Is Aspen Sony Ericsson In 2010, 02 Jan 04 in its official website released a mobile phone, is following the X1, after X2 third with QWERTY keyboard The WM mobile phone, also follow the XPERIA user interface.

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Aspen yes Sony Ericsson The company in 2010 02 month 04 days of formal release on its official website of the product, and ultimately determine the name for the Aspen, Aspen and Garmin Asus Nuvifone 10 mobile phone, Sony Ericsson officially released the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system Windows Phone mobile phone Aspen in foreign countries, which is following the X1, after X2 third with QWERTY keyboard The WM mobile phone, Aspen also followed the XPERIA user interface. In the shape of the candy bar design, similar with the NOKIA E series of intelligent machine, the machine is equipped with 2.4 inches QVGA level 60 thousand and 5 color The touch screen, and a complete QWERTY keyboard .
This mobile phone, did not like the NOKIA E series are smooth, but with a very funny design concept, the front of the fuselage, with good format, then part of the ups and downs of the arc, a mature atmosphere suddenly doped hint of playful elements, will make eyes bright.

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Aspen also built a 3 million 200 thousand pixel camera, the light is not equipped with attachments, may support the AF. In a full QWERTY keyboard is also equipped with a stylus support Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, support Google map, built-in stereo speakers and media Browser And PlayNow, the fuselage is equipped with a 4GB memory card, Bluetooth headset, WiFi, 3.5mm, GPS, microSD with built-in hole expansion card. The price can support custom panel and slide view function, can realize the multi task easily, and Microsoft The MyPhone service can remotely remove unfavorable resources on the mobile phone, to prevent equipment theft or loss of data. Mobile phone volume measurements for 117 x 60 x 12.45 mm, weight 130 grams. Sony Ericsson Aspen Will be listed in the second quarter of this year, will have a silver white and black two versions available, this machine should be aimed at NOKIA E72 E63 and the launch of a machine, if the final price is higher than $250, then I feel it has little significance, the current price has not been determined.