By the end of 2010 statistics, the global Protestant church in about forty thousand, Protestant The presumption of nearly nine hundred million people, accounting for Christian 1/3 of the total. Usually divided into evangelicals and Charismatics To be liberal and radical, The high church And the low church. But most of them belong to [5] Anglican Seven international fellowship, and registered in the World Evangelical alliance. The Chinese Protestant reckoning in 40 million, or 18 million to 90 million, including here China independent churches , tjc , The seventh day Adventist Church Well, Pentecostal Movement And the charismaticmovement fellowship, etc.. [6]

Protestant brief introduction

Protestantism That is Protestant Chinese Christian, meaning "(Christianity or Christian Religion) of the new church (churches) or new Sect (denominations) "; or (Protestantismus) according to German and English (Protestantism), (Protestantisme) in Europe Religious reform The main intent of translation of the corresponding word in the language center area to protest cases, Protestant, anti Luo Zong, against teaching, teaching, and anti Protestant oath to the Protestant, are often directly called "Christian"), and" government staffs of public schools "," The Orthodox Church "One of the three factions are christian.
The new church is composed of Sixteenth Century From the religious reform movement Rome Catholic Church Any of a series of new denominational church and believers in the formation of the. Comes from the German "Protestanten" (protesters). The former refers to the 1529 Holy Roman Empire At The imperial Parliament In a few opposition The school, for the meeting by supporting the Catholic princes to suppress religious reform movement factions resolution to protest, after the general reformation the new sect.
There are around five hundred and ninety million people, including North America One hundred and seventy million, one hundred and sixty million African, one hundred and twenty million in Europe and seventy million in Latin America, Asia sixty million, Oceania ten million, accounting for about 27% of the total global christian. According to the U.S. government official statistics, Hongkong has about about 300000 Protestants, about 4% of our population, the largest faction for Baptist . China Christian Protestant church in order to The gospel Convenient, claiming to be Jesus to teach or Christian and not known as the "protestant". Most Chinese called "Christian" is often referred to as the "Protestant", rather than The Christian religion All factions.

Protestant The background

In fifteenth Century, Western Europe, the feudal system began to fall apart. With the development of the city, there Capitalism The bud. Many emerging Nation-state In order to establish the throne as the center Centralization System. In the struggle of the kingship and the church, the church suffered great trauma. Burgeoning Middle class Revolted against the old feudal theocracy. With the The Renaissance The new ideas brought by, people begin to doubt the old ideas in God as the standard. Humanism Those bold expose corruption within the church, under the feudal system of the middle ages and the collapse of the reformation of seed quietly such a dilemma.

Protestant The formation of the church

The Protestant spirit can be traced back to protest Fourteenth Century Some Religious reform Pioneer, UK John Wycliffe Send and Lollards , Bohemian The Jan Hus School and Italy Savonarola Believers. 1520s, Martin Ruud Initiated the reformation in Germany, quickly swept the whole of Germany, in Switzerland , Calvin The reformed movement further deepen reformation. Arrived Sixteenth Century The middle of the main denominations have and can Catholicism Counter. By the Magisterium and kingship rights for Protestant by the support and protection of many national or secular regime in the process of formation. stay The wars of religion Later, according to the following contracts, such as the 1555 Peace of Augsburg And 1648 peace of westphalia The establishment of the national education with the principle of the formation of a new church in Europe layout, the Lutheran distribution in Germany and the Nordic countries; Calvinism For germany, Switzerland Well, Holland Scotland .
To the end of sixteenth Century Seventeenth Century The main Protestant sect, existing in the church organization and worship on basic shape. For the doctrine that after a long debate has gradually become system. Protestant A theologian Wrote a number of theological works, but its content in the tedious debate and research, education and early lost a rich vitality of the spirit of protest. By the middle of seventeenth Century, England The The Puritan movement Request to The Calvin doctrine Reform compromise conservative The Anglican Church The church, the Protestant movement one step further, resulting in a new church from the Anglican Church, such as England Presbyterian , Congregational The Baptist, The society of Friends Wait。 With the American Protestant immigrants, has also become a staple of sectarian america.

Protestant The development of Theology

In eighteenth Century the bourgeoisie flourished in Europe, in the impact of materialism, the Protestant Christian Socialism , Fundamentalism and Liberal theology Other theological thoughts. Different movements within the Protestant sects and factions of different derivatives, which are well-known Charismatic movement , Holiness movement Adventist movement, etc..

Protestant justification by faith

Main article: Faith Paul In " Rome book The third chapter "section 23-25" because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God; but the grace of God, for the salvation of Jesus Christ, is justified freely. God set Jesus to be a propitiation, by means of the blood of Jesus, through faith, to show that the righteousness of God; because he with patience tolerance first when sin, to make clear his righteousness now, make people know his own righteousness, righteousness of Jesus's letters." In simple terms, believers justified not by any human kindness or discipline, but from God's grace and reward initiative, make the world wonderful work by the Holy Spirit and to repent and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ . The apostle Paul in Rome book 5:1-2 also said that "we are being justified by faith, through our Lord Jesus Christ with God and. By whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of god."

Protestant Priesthood of All Believers

This is based on "Teaching peter The second chapter "section ninth" but you are a chosen race, a royal The priest System, a holy nation, is bought for the industry people, that you may declare that called you out of darkness into his marvellous light." Therefore, Christians can use the blood of Jesus Christ, boldness and serve him in front of the main. This is not to teach believers who full time are called to serve the Lord of the clergy or laity, high status; relative is to encourage all believers in all holy work on active participation, together to worship god.

Protestant The Bible is the supreme authority

This new teach that the Bible is God implied, is the highest authority of christianity. This is different from the teachings of the Roman Catholic and Eastern orthodox doctrine, they think the Church (such as traditional ceremony) in Christianity today operate for a seat.

Protestant Sacrament

The Catholic church called Sacrament . Very different Protestant and Catholic sacraments, generally Protestant only recognize two sacraments of baptism and the eucharist. Martin Ruud In the early post reformation was admitted to the solution of ceremony, he later because of the view that the sacrament of penance does not accord with the teachings of the Bible denying confession. The Eucharist is regarded as sacraments because according to the New Testament Matthew 26:26-29 records, Jesus in the last supper said: "while they were eating, Jesus took bread, blessing, he broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said:" take, eat, this is my body; "and he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, said:" drink this are you; for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. But I tell you, from now on, I will not drink of this Grape Juice, until I was in my father's Kingdom and you drink the new day. "" Because the new teach that the Bible is the absolute authority, so if the Bible has mentioned you should do.

Protestant Organization system

Main article: Protestant church polity generally have three kinds of system: the episcopal, Presbyterian and congregational. In general, the Congregational Church more.

Protestant episcopal

Main article: bishop is the oldest institution in the Protestant, Catholic bishops from the Catholic bishops, and almost the only difference is the system as like as two peas, bishop can also get married. The Catholic bishop is derived from the first century Christian Church bishops, so it can be said that the Christian religion is the Bishop's oldest clergy system.
Now the Protestant church for the Episcopal Church has rarely, is used for the bishop. Lutheran and Wesley reports by the district will choose to use the bishop or Presbyterian Church in Hongkong; and Macao, Lutheran and Wesley were on the selection of a presbyterian. However, in Europe, for example Sweden Finland, Norway And Germany, they are usually used for the bishop.

Protestant Presbyterian

Main article: Presbyterian elders, representative, or parliamentary, is a form of management system of district council. Members of Parliament in the branch church elected elders, on behalf of the hall to attend the meeting. As the name suggests, is a Presbyterian Presbyterian church. The Presbyterian Church of the Christian Reformed Presbyterian church, The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan The Presbyterian Church, etc..

Protestant congregationalism

Axiom system, also called the congregation, from theologians Ulrich Zwingli That is, Advocate independent Church The priest, director of services for decision makers of the highest within the church, and the congregation of the church by the resolution of all internal affairs. A lot of historical new churches the axiom system, for example Baptist , Congregational and The Church of God So, as well as many independent churches. Some Congregational Church in the area, there is a not what the actual effect and the power of association, to contact the sect and hall.
Justice system has a drawback, is often caused by the interaction between the church and the cooperation is less and less, and even make some independence from the church sect, cause Sectarianism And the division of the church.

Protestant Church and State

Protestant The relationship between the political and religious sects in the position are not the same, although the implementation of The separation of church and state But, generally not resist to participate in or organize political activities.
Lutheran aspects, Martin Ruud In the religious reform has also affected by all Germany The northern part of the feudal lords, so they also. Luther Tutor will need to have been taught the spirit The public In power, because the church as against the political front, will lead to failure, so the church to support the government. However, this is for the development of a Xin Yizong day after the curse. In 1932, some support Nazi The State Socialism Christian was called "evangelical Nazis" (Evangelical Nazis) of the party. Later, the German Lutheran Church in Nazi Germany under pressure, organized a support of the Nazi regime the German Christian religious organization. The Nazi Party More requirements all joined the German Christian Church, a move for the Second World War Confessing Church Prepare pre system. At the end of the Second World War, the German Lutheran behavior was accused of many Germans, resulting in the number of German Lutheran believers today continue to decline. In Nazi Germany During the Protestant groups at home and abroad are generally not opposed to war. While the individual against Nazi Germany Christian people, is being executed for opposing the Nazi regime.
Return to authentic hand, John Calvin In the religious reform has been in the Democratic Republic of the Geneva Live, have advocated the implementation of church elders than bishop democracy much. Calvin stressed the theocracy, but not completely in favour of democracy, because he thinks it is very easy to become a mob politics, the social order and lose the goal. He believes that any political system must ensure that the sacred goal towards society. It can be said that he is not entirely in favor of the separation of church and state. The design of democracy and Calvin Republic The church organization, democracy Election Theocracy, Republic of. Under the leadership of Calvin, become Geneva Theocracy The theocratic Republic and religious reform center.
As for the Protestant church and other denominations, today generally also support The separation of church and state . Advocate the separation of church and state that can be traced back to Anabaptist But, to separate from the authentic Baptist Also, as opposed to the Anglican Church as controlled by the government, advocated the separation of church and state. By the Baptist in Protestant influence is great, many independent churches also support the separation of church and state. The other is the new church believers, because religion has left a bloody record in the history of Christianity, so generally have internal desire of secularism.

Protestant Related difference

In a foreign country not Catholic and Christian points, their distinction is Protestant, Catholic, Protestant Christianity in China is said, China is the old Catholic, Protestant Christians is so