boreal coniferous forest

China's cold temperate coniferous forest and northern Eurasia taiga has close relationship, especially the distribution in China Greater Khingan Range The northern (boreal) cold temperate coniferous forest is the extension of the South part. In China, temperate, warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions, cold temperate coniferous forest is distributed to high altitude mountain, constitute the vertical distribution of mountain boreal forest, the distribution of the altitude increased gradually from north to south.
boreal coniferous forest

boreal coniferous forest Larch

larch Forest is a forest vegetation type is the most representative of the north mountain and cold temperate dry cold climate conditions. Larch is Pinaceae Plant quite young one, it is in the winter road and a series of other biological characteristics have a strong ability to adapt to the harsh habitat. Larch mainly includes the formation as follows: Xingan, Siberia Larch larch, Larix olgensis forest, larch forest, Larix chinensis forest
 boreal coniferous forest boreal coniferous forest
Largefruit, redwood forest, redwood forest, Sichuan redwoods, Tibet Larch.

boreal coniferous forest Spruce, Leng Shanlin

China spruce and fir forests is a part of dark coniferous forest in the north temperate zone are widely distributed, often in moist habitats, the relative humidity is high, instead of larch. Spruce and fir forests including the formation as follows: Abies forest, Siberia forest, Abies fargesii forest, yellow fir, Abies georgei forest, Abies fabri forest, Himalaya fir forest, Cangshan fir forest, fir forest, fir forest, spruce fir forest, Sichuan Yunnan forest, Siberia spruce forest, snow Ling, Bai Qianlin, Qianlin blue spruce, Qinghai spruce forest, spruce and Lijiang spruce forest, spruce forest, Sichuan spruce, Picea purpurea forest, Sargent fir forest, Picea brachytyla forest, Picea and Abies NEPHROLEPIS forest, Taiwan fir and Taiwan spruce forest.

boreal coniferous forest Cold temperate forest

Cold temperate forest, by most species composition in Hardy pine, are distributed in high latitude and high altitude mountain jade, dominant species are Pinus sylvestris (Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica), Yan Song (Pinus pumila) and Siberia Korean pine (Pinus sibirica). Cold temperate pine forests include: Mongolian pine forest, the formation of Siberia red pine and Pinus pumila elfin forest.

boreal coniferous forest The Berlin round

The Berlin round is sparse forest in Southwest China mountain coniferous forests to alpine shrub or alpine meadow transition, which is the critical state of forest, elevation of 2800-4300m, the upper zone is often located in spruce, Leng Shanlin, bad habitat locations of spruce and fir and larch can grow, to these tree species on alternative, especially a large orchard in Berlin and Qilian Mountains The Berlin round is the alternative spruce and Qinghai spruce. Edificators hi light, cold and drought, wind resistance, and resistance to alkali soil. The main formation types include: big round in Qilian Mountains and Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, round round Party branches round Berlin, Berlin and Berlin branch tower round round.