Marked on the map Albuquerque On the ticket, and also known as Albu Keke; Abu Quiggi, Aiaobokeqi; local people often referred to as the ABQ. U.S.A The state of New Mexico The largest city, located in the New Mexico The middle of the Grant River, 35 degrees north latitude 05, longitude 106 degrees 39, 555 thousand and 417 of the population (2012), is thirty-second of the population in the city.

albuquerque Overview

Abu Quinn based Albuquerque
 albuquerque albuquerque
Established in 1706, as a military stronghold in 1846-1870 during the Mexico war. A city in 1890. Airports, railway. There are two universities (18891940). Agricultural products trade flourished, industrial electronics, food. Many federal agencies (such as the Atomic Energy Commission). As a health resort and tourism development. A church of San Felipe (1706), the ancient places of historic interest and scenic beauty City Hall Square National Atomic museum. The festival is held annually in August, held in October the International Balloon festival.
Abu Quiggi is the United States The state of New Mexico The first big city population, located in central New Mexico, across the region The Rio Grande (Rio Grande) on both sides, but also Bernalillo County The county seat. According to the 2000 census, Abu Kui base a total population of 448 thousand and 607 people, the municipal government in 2005 is estimated to be 494 thousand and 236 people, the entire population of the metropolitan area is 797 thousand and 940 people. Al Burke based on 2005 ranked the thirty-third largest city in the United States, the Abu Quiggi metropolitan area is the sixty-second metropolitan area. Abu Quiggi metropolitan area contains the Rio Grande City, is one of the fastest growing city in the city, including many planned communities, is expected in the future for the whole region to attract more residents and commercial activities.
University of New Mexico (University of New Mexico, UNM), at Kirtland Air Force Base (Kirtland Air Force Base), Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia National Laboratories), and the Petrified Forest National Monument (Petroglyph National Monument) are located in Abu Quinn base. Along the eastern city Sandia Mountains (Sandia Mountains), The Rio Grande From north to south through the whole city. The city is famous" Highway 66 "Through the desert region, an exquisite scenery, Indian reservation And Mexico style.

albuquerque History

Abu Quinn group was founded in 1706, Spain is an outpost in Mexico's colonial rule, was a ranch. So far, there are many relics here still retain the Spanish colonial period. At that time, Abu Quiggi is an agricultural community, but also the important Spanish colonists military strategy The sentinel, it was a sheep husbandry center. In 1706, the authorities formally created Abu Kui base Fortress . In 1821, the Mexico government has established a military stronghold in the local. Abu is based at the beginning of the establishment Kui typical Spanish style manor buildings. The city center is provided with a large square, surrounded by residential buildings, the government and the church. Currently stands in the north of the city San Felipe - inside the church was founded in 1793, is the oldest extant Abu Kui based architecture. The American occupation The state of New Mexico Later, this is still a military fortress. In 1867, during the American Civil War, Abu Quiggi was his occupation, and with the union not too fierce battle. 1880, Acheson (to Santa Fe santa fe The railway construction through Abu Quinn) based on the big, deliberately bypassing the square as the center of the old city, the passenger station located 2 miles east of the square. Gradually, the new train station as the center to form a Abu base of the town of kui. The Anglo - Saxon Merchants and immigrants gradually penetrate to the mountain base and Abu Kui slowly build up a trade center. These business activities places the city center today Abu Kui group. The violent crime police set up grow with each passing day, the authorities, "the gunman Yaboli" is appointed the first director of public security. Base city Zhen Kui Abu pattern formed on 1885, Henry Jafa became the first mayor. On 1891, Abu Quiggi formally established the city. Since then, Abu is still an old Kui based independent Town, until the 1920s range into big city based Abu quinn. In 1900s, with the growth of population, infrastructure construction to a new level, trams and other traffic tools came into being, but also the construction of the University of New Mexico . With the outbreak of World War II, Abu Kui base has set up two air force base, also established the atomic energy National Laboratory Plus, near Los Alamos National Laboratory Abu Quiggi, can become a center for regional research in the United States of atoms.

albuquerque Name

The literal meaning of Albuquerque
Abu Quiggi (Albuquerque) is named after the Spanish occupation of Mexico during the period of governor Francesco Fernandez. Fernandes was a native Spanish Albuquerque area (now located in Spain Extremadura Large areas of the province of the Duke of Albuquerque Bala Hoss). The word "Albuquerque" originated in twelfth Century (Spain was in North Africa during the Islamic forces occupied). moors Language, meaning "cork (cork oak Wine material) father" (or "white oak"). At that time, Albuquerque is a Spanish cork trading center, hence the name. There are private investigators think that Albuquerque is Spanish for "apricot". The local people do not adapt to the Spanish pronunciation, resulting in pronunciation, pronunciation that gradually evolved into Albuquerque.
Actually, California , New Mexico , Arizona and Texas Many place names, including Los Angeles , Los Alamos , Las Vegas , Albuquerque , Santa Fe ( santa fe Big city, etc.), are named by the former colonial rulers of Spain, from the name to the actual meaning of rules are derived from Spanish, but has been English dominant in America are still in use.

albuquerque festival

The International Balloon Festival every year: the first weekend of October last week, Abu Kui base city should be raised The International Balloon Festival, a balloon enthusiasts from around the world; pour in the tourists also contributed to the tourism, hotel rooms, prices soared, many Americans drove to bed; car came to a feast.
China also sent in 2013, the central fourth sets of international channels also reported. Fiesta, hundreds of thousands of Hot air balloon Off the beautiful sky, tens of thousands of people as cheerful as a lark, flying the bustling scene, even the makeshift toilets are long queues, a hard to find.

albuquerque Relevant

Abu Quiggi is a famous TV series " Breaking bad "The shooting: Abu Quiggi (Albuquerque)
Is a famous American TV drama " Breaking bad "The shooting. The drama reflects a production of high-purity methamphetamine high school chemistry teacher gradually degenerated into a ruthless hand hot drug story. The producer that Abukui base where drug trafficking is rampant, rampant drug traffickers in the Mexican border area, has a natural background story. The city has a quiet life, what edifice, but also highlight the hidden behind the appearance of ease dangerous truth. Breaking bad premiered in 2008 since the United States has attracted numerous attention at home and abroad, the fifth quarter of 2013 to the end, has become a popular global crime suspense drama, a hot time.
Since most of the internal and external scenes are from the Abu Quinn base, it attracts a lot of TV drama fans come to the field of pilgrimage". The local tourism authorities to seize the opportunity to make a fuss, open up " Breaking bad "The shooting day project, with tourists to visit watch fried chicken shop, car wash, restaurants often appear in the outdoor place, very popular. The hero of the residence is also concerned tourists, but because it is a private house, so not open. It is said that the master of the house would not have visitors annoyance, outside the door on the "private domain do not trespass.".