(Georgia Georgian :, in English: Georgia) Caucasus The The Black Sea The north coast. Russia The south, and Turkey , Armenia , Azerbaijan Border.
The Georgian area of 69700 square kilometers (including south ossetia and Abkhazia ). The main ethnic georgian. The official language is Georgian, residents more proficient in russian. The majority of faith The Orthodox Church , minority Islamism . Is the capital of Tbilisi .
Georgia was Soviet Republic That is Stalin The Hometown . April 9, 1991 officially declared independence, the first president Zviad Gamsakhurdia . After the independence of the" Republic of Georgia "In August 24, 1995, the country adopted a new constitution, the name as" georgia". Once The Commonwealth of Independent States A member of August 2008 with Russia for a period of 5 days after the war in Georgia in August 14th decided to withdraw from the CIS, and complete the formalities in August 18, 2009, officially quit.
In October 28, 2015, the seventieth session of the UN General Assembly election The UN Human Rights Council Members of Georgia successfully elected, the term is from 2016 to 2018.

Georgia History

 Ear type decorative building Tbilisi Republic Square huge Ear type decorative building Tbilisi Republic Square huge
In Georgia The Old Stone Age There are human activities, can be traced back to 40 thousand years ago. Bronze Age The advanced agricultural civilization.
Georgia is a special cultural country, located at the junction of the two continents of Asia and Europe caucasus mountains In the area, along the coast of the black sea, In ancient Greece Called Gezhesi and two Iberian Kingdom, is a mythical Greek hero jason Find The Golden Fleece The ancient, the prolific gold.
Sixth Century BC, in Georgia established slavery Cole Hilda Kingdom In fourth Century, BC, eastern Georgia established a feudal dynasty Carle Terry Kingdom . The two dynasty was Emperor Alexander and Rome empire.
Imperium Romanum Reach into power Asia Minor When a country is unified, and the Rome alliance against Persia, is strongly influenced by Western culture. In 330 ad (Eastern Christian tribe) as the state religion, and will be known as the Georgia ( Georgia ). Long term and Byzantine empire The coalition against Islamic forces military expansion. In 4 ~ sixth Century feudal state.
Ad 6 - tenth Century in Iran Sassanid Empire , The Byzantine Empire and The Empire of Arabia Under the rule of the Georgian nation formed in this period.
8 - at the beginning of ninth Century, Arabia empire after the formation of Kahn Gija, Heller Asia, Tao Clare - Season Three feudal principality and Jeter Abkhazia Kingdom。 In Eleventh Century, a Searl column of Turkey Empire Subsidiary of the country.
12--13 century, Georgia entered the prosperous period, economic prosperity, great art and philosophy and culture, create the Eurasian culture become wonderful.
From 13 to fourteenth Century in Mongolia and the Tatars Timur Invaded. The invasion of Mongolia and brought serious consequences to the Georgian rule: the displacement of people, the city was destroyed, agriculture, farming and commercial trade shock.
15 - at the beginning of seventeenth Century, Georgia split into four independent principalities and kingdoms.
16 - eighteenth Century for Iran and Georgia as the object of the Osman Empire between the two countries. Eighteenth Century turn to emerging power in Russia, in 1801 1864 the state of Georgia has incorporated The Russian Empire Instead, Fries and ladder Kutaisi Province .
The Russian Revolution of 1917, China announced that the independent. Germany in 1918, The Osman Empire And the British army invaded georgia. Established in February 25, 1921 Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic In December of the same year, The Soviet Socialist Republic of Abkhazia Join the georgia. In March 12, 1922, Georgia to join Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic , and in December the same year as the federal member of the Soviet union. In December 5, 1936, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Georgia to become Soviet Republic One of。
Russia - the Soviet Union many party and government leaders from Georgia, including the 1812 war ahead This season. The prince, the leader of the Soviet Union Stalin , Berial The marshal and a large number of people. In the anti fascist war in the Soviet Union, a total of 300 thousand Georgian soldiers were killed and 90 Georgian soldiers won the title of hero of the Soviet Union (giant monument built for the memorial in the evening of December 19, 2009 by the Georgian government ordered to blow up).
In 1989 the demonstrations for independence by Soviet defense minister Ilyazov The marshal himself acted suppressed. In 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia became independent, the first president of the street politician Garm Sahu M G A quickly by coup into the civil war, then requested a reclusive former Soviet Foreign Minister "silver fox" shevardnadze Out to achieve national reconciliation.
The United States and Europe to promote" The Rose Revolution "In Georgia supports mass demonstrations, Shevardnadze overthrew the pro western government, set up. Then deployed to join NATO, Russia to semi enclosed. Russia this very dissatisfied, so split minority support behind China, such as south ossetia and Abkhazia . In Georgia, the backing of the United States, and Russia as the enemy everywhere.
In August 7, 2008, the Georgian military offensive with Russia adjacent south ossetia The autonomous region, trying to put the heavy into its jurisdiction under the military government. South Ossetia war broke out. On August 8, 2008, Georgia and Russia for control of South Ossetia and the outbreak of war. According to the president of Georgia mikheil saakashvili Said, in the non conflict zone also bombed civilian targets, and once said to consider withdrawing from the Olympic Games, the Russian official denied that air strikes. The European Union proposed hearing Rotary Peace Plan, Russia immediately showed "not in favor of Europe and the United States intervention". In August 28, 2008, Russia's recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia Independent。 In response, the next decision of Georgia severed diplomatic relations with russia.
In March 28, 2015, Georgia to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank .
In October 28, 2015, elected members of the UN Human Rights Council, the term is from 2016 to 2018.

Georgia administrative division

Georgia Zoning

Georgia consists of 2 autonomous republics and 9 districts (brackets for capital): The Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia ( Sukhumi Samer Glenn Lo Siwanie); on the season (sub region Zugdidi Goulias district (;) O Zur Gatti ); O Zal Autonomous Republic ( Batumi ); Lacha - listed its call and Siwanie meters season sub region (Amrolauri) region of imereti (; Kutaisi Samucihe) - Zhawahe region (; Akhaltsikhe What Terry (Dakar); Brother. Mtskheta - Muji Aniene); region (Mtskheta tower) - Al Terry district (kvemo; Luster Vee Kakheti district (;) Telavi (Tbilisi District); Tbilisi ).

Georgia An important city

Tbilisi The capital of Georgia. Located in the Middle East is the largest city in Georgia, Georgia, an area of 348 square kilometers, the elevation of 500-650 meters, The Kura river From the city from west to East across. Is the political, economic, cultural, personality education center, is also an important transport hub, railway lines and the outside, the north Caucasus together. There are some big city air route and the former Soviet Union, Europe and the surrounding countries. In 1966 three urban subway opened. Tbilisi city is Transcaucasia The famous ancient capital.
Kutaisi The historic city of western Georgia, and the second largest industrial city. Be located Rioni Pan. Third Century BC is recorded after Karl, and become the capital of the kingdom of. Industrial machinery manufacturing (automotive, garden tractors, oil and gas equipment), for chemical, silk, leather shoes and food processing. Many famous historical monuments, churches, churches, green is Bagrat Glatt churches and monasteries. Nearby Karst scenery Reserve。 Tourism resort. Area of 70 square kilometers.
Batumi Georgia, the O Zal Autonomous Republic Capital, Transcaucasia The Black Sea Southeast coast port. Near the Turkey border. The population of 132 thousand (1985). From ten to thirteenth Century as a fortress. Built in 1878. 1883 Baku railway and 1897-1907 years after the completion of the rise of oil pipeline. In petroleum processing, machinery manufacturing industry (ship, motor, etc.) and tea (coffee), food processing, and the construction of a naval arsenal. There are 9 kilometers North Subtropical Botanical garden. Northeast of the city waterfront tourism resort.

Georgia National Population

Georgia population

Georgia's total population of 4 million 483 thousand and 800 (January 2013). The vast majority of domestic per capita in Russia after independence immigration leave. Living in Abkhazia The People of Abkhazia and south ossetia The Ossetians are seeking independence from georgia.
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, because of the separation of Abkhazia rebels activities, O Zal The problem of South Ossetia, made impact on the national population, and make the economy vulnerable. For the difficulty of the work force there are one hundred thousand Georgian people go abroad to find work, most of them choose to emigrate to russia. Due to instability, so that people are not willing to bear, the local birth rate is extremely low, nearby Armenia Also face the same problem.

Georgia Nation

According to the 2002 census statistics of Georgia, Georgia zuzhan
 Georgia now singing, now dancing girl Georgia now singing, now dancing girl
83.8% of the total population, other major national Azerbaijan group 6.5%, group 5.7%, 1.5% and Armenia Russian Ossetian nationality, race, nationality and other Greek abkhazia. There are also two national Kartvelian, respectively Svan and Mingrelians, and a small amount of Laz. Laz people mainly live in Turkey. The other is the less populated nation: Syria And greece, kurdistan People, Tartar and Ukraine People.

Georgia geographical environment

Georgia Location condition

Georgia is located in the connection Eurasia The Transcaucasian Midwest, including the entire black sea coast, The Kura river The middle reaches of the Kura river and tributaries Alazani Valley. West of the Black Sea, the southwest border with Turkey, bordering the north and southeast of Azerbaijan and Russia, and the Republic of Armenia Adjacent to the. The land area of 69 thousand and 700 square kilometers.

Georgia terrain

Georgia is about 2/3 for the mountains and piedmont lowlands, accounted for only 13% of more than 1000 meters in elevation, belonging to the Caucasus mountains. The north is The Caucasus Mountains The south is. The lesser Caucasus Mountains The middle mountain, lowland, plain and plateau. The western coastal area during the Kura river valley and plain. Rioni Valley plain. The Caucasus mountains have many peaks over 4000 meters high, even in the peak, the peak is 5068 meters above sea level.
 georgia map georgia map

Georgia climate

The western subtropical oceanic climate humid, Eastern dry subtropical climate. Around the vertical climate change significantly, altitude 490 ~ 610 meters high region is subtropical climate, the climate was cold; more than 2000 meters above sea level. Alpine climate In summer, no more than 3500 meters; be covered with snow all the year round , and glacier. The annual precipitation in Eastern 1000-3000 mm, 300-800 mm.

Georgia soil

Many Georgian soil types, mainly forest soil, grassland soil, black soil, humus calcareous soil, mountain red soil, dark chestnut soil and loess etc..

Georgia hydrology

The main rivers are the Kura river and rioni. There are lakes and para Varna Ritsa Etc..

Georgia natural resources

In 2002, agricultural land accounted for 43.4% of the country of Georgia, the forest area accounted for 40.8%, water accounted for 2.6%, other 13.2%. The water is rich in resources, reserves of 15 million 500 thousand kilowatts, a large reservoir reservoir Walid season. At the end of 1980s, the annual Georgia hydropower capacity of 15 billion kw / hour, after independence, because of the economic crisis, hydro electric power is only 65-70 billion kwh. Mineral resources play an important role in Georgia, a total of more than 1 thousand and 400, about half of which is hot or hot springs. They have a medical effect, without heating can bath. Brze Mi and Cihaer Tubo spa is famous in the world.
Georgia's mineral resources is relatively poor. The main minerals are coal, manganese ore, copper ore, ore and barite, the manganese ore reserves, good quality, high grade, the western region of Georgia near the city of Kutaisi which is the main origin of Tula manganese ore, estimated reserves of 2.2 tons, recoverable amount is 1.6 to 1.7 tons. Because Georgia is located in Transcaucasia Midwest, Northern Caucasus mountains, south of the lesser Caucasus mountains, between the mountains, lowland plain and plateau, the terrain features very likely oil reserves. According to expert determination, in western Georgia, and Eastern Black Sea region found considerable reserves of oil and natural gas resources, oil reserves of 5.8 tons, of which 3.8 tons on land, 2 tons of 152 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the Black Sea. But the greater difficulty of exploitation. There are other deposits of oil, bleaching clay, diatomite, chalcedony, agate, refractory material and making concrete using clay, cement raw materials, lead, zinc, building stone.

Georgia The symbol of the nation

Georgia Country Name

Georgia (Georgia), GE code. The name originated from the national name, in Greek, meaning "Pastoral" or "agriculture".
 The original Georgian national flag and national emblem The original Georgian national flag and national emblem

Georgia National flag

The flag of Georgia Opened in January 14, 2004, when the Georgian parliament passed the bill, decided to stop using the 1990 to determine the original flag, replaced by the "white flag at the end of 5, the new flag of Red Cross". The flag is rectangular, length and width ratio of 3:2. The white flag, the Red Cross flag will be divided into 4 parts, one on each part Malta The red cross.
 The flag of Georgia The flag of Georgia

Georgia National Emblem

 The Georgian national emblem The Georgian national emblem
The Georgian national emblem opened in October 1, 2004, after the Bagrat Dynasty logo design. The shield, painted red. St George and the Dragon Like, a crown, is decorated with Jerusalem Cross lace at Georgian Writing" Unity is strength. "By the two lions support.

Georgia Politics

Georgia regime

The Georgian government presidential system, May 26, 1990, "free Georgia Roundtable" leader Garm Sahu was elected the first president of a Erji lattice, in January 1992 after the overthrow of. In March 11, 1992, former Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze was appointed chairman of the State Council, November was recognized as head of state. In August 24, 1995 the country named "georgia". November 2003 "Rose Revolution", Saakashvili was elected president in the subsequent election, re-election in January 2008. In August 8, 2008 the Georgia conflict. 2009, 2010, the opposition was more active lattice, called for the resignation of President Saakashvili. Saakashvili led the United National Movement Party in parliament to play advantages, consolidate the ruling power system, won a majority of seats in the May 2010 capital and local elections. In October 2011, Ivan Nish Willy announced the integration of politics and the richest man in the lattice to form part of the opposition, "Georgian dream coalition". In October 2012, Georgia held parliamentary elections, "the Georgian dream coalition, Ivan Nish Willy as prime minister and cabinet.

Georgia Constitution

Georgia after the implementation of legislative, judicial and administrative powers system three. The first constitution passed by Parliament in August 24, 1995. In February 17, 2004, Parliament passed the "lattice on the formation of the cabinet" amendment to the constitution provisions for presidential lattice three powers of state, heads of state and the president is the supreme commander of the armed forces have the right to nominate the prime minister and defense, security and other law enforcement departments, the interior minister, approved by parliament. Other members of the cabinet by the prime minister to the president after advice by the president submitted to Parliament for approval. The presidential and parliamentary vote produced by direct election. The president has the power to dissolve the government, have the right to dissolve parliament according to the constitution. In September 26, 2010, the Georgian parliament with 123 votes overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment to implement a relatively balanced distribution of power between the president and the prime minister. The new constitution will come into effect in October 2013 after the presidential election.

Georgia parliament

 The Georgian parliament building The Georgian parliament building
Parliament is the highest legislative body, unicameral, according to the provisions of the new electoral law, composed of 150 members, of which the proportion of elected members of the business accounted for 77 seats, elected by single members accounted for 73 seats, a term of five years. No more than 5% of votes in the election threshold party will automatically won 6 seats in parliament, so as to achieve the minimum in Parliament composed of factions. The speaker for the national two figures, the president is vacant, speaker to perform their functions. Incumbent president David Usupashvili (Davit Usupashvili).

Georgia government

 The old city of Tbilisi street, the ridge is the ancient ruins of the castle The old city of Tbilisi street, the ridge is the ancient ruins of the castle
The main member of the Georgian government: Prime Minister Bizina Ivanishvili (Bidzina Ivanishvili), the first deputy prime minister and defense minister Irakli Alassana (Irakli Alasania), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of energy and natural resources minister Kakha Kaladze (Kakha Kaladze), and Minister of state for NATO and EU integration affairs Alexis Petriashvili (Alexi Petriashvili), Partha Zakaleishvili, Minister of national unity (Paata Zakareishvili) Kurt, immigration minister of state of Suhl (Konstantin Surguladze), the ancient razeh minister Kakha Sakandlize (Kakha Sakandelidze) employment, finance minister Nordahl Khadduli (Nodar Khaduri), regional development and infrastructure Minister David Noel Tasmania (Davit Narmania), education and Science and technology minister George Malgo Vee Rush Willy (George Margvelashvili), and Minister of sports tourism affairs Levan Kipiani (Levan Kipiani), environmental protection and natural resources minister Khatuna Gogalaze (Khatuna Gogaladze) (female), economic development minister George Kwirikashvi Lee (Geor Ge Kvirikashvili), the Minister of justice Tja Chulukiani (Tea Tsulukiani) (female), and the Cultural Relics Protection Minister Ghulam Ogishaliya (Guram Odisharia), refugees and resettlement minister David Darahavelize (David Darakhvelidze), foreign minister Maya Panjikidze (Maia Panjikidze) (female), agriculture minister David Kilvalize (David Kirvalidze), interior Minister Irakli Galibashvili (Irakli Garibashvili), labor health and social security minister David Sergiyenko (David Sergeenko), Minister of labor, investigation and judicial assistance of Sozar Subari (Sozar Subari).

Georgia party

(1) Georgia United National Movement (United National Movement) In October 2001, established by Saakashvili, and promote the strengthening of the EU and NATO, regain control of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which belongs to the right-wing political party leaders: mikheil saakashvili David bakradze.
(2) Conservative Party of Georgia (Conservative Party of Georgia) , established in 2001, is a nationalist right-wing political party, was allied with Saakashvili, but in 2004 as the opposition alliance. Leaders: Ziweiyade - an ancient.
(3) the Georgian Labour Party (Georgian Labour Party) Leaders: Shalva Nat, Rush Willie.
(4) Georgia (The Republican Party of Georgia, the Republican Party) , liberal party type, pro western system and joining NATO and EU leaders: Wusu Pash Willy, david.
(5) - United Democratic Movement (Democratic Movement - United Georgia of Georgia) The opposition leader: Nino Burdzhanadze .
(6) Georgia - the Democratic Liberal Party (Our Georgia - Free Democrats) Established in 2009, the opposition leader: Iraq Leigh Ala Sanya .

Georgia judicial

With the independence of the judiciary, the constitutional court, the Supreme Court, procuratorate, supervision of the total. The Supreme Court is the highest judicial organ, the president and judges are nominated by the president, the parliament elected for a term of 10 years. Do not allow the establishment of specialized and special court. During the war with the military court. The current Supreme Court President Konstantin Kubrashvili (Konstantin Kublashvili). The constitutional court has 9 judges, the president, the Parliament and the Supreme Court of the appointment of 3 people, a term of 10 years. The attorney general's office attorney general is nominated by the president, Parliament, indefinite term. Attorney general Archill Quebrashvili (Archil Kbilashvili).

Georgia Politicians

 Georgia million people marched Georgia million people marched
President George Magwelashvili . Born in September 4, 1969, has studied sociology and philosophy at the National University of Tbilisi and Georgia Central University of Czech, and a Ph.D. in philosophy. In the case of science and education as a minister, George Magwerashvilis from 2000 to 2012 served in the Georgia School of public affairs, former president of the college. Was elected president in October 27, 2013.
Prime Minister Irakli Galibashvili. Born in June 28, 1982. In October 25, 2012, Bizina Ivanishvili was appointed Prime Minister of Georgia for Georgia's interior minister. In November 20, 2013, served as Prime Minister of georgia.
 The Georgian army The Georgian army
Speaker David Usupashvili. Born in March 5, 1968. 1992 graduated in law at National University of Tbilisi. 1992-1993, as the Georgian government senior legal adviser. 1993-1995, member of the Constitutional Council to participate in the drafting of the constitution lattice. 1994-1997, involved in the creation of NGO "Georgian Young Lawyers Association, the first president of the organization. 2000-2001, former Georgian President anti-corruption Working Group Executive secretary.
2001-2005, at the University of Maryland International Center Division System Reform "Georgia vice president and legal adviser, participated in the" rose revolution". Since 2005, served as chairman of the Republican Party grid. In April 2012, led by Republican to Georgian dream coalition. In October 2012, the elected members of parliament. In October 21st, the first plenary session of the eighth Parliament was elected speaker on the lattice. Married. The same as his wife Tinagin Cida members of the Republican Party and parliament members.
In October 2013, Ge presidential elections, Malgo Vee Rush Willy was elected president. In November, Ivan Nish Willy, the outgoing prime minister, when he was interior minister Gary Bash Willy as prime minister.

Georgia Military

Georgia Military system

 The former president of Georgia Saakashvili The former president of Georgia Saakashvili
The Georgian armed forces in April 30, 1992. According to the "National Defense Law" provisions, the state supreme Authority (parliament) to determine the defense policies of the state and by the field of national defense law. The president armed forces The commander in chief, the Department of defense for the armed forces command. Lattice implementation of a defensive national defense policy, the basic goal is to defend the country's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Georgia has the basic realization of military occupation.
In 2006 the Department of defense set up lattice army headquarters, the preparation of 60 people, under the joint armed forces command grid. In December, the Georgian parliament read through the "reserve method". According to the bill, male citizens aged 2740 lattice must be 18 days of training. Voluntary female citizens. Members and candidates, clergy, diplomats, free training.
On February 2007, Georgian president, Secretary of defense and National Security Council Chairman of Parliament signed a new military regulations, will be selected from the University and lattice cadets in talent, build a team of excellent military officers for the armed forces.

Georgia Military strength

In 2008 parliament passed a resolution to Georgian troops forces increased from 32 thousand to 37 thousand, after the war of August but failed to complete.

Georgia Arms

The Georgian army army, air force, Navy three Services The main equipment, tanks, aircraft, small ships, artillery Etc..
In 2008 the Georgian defense budget of $990 million.

Georgia International Relations

Georgia foreign policy

Georgia's basic diplomatic policies is to restore national unity and territorial integrity, to join NATO and the EU, to strengthen regional cooperation in both the development of relations with Eastern countries, priority conflict mediation. With Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey to Ukraine and other neighboring countries to develop friendly relations and cooperation. In October 2012 the Georgian parliament after the election to form a cabinet, the government advocates to improve relations with russia.
As of June 18, 2012, Georgia has established diplomatic relations with 170 countries.

Georgia external relations

The relationship with Chinese
In June 9, 1992, People's Republic of China and the Republic of Georgia since the establishment of diplomatic relations. In October of the same year, the establishment of China Embassy in lattice. Since the case since the establishment of diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have been developing smoothly.
In June 9, 2012, President Hu Jintao and foreign minister Yang Jiechi, foreign minister Vashadze and Georgian President Saakashvili exchanged congratulatory messages to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the establishment of lattice. In September, China international trade, chairman of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee Li Zhaoxing, promotion committee chairman Wan Jifei visited the lattice.
On 2012, Georgia became China citizens outbound tourism destination group.
Relations with Russia
 Republic of South Ossetia and Abkhazia Republic Republic of South Ossetia and Abkhazia Republic
In August 2008, Georgia and South Ossetia conflict situation in the region deteriorated sharply, 7 - 8, Georgian troops and South Ossetia, the Russian peacekeeping forces a large-scale armed conflict in South area. In August 26 Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and two areas respectively signed a treaty of friendship and cooperation. Lattice to withdraw from the 1994 South Ossetia conflict on mediation agreement, request the withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgian territories. In August 30th Georgia severed diplomatic relations. Russia stressed that Abkhazia and South Ossetia position will not change.
In 2010, direct flights between Tbilisi and Moscow to form charter flights resumed. In the United States and Europe's restraint and promotion, Saakashvili said to renounce the use of force to resolve the territorial issue, in order to better implement the ceasefire agreement, as long as Russia admitted lattice sovereignty and territorial integrity and the withdrawal of troops from Abkhazia and South Ossetia, willing to work with Russia to launch a comprehensive dialogue. I said, not as long as the Saakashvili regime in power, is willing to normalize relations with. On April 2011, a Russian South began to implement visa free system. In October 2012 the prime minister Ivan Nish Willy said, seeking to improve relations with Russia, the appointment of the special representative of Russian relations. In November of the same year, the Russian Siberia Airlines resumed second direct flights to Kutaisi city and moscow. In January 2013, Ge Russian Prime Minister forum in Davos held during the brief conversation. The two countries and the establishment of working level talks and talks have been held two times.
The relationship with the United States
The United States supports Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, not to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, support the country's membership, providing economic and military aid to georgia. In August 2008 after the outbreak of the conflict in Georgia, providing $1 billion in aid to georgia. In 2011 the "Millennium Challenge Foundation" to increase grid assistance efforts, decided to provide 1.5-2.5 billion dollars in aid for repair of roads and hospitals and other lattice.
Join the US led international coalition against terrorism, to develop bilateral relations gemei. The Georgia after actively seeking U.S. support.
In 2011, the two sides gemei frequent visits, contact and cooperation in the political, economic and military more closely. The two sides in the "gemei Strategic Partnership Charter" under the framework of economic, trade and energy affairs talks, discussion of the United States to provide support, help economic development issues such as lattice lattice. In July the US Senate passed the bill to support the territorial integrity of lattice lattice, recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as Russian occupied areas, called on Russia from the area of withdrawal, and allow refugees and international observers, the South return o. Georgian President Saakashvili in March 2011, January 2012 and May visit to the United states. In October 2012, President Obama sent a letter to congratulate the new prime minister Ivan Nish Willy lattice, lattice successfully held democratic elections, and expressed the desire to deepen bilateral relations and cooperation.
Relations with Turkey
Georgia will Turkey as an important strategic partner, and with the help of soil to join NATO accelerate the process. Close economic relations between the two countries, frequent visits. President Saakashvili said the relationship between soil and lattice model in Europe, or in the local area has the significance. In 2010 the ground armed forces staff gives 8 cars and logistical equipment worth $1 million 500 thousand to discuss the case, two black sea coast high-voltage power transmission project, progress in border ports of goods and personnel clearance facilitation. In 2011 the two countries to strengthen cooperation on grid investment and military education and logistics in the development of bilateral economic and trade relations, soil. The soil in the bilateral military cooperation agreement within the framework of lattice donated $1 million 700 thousand worth of military supplies and logistics equipment. In June 2012, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan three foreign ministers issued a "Trabzon declaration" in Turkey held in Trabzon after the meeting, stressed that the three countries will strengthen cooperation and jointly safeguard peace and stability in the Transcaucasian region. In July 2012, defense secretary Yilmaz's visit to the soil, the two sides exchanged views on cooperation in defense and military fields. The soil is the biggest trade partner of ge.
Relations with other countries
Lattice actively developing relations with neighboring countries.
The stable development of relations with Azerbaijan in Georgia in 2011. In January 18th, Vashadze's visit to Azerbaijan is exceptionally long, the two sides signed the agreement to protect confidential information, and discusses the boundary delimitation. In May 2011, Azerbaijan decided to provide an additional $575 million in loans to Baku to complete lattice, akhalkalaki - KARs railway project.
In 2011 the relationship between Georgia and Armenia smoothly, lattice President Saakashvili and Prime Minister Gila Uli and foreign minister Vashadze's visit to Asia, Asia President Serzh Sarkis and Prime Minister Tigran Sarkis is visiting Georgia, on bilateral cooperation, mutual recognition of exchange of views on security and stability situation in civil compulsory insurance and border management, regional issues. In July 2012, Vashadze's visit to Asia is exceptionally long, the two sides on the development of Geya relations, strengthen bilateral, multilateral cooperation in the exchange of views.
In 2011, Georgia and Ukraine good bilateral ties. In July, the Ukrainian foreign minister Gerry SAST reiterated that Ukraine seegrid visit lattice as an important partner, not to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South ossetia. In June 2012, Vashadze's visit to Ukraine is exceptionally long, the two sides exchanged views on further development of bilateral relations.
In 2011, Georgia and Iran began to implement visa free regime.
In addition, Georgia will also actively develop relations with European countries, to explore cooperation with European countries in various fields and join into the problem about lattice. The Georgian president, prime minister, speaker, foreign minister visited Romania, Poland, Germany, Czech, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Croatia, Finland, Britain, France and other countries, to exchange views on relations with other countries, bilateral and multilateral international cooperation, investment, energy security, counter-terrorism and other issues. And to attend the international conference.
European leaders and the government, Parliament, military delegation's visit frequently, including Sweden, Lithuania, Czech, Switzerland, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Norway, Romania and other countries, to discuss the case of political and economic reforms, bilateral relations and cooperation, energy security, regional security and military cooperation, the Georgia conflict mediation and join into the lattice about problems.
In May 2011, the Georgian parliament decided unilaterally to Serbia, Iraq, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro citizens visa free entry to provide 350 days of treatment.
Relations with international organizations
Georgia to actively develop relations with international organizations including the "GUUAM" group, the European Union, the European bank for reconstruction and development, the International Monetary Fund, the world bank, the.
Georgia attaches great importance to "GUUAM", advocating cooperation in the organization framework. In September 20, 2010, Vashadze attended especially in America held "GUUAM" National Council of foreign ministers of the Twelfth Meeting, to discuss the action plan within the framework of Guam scheme, and evaluate the implementation plan.
Georgia is actively developing relations with the EU, carefully complete the ENP action plan. In 2012 officials visited the EU grid, to discuss the situation in the country, and the relationship between Georgian Princess Georgia with the EU and NATO Geou free trade zone and simplify the visa system, Georgia and Russia after the conflict situation in the region, as well as international observers in the case of activities and other issues.
The active mediation of Georgia, to provide humanitarian and financial assistance to the grid, to the establishment of the EU and EU observers, cooperation committee, to discuss the implementation of the policy and the EU EU neighbours to participate in the mediation of Georgia, to support territorial integrity and sovereignty. The EU in 2011 to provide 26 million 200 thousand euros of funding to the Georgian government, 21 million 100 thousand of them for the placement of Poti, Batumi and Mainz Carle tuppo used to assist refugees in the region, 5 million 100 thousand grid development occupation education. The Department of defense and the European Union's lattice lattice observation group signed the relevant exchange information memorandum; the Ministry of finance case and the EU signed a memorandum of cooperation and mutual understanding, Geou simplify visa procedures agreement went into effect in March 1, 2011. In 2012, the EU will contact negotiations and lattice status agreements and free trade agreements continue to be held. In September 2012, the EU high representative for foreign and security policy, Ashton announced that the EU decided to extend the mission until September 14, 2013 in the grid.
Relations with NATO
Georgia actively seeking to join NATO membership action plan, called on NATO adopted the "road map" in the issue of new members. On 2011, foreign minister, defense minister Ge participated in the NATO meeting, discuss the lattice relations with NATO and other issues, and actively participate in NATO peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan, more than and 960 people to send peacekeeping troops to afghanistan.
In May 2011, Georgian Foreign Minister Vashadze attended the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO and NATO - Georgia committee meeting, NATO - Georgia committee meeting for the first time issued a joint declaration, a statement in support of Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, support the country's membership. In July 2011, NATO Secretary General Rasmussen said that NATO does not agree with the Russian conflict in Russian, but the relations between Russia and Georgia should not hinder the development of relations between Russia and NATO, cooperation is the basic policy of the relationship between NATO and Russia. In May 2012, the NATO summit in Chicago issued a statement, reiterated its support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, called on Russia to give up the recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and abkhazia.

Georgia Economics

Georgia Survey

Georgia is committed to the establishment of a free market economy, accept the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank
 Brother in the city of the former residence of Stalin. Brother in the city of the former residence of Stalin.
Europe and the United States for guidance and assistance, and vigorously promote economic reform, further reducing taxes and tariffs, accelerate structural adjustment and the pace of privatization, improving infrastructure and investment environment to attract foreign investment, increase. 2011 price economy maintain a good momentum of development, the government continued to develop the economy for the first, tightening the public budget, by raising taxes and speeding up the privatization of some other ways to increase revenue, increase pension subsidies, lowered the benchmark interest rate to encourage the small and medium-sized enterprise development; vigorously to attract foreign investment, and promote the EU and the United States FTA super GSP treatment the use of international aid and loan negotiations, accelerate infrastructure construction, the Eurasian transport corridor to promote economic development, create. The first three quarters of 2012 GDP growth of 7.4%.
By July 2011 the provisions of the "lattice free economic law", such as the government need to increase taxes must be decided by referendum, the government in special circumstances can be a temporary increase in taxes, but the validity period shall not exceed three years; the debt shall not exceed 60% of GDP, the central and local government total budget deficit must not exceed GDP 30%.
By 2008, the Georgia war and the impact of the international financial crisis in 2009, the deteriorating economic environment, the foreign trade volume decreased significantly, significantly reduced foreign direct investment. Since 2010 the economic upturn. In recent years, is committed to the establishment of a free market economy, vigorously promote economic reform, further reducing taxes and tariffs, accelerate structural adjustment and the pace of privatization, actively attract foreign investment. In 2013 the GDP of $16 billion 130 million, an increase of 3.1%. In 2014 the GDP of $16 billion 900 million, an increase of 4.7%.

Georgia Industry

In 2011, Georgia's total industrial output value of 5 billion 670 million Larry, an increase of 16.9%, 95653 people in employment. In 2011, the industrial output value is respectively: 301 million 700 thousand Larry mining industry, total industrial output value of 5.32%. 4 billion 358 million manufacturing Larry, total industrial output value of 76.87%, electricity, gas, water Larry 1 billion 10 million, total industrial output value of 17.8%.

Georgia Agriculture

Agriculture constitutes the main planting, animal husbandry, agricultural products processing industry, forestry and fishery etc.. In 2010, forestry and fishery output value of 2 billion 397 million Larry lattice, an increase of 7.5%, accounting for 8.4% of GDP. In 2010 the total crop sown area of 275 thousand and 300 hectares. On 2011 the government investment in the agricultural sector 150 million Larry, for the construction of agricultural products storage and logistics center, to increase agricultural employment. In 2011, after declining agricultural lattice after 3 consecutive years of growth, the growth rate of 5.5%. In 2011 a total of 165 thousand case of live sheep exports only, the amount of $15 million, an increase of 90%. In 2011, Ge mineral water exports amounted to 71 million 300 thousand liters, the export amount of $47 million, an increase of 49%. In 2011 the grape yield was 200 thousand tons, compared to 2010 increased by 30 thousand tons, up 17.6%.

Georgia Tourism

Foreign tourists to visit Georgia in 2012 4 million 389 thousand, an increase of 56%.

Georgia Finance

The central bank is the National Bank of Georgia, Georgia bank, people's Bank, TBC bank, Bank of the Republic of Georgia, Georgia, United Bank Investment Bank and other major commercial banks.
In March 2015, the application became a founding member of the Asian Investment Bank of china.
As of the end of October 2014 the government public debt and government guaranteed loans of $4 billion 100 million, a decrease of $136 million compared with the beginning. 17 countries to provide bilateral loans of $766 million, mainly including: Germany ($315 million), Japan ($136 million), Russia ($95 million), France ($65 million), United States ($29 million), Kazakhstan ($27 million) and Turkey ($22 million). The International Organization Loans $2 billion 800 million, of which the Asian Development Bank loan of $507 million, the international bank for reconstruction and development of $482 million, $312 million from the world bank, the European investment bank, the International Monetary Fund of $191 million, $132 million, $101 million the European bank for reconstruction and development, the International Fund for agricultural development $29 million 400 thousand.
In 2014 October price of commercial bank credit amount of 11 billion 700 million Larry, Larry a growth of 196 million 700 thousand ($108 million). Larry currency loan growth of 8210 in the venlafaxine ($4511), foreign currency growth of 114 million 600 thousand Larry ($62 million 970 thousand). The legal currency loans 1 billion 300 million Larry ($714 million), growth of 1%, foreign currency loans 4 billion 300 million Larry ($2 billion 360 million), a decline of 0.7%; among them, 29.4% loans for trade, 23.4% for industry, 7.1% for the building industry. Natural loan 5 billion 600 million Larry ($3 billion 80 million), growth of 2.2%.
According to preliminary data of Georgia's National Bureau of statistics, 2014 1-10 month lattice gross domestic product (GDP) grew 5.6%, an increase of 3.5% in the month of October.

Georgia foreign trade

In 2012 Georgia's foreign trade amounted to $10 billion 220 million, an increase of 11%. Which exports $2 billion 380 million, an increase of 9%, imports of $7 billion 840 million, an increase of 11%. Lattice top ten trade partners are Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Chinese, Germany, Russia and the United States, Bulgaria, Armenia and Italy. In 2012 Ge trade with China amounted to $590 million (China customs statistics for $774 million), an increase of 7.3%, accounting for 5.8% of the total price of foreign trade.
In 2011 Wine export lattice total $54 million 100 thousand, an increase of 37.7%, accounting for 2.5% of total exports of lattice. Wine exports 19 million 28 thousand bottles, an increase of 27.2%, the largest exporter to Ukraine, 9 million 175 thousand bottles; second is Kazakhstan, 3 million 213 thousand bottles; third is Belarus, 1 million 461 thousand bottles.
In 2011, Qatar, Israel lattice and Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and other countries signed the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation. As of the end of 2011, a total of 35 countries and Georgia signed the agreement.

Georgia Culture

Georgia Ceremony

The Georgian people meet with the guests, usually with a handshake ceremony, relatives and friends often meet Shi hug and kiss. The Islamists in off for relatives and friends or guests, often put his arms across the chest, 90 degree bow to show respect. They said to eat food not too much of a voice, the teeth, in front of people spitting could not understand, feel the gentle. They also have to pay attention to. Sit down, from the left seat chair, the chair from the left up, are impolite behavior is sitting in a chair to rotate or move the location. Listen to the elders or guests in the conversation, not a hand on the head, one hand to play something, otherwise it will be considered not respect each other or embarrassing people. The Georgian people have a good habit of respecting and caring for the young. In public transport, to the sick and elderly seat used in the hotel to take care of the elderly is particularly attentive.

Georgia Eating habits

Georgian pasta, staple wheat, corn and potato and Mchadi (a kind of pasta), non-staple food is meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetables and fruit. Milk and bread are the necessities of life. The Georgian people love with spinach, fruit, poultry and various spices cooked dishes, sweet and sour taste towards love. Georgia has traditional dishes with Turkey as the main ingredient "SA Qi Wei", "boiled steamed bun", wood burning charcoal baked meats, cheese stuffing baked pie - Kazakhstan ciaburri. The Georgian people love to eat baked and smoked meat, pickled in vinegar and chili, and fried food, snacks, fruits and vegetables. The Georgian people fond of cheese, local homemade cheese flavor, taste good, salty cheese "variety, which belongs to the family of su'u gunnii" cheese jiapin.
The Georgian people love good drink, drink red Wine georgia. Georgia is one of the birthplaces of Wine brewing process. "Wine" this noun is from Georgian, Latin, English, German, and Russian law. The Georgian people still buried in the ground up to 3 meters of wine storage tank, with various shapes the production of clay wine to toast. These ceramic wine line is concise, perfect shape, dark brown or black, which is itself a work of art. Georgia's ancestors mainly engaged in agricultural production in grape cultivation, is the main source of this nation's material and spiritual life. The screening, used for wine grapes in their lives are the most meaningful and the most important day. Georgia loves Wine, no Wine no feast, Georgia table culture to Wine mainly on the table without toast was regarded as disrespectful and indifferent to the guests. Therefore, each table has a wine from the elders as commander. Georgian toast without said, cover and contain everything, including philosophy, mostly expressed to the guests, relatives and friends of the blessing, also said some of the dead miss. The French writer Alexandre Dumas visited Georgia, Georgia rich table culture he was impressed, wrote in his book: "Georgia a few days can sit at the table drinking, chatting and writing, entertainment, and toast is not small."
In addition to Wine, Georgia also drink coffee, cocoa and Black Tea etc.. Won the Georgian people love tea. In late nineteenth Century, a man surnamed Liu Chinese came to the Black Sea planting tea, tea from the air plant in georgia. In western Georgia, homophonic locals call still "Chinese Liu tea tea".

Georgia taboo

Many Georgians believe that the number 13 is unlucky. Here the Islamic fasting pork, also eat all natural flesh of a donkey, dead animals and animal blood. They hate black cat, especially for more hate. If the flowers, usually send chrysanthemums and white and purple flowers. At the wedding ceremony, don't wear white clothes, not wearing a white hat.

Georgia festival

Independence Day: April 9th (1991)
New year's Day: January 1~2;
Greek Orthodox Christmas: January 7th;
Wash Etiquette: January 19th;
Army Day: April 30th;
Date: May 9th (to commemorate the victory of the anti fascist Independence Day: May 26th); (National Day);
Day: August 28th;
M F Beh Tor Ba: October 14th (the anniversary of the foundation of ancient Mtskheta style);
St. George's Festival: November 23rd (St Georges grid protection).

Georgia Sociology

Georgia Infrastructure

Transportation in Georgia in 2011 amounted to 71 million 100 thousand tons, of which road transport 48 million 900 thousand tons, accounting for 69%. Automobile transportation accounted for a total of 41%, accounting for 28% of the total railway transport. Shipping 22 million 200 thousand tons, accounting for 31%, in 2011 two major ports in the grid, Batumi port cargo throughput of 8 million tons, 7 million 200 thousand tons of poti.
The main line of the Georgian railway throughout the country, from Azerbaijan Baku (BAKU) via Tbilisi, Sam Torey Dia (SAMTREDIA), turned the Batumi and Poti after passing through Sukhumi into Russia (SOKHUMI). The existing grid electric railway 1583 kilometers, of which 80% at the mountainous area, the slope reached 4.9%, 247 km radius of less than 300 meters. The Georgian railway is a completely independent system, and the Azerbaijan and Armenia railway signed a cooperation agreement, each other to provide transit traffic convenience.
As of 2012, the Georgia highway network consists of 1474 km of roads (including approximately 70% km, 3326 in good condition) Two highway (of which more than 60% of the poor conditions, to be repaired) and 15439 km (most local road traffic is very poor). Following the independence of Georgia, due to the sluggish economy, the road construction invested a substantial decline, according to statistics the lattice of relevant departments, the cost of highway maintenance expenditure from 1988 125 million 100 thousand Larry ($59 million 500 thousand) in 2002 decreased to 2480 in the venlafaxine ($12 million 400 thousand). The bad road network restrict the exchange of goods and personnel, the way to the Black Sea port of transit transport corridor case goods transportation costs, reduce the number and income of transit transport. The new government pay more attention to the improvement of road infrastructure, increase investment, investment in 2003 5140 in 2004 6780 in a study, in 2005 140 million 300 thousand 2006 181 million 300 thousand, Larry, Larry, Larry plans to invest 459 million in 2007. Georgia in 2005 by the international community assistance fund of more than $295 million, including $102 million 200 thousand for reconstruction and construction of Samucihe - Zhawahe quarter area (Samtskhe - Javakhet) highway near 245 km (at the beginning of the twenty-first Century exchange rate: $1 is approximately equal to 1.65 Larry).
2005 road freight volume of 26 case. 90 thousand tons, growth of 4. 7%, passenger volume is 263. 40 thousand passengers (an increase of 1. 2%).
As of 2012, Georgia has 4 domestic airlines and 13 foreign airlines, including Austria airlines, British Airways And Lufthansa, and Turkey Airlines So, from Tbilisi directly to fly to Istanbul, London and Munich, Odessa, Cologne Riga, Tel Aviv, Kiev Frankfurt, Paris, Athens, and Amsterdam, Dubai Vienna, etc.. The 98% Georgia passenger and freight transport, from Tbilisi International Airport in 2005, after the Tbilisi airport passengers increased by 36%, 547160 people from 402388 in 2004 to 2005, 1600 tons of cargo. Ge aviation system according to international standard is gradually moving toward modernization, Turkey in 2006 by the TAV-URBAN consortium BOT way to invest $62 million to complete the Tbilisi airport and the surrounding area reconstruction project, the Tbilisi airport has become international standard new international airport. The consortium also invested $27 million to complete the Batumi airport expansion project (BATUMI), and has been put into use. The TAV-URBAN consortium has won two airports for a period of 20 years of management rights. According to the Turkish - had already reached a deal, Batumi airport will also Turkey domestic flight service.
Georgia joined in 1994 international civil aviation organization (ICAO), in 2005 to join the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). Tbilisi, Batumi and Georgia in 2011 three Kutaisi main international airport, 18 thousand flights were taking off and landing aircraft, mostly from Ukraine, Turkey and Russia flight.
Located in the Black Sea coast and Batumi Poti (POTI) is an important port with Georgia, the Georgian government will transit as an economic development strategy, its role and status in Georgia in the transportation system become more obvious. In 2004 the port cargo totaled 14 million 300 thousand tons, 17 million 100 thousand tons in 2005, about 19 million 950 thousand tons in 2006. Poti Georgia is the oldest port, built in 1858, convenient location to Poti into the Caucasus and Central Asia, the door is the shortest route between Europe and Central Asia ports. Poti port covers an area of 49 hectares, 15 cargo berths, 11 of which is equipped with a gantry crane (6 - 40 tons of weight), can transport various types of goods and liquid products, 7 berths are long-term lease. The port has a capacity of 6 million 100 thousand tons in 2005.
Wave of Hong Kong and Ukraine ilichevsk, Bulgaria Varna, Russia's Kavkaz in Hong Kong Railway Ferry Connected with Russia's Novorossisk, Bulgaria's Burgas and Turkey's Rize port to highway ferry.

Georgia Cultural and sports

Higher Education
2007/2008 school year, the Georgian national has 2462 primary and secondary schools, 156 universities (including 19 national, 137 private), national secondary occupation 69 technical schools, private secondary occupation technical school 71. 2007/2008 years of secondary occupation technical school with 17 thousand students, 112 thousand and 100 students in university.
Major universities are the National University of Tbilisi, Tbilisi National Industrial University, National Medical College, Tbilisi national Academy of Fine Arts.
The University of Georgia in recent years to reduce a large number, the number of teachers is reduced year by year. Existing full-time students more than 4 people (in 1992 more than 8 people). In terms of $16 million 800 thousand for half of higher education funds, the average of $210, equivalent to only 1800 yuan of funds, the degree of remarkable. In order to improve the financial situation, the majority of colleges and universities recruit self funded students cup or part at their own expense (collect tuition). School students at their own expense and the proportion of fees vary greatly, the former is approximately 15--50%, which is $300 / person. A $600 / person. Year. Charges mainly depends on the visibility of the school and professional quality. The foreign student fees. Is 1--5 times the standard, including some, some do not contain accommodation, fee is higher in Tbilisi music college, undergraduate 8000 U.S. dollars / year, vice, $4500 / year. The proportion of not more than 20% in the total funds paying students.
Georgia in 1996 for the first time to participate in the Olympic Games won 2 bronze medals, 6 bronze medals in 2000. The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Georgia, finally winning the Olympic gold medal, won 2 gold 2 silver. The Beijing Olympic Games in Georgia made 3 gold and 3 bronze best results in the history of the London Olympic Games, they have to compete for the medals in weightlifting, wrestling and the strength of the project Judo etc., eventually won 1 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze.

Georgia Press and Publications

In 2010, Georgia published 225 newspapers and a variety of journals, a total of 2 million 200 thousand. A single newspaper circulation of 800 thousand copies, the journal annual circulation of 25 million 900 thousand copies. The main newspapers are: "newspaper" the Republic of Georgia, Georgian, independent newspaper, reflect the official position; "the Georgian times", and English; "24 hours", and English, independent newspaper; "courier", English, independent newspaper; "Tbilisi Evening News" Russian independent newspaper "today;" Georgia English, independent newspaper; "Georgia magazine" English weekly; "financial English"; the "resonance" Girvin "spectrum" Girvin weekly newspaper.
The main news agency:
International News Agency (Interpressnews), private news agency, founded in 2001.
The Caucasus news agency (Caucasus-press), independent news agency, founded in 1995.
The mainstream media news agency (Prime News), an independent agency, founded in 1997.
Georgia State Radio with the standard, Russian radio, and broadcast to European countries. Georgia public television station, two station signal coverage throughout the lattice, with lattice language programs. Luster Vee: 2 is the largest private television personality, television signal covers most areas and countries in europe. Yi Mei based television as one of the emerging private television stations, the main city area and grid coverage. O Zal TV as the main one of the local TV stations, TV signal coverage throughout the grid and Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, North america.

Georgia People's life

In 2009, the minimum living standard of Georgia residents is 109 Larry ($65.2). The minimum wage is 123.1 of the adult male Larry; the average household income for the 206.4 lowest Larry ($123.5). In 2010 the per capita monthly salary of about $375, the lowest poverty line lattice to have the ability to work with the man standard is 103.2 Larry (about $62), a family of four to 173.1 Larry (about $104), minimum pension for 80 month Larry. 1/2 of the population below the poverty line. In 2011, the minimum wage for the 142.2 residents of Georgia Larry ($86.7). The minimum wage is 160.6 of the adult male Larry; the average household income for the 269.4 lowest Larry ($164.3), since September 1, 2011, the minimum pension standards to 100 Larry, September 1, 2012, 67 years old retiree pension for 140 Larry.
According to Georgian media news, 2014 October price adult male labor living wage of $91.8, the average consumer living wage of $81.3, the minimum wage of $154 ordinary family life.

Georgia Famous scenery

Georgia Mestia

Mestia district is located in the center of Georgia's oldest and most unique Siwanieji, is the skier's dream. Here has a new type of cable, stable and fast, can be sent to the skiers 2350 m mountain, 2.6 kilometers to experience red slide. With the development of the ski industry, Mestia also launched a special ski tourism project.

Georgia Holy Trinity Cathedral

31 St. cathedral is located in Tbilisi City, Mtkvari river left Elias mountains, was built in 1995-2004, Georgia since the collapse of the Soviet Union, is also the history of the largest church building, now is the Georgian Orthodox Church. The cathedral buildings including walls, towers, some small chapel etc.. The main building of nearly 100 meters high, is the tallest Church in Georgia, Tbilisi from all angles can almost see.