Fatty liver

Fatty liver That is due to various causes of excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells of lesions. Fatty liver disease is a serious threat to people's health, become the second Viral hepatitis The second big disease. Fatty liver is a common clinical phenomenon, rather than a separate disease. The clinical manifestations were not symptoms, severe illness ferocious. In general, fatty liver is a reversible disease, early diagnosis and timely treatment can restore normal.
Fatty liver

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Fatty liver Pathogeny

1 Obese Fatty Liver
Fat accumulation in the liver and the degree of weight is proportional to the. From 30% to 50% obesity Fatty liver in patients with severe obesity, fatty liver disease rate is as high as 61% to 94%. The obesity weight under control after the fat infiltration is also reduced or disappeared.
Two Alcoholic fatty liver
Long term alcoholic liver biopsy, 75% ~ 95% fatty infiltration. It was also observed, more than 80 to 160 grams of alcohol per day is Alcoholic fatty liver The incidence rate of growth of 5 to 25 times.
3 rapid weight loss of fatty liver
Fasting, excessive dieting to lose weight quickly or other measures can cause the decomposition of fat in the short term increase, depletion of liver glutathione (GSH), the liver MDA and lipid peroxide increased, liver cell damage, leading to fatty liver.
Four Innutrition Fatty liver
Innutrition Lead to a lack of protein is an important cause of fatty liver in inadequate intake or digestive disorders, cannot synthesize apolipoprotein, so that the accumulation of triglyceride in the liver, the formation of fatty liver.
Five Diabetes Fatty liver
Diabetes About 50% of patients with fatty liver can occur, which is an adult patient. For adults Diabetes There are 50% ~ 80% are obese, the plasma insulin level and plasma fatty acids, fatty liver variable is associated with the degree of obesity, and eating too much fat or sugar.
6 drug induced fatty liver
Certain drugs or chemicals through the inhibition of protein synthesis by fatty liver, adrenal cortical hormone, such as tetracycline, puromycin, cyclohexylamine, emetine, arsenic, lead, silver and mercury. Lipid-lowering drugs can also interfere with the formation of fatty liver lipoprotein metabolism.
Seven gestation Fatty liver
In the first pregnancy gestation 34 ~ 40 weeks of onset, severity, prognosis, maternal mortality was 80% and 70% respectively.
8 other diseases caused by fatty liver
Tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia and Septicemia Infection can occur when there is fatty liver, Viral hepatitis If the patient too restrictive, and the intake of high sugar, high calorie diet, hepatic fat accumulation; receiving corticosteroids, are more prone to fatty liver. After controlling infection or after removal of the cause of fatty liver improved rapidly, and the total parenteral nutrition of fatty liver, fatty liver, toxic genetic diseases caused by fatty liver.

Fatty liver Clinical manifestation

The clinical manifestations of fatty liver is diverse, mild fatty liver without clinical symptoms. Only tired, and most patients with fatty liver fat. Fatty liver patients than found incidentally. Moderate and severe fatty liver are similar chronic hepatitis The performance can have a poor appetite, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, liver or right upper quadrant pain. Mild liver enlargement can have tenderness, texture, slightly tough edge obtuse and smooth surface, a minority of patients with splenomegaly and liver palms. When the fat deposition in the liver is overmuch, can make liver membrane swelling, hepatic ligament pull, caused severe right upper abdominal pain or tenderness, fever, white blood cell count increased, misdiagnosis acute abdomen For laparotomy. In addition, fatty liver patients often have glossitis, Bridou Skin ecchymosis, numbness of limbs, limbs paresthesia Peripheral neuritis Change. A small number of patients can have Gastrointestinal bleeding , Gingival bleeding , Epistaxis Etc.. Severe fatty liver patients with peritoneal effusion and lower limb edema Such as low sodium and electrolyte disorders, Hypokalemia So, in case of fatty liver manifestations, diagnosis is difficult to do liver biopsy.

Fatty liver Diagnosis

1 no smoking or drinking alcohol or male weekly 140 grams, 70 grams of women.
Out of 2 Viral hepatitis , Drug induced liver disease Total parenteral nutrition, Hepatolenticular degeneration Can lead to disease specific fatty liver.
3 in addition to the primary clinical manifestations of the disease, have specific symptoms and signs of weakness, indigestion, liver pain, hepatosplenomegaly and other non.
4 overweight / visceral obesity, fasting hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, Hypertension The metabolic syndrome.
5 serum aminotransferase and GGT levels increased from mild to moderate, usually with elevated alanine aminotransferase.
6 liver imaging findings with diffuse fatty liver imaging diagnosis standard.
7 diagnostic criteria for pathological liver biopsy histological changes consistent with fatty liver disease.
Where have the above first ~ 5 and sixth or seventh in any one of them can be diagnosed as fatty liver.

Fatty liver Complication

Fatty liver is an independent disease can also be associated with manifestations of systemic diseases:
1 are often accompanied with Alcoholism The other performance
as Alcohol dependence , Pancreatitis And peripheral neuritis, anemia Glossitis, Alcoholic hepatitis , Cirrhosis Etc..
2 nutritional excess fatty liver
Such as: obesity , Diabetes , Hyperlipidemia , Hypertension , Coronary atherosclerotic heart disease (CHD), gout Cholelithiasis, etc..
Three Innutrition Fatty liver coexisting with chronic wasting disease
as tuberculosis Ulcer colitis Etc..
Four gestation Acute fatty liver
Often associated with renal failure, hypoglycemia, Pancreatitis , Septicemia , Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) etc..
5 patients with severe fatty liver
You can have peritoneal effusion and lower limb edema The other, can also have a spider nevus Male breast development, testicular atrophy, Impotence A woman, Amenorrhoea Infertility, etc..

Fatty liver Treatment

1 general treatment
(1) find the cause Targeted measures. Such as long-term abstinence should drink a lot. Nutrition, obesity should be strictly controlled diet, physical fitness to return to normal. Fatty liver Diabetes People should actively and effectively control blood glucose. Innutrition Fatty liver patients should be appropriate to increase nutrition, especially protein and vitamins. In short, the removal of the cause is conducive to the cure of fatty liver.
(2) adjust the diet structure promoting high protein, high vitamin, low sugar, low fat diet. Do not eat or eat animal fats, sweets (including sugary drinks). Eat more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in fiber, and high protein meat, fish, bean products, do not eat snacks, do not eat before going to bed.
(3) increasing exercise to promote the consumption of body fat. Walk, sit up exercise or fitness equipment are very useful.
(4) se Can let the glutathione peroxidase activity in liver reached the normal level, the good effect of liver, liver slices of selenium malt, schisandra fruit as the main raw material, has the health care function of immune regulation, chemical liver injury Auxiliary protection, protect the liver, nourishing, effect.
2 drug treatment
So far, there is no effective western medicines for prevention and treatment of fatty liver in traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment of good long-term conditioning. Western medicine often used in protecting liver cells, degreasing agents and antioxidants, such as vitamin B, C, E, lecithin, ursodeoxycholic acid, silymarin, inosine, coenzyme A, glutathione, taurine and carnitine orotate and Glucurolactone, and certain lipid-lowering drugs etc..

Fatty liver Prevention

1 reasonable diet
The daily three meals to a reasonable allocation, so that the thickness of collocation nutritional balance, protein can eliminate the fat in the liver.
2 proper motion
Insist on physical exercise every day, their visual constitution to choose the suitable exercise, such as jogging, playing table tennis badminton. To start small amount of exercise gradually reached the appropriate amount of exercise gradually, to strengthen the consumption of fat.
3 drugs with caution
Any drugs into the body to go through the liver detoxification, in the selection of drugs should be more cautious, beware of the side effects of drugs, especially drugs on liver injury absolutely can not be used, to avoid further aggravating liver damage.
4 cheerful mood
Not rage, less angry, pay attention to work and rest is very important.

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