Yu Guangyuan, male, (July 5, 1915 - September 26, 2013) Chinese The people of Shanghai , Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Researcher。 The original name is Zhong Yu, who joined the party after the name of Yu Guangyuan. In the long term economic research The work, from the last century since 80s, and is committed to promoting the study of philosophy and social science disciplines in the development of organizational activities, and actively participate in various social activities. In 1935 129 student movement. Graduated in 1936 Tsinghua University Department of physics. At the beginning of 1937 before the Anti Japanese War, joining the Communist Party China. In 1939, he served as director of the Zhongshan Library in Yanan. Successive The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China The director of the library, the library of Peking University, Professor, deputy director of Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee Propaganda theory, Chinese Academy of Sciences Members of the Department of philosophy and social sciences, Member of the Standing Committee Deputy secretary general, scientific planning committee, deputy director of the science and technology committee. Since 1941 engaged in the Shanxi Gansu Ningxia border region economic research work in Yan'an University Finance department. From 1948 to 1975 in the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee work. Was elected in 1955 Chinese Department of philosophy and Social Sciences Academy of Sciences academician. In 1964, he served as deputy director of the National Science council. After 1975 as national program director of the economic research committee, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Vice president and Marxism Mao Zedong Thought Research Institute, deputy director of the State Science and Technology Committee, advisory committee of the CPC Central Committee China consultant, "Academy of Social Sciences Encyclopedia of China "The total 2000 served as deputy director of the editorial board, qiannan normal college for nationalities Honorary president and other staff. 3 a.m. on September 26, 2013 died of illness at the age of 98.

His Resume

In 1915: Shanghai Birth
1932: Shanghai Datong University
In 1935: 129 movement
1936: Tsinghua University Graduated from the Department of Physics
 The famous economist Yu Guangyuan The famous economist Yu Guangyuan
1937: joined the Communist Party Chinese
1939: from Beijing to Yanan
1942: engaged in the study of Economics
1954: Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician of philosophy and Social Sciences
1956: elected China eighth Communist Party The National People's Congress representative
1964: Deputy Director of the national science and Technology Commission
1975: the Policy Research Office of the State Council responsible person
1977: Director of the Institute of Economic Research Commission
1979: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences The director of the Institute of Marxism Leninism, Mao Zedong research
1982: Consultant China Academy of Social Sciences
2000 served as honorary president of the Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities and other staff
In September 26, 2013, died in Beijing

His research field

Yu Guangyuan has long been engaged in the work of economic theory research. At the end of 1950s, he participated in the organization of commodity production, The law of value Discuss the important theory of socialist economy reproduction, economic effect, economic development speed and the proportion of the. We must pay attention to the economic benefits in 1959. 70s
 His His
Later, he refuted the so-called "critical only productivity" theory, that only the productivity theory is that productivity is the social development of the most fundamental and decisive factor, is that production relations and superstructure after all is decided by the productivity, only the productivity theory is Historical materialism The fundamental point of view. How to evaluate the Socialist ownership The superiority of the form, he pointed out that a measure of production relations is advantageous or not or what kind of relations of production is more superior only standard, only to see whether it can best promote the development of productive forces, the same, what socialist ownership form is advanced, which form behind, must in historical development and productivity to investigate the relationship. But for the non socialist construction period socialist economy The existence and development of components, and also use this standard. about distribution according to work He pointed out that the theory of distribution according to work not only produce Capitalism And the bourgeoisie, and is ultimately the only way which must be passed destroy capitalism and the bourgeoisie, he thinks that in our country there is no problem too much to carry out the distribution according to work, but not enough to carry. In 1978 he proposed commodity production is Socialist system One of the essential characteristics.
In 1979 he proposed to carry out discussion on problems of socialist production goals, combine the goal of socialist production and final product, he believes that the socialist economy goal should be to maximize the yield of the final product to the needs of the people to the extent possible, to the final product production status as a measure of performance of the whole economy scale. At the same time, he will use the value of production and individual enterprises in the whole society to unify the value of production, production value of individual enterprises is from belongs to the whole society the use value of production. At the end of 1970s, he has proposed to the socialist economic development plan: the plan for development should include plans to adapt to changes in the outside world, in the presence of socialist commodity production and exchange conditions, changes in the plan and the market should not only adapt to the guidance plan is so, so it is a mandatory plan. After the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, he unremittingly exploring reform, he believes that the reform of the economic system is The socialist countries The great change of the relationship between production relays on the socialist transformation of private ownership of the means of production after another. In early 1977, he pointed out that the guiding ideology of China's economic system reform is the concrete practice of the general principle of the Marx doctrine and its combination. He had the support of some new economic disciplines such as economics, land economics, the creation of productive economic and social development strategy, technology and economics, and the economic benefits of science, The economics of Education Consumption, economics, environmental economics, tourism economics and put forward their own views.

His The main contribution

Yu Guangyuan learned, learned through "natural science and social science, a lot of economic construction and economic system reform in Dali
 His His
The problem is first proposed by him or earlier, and participated in many important decisions.
He is Chinese contemporary ideological liberation movement and the reform and opening up an important participant and witness.
He not only pay more attention to the principle stated in Marx's works in the modern economic life, but also attaches great importance to the development of Marx's economic theory used in China reform practice.
China in academic circles, Yu Guangyuan is in sharp thinking, knowledgeable, diligent and prolific and celebrated.
Shortly before death Party School of the CPC Central Committee Vice-principal Gong Guangyuan has had this assessment: knowledgeable, well versed in the learning of "two subjects", the natural science and social science organically; in the entire academic career, he pioneered many new fields, especially in the promotion of Chinese of natural science and Social Science Alliance, in the natural dialectical School of philosophy of law founded with the development, in terms of anti pseudo science and so on, he is a brave pioneer and work hard.
It can be said that the evaluation of the basic summary of the Yu Guangyuan China academic And thought as well as the contribution of the reform.
The reform and opening up an important participant
Yu Guangyuan was born in Shanghai A Western democratic thought and influence of modern science and technology education of the family of intellectuals. One thousand nine hundred and thirty-two
 His His
Entered Shanghai Datong University In 1934, the Department of physics of Tsinghua University to the third grade. In the face of Japanese imperialism to China, Yu Guangyuan gave up to become a great physicist's dream, in the end of 1935 the outbreak of the "129" in the student movement, and under the influence of the Communist Party, to join the Anti Japanese national salvation career in March 1937 joined the Communist Party of China. Since then, in the social practice China revolution and construction, to social science research.
Now, as a senior scholar in the field of social science, Yu Guangyuan has more than half a century of exploration. From the early induction of the call of the times, participate in the National Liberation War of the flood, to the new period of reform and opening up, in addition to the Cultural Revolution a few years down cadre work, he has been active in the ideological and theoretical study.
Yu Guangyuan is not only a thinking of scholars, many important theoretical issues of economic development and economic system reform are proposed by him first or earlier; he is a scholar than action involved in many important decisions.
Held in 1978 the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee opened a new chapter in the history of China. Yu Guangyuan as nonvoting delegates attended the famous meeting and before the central work conference. At the central working conference, Deng Xiaoping As it was later regarded as a famous speech at the Third Plenary Session theme report " Emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, and look forward to the future "The outline of this speech, handwriting has been preserved in Guangyuan.
From 1981 onwards, he used the opportunity to participate in the discussion of the central document, repeatedly advocated the concept of the primary stage of socialism and the basic characteristics of the central document written. In his opinion, played a certain role. It can be said that Yu Guangyuan is the China contemporary ideological liberation movement and the reform and opening up an important participant and witness.
In 1950s, Yu Guangyuan had a long time in the work of the Central Propaganda Department, served as director of the Central Propaganda Department of science, 1977 -1982 years, deputy director of the State Science Commission, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, vice president and director of the Institute of Marxism leninism. He is the twelve, Thirteenth Central Advisory committee. In 2006, Chinese also won the Academy of Social Sciences honorary academician, also served in many universities and research institutions, honorary president Professor or advisor. He is one of the 1955 top Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician in philosophy only four academicians, and the youngest.
The achievement of Economics
Yu Guangyuan had many works, representative works are: "philosophy lectures and notes", "a school of philosophy is
 When Yu Guangyuan read the fifth grade primary school When Yu Guangyuan read the fifth grade primary school
In the Chinese rise "," part of the socialism political economics to explore the 1-7 volume "of the primary stage of socialism," China economy "," economic and social development strategy "," Yu's concise socialist ownership structure dictionary "," socialist market economy ", on the subject of miscellanies" my outlook on market economy "," I see that the history of civilization "," turning the Asian and Asian Civilization "and" on the so-called "human specific features etc..
Of course, as a university Chinese intellectual problem at home, he first appeared in an economist's identity. In 2005, the first Chinese prize The candidate information, recommended for Guangyuan comments: he is a social concern that has deep and profound academic concern of economists, in his academic activities, always trying to find the fulcrum between the two, to determine the direction of their academic research. A wide range of academic interest and rich experience of life, so that his academic thought is rich in content.
Back in history, we will find that in the early 50s, Yu Guangyuan advocated political economy of the socialist economy, and will be the subject named as part of the socialism political economics, is different from the Soviet Union put forward" Socialist Political Economics ". In this field, he has been carried out for more than 40 years of research, published "part of the socialist political economics exploration" volume 1-7.
Since 1979, was his pioneering research in many aspects of economics. stay The theory of Economics He, on the initiative and promote the goal of socialist production and socialist distribution according to work Other major issues of discussion and research, clarifies the understanding on these major issues on the theory. At the same time, he advocated and took the lead in the research on some new disciplines, such as economics, consumer economics, strategic environmental economics, tourism economics, development economics, education, and economic benefits, etc.. He continued to organize various forms of economic activity, promote the establishment of organization of economic research and academic activities.
Yu Guangyuan is an economist to adhere to the Marx doctrine of truth. He has been involved in China economic reform in almost all major problems, and made a theoretical contribution in many aspects.
For example, about the economic effect, he proposed to use value to individuals (or meet the needs of individuals) as a basis for social and economic effect, this view and the prevailing government target is equivalent to the target of the whole society ideas have a fundamental theoretical basis of different. He is from this deep value concept gradually realized Chinese reform is necessary.
About the ownership structure, he believes that the socialist ownership structure is the core of China economic reform, published in 1997, "Yu's concise socialist ownership structure dictionary", in the form of entries described his socialist ownership reform point of view. Especially he has always attached great importance to only the productivity theory, put forward the standard of productivity very early. He pointed out that the measure of a superior production relations is not the only standard, can only watch the development of the productive forces. He emphasized that can promote the development of productivity is the measure of all is the highest standard, the highest principle, any other principles, and the principles are not tied.
Characteristic theory
Yu Guangyuan will not only pay attention to The Marx doctrine The principle has been elucidated in the works in modern economic life,
 Related works Related works
How will the economic theory but also attaches great importance to the development of the Marx doctrine used in Chinese reform practice.
In 1983, in the capital to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the death of Marx seminar, he proposed to develop as a science of socialist construction of the Marx doctrine ", had a profound impact in theory.
Visit in 1978 Yugoslavia Later, he began systematically and deeply thinking and research problems Chinese economic system reform. He pointed out that the realization of the socialist economic system reform should be regarded as following the great change of the relationship between the production of socialist transformation after another aspect of the Chinese, the reform of the economic system is a cross century task.
He also stressed that the general guiding ideology Chinese economic reform is the practice of general principle and their combination of the Marx doctrine.
The basic principle of reform, he believes should be the production of goods in the first place. This is because the development of commodity production has an important role in the country's economic system reform. Practice of socialist economic construction, the existence and development of commodity production in the socialist stage is not accidental, but The socialist economic system The essential characteristics of.
He in the reform practice, not only pay attention to new things in practice, pay attention to summing up successful experience in reform, but also pay great attention to the reform encountered and may encounter problems.
On the reform and management of the relationship, he is put forward and emphasized its cause of people attach great importance to the problem. He pointed out that the reform should be to create conditions for the operation to remove obstacles, because the economic benefits can only be achieved through the operation. Management not only to consolidate the results of the reform is very important, and actively engaged in business can make people have more demands for reform. His thought, for the later implementation of the contract system reform in order to improve the operating mechanism of the reform measures in theory to prepare.
He also studied earlier in the primary stage of socialism economy theory, the author of "the primary stage of socialism economy" (1988).
 The calligraphy of Yu Guangyuan The calligraphy of Yu Guangyuan
. The book was named the "ten economists book on economics" new economy of China.
In 1995, Yu Guangyuan put forward the famous "three 30 year". He believes that Chinese modernization can be divided into "three 30 years". The first 30 years from 1919 to the establishment of the May 4th Movement new China on the eve of 1948, this is from the ideological mobilization after the three revolutionary war made the victory in the 30 years; second 30 years from 1949 to 1978 the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee held a national liberation, this is our power in construction socialist road On the twists and turns in the 30 year, in the 30 years later, we realize that the economic reform, and in Deng Xiaoping theory Under the guidance, began a great new revolution; from 1979 onwards, Chinese entered the third 30 years, at the end of 30, In 2008, China economic reform can be completed, and the establishment of a socialist market economic system more perfect.

His Representative works

Yu Guangyuan published many political and academic works. Is representative of the:
 Yu Guangyuan's letters Yu Guangyuan's letters
" political economics "(1952)
The "product distribution theory of semi socialist co-operatives" (1955)
"Part of the socialist political economics exploration" (1958)
" political economics (capitalism) "(upper and lower volumes, 1977 - 1978)
"Talk about the socialist public ownership and distribution according to work" (1978)
"On the economic effect of socialist production" (1978)
"On socialist production of C, V, M" (1979)
"The strategy of economic and social development" (1982)
"The construction of socialist modernization China series" (1982)
 The Department of physics of Tsinghua University graduates (right before a photo of Yu Guangyuan) The Department of physics of Tsinghua University graduates (right before a photo of Yu Guangyuan)
"On the economic system reform of our country" (1985)
"Part of the socialist political economics exploration" (1, Volume 5, 1980 - 1991)
The lecture notes "and" philosophy
"A school of philosophy is China rise"
"Part of the socialist political economics exploration, 1 - 7 volume"
"Chinese in the primary stage of socialism economy"
"Economic and social development strategy"
"Socialist market economy theory,"
"My experience at that historical turning point"
"Civilized Asian and Asian Civilization"
The so-called "review of the specific function of human body"
"With at least one hundred years of fighting pseudoscience"
"My education thought" etc.
 Yu Guangyuan and granddaughter together Yu Guangyuan and granddaughter together
Since 1993, began to publish essays, there are
"Seventy notes"
"Broken thoughts"
" During the cultural revolution, I "
"Friends and friends of the book"
"The pomegranate flower"
" On the leisure society "Etc..
Another editor "in the twenty-first Century science and technology series".

His Belief in life

A, qin. Is the "labor of love". Eye ground, the ear is diligent, hands, brains, facial limbs are diligent. Labor to create material and spiritual wealth. Only one person can make a difference often;
Two, positive. It is straight, straight path. Integrity is great wisdom, but also moral;
Three, tanzania. That is true, tell the truth, do real things, is frank, "The gentleman is open and at ease..";
Four, deep. Research and study, explore the essence from phenomenon to essence, from the first to the second into the essence of nature;
Five, a. A strong desire to have the creative. Independent thinking, the courage to break the old things against the stale, net
 His His
Six. Diligently, firm and indomitable. To be successful, courage is necessary, but must be followed by a tough battle. The purpose has not yet been reached, "I told you no end.";
Seven, love. Have a passion for the things to heart, to look hot, regardless of problems of the mind to be calm, and have rich human. Between people, there should be more understanding, sympathy and love, not apathy;
Hi, eight. Is music. I often enjoy with open hearted enjoyment of the character. No matter what is wrong, or what pain will get over, looking for happiness, don't bother."

His personal anecdote

Don't care about the money.
Yu Guangyuan is the richest man in China, and most people don't care about the money. Please have a scientific office he every month.
 His His
The waiter brought him to my mother in Shanghai to send money, his mother always replied that how much money was received. The amount of money that is always less than the amount of money in the letter he sent, the waitress had been secretly cut. But Yu Guangyuan is careless, was never aware of.
The waiter is a thief, but a thief stole the money, a lot of people. A crime, he was arrested, and charged to the court. He confessed that his most money stolen. The court hearing the case, notify Yu Guangyuan as witnesses. But Yu Guangyuan said in reply to the judge's inquiry, but asked the three do not know, said it was not clear what time how his money was stolen, but said it was not clear how much money was stolen. His awkward and helpless embarrassment, provoked by the court set the whole room roaring with laughter. This anecdote of Yu Guangyuan, in the Central Propaganda Department for a long time are be standing jokes. Yu Guangyuan is rich, because he paid more. In 50s, he wrote "reading" and "common sense of political economy construction knowledge reader" are learning all over the country, a great quantity. Later, he and Su Xing editor " political economics "Was the only part of the political economics textbook, India also greatly. Of course, there are a lot of his money. How to use the money? The fashion is to pay membership dues. Yu Guangyuan made a lot of money but not for Party membership dues, all over, he left a part to their own control. He has some ideas, such as their funding, some public welfare undertakings. China Renmin University of China The company is today's newspaper, books and information center of Renmin University of China, the first is Yu Guangyuan paid up. The Central Propaganda Department, the Central Propaganda Department organs kindergarten building a swimming pool, he is one of the sponsors.
Look forward with money
In twentieth Century 80s Yu Guangyuan was critical of "money", but he is in favor of two words: not only to "move on" to "money"; "look ahead" is to persist in the direction of "money" is the emphasis on production, pay attention to the economic benefits. As for him, but never care about money.
In 1982, as the deputy director of the State Science and Technology Commission Chairman Yu Guangyuan and party secretary, China Academy of Sciences Group Executive Chairman Lee Chang Li Chang and Yu Guangyuan jointly issued "held at the Academy of Sciences report on the so-called criticism" extraordinary function of human body The research and advocacy of "speech, the content being published in February 25, 1982" People's daily ", by the supporters of the specific function of human body Zhen Huan Zhang The attack, Tsien Hsueshen et al.