EOS is The ancient Greek myth In The goddess of the dawn That corresponds to the The ancient Rome myth In Aurora That is Titan god Hyperion (Hyperion) and Theia (Thea) daughter, The God of the sun Helios ( Helius And the goddess of the moon) Selene (Selene) sister.

EoS Profile

The image of red, red dress finger hidden beauty, gold car by driving her wings Tianma pull, dawn stained the dawn sky. In a romantic affair with her famous EOS, the God of the sky Astraeus (Astraeus) with four Aeolus Aniemi I (Anemii), the stars of the gods Astra (Astra), the justice and the star goddess Astor Uriah (Astraea), and the god Zeus ( Zeus The birth of dew) goddess ersa (Ersa). And she and Ares Ares (Ares) love led Beauty Aphrodite (Aphrodite) the curse "into fascination with mortal anthomaniac". She fell in mortal flesh: endless Orion (Orion), Kleitos (Clitus), Fallow (Cephalus), Tito North moment (Tithonus)......
The name of Rome Aurora (Aurora), Aurora (Aurora) is the name of this.

EoS Myth story

Who fell in love with mortal boy Tito North (iota theta Omega T V), but unfortunately he is mortal and she is immortal as the goddess. She repeatedly begged Zeus to let him also Tithonus never die, while Zeus finally agreed to her after Tithonus won't die. Happy in the EOS pole, hurried to reunite with her loved one, but forgot to ask Jose Jean Tito North not only "don't die", but also to" Ever-young ". Then she can only love her strong youth slowly away, 000 years later strength and knowledge loss, gradually collapse, eventually shrink to a cricket. The EOS helpless, tears only shut him in a cricket cage, Tithonus early lost the ability to speak, can only use the crickets chirp chirp finally by her.

EoS image

The ancient Greek poet and painter to EOS as an extremely Beautiful goddess But, Homer Often called her "Rose finger" (P / delta / delta tau lambda kappa V / V). Used to describe her other name include:
Lambda epsilon PI tau kappa epsilon V P / V (white winged goddess)
P / 8 / sigma tau epsilon phi (Rose Crown goddess)
The delta sigma Phi Rho / Rho / V V (Rose bead goddess)
P v v / V (sigma iota golden goddess)
P V P / V / Sigma Theta nu (jinzuo goddess, referring to her by a golden crown)
P V / pi sigma delta lambda iota / V (Golden Foot goddess)
Kappa Rho Omicron kappa epsilon lambda Omicron Pi Pi V (saffron goddess veil)
Phi epsilon (alpha v v v Goddess of dawn )
V PI kappa alpha epsilon lambda mu / V (hair goddess, "hair" refers to the morning mist)
(omega The goddess of the dawn )