The state (, also known as cancer. U) Honshu Island, is one of the largest islands in Japan. The Japanese archipelago The central, North and hokkaido Isolation The Tsugaru Strait Across the south, and it Shikoku Isolation The Seto inland sea Relative to the southwest, and it Kyushu Isolation Kanmon Straits and Bungo channel . This is the seventh largest island in the world.
The island from the northeast to the southwest extension length of approximately 1300 km, the width between 50 and 230 km, 5450 km long coastline, the total area of 230500 square kilometers, accounting for 60% of the total area of japan. This island is Volcano Island, the island is still active until now Volcano Frequent earthquakes. This island is the highest point in the volcano Fuji 3776 meters high. There are many rivers on the island of Honshu, the Shinano river is the longest river in japan. Along the northern Honshu Island mountains extending from northeast to southwest, Honshu Island is mountainous southwest and northeast climate so much difference reason.
This state is mainly concentrated in the island population Kanto Plain On the important city of Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama. , Nagoya , kyoto , Kobe Etc.. Is Japan's political, economic and cultural center.

Honshu History

This island is one of Japan's earliest development area is The Japanese People and Japanese culture The birthplace of. The study found that, in the hundreds of thousands of years ago from the northeast into the primitive human Chinese The Korean Peninsula To live, and migrate to the Honshu Island in japan. Archaeological and anthropological view of the Japanese nation is mainly composed of East Asia The Tungusic language People, the ancient Central Plains, a small amount of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Ningbo people And a little Malay as well as Indochina Peninsula The fusion of people to Indochina, gradually migrated to the Japanese fusion evolved. From the beginning of 1996 to form a coalition between China and Japan in archaeology, anthropology and medical experts on human bone joint investigation group has confirmed the above conclusion. Japan from ancient beliefs Shamanism The Chinese in Northeast China Nomadic people Travel to Japan, due to the unique topography, which in Japan changed the original nomadic way of life, the formation of fishing and hunting and people, these people set up in the clouds, Yamatai In the country, in addition to a large number of Chinese people to japan. China since the late Warring States period, a large number of Yan People, Qi People and Chu people fled to the Korean Peninsula and japan. There is a migration route from the Zhejiang area directly across the sea to japan.
Japan has gone through history. Yayoi (300 - 300), Kofun period (300 - 600), Asuka period (600 - 794), The era of peace (794 - 1192), the Shogun (1192 - 1868), and the modern Meiji , Showa , Heisei Age. Before the Japanese shogunate to the state in the western part of the island as the center, the Shogun has in eastern part of the island of Honshu (Kanto region) as the center.
About second Century, there were more than and 100 tribes all over Japan (some of them and the relationship between the establishment of the Eastern Han Dynasty).
By fourth Century, in the island Kansai local To establish a relatively large country, i.e. And the country . It is said that eventually integrate them are the ancestors of today's imperial family. At that time, Japan only include the western, northern Kyushu and shikoku.
According to Japanese legend " Kojiki "," nihon shoki "Records, about 660 years before the first emperor, Japan Emperor Jimmu The throne. Around seventh Century the Prince Shotoku period, the Japanese began to absorb a large number of China culture, strengthen dispatch Centralization 647 years, the "Taikanokaishin" Japan entered the feudal society, and the China culture absorption peak, Japan has sent 13 kentoshi Group, and combined with the China cultural development of local culture in japan. Since the end of twelfth Century, to power the noble lords was replaced into the Wu family, the Japanese shogunate period. shogun Implement Bakuhan system More than and 100, a vassal state on the island of honshu. The Japanese have appeared in the 3 shogun, i.e. Kamakura Bakufu , Muromachi bakufu , Tokugawa Shogunate Of these, shogunate rule center in the state on the island. In sixteenth Century, Japan also appeared in the so-called "Warring States period" of the times.
In 1853 the United States Fleet Perry opened Japan to the world, and Japan Down screen movement The rise of. Western Honshu Island Choshu domain Is one of the daring vanguard curtain down movement. overthrow Shogun Later, the Japanese Meiji government announced" Wang Zheng Retro ", and learning the western bourgeois reform, known to history" Meiji ". Meiji Restoration in Japan among the powers, and as the center of Japan, the island has become the precursor of the modernization of Japan, Japan's first birth industrial civilization . In 1945, the City West Island Hiroshima The United States is cast Atomic bomb The whole, Japan in the Second World War battered.

Honshu administrative division

The state is divided into 5 regions in the geographical region, a total of 31 counties:
* the central region: Aichi , Fukui , Gifu County , Ishikawa County , Nagano , Niigata County , Toyama County , Shizuoka , Yamanashi
* Chinese area: Hiroshima County , Okayama County , Shimane , Tottori County , Yamaguchi
* kanto area : Chiba County , Gunma , Ibaraki County , Kanagawa County, Saitama , tochigi prefecture , Tokyo Metropolitan
* Kinki region : Hyogo , Kyoto , Triple County, Nara County Osaka, Shiga , Wakayama County
* Northeast Akita County, Aomori prefecture, Fukushima County, Iwate County , Miyagi Prefecture Yamagata,

Honshu natural environment

Honshu topographic features

 Fuji Fuji
This island is located in the rugged terrain. Eurasian plate and Pacific plate The The demise of the boundary Therefore, many Volcano and earthquake . The central area Massif Central , Akaishi mountains There are a number of 3000 meters of the mountain peak, there are a series of basins. Fuji volcano By the middle zone extended to the Pacific in Ogasawara Islands , Izu Islands . Northern Honshu (northeast) has 3 rows of mountains, between the basin and the north south, plain. among Ohu mountains 450 kilometers southwest of the mountain; China and Kii mountains was east-west, the mountains there are many small basin. Kinki With the central Horst mountain and basin. In addition to Great Plains Niigata Plain on the Pacific coast, to Kanto Plain The maximum time for thick tail, Osaka plain Etc.. Dense river network. The upper reaches of the river waterfall rapids, rich in water resources. The coastline is about more than 1.2 km, accounting for about 40% of the total length of coastline. The Pacific coast twists and turns, and multi Bay Peninsula ; The sea of Japan The coast is flat. Plain small, is larger, thick tail, Kanto Plain of Osaka, are located in the Pacific coast. A short, dense river network, a large Tonegawa , Shinano River , North Sichuan So, rich water resources. Forest area accounts for about 60% of the total area.

Honshu Climate and environment

For most of the temperate monsoon climate, summer rainy, autumn typhoon. But the most humid temperate regions, North and south, things have obvious difference
 Lake Biwa Lake Biwa
. The annual average temperature in the north, Aomori 9.6 C, southwest end Shimonoseki 15.5 degrees, a difference of nearly 6 degrees; the coldest month (January) the average temperature is -2 degrees north, southwest end is 5.5 DEG C; the warmest month (August) the average temperature of 22.5 degrees north, southwest 26.7 C. The annual precipitation in 1400 mm, 1700 mm southwest. The eastern Pacific slope in summer and typhoon period most precipitation, snow, sunny weather and the West; The sea of Japan Cant winter snow weather, the formation of the snow belt. Forest area accounts for about a total area of 3/5. The eastern Pacific coast in summer and autumn precipitation, winter snow, sunny weather, the sea of Japan Coast Winter Snow weather. Dense river network, short rivers, rivers are larger Shinano River , Tonegawa So, the river in the middle reaches of the waterfall rapids, rich water resources.

Honshu natural resources

Mineral resources are scarce, only a small amount of copper, lead, zinc, coal and oil etc..

Honshu Economics

The state economy is dominated by the export processing of export-oriented economy, economic development.
The state industrial development, industrial output value accounted for 88.9% (198
 Honshu Honshu
2). Mainly distributed in the Pacific coast, Kobe, Beijing and Keihin Seto Along the Pacific Industrial zone. The agricultural harvest rice accounts for about 80% of the country (1983). Big city suburb of cheese and flowers and vegetables and other horticultural industry developed, tea, mulberry and fruit cultivation in the forefront of the country. Offshore aquaculture and fishery is also developed.
And for the Japanese Kanto Kinki important economic area. Million more than the population of city of Tokyo, Yokohama. Osaka, Nagoya , kyoto , Kobe and Kawasaki Therefore, the state and city population concentration, is Japan's largest consumer. Tokyo and Osaka city to form continuous tokaido City zone. Another focus of Honshu Island in the coastal plain, land reclamation and low price.

Honshu traffic

This is the The Shinkansen (high speed railway), the central highway traffic modernization. The import and export of goods by sea transport most of the ports in the state, the country's 17 special important harbor, the state accounted for 15, the island port conditions, the giant ship can be docked. Tokyo and Osaka has two international airports, and connected with the world each big city.

Honshu Tourism

Honshu The scenery

Honshu, Japan Mie Ise A small town, style, step out of the station, there are rare edifice, with quaint charming old buildings, is a city people feel comfortable. However, if you want to truly feel the antique city of Ise
 Honshu Honshu
, or about fifteen minutes by bus in front of the station, came to Ise Grand Shrine In front of the palace of Omotesando shopping, ensure that you will be deeply fascinated.
By leading to the Ise shrine inside the temple of Uji bridge in front of Kawa Kawa, along the main river Isuzu area, has a length of about eight hundred meters of the Senate, the Senate on both sides of the spacious and clean, with deliberately reserved antique building, triangle tiles both have a unique style of top building, there are wooden house construction tradition. Create more than and 300 years ago in the Edo era atmosphere, visitors to shopping malls, unconsciously become ancient people
On the characteristics of ginseng on the road, the most interesting place is whether banks and post offices and other modern facilities, are packed in quaint building inside; however, for the implementation of the Customs on both sides did not appear what the tide shop, but can be found in the traditional tea room, wine cellar, pharmacy, even chess, but teach city the National People's Congress opened eyes. In this walkthrough, several shops can not miss, like the red forbay shops will have three hundred years of history, is the Ise area to sell original red fish cake dessert blessing; spring is authentic food souvenirs confluence, can buy Ise old Hai (Long Xia) Hand-Pulled Noodle and abalone pancake; cloth tour will be beautiful and decorative material as for SUZUKI, cute; aquatic luxury sushi, Long Xia, Matsusaka beef And bream, the price is not expensive, but also very attractive.

Honshu Ise Grand Shrine

For many Japanese, tour Ise, stroll around the streets is a sideshow, because the main purpose is to be considered a necessary life visiting the shrine visits Ise. Ise government has so respected status, because also called imperial big Shrine
 Honshu Honshu
Inside the palace, which is regarded as Toyroyal The founder of the sun god Amaterasu, which is close to the palace outside the train station (by Feng god palace), is dedicated to Amaterasu care food Feng by God, the same solemn and sacred, is also worth a visit.
Because before frequented Shu Qiao blog, coupled with the Japanese food recommended their master, so from the pack at that moment, my head is full of mishima yukio Flashing Regal seaweed and board Kawabata Yasunari Full of erotic raw fish dishes, of course, Yoshimoto Nana filled with evil innocence Pork Chop rice...... From Tokyo to Yokohama, from Hakone To eat a lot of Kyoto, along the road.
Tokyo streets noodle shop, each style is different, even small stores are not be underestimated. The local area is divided into three kinds: lumira, media, (Hand-Pulled Noodle), for speech (buckwheat), complete's (Udon). Hand-Pulled Noodle like instant noodles, Udon is wide, with the tenacity of noodles, only for speech is the most close to the Chinese spaghetti a port in Yokohama The street May be the most expensive place Chinese snacks, a small dish of tofu can be sold for 1260 yen, and 500 yen one King Meat bun, is the most popular local snacks. The Springs Hotel in Hakone, to eat in the cartoon Hot Japanese cuisine, the boss dressed in kimono, as the guests were served wine. But in front of you is a dozen dishes pleasing exquisite dishes, shape, arrangement, color collocation is very exquisite, all kinds of small dishes lay in delicate carved, is not willing to send them in the entrance. When you feel too happy, even forgot to take photos...... A pity.

Honshu Local tea

 Honshu Honshu
Shizuoka Prefecture Green Tea is the most famous tea ice cream as great and incomparable, than Shanghai to sell the "authentic" cheaper.
In Kyoto, of course there may have to taste and fresh fruit, delicate taste, with green tea is more authentic. There are a lot of self-service barbecue shop, local moderate price, variety. Found a never seen in the cool, transparent and smooth, the Ge which plus black honey slice, not only sweet and tender and delicious, with cooking the sauce is also unique flavor. Just enter the Osaka area, went straight to the small octopus shop, but in front of dozens of varieties, shilly-shally. This is how the battle, Tokyo is also a kind of taste, showing people is the birthplace of such cattle.
Let me fall in love with Osaka because of KansaiApt Airport, a bowl of curry curry Udon, in addition to Udon, simply let you add up the word can be incredible, face can not be used to describe the female and child, because the taste is very beautiful. A little fancy a little burden will put itself is wonderful to hide. Japanese animation began to believe that the food in a really exist......
The main island of Japan seven days Deluxe Tour

Honshu Scheduling

The first day: domestic Osaka at the appointed time and place, to Hong Kong International Airport Take the flight to Japan's second largest city - Osaka.
The second day: Osaka - Kobe
After breakfast visit to Japan's largest port city - Kobe, visited the Earthquake Memorial
 Honshu Honshu
Monument and fisherman's Wharf, port here can enjoy the beautiful scenery, can also taste authentic Kobe beef. Then visit Osaka City Park: Japan Sengoku The leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi The base occupies a pivotal position as a number of castles in japan.
Afternoon tour in Kansai, the largest and most prosperous commercial street - Shinsaibashi shopping and visit the SONY building.
On the third day: kyoto One-day tour
After breakfast, go to the world cultural heritage in Kyoto, Japan experience The tea ceremony Visit the temple, and understand the history of Japan's influential man Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
After lunch go to Heian Jingu Shrine . Visit the Nishijin Hall: the taste of traditional Japanese costume, you can enjoy close Japanese professional models wearing beautiful Kimono The fashion show. After going to Fuji .
The fourth day: the bullet train ride tour after breakfast in Hakone Fuji area, experience the speed of Shinkansen 260 kilometers (about 15 minutes). After the ride to Hakone National Park, tour the world rare volcano site Owakudani Valley, white smoke, pungent, geothermal spewing sulfur. Around the beautiful and quiet Ashinoko Visit the Japanese garden, rich architectural features Peace Park . Mount Mt Fuji five order (to visit Mt Fuji Road Museum), look at the Japanese heart - Fuji majestic mountain. In the evening at the The Springs Hotel.
The Fifth Day: Yokohama. Tokyo
After breakfast go to Yokohama to visit the street and Mountain Park . After going to Tokyo
 Honshu Honshu
Visit Ginza, the bustling street, the Imperial Palace (in the imperial palace bridge before taking pictures, only to Japan), can also climb up to 202 meters of the office building overlooking the panoramic view of Tokyo. Night can go to Kabuki CHO, enjoy the night life, at their own expense to watch the performance.
The sixth day: Tokyo Tour
After breakfast visit the millennium old kaminarimon, Sensoji Temple After the tour in twenty-first Century, the new city - Taiwan field. The modern style of architecture, and of great momentum warm romantic rainbow bridge will make you greatly. stay Toyota The car club, you can sit in the cab to experience the latest TOYOTA all kinds of cars. Finally, a fascinating Disney Park And enjoy paradise in the world to bring you a dynamic, exciting and cheerful.
Accommodation: Narita GARDEN Hotel
The seventh day: Tokyo - China
After breakfast transfer to the airport, take the luxury direct flights fly back, after the team arrived at the group, trip ended.

Honshu Matters needing attention

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kobe port, taste authentic Kobe Beef, enjoy traditional Japanese costume, wearing a beautiful Japanese professional model distance appreciation Kimono The fashion show, the new route of 260 kilometers per hour experience, tour the world rare volcano site Owakudani, looking at the heart of Japanese Kamiyama - Fuji Xiongzi, Tokyo modern life experience.

Honshu The earthquake in 2011

Honshu time

14:46 on March 11, 2011 ( Beijing time 13:46) northeast of Japan Miyagi Prefecture 9 earthquake occurred again. The epicenter is located in the Pacific Ocean east of Miyagi Prefecture (Lat:38 Lon:142 ~ 19'19''N ~ 22'08''E), the focal depth of 10 km. The capital of Tokyo felt strongly. The Japan Meteorological Agency tsunami alert again.
Local television footage showed people have ran out from the floor.
The Japan Meteorological Agency immediately issued a tsunami warning, said the earthquake will trigger a tsunami about 6 meters. The Pacific warning center in Russia and has also issued a tsunami warning Mariana islands.

Honshu Aftershock

Day 15 06 minutes (Beijing time 14 06) 6.4 aftershock occurred (Lat:39 ~ 01'30''N ~ 18'58''E Lon:142)
Day 15 07 minutes (Beijing time 14 07) 6.4 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 24'05''N ~ 51'44''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 15:15 (Beijing time 14:15) 6.8 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 07'32''N ~ 14'01''E Lon:140)
On the same day at 15:25 (Beijing time 14:25) 7.1 aftershock occurred (Lat:38 ~ 06'23''N ~ 33'11''E Lon:144)
On the same day at 15:48 (Beijing time 14:48) 6.3 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 59'34''N ~ 45'50''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 15:57 (Beijing time 14:57) 6.3 aftershock occurred (Lat:35 ~ 45'28''N ~ 59'32''E Lon:140)
On the same day at 16:10 (Beijing time 15:10) 5.8 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 53'55''N ~ 44'03''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 16:13 (Beijing time 15:13) 5.9 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 03'04''N ~ 20'49''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 16:14 (Beijing time 15:14) 6.3 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 38'54''N ~ 48'39''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 16:25 (Beijing time 15:25) 6.1 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 54'58''N ~ 37'17''E Lon:144)
On the same day at 16:28 (Beijing time 15:28) 6.1 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 48'06''N ~ 54'38''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 16:38 (Beijing time 15:38) 5.9 aftershock occurred (Lat:39 ~ 14'59''N ~ 46'58''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 16:42 (Beijing time 15:42) 5.8 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 24'20''N ~ 55'09''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 16:54 (Beijing time 15:54) 5.7 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 44'33''N ~ 33'54''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 16:56 (Beijing time 15:56) 5.6 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 07'49''N ~ 18'20''E Lon:142)
Day 17 01 minutes (Beijing time 16 01) 5.9 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 04'15''N ~ 44'02''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 17:10 (Beijing time 16:10) 5.4 aftershock occurred (Lat:34 ~ 41'42''N ~ 39'19''E Lon:139)
On the same day at 17:12 (Beijing time 16:12) 6.2 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 36'22''N ~ 33'26''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 17:15 (Beijing time 16:15) 6.2 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 02'03''N ~ 36'41''E Lon:144)
On the same day at 17:19 (Beijing time 16:19) 6.5 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 20'18''N ~ 37'57''E Lon:140)
On the same day at 17:40 (Beijing time 16:40) 5.9 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 27'55''N ~ 07'18''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 17:46 (Beijing time 16:46) 5.5 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 25'15''N ~ 27'12''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 17:52 (Beijing time 16:52) 5.4 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 45'48''N ~ 54'35''E Lon:141)
Day 18 00 minutes (Beijing time 17 00) 5.2 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 03'22''N ~ 57'59''E Lon:141)
Day 18 04 minutes (Beijing time 17 04) 5.4 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 17'57''N ~ 39'17''E Lon:142)
Day 18 09 minutes (Beijing time 17 09) 5.5 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 42'60''N ~ 16'00''E Lon:143)
On the same day at 18:37 (Beijing time 17:37) 5.4 aftershock occurred (Lat:35 ~ 52'39''N ~ 35'07''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 18:42 (Beijing time 17:42) 5.2 aftershock occurred (Lat:39 ~ 26'15''N ~ 44'55''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 18:47 (Beijing time 17:47) 5.5 aftershock occurred (Lat:39 ~ 41'07''N ~ 56'18''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 18:59 (Beijing time 17:59) 5.2 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 42'10''N ~ 12'25''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 19:10 (Beijing time 18:10) 6 aftershock occurred (Lat:39 ~ 14'52''N ~ 46'43''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 19:20 (Beijing time 18:20) 5.6 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 57'59''N ~ 17'21''E Lon:142)
On the same day at 19:28 (Beijing time 18:28) 5.9 aftershock occurred (Lat:39 ~ 26'48''N ~ 31'51''E Lon:143)
On the same day at 19:35 (Beijing time 18:35) 5.3 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 02'37''N ~ 17'52''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 19:45 (Beijing time 18:45) 5.5 aftershock occurred (Lat:38 ~ 27'57''N ~ 35'27''E Lon:143)
On the same day at 19:52 (Beijing time 18:52) 5 aftershock occurred (Lat:38 ~ 32'03''N ~ 20'46''E Lon:143)
On the same day at 19:58 (Beijing time 18:58) 5.1 aftershock occurred (Lat:39 ~ 03'35''N ~ 12'46''E Lon:142)
Day 20 00 minutes (Beijing time 19 00) 5.6 aftershock occurred (Lat:37 ~ 48'46''N ~ 28'51''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 20:10 (Beijing time 19:10) 5.5 aftershock occurred (Lat:35 ~ 32'04''N ~ 51'20''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 20:13 (Beijing time 19:13) 5.5 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 27'02''N ~ 47'20''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 20:16 (Beijing time 19:16) 5.5 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 36'50''N ~ 53'38''E Lon:141)
On the same day at 20:21 (Beijing time 19:21) 5.7 aftershock occurred (Lat:35 ~ 45'33''N ~ 54'45''E Lon:140)
On the same day at 20:44 (Beijing time 19:44) 5.8 aftershock occurred (Lat:36 ~ 42'31''N ~ 13'51''E Lon:142)

Honshu Seismic effect

Local time on March 11, 2011, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake occurred in northern Miyagi Prefecture, northeast Japan, Taiwan TVBS television reported that at least 26 people were killed in the earthquake, some reports said dozens of people for building collapse and other reasons
Injured。 In addition, the earthquake triggered landslides, Fukushima county government said that the news that the area around the county white river city, 8 people were missing in landslides.
According to foreign media reports, the day before the Japanese tsunami caused by Tokyo and the surrounding area 4 million households electricity. 8.9 East Japan earthquake tsunami heart 231 miles from the capital Tokyo, Tokyo residents still feel aftershocks. The streets of Tokyo, a large crowd gathered in the street to avoid the earthquake, and tried to get in touch with their families. The United States Geological Survey Bureau staff estimates, the tsunami caused in Tokyo and surrounding areas in 4 million residential power outages. CNN meteorologist said, the Pacific Tsunami is near the coastline of other countries.
The National Weather Bureau Staff said, there are also potential impact areas caused by this earthquake tsunami on the earthquake source, even causing catastrophic damage.
The afternoon of March 11, 2011 occurred in Japan after the earthquake, the Tokyo stock exchange normal, but the Nikkei index fell to accelerate after the earthquake, 3 pm closing down 179 points at 10254.43 points.
13:55 on March 11, 2011, Shanghai Changning, Jingan area users reflect that building is shaking, suspected earthquake. In this regard, Shanghai Seismological Bureau spokesman Wang Jianjun said that the earthquake level 8.8 high-rise buildings in Shanghai would have felt.
The National Marine forecast information release, Japan earthquake triggered a tsunami will be 11 at around 20:30 arrived in Chinese Guangdong, Fujian coast, waves of 0.5 meters, will not cause disastrous effects.
National Marine forecast released news, 14:20 in the waters east of Japan has been monitored two meter high tsunami buoy, tsunami waves are expected in China will affect the east coast of Taiwan at about 17:30.
The Hongkong Observatory is expected at around 9 pm the tsunami arrived, little impact on Hongkong.
According to foreign reports, triggered a strong tsunami in Japan after the 8.9 earthquake, the United States and more issued a tsunami warning or tsunami observation report. According to the Agence France-Presse news March 11, 2011, Hawaii 11, issued a tsunami warning, the earliest possible arrival of the local tsunami is expected to 11 evening local time. Hawaii epicenter about 6400 kilometers from japan.
In addition, according to U.S. media reports, California and parts of the coast of Alaska State of California in the northwest of Washington, Oregon and western have issued a tsunami warning observation. Observe the warning level is lower than the warning.

Honshu After the earthquake rescue

According to reports, the SDF will send 900 rescue workers to the earthquake after the earthquake rescue. The Japanese government decided on the 11, Miyagi Prefecture should be Mukai Kaho's request to send troops to the area of the earthquake happened.
Prime Minister Naoto Kan to the wild branch instructions, requirements for dealing with wanquan. Naoto Kan also rejected the strong earthquake caused by the leakage of radioactive material in nuclear power plant rumors. At 2:50 p.m. local time, the prime minister's official residence in the crisis management center set up residence in the strategy room. After touring the cabinet meeting decided to set up a government emergency response headquarters. The Ministry of defense set up by defense minister Kitazawa handsome led disaster countermeasures headquarters.
After the earthquake, the Japanese parliament immediately suspended the prime minister and all cabinet members attended the Senate Budget Committee meeting. The largest island in Japan's four main islands. The Northeast - Southwest Huzhuang extends across the Northeast The Tsugaru Strait and Hokkaido Relatively, the next week against southwest beach and closes the channel and Kyushu Adjacent to the south across the The Seto inland sea and Shikoku Across the West The sea of Japan The East Pacific Ocean. About 1287 kilometers (800 miles) wide.
 Honshu Honshu
The degree of difference is very big, the width of about 300 km. Japan nearly 3/4 of the county focus on the island, be regarded as Japan's "mainland". South is the important area of Japan's early history, is The Japanese People The birthplace of. The Pacific coast of Japan, the main economic center city is located with the Hanshin keihin. The main island area of 227 thousand square kilometers, is the island with an area of about 230 thousand square kilometers, accounting for 61.2% of the area of japan. A population of about 80% of the total population. The coastline of 12182 kilometers (7571 miles).
Japan has the highest and largest island in Mt Fuji Lake Biwa . Most of the territory is mountainous, many Volcano Earthquake. In the middle of 3000 meters above the mountain, the first peak of the country Fuji (elevation 3776 meters) is located in the north; 3 mountains, between the basin and the north south, plain and mountainous southwest Chinese; Kii The mountains was east-west, the mountains there are many small basin. Plain small, is larger Kanto Plain , Nobi plain , Osaka plain , are located in the Pacific coast. For most of the Temperate monsoon climate That is the marine, the annual average temperature of 9.6 degrees to 10.5 degrees, the annual precipitation in 1400 mm, 1700 mm southwest. Early summer Meiyu Autumn. Typhoon . A short, dense river network, a large Tonegawa , Shinano River , North Sichuan So, rich water resources. Forest area accounts for about 60% of the total area. Mineral oil, copper, zinc, sulfur and iron. The industry is mainly distributed in the Pacific coast, Kobe, Beijing and Seto Keihin sea etc. Industrial Zone . The Japanese economy is 90% of the total value. Offshore aquaculture and fishery is also developed. Modernization is the central national Shinkansen, highway traffic. Million more than the population of city of Tokyo, Yokohama. Osaka, Nagoya , kyoto , Kobe and Kawasaki .
Xinhuanet.com Tokyo in March 22, according to the U.S. Geological Survey earthquake information network news, waters east of Honshu Island in Japan 22 Richter 6.6 earthquake.
Sources said that the earthquake occurred in the Greenwich time 7:18 on the 22 (Beijing time 15:18 on the 22), the epicenter is located in north latitude 37.2 degrees, 144 degrees east longitude, focal depth of 26.5 km.
Waters off northeastern Japan, 11 Richter 9 earthquake and tsunami, causing heavy casualties and property losses.
Xinhuanet.com news: according to the Chinese Seismic Network Center Web site news, Beijing time 15:23 on the 25, 6 earthquake occurred in Japan's Honshu Island, the epicenter is located in 36.9 north latitude, 139.4 east longitude, focal depth of 10 km.