Saint John College

Saint John College (St. John s College), is U.S.A A free College of Arts and Sciences (Liberal Arts College), is the third oldest Higher Education University. It has two campuses, respectively Maryland The Annapolis and The state of New Mexico The santa fe .
Saint John College
Saint John college was founded in 1696 William King's College At that time, or a preparatory school. In 1784, the college officially allowed to become a university college. From the beginning of 1937, the school has been a unique teaching system, known as the "giant" (Great Books) system. This system provides the school's teaching must be based on the Great Western Philosophy On the discussion and literary works.

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Saint John College Teaching system

Giant (Great Books) is the first teaching system University of Chicago Stringfellow Barr, Scott Buchanan, Robert Hutchins and Mortimer Adler et al. Developed in the middle of 30s twentieth Century. This system is used as an alternative system when intense changes in the undergraduate teaching system. 1937, Saint John, in the face of defeat of Finance and teaching, adopting this system. The "giant" system largely by the
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Influence of Jacob Klein's school principal century period of 40s and 50s.
The four years of university students and explore the system of compulsory reading original works of Western civilization was significantly influenced by many scholars. The content involves the philosophy, theology, mathematics, natural science, music, poetry and literature. These scholars include Aristotle Shakespeare, Descartes, and Einstein etc.. While a course from the beginning of Homer's epic "Iliad". When the learning system in university education with the founders disgusted the "occupation interest oriented teaching. Like the founders, now the Saint John students (they love called themselves "Johnny (Johnnies), '') are more willing to pursue truth and learning. All classes of the school education (Tutorial) such as math, language and music, as well as the seminar (Seminar) and experiment (Laboratory) are discussed as the core. Mathematics class, theorem by the students themselves demonstration by the various periods of the mathematicians summed up. Language class students will practice language translation (learning two years ago, the ancient Greek, after two years of study in French). Tutorials, seminars and experimental courses will be composed of courses.
Unlike most American College, Saint John and no modern textbooks, no teacher, not even the exam. Although the traditional A F scoring method is still being used, but the school did not pay attention to the academic level and academic level only when students requirements will be announced. The rating is based largely on class participation and research papers on. The instructor, professor at the Saint John call, in the classroom and unlike most universities play "speaker" role, but aided classroom discussion. But it may also be because of different courses and teachers.
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Saint John College The curriculum

The course includes:
Literature, philosophy and Political Science Symposium 1 four years;
2 four years of Mathematics
3 three years of laboratory course
4 four years of language (ancient Greek, middle / early English, French)
5 the first year of College Choir and second years of music learning
Western classical masterpieces not only textbooks in Saint John. Greek and French classes still use traditional teaching materials as supplementary materials for teaching. Scientific experiments and math teachers use written manuscripts as a textbook, including Source And after class exercises. For example, the 1905 Albert Einstein mathematics papers and exercises with students of the mathematical process of operation. Nevertheless, the original data is still the priority among priorities. All seminar in reading materials are from Eastern and Western classical masterpiece; main creative music lessons by learning music composers.
Elective course is only third, in the winter of four short course called 'Perceptorials'. There are changes in this course every year, generally include the "masterpiece 'system not included topics and authors' books, such as" giant " One hundred years of solitude "Author Gabriel Garcia Marcos And the poet Wallace Stevens.
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In addition to usual learning algebra test occasionally language test, at the end of the second and third must pass at the end of the French exam, and no other written examination. Students through participation in class discussions and the assessment form. During the seminar, there are oral test each semester, testing method is one or more students and teachers to discuss, have proved that he fully read and understand the contents of books this semester. During the semester writing assignments include short writing (generally not more than 10 pages). Ask students to writing a dissertation seminar. The Santa Fe campus students each semester must write a thesis on the seminar. The spring semester will be longer, and will be listed separately in the report card scores; the Annapolis campus students at the end of every school year must write a long essay (20-30 pages). Tutorial and seminar papers is not research papers, and the students themselves should be highlighted for the analysis of a work or a theory analysis. This is especially important in a second paper, because the school will be used as the basis to judge whether a student is eligible to continue studying after two years of undergraduate. During the senior year, students have to write a large paper, students must have this thesis and three professors of defense review.

Saint John College Classics

 Classroom Classroom
In the Santa Fe campus, known as a M.A.E.C (Master of Arts in Eastern Classics) learning project for students to learn classical Oriental Bachelor of Arts . This project must be completed in the long term, 12 months. The reason for this project is set up, the school realized the three main academic representative of Oriental (India, Japan and China) inclusion and can not meet the original intention of the teaching of "giant" in a large group of Western scholars. So, in the Oriental classics project, students will be asked to read, in India, the three countries, a complete set of philosophy, religion and literature. Therefore, students learn not only to read Confucius, Chinese culture and Lao Tzu Chuang-tzu Also, additional Mencius, Xunzi, and Han Feizi Mo-tse Also, as well as Sima Qian's "historical records" and "Zuo Zhuan", later the new Confucianism, Zhu Xi, such as the classical novel "journey to the west", "Three Kingdoms", and Li Bai, Du Fu and Wang Wei's poems. However, these are only the list of 1/3, the remaining include the main doctrine and doctrine of Hindu branch, Southern Buddhism , Mahayana Buddhism and Zen Buddhism development, and the "Mahabharata" " shakuntala "" the tale of Genji "" OKU no hosomichi "This kind of literary works. At the same time, students also from Sanskrit and Chinese classical Chinese in choosing a language learning.

Saint John College Ptolemy S

Two Saint John college campuses have a" Ptolemy Stone ", is the astronomer Ptolemy inventedan astronomical observation device. This device is used to observe celestial bodies (especially the height of the sun). Saint John Ptolemy stone is a rectangular prism outside the Round table With a movable sundial. This instrument is Sextant The predecessor. One or two grade college students will use this device to calculate the sun's motion in math class. The school's Ptolemy stone to strengthen the mathematical and experimental science and the reality of students hands-on experience and study of natural.

Saint John College The Annapolis Campus

The Saint John campus is located in the historic city of Annapolis Annapolis, from Maryland Just a block from the state. School and United States Naval Academy The adjacent attracted many people will be respectively compared to Athena and Sparta . Two schools among the hot competition can be reflected in the two hockey match. The game in Saint John in front of the school gate on the grassland, and the famous "GQ" magazine as "the most pure university sports competition. Saint John 21 wins in 26 games in the last.
In 1742, Maryland long Thomas Brandon began construction of Saint John center on the campus of Mcdowell Hall (McDowell Hall). The auditorium has witnessed major events in many schools, held from lafaille general and President Washington's party, unique to Saint John waltz Ball。 The waltz dance has gradually transformed into A waggle dance The ball, although will waltz dance from time to time, Polka Even to the extent that Tango . There will be a champagne and strawberries with dance; female students are often dressed in formal Evening dress Attend。

Saint John College The Santa Fe Campus

Saint John Institute of the Santa Fe campus is located in the east side of the Santa Fe Saul (Mounte Sol) at the foot of the mountain. The school is vast Paix (Pecos Wilderness) and the wilderness of Christ (Sangre de Cristo Mountains blood mountain) surrounded, so santa fe The campus provides a more quiet than the Annapolis environment for students. In the school campus but also overlooking the Santa Fe scenery has been extended to the West Los Alamos (Los Alamos).
The Santa Fe campus with rich resources for students' outdoor activities. such as Canoeing Whitewater raft, Mountaineering equipment And a variety of sports facilities. School propaganda films are also introduced which is composed entirely of students' search and rescue team. This group and New Mexico police department and other volunteer organizations jointly, in the southwestern United States are very famous. The radio reception team members responsible for the usual and rescue field, to prevent the students injured or lost in the mountains. Here, the outdoor sports are very popular, and even some students while climbing while reading, or between class and class slipped into the mountain pass time.

Saint John College Reputation ranking

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar writing "Saint John in his 1997 book: a useful school" in this chapter. He said that the Saint John school believe that the old "all knowledge is the same", and school textbooks are "incredible difficult.". He noted that the number of Saint John undergraduate students after graduation earned a doctorate in Humanities in the United States ranked fifth, and amazing 81% of the graduates in education, engineering, law, medicine and other fields of work. He concluded: "like Saint John in some areas have the advantage. Perhaps more college should adopt their teaching methods."
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According to the statistics of American higher education data center, from 1992 to 2001, Saint John graduates obtain the humanities and English literature doctorate proportion in all universities ranked first, and in political science, linguistics, language, region and moral research and mathematics and computer science are all in the top ten.
Saint John college against University rankings. From the beginning of 2005, Saint John, to stop providing the data the way to the agency, refused to participate in any university ranking, although the U.S. News rankings will still be included. The school principal Christof B neersen stated that "in principle, Saint John, against the University ranking". He wrote:
These years, Saint John college was placed in a variety of rankings, from two to three, and the 25 best. But the strange thing is that we did not change itself. Our mission and our method 60 years almost unchanged. So in the face of U.S. News college rankings, we prefer to do our own, let us progress as we speak, rather than follow the pace of external investigation.
Princeton University According to the survey of "National University Princeton Review" the two campus students in Saint John are included in the "students" the most happy one, santa fe Ranked seventh, Annapolis Seventeenth. In the 2005 survey of Princeton "357 best university", Saint John campus won the Santa Fe Institute ranked as follows:
1 Teachers: the first proximity.
 Dorm Dorm
The 2 best in class discussion: first
3 of the best quality of life: Fourth
4 the best academic experience: Fourth
5 best teachers: Sixth
6 best room: sixth (photo of a male dormitory)
Saint John college also appeared in Lauren Pope (LorenPope) of the "life changing University" in a book.
In addition, it is because of Saint John Institute of special and strict teaching, the school production rate in the United States at the top of dr.:
College graduates across the country, the output rate (1995 - 2004) the ranking of the top 20:
One California Institute of Technology
2.Harvey Mudd College
3.Swarththmore College
4.Reed College
Five Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6.Carleton College
7.Oberlin College
8.Bryn Mawr College
Nine University of Chicago
10.Grinnell College
Eleven Yale University
Twelve Princeton University
13.Haverford College
14.Pomona College
15 Rice University
16.Amherst College
Seventeen Harvard University's College (Saint John College)
19.Williams College
The 20.Cleveland School of music
Among them, in the humanities and English literature in two, Saint John college ranked first, third regional ethnic studies linguistics, fourth language and political science sixth, math ninth.

Saint John College Students

The students in the school in 2005, Annapolis From 35, students in campus; santa fe There are 32. At the same time, there are some international students. About 65% of the students receive financial aid. The number of school students and many schools compared less: annual enrollment of more than 500 people never. This is because the school area, on the other hand, because the school is trying to create "everyone knows" the intimate environment. The school is currently working to promote their own unique teaching system, and provide more community seminars and lectures to the public.

Saint John College Admission requirements

Undergraduate IELTS campuses are slightly different, the Annapolis campus, the Santa Fe campus, PA Georg campus, adult education college occupation are 6 points; Manhattan campus, Staten Island and Queens are 5 points;
Graduate IELTS Annapolis campus, campus, Santa Fe PA Georg campus are 6 points, Manhattan campus, Staten Island and Queens are 5 points; Adult Education College occupation 6.5 points