unique scenery line. Sixteen street traffic system at present
 Denver sunset Denver sunset
Start in March 1980 and pedestrian street business district, after the completion of the official opening in October 1982. Later in 1992 and 2001 expansion. After the completion of the sixteen Street surrounding the relevant construction, in the municipal government overall urban renewal development plan under the guidance of many businesses in the downtown city center re opened, the vitality is reproduced, since then, the sixteen Street business district and is highly appraised by the free bus system has become one of the most famous scenic spots in Denver area, there are tens of thousands of. Pedestrians, tourists every year through this transport system and local business, culture and art together.
The management mode, the operation mechanism in the Denver municipal government's encouragement, from the "Denver partnership" (DDP), the "Denver City Commercial Association (BID) and the Denver Area Transit Authority (RTD) to implement cooperation. Specifically, free bus from Denver Area Transportation Bureau is responsible for the operation, is also responsible for the maintenance of the area along the road, transport costs 10 million dollars per year. Area Transportation Bureau (RTD) director Bill James (Bill James) told reporters: "Regional Transport Bureau by providing transportation capacity, in order to maintain the vitality of the sixteen Street business district to work feeling very proud, area Transport Bureau will continue to work with the relevant partners to raising funds to maintain the service system, look forward to the next 30 years to achieve greater success".
While other daily maintenance, including sixteen street cleaning, garbage disposal, winter snow, flowers, trees and outdoor furniture care, originally responsible for the business management department, 1992 transferred to the "Denver city commercial association. Now the city business association every year to spend $2 million to maintain.
Jointly organized by the sixteen street more than and 800 surrounding neighborhood committee organization "Denver business partnership", also plays an important role. This is a center of business leaders, professionals and representatives of other folk public-private cooperation established jointly to promote city renewal and development of organization, management and maintenance of common blocks, we are happy to share the cost of the necessary, because it can bring direct benefits to your company. Once a year in a very compact annual meeting, together the members of the organization unit representatives, elected officials and other municipal officials, discusses how to make the city center always maintain the vitality, the meeting summed up the achievements of the year, announced the annual need to continue efforts to implement the construction project and plans.
About Denver's sixteen street mode, Denver city mayor Michael B. Hancock said: "30 years ago, for at the time of the development of Denver City, is in a new stage of transformation, we witnessed the turning point, it is also since then, entered a Denver early history didn't appear the vibrant commercial revitalization Era, today we still are proud of". In view of this, Mr Tom is sure to tell reporters, so far, this model is very successful, even in the face of the financial crisis has also managed to maintain a free bus, the future can not see the toll signs, this model has been shared by Denver municipal government, businesses, residents and tourists, everyone from therefore, the future will only benefit, continuous improvement, and will not be easily canceled.

Denver Transportation

Denver Highway

Denver has two main Interstate highway I-25 and I-70.
 Denver Denver
The locals at the junction of the two interstate highways for the "mouse trap". Interstate I-70 from the West The state of Utah Extended to the East The state of Kansas . Interstate I-25 from the South The state of New Mexico Border through Denver to the North Wyoming Boundary. I-225 interstate highway crossing adjacent ouruola (Aurora) and connected to the south-east of Denver, interstate I-25. I-76 interstate highway west city - connecting interstate I-70 Arvada. I-76 also runs through the north of Denver city I-25, and connected to the Northeast Nebraska Finally, the highway to interstate I-80. U.S. Route 6 to Denver city and suburbs under Golden.

Denver public transportation

Public transport services - Denver Aurora metropolitan area
 Denver Denver
By Public transport system (RTD) RTD management, operating more than one thousand buses and is located in the 38 District ten thousand bus station service. In addition, RTD also operate a two - (C line and D line) a total of 15.8 miles of track and 24 stations on the LRT route. The Denver RTD charges for 1.75, the disabled with RTD disabled discount card fee is 90 cents;. FasTracks - a passed by voters in 2004 of the public transport system expansion plan for Lakewood, and Golden will provide the aurora light rail services. Boulder, Longmont and Denver International Airport will also have a round-trip suburban train service.

Denver Train

Amtrak (Amtrak) - passenger rail system nationwide, providing two-way exchanges daily Chicago California is located in Emeryville (and San Francisco Suburban) between the California zephyr (California Zephyr) train service, Denver is one of the important section of the station.
In addition, there are Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad operation (Ski Train), ski train between Denver and the Winter Park Ski resort. Denver is a large early western train transportation center, the train stopped in Denver old Union Station, passengers can transfer to the public transport system - Sixteenth Street free MallRide or using the light rail tour of the city.

Denver Airport

Denver International Airport As a major airport - Denver Aurora metropolitan. In 2015 as the world's top nineteenth, and ranked sixth in the nation's busiest airport. 50 million 410 thousand passengers in 2015. The airport area up to 53 square miles (137 km²), is the largest area of the airport (by land area). Denver International Airport instead of a few to the airport has been closed, such as the Stapleton international airport closed on 1995 and closed in 1994 of the Lowry air force base, but do not place is located within the boundaries of Denver general airport Centennial airport, Front Range airport and Jeffco airport.

Denver Media

 Denver sunset Denver sunset
Denver has many media, including newspapers, radio and television. according to Nielsen DMA's, Denver is the eighteenth largest television market. KWGN, KRMA and other TV stations are broadcasting adjacent areas.

Denver television

The channel number channel referred to its operating and ownership.
2 (CW) KWGN Chicago Chicago WGN-TV Forum Corporation
6 (PBS) KRMA in the local community
7 (ABC) KMGH McGraw Hill
9 (NBC) KUSA Gannett Communications
12 (PBS) KBDI in the local community
25 (TMD) KDEN global broadcasting company
20 (MNTV) KTVD Gannett Communications
31 (FOX) KDVR Fox Broadcasting Co

Denver radio station

Denver has more than 40 different types of AM and FM radio. According to Arbitron, Denver is the twenty-second largest radio market.

Denver The newspapers

Denver is a major newspaper:
The Denver Post
Minor newspapers
Outfront Colorado
Denver Daily News
Denver is home to three Chinese newspaper:
The State Department of China newspaper
China Post
The Denver times
Denver has two major Chinese website:
Denver Chinese information network
The State Department of Chinese

Denver education

Denver School

Denver public schools (DPS) is a public school system in Denver, the 73 primary school 73000 students, 15 K-8 schools, 17 middle schools, 14 high schools and 19 private schools to provide education services. DPS in 1859 set up the first school.

Denver University

University of Colorado at Denver (University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center US NEWS), the latest global best university in the top 500, ranked 218th; the United States into the world's top 500 universities, ranked 78.
University of Denver University (of Denver US, the latest NEWS ranked eighty-third
metropolitan state college of denver (Metropolitan State College of Denver)
Johnson & Wales University (Johnson & Wales University)
Ricky University (Regis University)
Colorado Heights University (Colorado Heights University)
Community College of Denver (Community College of Denver)

Denver twin cities

 Denver Denver
Denver is the nation's second oldest city with France Brest In 1948 the establishment of friendly relations. In 1947, Amanda Knecht middle school teachers visited the damaged in Brest during the second world war. After she returned home to share with her students' experiences in Brest, she raised $32000 to rebuild a hospital in Brest. This is the implementation of urban renewal in Brest. Denver's Sister City International Organization (Sister Cities International) for Denver and its sister city to promote friendly relations. The city park to the city each friend named. (in addition to the new Mongolia - Sister City Ulan Bator Because of this, she has been named to the park. )
The following is the sister city of Denver:
Ethiopia Axen
France Brest
Mexico Cuernavaca
Israel Cami El
Kunming China
Kenya Nero than
Italy Potenza
The mountain city of Japan
In addition, the Denver Regional Council of governments (including Denver city and 51 other local government) and Baghdad The establishment of sister city relations.

Denver The NBA team

The Denver Nuggets (Denver NUGGETS)
Home court City: Colorado, Denver
The main stadium: Denver Pepsi Center
Can accommodate the number: 19099
NBA entry time: 1976
Coach: Michael - Malone
Location: West
The division of the Northwest Division:
Won the championship season:
Retired numbers: 2 ( English (David Sampson); 33 (40); Byron Beck (44); Dan Issel); 32 (Dodge - Mo)
The Nuggets turned out to be a team of ABA, incorporated in 1976 NBA. The history had reached the ABA finals in 1977-78 1984-85 season 1975-76 season, and twice scored the NBA Western Conference finals. The Nuggets won in the first year of NBA Western District First, and their attendance at the top of the NBA. Since then, the arrival of English, the Nuggets become an attacking team. 1980-1981 season, the Nuggets averaged 122.3 points. From the beginning of the season, the Nuggets 5 consecutive season averaged over 120 points.
Especially the 1981-1982 season, the Nuggets averaged 126.5 points, still NBA record. From the beginning of 90s, the Nuggets started to decline. From 1990 to 2002, only two of them into the Playoff However, the beginning of 1995 to 2002, the Nuggets failed to enter the playoffs for 7 consecutive years. In 2003, the Nuggets got rookie Anthony From then on, go on the road to recovery, then the Nuggets got allen iverson The strength of a higher level. After 09 years at the start of the season, Iverson was traded to the team and for Chauncey Billups, making the team an abnormal appearance, regular season To the West in one fell swoop before two, after a lapse of 15 years after the playoffs again reached the Western Conference finals, the Nuggets entered a list of the top teams .

Denver The origin and Chinese

Speaking of Denver, worth mentioning is the first source of the city and the Chinese. Sun Zhongshan on the outbreak of the 1911 Revolution Day (October 10, 1911) in Denver city Brown Palace hotel. In October 14, 1911 the "Colorado Denver daily" (THE DALLY NEWS DENVER COLORADO) published the Sun Zhongshan revolution fundraising speech advertisement, and engaged in revolutionary speech fundraising message.
October 14, 1911 (Saturday) with a "Denver daily" on the layout of Colorado, in addition to newspaper Zhi Gong Tang "please listen to the speech" Chinese advertising, also were two for English Title notification and English reports. Title: Notice of the Qing government is offering a reward of $100 thousand to buy Sun Zhongshan's head; English reports: if the revolutionary party is expected to win, Sun Zhongshan will become the first president of the Republic of.
At the outbreak of the 1911 Revolution after the news, Sun Zhongshan a ride from Denver to New York, and from New York by boat to return to Europe China. When living in Denver China residents, mainly the construction of railway and mining to stay China labour.
April 10, 1999, Premier Zhu Rongji visited Denver China.
Premier Zhu is at the end of his Washington visit, on the morning arrived in Denver to visit to the United states. Premier Zhu arrived in Denver, governor Owens of Denver city mayor Wellington Webb couple and the couple at the airport. The welcome ceremony held at the airport, the band played the national anthems of Sino us. The local overseas Chinese and Chinese students representing more than and 300 people went to the airport to welcome Premier zhu.
Denver is located in the midwestern United States intermediate zone, west of the Rocky Mountains famous, is the capital of the state of Colorado and the American Midwest business center, composed of 18 governor of American Western Governors Association headquarters in Denver. A city of Denver where the Colorado state has met with China city established a sister city relationship. Science and technology, economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the state and China are expanding. In recent years, the Colorado and Chinese trade increased rapidly.
That afternoon, held a banquet to welcome Mr Webb mayor, Premier Zhu's visit to Denver. Webb at the luncheon speech that Premier Zhu's visit is the pride of the people of Denver, he himself to have the opportunity to receive Zhu feel very honored. He said, Denver city and Kunming city Chinese established a sister city relationship in May this year, Denver will send a delegation to attend the International Horticultural Exposition held in Kunming. Mr Webb said that Premier Zhu's visit will further promote the friendly cooperation between Denver and the China.
Premier Zhu said in his speech, he felt very happy to come to visit Denver. Denver is the core city in the Midwest, is one of America's high-tech base, education development, city management, clean and beautiful. Premier Zhu said that he was coming to Denver to contact people from all walks of life in the Midwest, Chinese and promote the friendship of the people of Denver, Denver and the Midwest to deepen understanding.
In the afternoon, Premier Zhu visited the storage technology company located in Denver near the city of the United states. President and CEO David Weiss introduced the company's technology development and new high-tech products to Premier zhu. Premier Zhu visited the company's high-tech production workshop.
The storage technology company founded in 1969, has the world first-class information storage technology. The company and the ICBC and the Chinese National Meteorological Bureau and other units have established cooperative relations.
Colorado governor Bill Owens on the evening of 10 held a grand banquet in the Hyatt Hotel in Denver City, a warm welcome to Premier Zhu Rongji to visit Chinese.
When Premier Zhu and his wife Laura arrived at the banquet hall with governor couples when the more than and 500 people stood up and applauded welcome Prime Minister Zhu Rongji. Owens said in his speech, feel very happy and proud of the people of the state of Colorado for Premier Zhu's visit. He said that the United States would like to see a more prosperous and successful Chinese, that a full of vigor and vitality of the Chinese in twenty-first Century will be the improvement of human life play a huge role. Owens said, he has two times to visit China, visit each have made him unforgettable.
Premier Zhu said in his speech, his visit to the United States is to enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples and understanding, to further promote the development of friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries. In Denver he received, he feel to Chinese the friendship between the peoples of the American people, I hope that friends can go to the China look, to enhance the mutual understanding between the two sides. Premier Zhu also said that Hunan as a person, he was very pleased to see that Colorado and Hunan in a friendly state province.
Premier Zhu's speech on the field from time to time a burst of applause again. Dinner is in the western United States, states such as political and business celebrities, and made a special trip from Washington to several members of congress.
Is accompanied by State Councilor Wu Yi, State Councilor Wang Zhongyu and Prime Minister Zhu Rongji attended the dinner.