Canada River

The source of the United States The state of New Mexico Northeast. yes Arkansas River The longest tributary, the South flowing through a deep narrow valley, east across Oklahoma, fold, antelope Hill (Antelope Hills), import Arkansas River . A total length of 1458 kilometers (906 miles). Sometimes in order to distinguish it is a tributary of the North Canadian river, the Canadian river is also called "the South Canadian river".
Canada River

Canada River Basic introduction

Canada River Also the Canadian river. Why is the river called Canadian River (Canada River) is still unclear. This river in the John C. Fr Mont produced in 1845 map has been marked as "Goo-al-pah"

Canada River The waters of the situation

The river water staggered, watershed area of 121500 square kilometers (46900 square miles). A concors River dam, ute (Conchas) (Ute) and Sanford (Sanford) dam reservoir.