Warm coniferous forest

Warm coniferous forest is mainly distributed in the subtropical coniferous forest in low mountain and hilly land of peace, forest edificators warm humid climate condition.
Warm coniferous forest

Warm coniferous forest Distribution area

The distribution area of climate roughly annual average temperature of 15-22 DEG C, the temperature of 4500-7500 DEG C, the forest will invade the southern margin of north temperate regions and the leeward valley basin, the South will be distributed to the tropics higher wet cool mountain. Warm coniferous forest distribution area of the basic vegetation type is evergreen broad-leaved forest or other types of broad-leaved forest, but in coniferous forest vegetation, large area, wide distribution, rich resources are more than broad-leaved forest.

Warm coniferous forest Warm coniferous forest types

Different warm coniferous forest according to the life form, can be divided into two vegetation subtypes. Is a warm deciduous coniferous forest, the other is a warm temperate evergreen coniferous forest.

Warm coniferous forest The warm water of the Metasequoia forest, pine forest

Warm deciduous coniferous forest community is composed of winter deciduous conifers trees, mainly distributed in Central China and Southern China, the main types are: the formation of Metasequoia (Metasequoia glypostroboides) Lin and Shui Songlin (Glyptostrobus pensilis).

Warm coniferous forest Warm pine forest

Warm evergreen coniferous forest is composed of the following 5 formations. Composed of many tree species, mainly include: masson pine (Pinud massoniana) and Yunnan pine (Pinus yunnanensisi), Joe pine (Pinus griffithii) and Simao pine (Pinus khasya). Each has a certain range in altitude, also have certain limits, distribution is more obvious, so they are often used as one of the advanced units in accordance with the division of vegetation, the main formations are as follows: warm pine pine, Yunnan pine, Yunnan pine, Qiao Songlin, leaves the Simao pine forest etc..

Warm coniferous forest Keteleeria fortunei forest

Keteleeria (Keteleeria fortunei) is a rare species, scattered trees, forest patches are from habitat distribution, Keteleeria plants not only on soil conditions harsh, and often with local pine or Yunnan pine mixed, showing its ecological adaptation of a wide range, including the formation types are Keteleeria: forest, Keteleeria evelyniana (Keteleeria evelyniana) forest.

Warm coniferous forest Chinese fir forest

There is only one formation, widely distributed in the eastern subtropical regions, and it pinus massoniana Cypress forest in eastern China, extract of three subtropical evergreen coniferous forest types, mostly artificial forest, a small amount of secondary forest.

Warm coniferous forest Yinshanlin

Only one originally found in Guangxi and Longsheng formations, and the Jinfo Mountain in Sichuan, generally do not form Cathaya pure forest, and mixed forest and other conifers, but Guangxi has found an exception, fir pure forest.

Warm coniferous forest Cupressus funebris forest

The formation group edificatos is cypress (Cupressus) of each species, they are suitable born in calcareous soil, barren accumulation of students also many types, main formations: cypress forest, towering Berlin and giant cypress forest.