Frontier command

" But Fu source from the West Emperor Xuan of Han Shenjue Two years (60 BC) in Ukraine barrier The Protectorate of the Western Regions And to the East, and the Guo Zhuguo, and inspector Wusun , Sogdiana Other nomadic country. Wei and Jin Dynasty is The long history of government The Tang Dynasty, unified the region, the establishment of anxi, Beiting (Jinshan), Brain and viscera Mongolia, pool house, Xinjiang, this includes not only the territory of the western regions, more than the caspian. But the house, but the long history, but the deputy, Sima and other staff, "Zhang Zhu fan system, to comfort, assess merits to punish". And the clerk, clerk, the military Cao Shen The military, military, such as the state. A large, divided, Most of the government from prince Absentee mostly support the most primary care office don't associate. Since the creation of Zhenguan fourteen years (640) Anxi frontier command Since the end of the Tang Dynasty, when there is a change.
Frontier command

Frontier command brief introduction

But Fu is the Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty is the era of the Central Plains national border inspectors set military organs. In the Western Han Dynasty is Protectorate of the Western Regions Wei and Jin Dynasty, has a long history in the western regions in the Tang Dynasty palace, has been set up Saturday frontier . The government is the executive called douhu.

Frontier command Survey

Frontier command The meanings of words

"But the word for the Chinese," for all "," protection "for their care," but the "is" director of nursing "in italy.

Frontier command The role of duty

But the duty is to "soothe the fan, Ji Ning waikou, where on the surrounding national" comfort, Crusade, punish matters, assess merits ", all the system. It appears, is the objective need of the development of ethnic relations in border areas. Since many of the tribes Takenori On the initiative included. Since the same year Taizong, the Tang Dynasty has put down The Turks , SYR tardush So, more border tribes have dropped attached. The Tang Dynasty is facing many ethnic issues over how to deal with. For hundreds of years of ethnic ties continue to strengthen friendly exchanges and continuous growth of the early Tang Dynasty rulers less prejudice, Emperor Taizong of Tang The management experience on the mainland is extended to the periphery, in the minority regions the county,
 The Han Dynasty of the western territory The Han Dynasty of the western territory
The head of the Department of management of the department. For the management of these counties, the Tang Dynasty and the Han Dynasty of the western regions frontier command system set the frontier command in the minority areas. From the king to Wu, established Anton , Dongyi Ann, north, Chanyu, Anxi and Beiting, Mongolia, brain and viscera pool, Annan Nine frontier command. To Xuanzong Kaiyuan Tianbao, only an Bei, Anton, Chanyu, Anxi, Beiting frontier command, Annan, this is the famous Grand saturday. The Tang Dynasty is the Tang Dynasty frontier command set to strengthen local rule. In handling the relations between ethnic groups taken important initiatives, but also one of the reasons of early Tang Dynasty politics, economic development and social prosperity. This system has a very far-reaching impact on future generations.

Frontier command Han dynasty

Frontier command origin

In the Han Dynasty Hun War of the great victory, especially in diplomat famed for exploits in Inner Asia Through the western regions, Li The cutting, for the western regions into their rule range for the Hungarian campaign to create favorable conditions, but also for the protection of the trade road unobstructed, so " Dunhuang West Salt marsh (this Lop Nor Often, the pavilion). and Luntai There is, Quli Tian died hundreds of people, the Messenger Xiaowei Support to the foreign leader, who." (-- "Western Han Chuan") instead of the forces under the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains first in the central government, But Fu Zhi Li in Ukraine barrier The city (now Xinjiang Bayinguoleng Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture Luntai County Policy, South), Zhengji Was appointed as the first command.
 The Western Regions The Western Regions

Frontier command evolution

, Ganyanshou When the emperor. Paragraph will be , Han Li , Lian Bao And Guo Shun, when the emperor Ping. Quarterly , But Qin There are mang, new Lichong . To the end of the Xinmang period (23 BC), Western chaos, Li Chong in Qiuci, then, but. The Eastern Han Dynasty emperor guangwu Jianwu twenty-one (AD 45), the eighteen countries can not please reset, guangwudi. Emperor Yongping seventeen years (AD 74), beginning with Chenmu To protect. The following year, Yanqi, a total of Gongsha Qiuci, Chen mu, then, but. And the emperor Yong yuan three years (AD 91), the long history of soldiers Banchao The pacification of the western regions, Suiyi banchao is supported, in Qiuci Exit it dry (now Xinjiang City Kuqa Near the site is unknown). Fourteen years, Luoyang has also banchao, successor Ren Shang , Duanxi . An Diyong at the beginning of the first year (107), the western regions of chaos, also will not reset the Jubilee sign. But . to The extension of light Two years (123), to Yong ban by Long history in the Western Regions Fu Ping, the western regions, Suiyi long history line support office.
 The Wei and Jin Dynasties palace long history in the Western Regions The Wei and Jin Dynasties palace long history in the Western Regions
The western regions frontier command Is the western regions in the Han Dynasty the highest military officer. In the Western Han Dynasty, but is in addition to the other official on the title, generally by the baitalabure hafan or official in charge of admonition and arbitration And collar, collar two thousand stone Feng; Eastern Han Dynasty as a single official.

Frontier command Tang dynasty

Frontier command Summary

The country in the heyday of East North, West Central Asia Aral Sea The south, including
 The territory of Tang Dynasty The territory of Tang Dynasty
Now the North Vietnam to the North Mongolia Plateau The north. The Tang Dynasty around the alien lot, in order to effectively manage The Turks , Huihe, Mohe, he, Shiwei, Khitan, Anxi, were set up in the north, Anton , Annan The six most, Chanyu, Beiting frontier command.

Frontier command Anton

1. Protectorate General to Pacify the East That is Hebei Road . The general chapter of first year (668) Jiu Yueping Goguryeo The city, in December one hundred and seventy-six, the Jimi dudufu for nine, forty-two, one hundred of the county. Anton But Fu From Pyongyang city to the system. At the beginning of the territory of West Liao River, South to the Goguryeo homeland, northeast attached to the original Koguryo department. Soon due to severe against Goguryeo people, the government is the migration rule of Liaodong, south of the abandoned duck green. Seventh The first year (698) at the end of the Ministry of construction. The earthquake in China ( The Bohai Sea In the beginning) in At the end of the water chestnut (now second Songhua River), and sweat (now Mudanjiang) basin, capital territory is limited to
 Yan Liaodong County, the Tang Dynasty frontier command Anton Yan Liaodong County, the Tang Dynasty frontier command Anton
Liaodong area. Kaiyuan fourteen years (726) Anton But Xuetai Please Blackwater The largest tribe Blackwater dudufu The rest of the state, is long history, home court supervision throughout the jurisdiction is extended to the collar, and the lower reaches of the Heilongjiang River The Wusuli River East. The house moved to Liaodong after treatment or treatment. East Liaoning (now Liaoning Liaoyang ), or for Metro (now Liaoning Fushun northeast), Seventh The first year of reform for frontier command dudufu, Shenlong year (705) for the rehabilitation of jurisdiction, to Youzhou Dudu and collar can. Kaiyuan two years and moved to flat state (now Hebei Lulong), and then moved for eleven years Yan Jun It is this rule (now Liaoning province). Tianbao two years (743) in the complex shift in the county (now Liaoning Yixian Southeast Daling River East Coast). Kaiyuan seven years set Ping Lu governor of one or more provinces And collar Anton But . Rebellion When the Pinglu governor moved to the South Qingzhou Then, the government is the waste.

Frontier command An Bei

2 Protectorate General to Pacify the North (in bold for the previous changes, the same below), genus Guannei Tao . Tang Zhenguan twenty years break SYR tardush After the tiele tribes included. The day of the following year Desert ( Huihe Department ), Richle ( Many abuse Department of GE ), Micro payment ( Pugu ), You Ling ( Baikal ministry ), Turtle Lin ( The Romanian Ministry of ), Shine Lu ( With thinking of ) Six doudufu, Gaolan (muddy Department), High que (Hu Xuebu), chicken deer (Xi junction), chicken (o Tian Yuxi, or department) (contract core), Lin (Department of Yan, don't think node) (white Department) seven states, each with handsome as governor and governor, rotating Richle frontier command The system of. In August, tiele, the farthest Li bone Department of Laifu, set to Xuanquezhou . Then, the knot bone Geluolu set Jian Kun , Yinshan Desert, Xuan pool dudufu and Hun river, Wolf Mountain Other states, are owned by the richle frontier command command.
 Protectorate General to Pacify the North Protectorate General to Pacify the North
But The government In Taiwan (now Inner Mongolia Hangjinhouqi Northeast Hebei ugab). This Inner Mongolia ugab territory to the north, the people's republic ofmongolia All, Russia The Ertix River , The Yenisei River The upstream and the Angara river, Lake Baikal The surrounding area. Longshuo Three years (663), the government is moving on North of the Gobi desert Huihe In this part, this rule Mongolia people's Republic of China Northwest karakorum. Name Desert frontier command With the cloud, to house moraine is bounded, collar North moraine various Jimifuzhou . The general chapter for two years Protectorate General to Pacify the North . The Emperor At the end of After the Turks Rise, and are soon returned to tiller, the Anbei Prefecture and waste. Wu after Huihe, Qi bone, Si knot, muddy degree of migration between Gansu and cool moraine, Chuigong The first year (685) the Anbei Prefecture in the overseas Chinese Juyan Lake West of the city (now Inner Mongolia Ejinaqi ), and soon in the southeast to Xi'an city (now Gansu northwest folk music), Seventh The first year moved Shanyu Protectorate The old rule of Yunzhong city (now Inner Mongolia Helingeer northwest Tuchengzi). The Dragon King two years (708), Zhangrenyuan In the East, West, North Building Three Surrender the city Ann, then moved north But The house rule West City surrender (now Inner Mongolia Urat In southwest Hebei Houqi ugab). Kaiyuan three years of shift rule In the surrender of the city (now the Inner Mongolia Baotou southwest of the north shore of the Yellow River). Tianbao eight years, the government is the complex transverse shift rule of Serbian forces (now Inner Mongolia in the southwest of the Wulate Houqi), by the military and the government. Fourteen load and shift government An army ( beginning of creation Later renamed The day Today, Inner Mongolia Wulateqianqi The Northeast ugab Hedong). Down two years (757) renamed Town house . Then Xingyuan gone. Huichang Fu Chanyu dudufu for the Anbei prefecture. The five generation of the Khitan, and waste. The house in the city, Xi'an, when a move between Gansu and cool Huihe and department, there are still vast prefecture name etc.. The Ministry also voted North Huihe The Turks The house moved south, moraine collar, tribal government, without examination. Tianbao home early with Guo Yinshan County .

Frontier command Chanyu

3 Shanyu Protectorate , Genus of Guannei tao. Yeonghwiwon The first year of Tang Ping (650) The Turks Chebi Khan , "Turkic department as well as for border officials to their home Wolf Mountain The cloud, three doudufu, Su Nong fourteen states. Desert frontier command The system of. and Richle frontier command Soil staggered. Longshuo Three years, the house on the North shift richle moraine and renamed the sea frontier, Han Han, former sea frontier shift Cloud City Renamed. Cloud house Hence, moraine is bounded south of the state under the moraine doudufu cloud. Lin Tak The first year (664), renamed Shanyu Protectorate And the territory north of the desert, south of the Yellow River. The rise of gojong Dynasty after the Turks, as far as the pull jimifuzhou. Chuigong two years instead of the garrison, Seventh The first year of moving north But Government to rule. Kaiyuan two years for the rehabilitation of Chanyu dudufu, the Anbei Prefecture in the city governance shift surrender. Huichang, renamed Protectorate General to Pacify the North . Chuigong after he led the frontier command without examination. At the beginning of the Guo Jinhe County of tianbao.

Frontier command Anxi

4. Drop down, and the seven city, namely the government of Tang Dynasty in the western Illinois, renamed Zhenguan six years (632) Illinois . Zhenguan thirteen years (639), Tang Gongqu Western Turks Yabgu The troops modern Jimsar (i.e. Jinmancheng Today, Jimsar County Beiting in Gucheng ), Tang. Tingzhou Pingding Tang; Gaochang king Quwentai With Turk rebellion, in Zhenguan fourteen years (640) life libushangshu Hou As to the channel and the duct. Anxi frontier command . Anxi all is in Jiaohe City (now Turpan Xiyaer gol), as the Tang Dynasty in the western regions of the highest military authority, under the jurisdiction of a plurality of dudufu and state.
 Tang Anxi house Tang Anxi house
Zhenguan twenty-two years (648) the government moved to Qiuci (this Kuche County ), was under the jurisdiction of Yanqi, Shule, Qiuci, PI sand 16 doudufu, 88 States, 110 under the jurisdiction of the county. Yeonghwiwon two years (651) to move back to the West. Xian Qing Two years (657) Tang stay Yili River The leaf area of Sichuan, Dapoxi The Turks A pool of two Mongolia, brain and viscera. But Fu, Anxi frontier command Lift Anxi Most of the government The jurisdiction of the East. Yang , Yumen Pass West Aral Sea area (brain and viscera, Mongolia pool house Belonging to the Anxi frontier command).
Three years (658) Xian Qing government moved again
 Frontier command Frontier command
Qiuci, during which the Anxi frontier command had built the first year long withdrawal, (692) to reset the Anxi all in Qiuci (under the jurisdiction of the north of the Tianshan Mountain to the Caspian Sea around).
For the management of the Tianshan Mountains to the north of the West The Turks Now, in the year 662 ( Longshuo Two years of Tang Dynasty set) Jinshan house (the first in the west, and later moved to the Qitai County North Bridge of Tingzhou, this ancient city ruins). It is in the original Xi Zhou doudufu On the basis of the establishment, replace All to protect the brain and viscera And under the jurisdiction of the north of the Tianshan mountain, Balkhash Lake To the south, Jinshan (al Taishan) the west, central east of mesopotamia. Belong to Anxi frontier command . Chuigong first year (685) to reset the brain and viscera dudufu, Jinshan house demolished.
Changan two years (702) points to the north of Tianshan Mountain in Tingzhou. " But Fu. During the Tang Xuanzong West moraine In Anxi, Jiedushi, Ling is one of the most two Beiting frontier command, the eight Jiedushi at that time.
The first year (756) will be renamed the Anxi frontier command The government is the town of West Then, instead of Anxi frontier command . Kaiyuan, Tianbao, Anxi collar conglingxi service belongs to the most countries Dashi , Tibet . Rebellion After the house to thirty years, in six years (790), Tibet in Beiting, soon, Anxi is also a Tubo break, then both the government waste.
In addition, there are four Anxi all in the town, namely, Yu Tian, Shule, Qiuci Suiye (also sometimes instead of Yanqi). The four is the Tang Dynasty in the western town of garrison, execution But The government duty, not dudufu duty.

Frontier command Beiting

5. North Court Supervision Office
An Longyou road. Changan two years (702) points to the north of the Tianshan Mountain Tingzhou set up Beiting But Fu Tianshan Road, under the jurisdiction of 23 states, Mongolia, pool two brain and viscera capital transfer Beiting frontier command. Beiting frontier command territory east of Illinois (now Hami), West to Aral Sea, North arrived The Ertix River and Balkhash Lake The South Tianshan Mountains.
 North Court Supervision Office North Court Supervision Office
Long Jing Three years (709) to take charge of But Fu Beiting Most of the government To the north of the Tianshan Mountain, jurisdiction and Balkhash Lake The majority of regions, then only the Anxi frontier command management area south and west of the Congling tianshan.
But in fact time since leaf Sichuan (now Central River) and west of the Congling, both frontier has been difficult to effectively control. Beiting brought West The Turks For the reason Turgesh And, Qarluq Is the service belongs to the Turkic, Uighur, frontier command can control only in the vicinity of Anxi Prefecture; the leading conglingxi countries most service belongs to the food, tibet. After an arbitrary history both adhere to the frontier for thirty years, in six years (790), Tibet in Beiting, soon, Anxi is also a Tubo break, then both the government waste.

Frontier command Annan

6 Annan house
genus South of the Five Ridges Road . Lu The first year (679) to pay the state doudufu home Annan house As one of the five tubes, south of the Five Ridges. The rule of the Song Ping (now Vietnam Hanoi). This territory to the north of Yunnan The Vietnam, Ha Tinh, South East Guangxi Quang Binh Province, Napo Jingxi, Longzhou, Ningming, Fangcheng and parts of the west boundary between the Red River blackwater. But from Jiaozhou As governor. The two set name The town of Nandu Province In three years, (768) tautonomy Annan house . Since after tianbao, Nanzhao Strong, Yunnan Nanpanjiang area south of gradually for all open, the center is roughly in this border of Yunnan province and Annan jurisdiction boundaries. Xiantong The first year (860) December frontier command rule of Nanzhao takes, to recover soon. Four years in February, June the state for its jurisdiction, to Haimen town (the South China Sea, Vietnam anti northwest frontier command in July) to a state for home rehabilitation. Seven years after G Annan The old rule, the government is moving now, and the Yudu frontier Static Navy Du, re build annancheng, by governor of one or more provinces And can bring. Don't waste the end of the Tang dynasty.
 Frontier command Frontier command

Frontier command Song dynasty

Song thedirection in the beginning of the northwest, along the five generation Qi State The western border, and Qin, Wei, Cheng, Wu (order) 4, at most places still Longyou which are not the unity of the occupied tibet. To Xining, the prime minister Wang Anshi Under the support of the Song Dynasty has recovered Dang, overlapping, Tao, min, Lin River, (city) 6, known to history Xi River side By, Shao Wang Host; Xining five years (1072) in July, the army attack angle, Munro put ear water Ba tribe, wusheng (today's Gansu attacks Lintao Keep the blind medicine), abandoned the city night escape, chief Qusa and Acor, Song Zhaosui in the town of Tao in wusheng, October to the city state; Xining six years (1073) in February, the Tibetan leader. Muzheng The rule of the river, near the wooden sign dunzou, assembled part of complex into the river, in August two, Wang Shao banbing, a Wei River state, a wooden hammer syndrome, Chan won all the wooden sign will be defeated, keep the city down again, the Song Dynasty recovered Hezhou; in September, Wang Shao into to Ma Lianchuan, Down syndrome wood brother blind Wu Chi, and led the army captured Dang state; thereafter, the opening of Tao River Road and city road, so Zhou Shou will make wooden sign, keep the stack state edict sign, Taozhou will surrender the city with fellow Guodun Shou Wang shao. At this point, as a product of the song dynasty.
The pacification of the Longyou Southeast Tibet after all, to the core of Hehuang region (now Qinghai Lake Enter the edge). Jiayou eight years (1063) in February, the West City (now Gansu Yuzhong The Tibetan leader Canghua Ma Yu), because the Song Dynasty and discord, the West and Lanzhou to the city of xixia. Yuanfeng four years (1081) June, Xixia civil strife, Song Zhaona For ever The issue of the opportunity to attack the Xixia, at the same time, also please jiaosiluo leader Dongzhan The common troops, then mobilized 320 thousand troops, the imperial edict Li Xian , Wang Chung Cheng , Gaozunyu , Liuchangzuo Schrodinger, 5 August, Li Xian commanded troops; 7 army and 30 thousand soldiers to the west to enter the town, defeated Xixia riding 20 thousand, cut 2 thousand, seized 500 horses, September, Lanzhou Xixia overcome the remaining 4 road retreat; loss of about 160 thousand people, only about 140 thousand people drowned dead frozen. Yuanfeng six years (1083 October), Dong Zhanzu, son khotan people Ali bone The throne, due to non political family, has been the tribe's discontent. Yuanyou two years (1087), Ali and Xixia and song of bone, similar to the river, min hee, 3 states to Tibet, Lanzhou and the west to the city (the West) to xixia. In April, Ali Taozhou and bone break, and will be in the same peri Xixia, Nanchuan village, wantonly burning grazing. In the west the city beat the army, killing the prison 's . In August, the 100 thousand army besieged Hezhou, the ghost chapter cited 2 peoples in changjiashan.
Soon, because the ghost chapter captured and retreat. Shaosheng Three years (1096), Ali died of bone, son of blind sign king, then When the angle of Luo Political strife, power failure. Yuan 2002 (1099 July), the Song Dynasty to Hehuang confusion, pie Wangshan The river, North Du the Yellow River (now Qinghai city of Sichuan Miao Ledu In August), Brother in the city (now Qinghai Ping); blind syndrome cases tend to surrender the city people and brother, li long process for the green Tang Lord, September to March Green City (now Qinghai Xining), Gansu Yuzan with Liao, xixia, Uighur Three Princess and the clan leader dropped out, Shanshan, Huang, profile of 3 states of the Song Dynasty, Miao Chuan is changed Huang Zhou Tang Qing, Weishan state. Soon, Tibetan rebellion, the Song Dynasty was forced to give up Hehuang, in Chongning three years (1104) to recover lost ground, home Longyou house. Subsequently, Jin South, killing gusiluo regime, since the end of the Huichang Years since the Tibetan and Uighur decline, Guiyijun, Uighur and Tibetan remnants in Longyou States established by the separatist forces, once again to the central regime.
 The Song Dynasty Longyou house The Song Dynasty Longyou house
The Northern Song Dynasty and seven years later (1125), Jinbing aggressively south, the Northern Song Dynasty to the west, the country on the verge of death or destruction, from Shaanxi by the system that money Gaixun jiaosiluo letter in the blood, shoubian. Good ma Party candidate, is the younger brother of Gansu yuzan. "For people to" renew conviction "and Huangshui Shan", the given name is Zhao Huaien, this is the last one in the Northern Song Dynasty, the official hehuang. In Shaoxing the first year (1131), Jinbing occupy hehuang. Shaoxing four years (1134), Zhao Huaien abandoned tribal home, carrying the youngest to Langzhong state (now Sichuan Langzhong) cathected in Southern Song dynasty. Shaoxing twenty-three years (1153), by Zhao Huaien Xi state observation to make change granted Dingzhou observation, Chengdu Fu Lu Bing Qian jurisdiction ", death has not returned to the Huangshui river. The establishment of the gusiluo regime since the end of Qing Tang in Hehuang ruled over a hundred years, the government is the end of longyou.

Frontier command Other

Joseon Dynasty A Most of the government ( Yongbyon , Jiangling Five, frontier command () Mirror City , Funing Forty-four). As for the Anti Japanese and jurchen.