Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Losangeles Anaheim Angel (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), is one of the major league baseball, belonging to the American League Baseball team. Home court located in Orange County California, Anaheim. In the American League Division, which belongs to the American League west.
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Team information

Use the home court: Chavez Valley (Dodge) Court (1962 - 1965 on), Lig The stadium (1961)
The use of the name:
Losangeles Angel (1961 to September 1, 1965)
California Angel (September 2, 1965 to November 18, 1996)
Angels of Anaheim (November 19, 1996 to January 2, 2005)
Colours: red, dark red, navy blue and silver
The number of the playoffs (10): 1979, 1982, 1986, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Team history

Prelude: American League to enter the city of angels
The American League in the angels before the establishment has repeatedly discussed the team existing migration to Losangeles area, such as the 1940 Louis Brown team boss asked the operator other pellet whether you can put the American League team moved to Losangeles, but was finally rejected. Louis Brown team did not give up, the next year they again made the same plan in 1942 that the home court moved to Losangeles City, they even put in Losangeles as the home court schedule are set, and this also won the United teams agree. But the weather is unpredictable, in 1941 the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which makes it all on the west coast of the United States occupation movement will shut down. After the war of 1953, Midland and San Louis Brown team originally intend to move to Losangeles in the 1954 season, this time the result is Brown's boss to sell the team, Brown's first step was to move to Baltimore, and renamed the orioles. Then, the Losangeles municipal government and the Washington Senators had talked about moving the program, also had spread over Philadelphia athletics in 1955 moved to Kansas city in fact just as they move forward the Los Angeles relay station.
This is the outcome of the National League was delayed The early bird catches. Broolyn from New York Dodgers became the first major league team in Losangeles. Dodgers owner Ward Omalley (Walter O'Malley) in 1957 from the Chicago cubs owner Phil Legli (Phil Wrigley) bought was attached to the Pacific Coast League (Pacific Coast League) of the Losangeles angels. According to the agreement, the European Marley has the right to operate major league teams in the Losangeles area. The following year he was in accordance with the provisions of the Dodgers from the east coast to Losangeles. At that time, the American League may give up the market in Losangeles. But in order to prevent the two alliance currently being planned, the Alliance (Continental League) into competitors, they decided to increase the number of 1960 two league teams in the American League and National League added a new team. Although the original two coalition agreement is added in the absence of any major league team in the city, but this agreement will soon be broken, the National League tenth teams they newly established in New York, called the New York mets. The American League is not fuel-efficient lights, they soon decided to expand the team in Losangeles City, and from 1961 officially joined the American League tournament.
The founder of the team
Once in the cowboy (Cowboy) America's image became popular movie star, is also a country music singer and television broadcasting group boss legend Kim Odry (Gene Autry) in 1960 also attended the meeting of Major League expanded held in St. louis. Autrey was there to mark Losangeles expansion team tournament rights. The original major league Hall of Famer Hank Greenberger (Hank Greenberg) and Vic Bill (Bill Veeck) partner looks the most promising to become the new owner of the team, but Marley does not want Europe and VIC in Losangeles market competition, also afraid to see themselves in the southern California region of the oligopoly situation is broken, so he refused Greene Berg and vic. The other two groups were competitors from Chicago insurance industry, and later the Oakland athletics team boss Charlie Finlay (Charlie Finley), but they also failed. At the end of the American League to lobby Autrey joined the bidding, in fact the original Autrey on the hand holds a small part of belonging to the Pacific Coast League of Hollywood stars (Hollywood Stars) of the shares, the team used to be old rivals of the Losangeles angels. Autrey finally agreed to invite the American League, bought the new team.
Autrey with angel for the new team name. In fact the name from the 1892 Losangeles local baseball team in use, is the first to California Alliance (California League) of the Losangeles angels. The English in The Angels translated into Spanish is Los Angeles, so the name angel as is natural but also. Use the same angel Losangeles occupation baseball team and since 1903 has been in Losangeles for the Losangeles angels, this team is to the Pacific Coast League, and has long maintained an excellent record. Although Marley in Europe to buy the Pacific Coast League angels team after it moved to Washington, Spokane (Spokane) for the Dodgers alone, but his hands still have Angels naming rights. So Autrey spent three hundred thousand dollars to buy down the name.
60: in the American League start
In most of the time, the angels are a powerful enemy in battle under the camouflage team, either on the pitch or the sales market alike. But they still occasionally works, such as the first ball in 1961 season, angel team with 70 wins and 91 losses, winning 40% of 35 have always been winning the highest expansion team, so far no one can break. And they set up over the same period of the Washington Senators (now Dezhou Rangers) also win nine games than richstrength Kansas City Athletics also win nine games. The first session of the American League team is a veritable angel zapaijun, their most popular star is from the PCL era is already big star Kanban angels first baseman Steve Bilko. Another popular with the fans of the star is a pocket sized fielder in El, Monte Albie Pearson a fielder. Angels in southern Losangeles's first season ended in the case just passable.
In 1962, the angels and Omar Lida agreement after the home court moved to Dodger Stadium, also known as the Chavez valley. That year the angel was amazing in most of the regular season are strong contenders for the American League Championship, in July 4th they also once topped the American League title. Unfortunately, by the end of the season when they only received third masterpieces, behind the New York Yankees ten wins to twenty-seventh degrees of king. In 1962 May 5th, and often in close association and the famous Hollywood actress pitcher Bo Belinsky threw the team history first no hitter at Dodger Stadium against the Orioles in the game, the team won by five goals to nil. (although Belinsky grew up in a Jewish family, but later became a re baptized Christians and counseling teachers, and often lost people of career advice become his registered trademark)
In 1964, angel again in the fifth partition to masterpieces, but starting pitcher Dean Chance (Dean Chance) won the team history the first American League Cy Young award. At the same time, the angels need a new home court more and more. Public opinion if angels always depend on others, so never developed their own fan base. In addition, Marley plans to field and other European support prices of about 50%, even if the number of the audience was the only angel more than half of the Dodgers a little more like.
Autrey in order to get out of the plight of living around looking for suitable locations to build angel home court, his first choice is Long Beach (Long Beach) provided by the municipal government of Long Beach city space, but the condition is an angel must be renamed growth beach angel, Autrey was unable to accept the conditions and declared breaking. Later he and orange county (Orange County) is a satellite city of Anaheim (Anaheim) reached a consensus on cooperation, so called Anaheim Stadium (later often southern California residents nicknamed Big-A) angel will start a new home court. The angels belong to migrate to their new stadium in 1966. In October 1965 two, angel team official made a major decision, they migrated to the new home court before the team in front of the territory from Losangeles to the California, so the official name of the team became the California angels. In major league history, the angel is following the Minnesota second to Shuangcheng after a whole state based team. But when California is one of three major league teams, but only the angels in the American league. (although the 1968 athletics moved from Kansas city to Oakland, the angels to 1996 was changed according to the name.)
1967 is the angel team second balls in the Anaheim season, this year the angels joined the American League pennant race, the opponent is Chicago White Sox, Detroit tigers, Minnesota and Shuangcheng, most likely to win the Boston red sox. The angel stays until late August when weak, but at the end of the season and played a good troublemaker, in the final game to beat the Detroit tigers on the road, but also help the Red Sox 21 years finally boarded the United champion. The 1970 season, the angels won the three place in the American League West, and Alex Johnson (Alex Johnson) is awarded the American League batting title, this is also an angel in team history so far the only one hit the king. In this period, other noteworthy players and angels pitcher Ken Macbeth (Ken McBride), shortstop Jim Vergesi (Jim Fregosi), outfielder Abby Pearson (Albie Pearson) and Leon Wagner (Leon Wagner), and Barker Roger (Buck Rodgers) catcher. Later Fogexi and Rodgers served as head coach of the angels.
70 years: the rise of Nolan Ryan and made the playoffs for the first time
Ryan Express
In the 70's, the angels fans often suffer not how the ideal team record, but they also enjoyed great speed Diego Nolan Ryan brings them joy of victory, the four no hitter, and a truck pitcher wins three vibration record, so far no one can break the single season in 1973 383 three vibration. Ryan is the angels by Fogexi and metropolitan trading and then Ryan in 1969 champion Mets only relievers. The amazing speed for Ryan he won the "express lane" (Ryan Express) nickname, the origin of this nickname is 1965 Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra) starred in the movie "the great escape" (Von Ryan's Express). At that time, Ryan and team another pitcher Frank Tanana (Frank Tanana) because of the amazing power, so the fans jokingly said: "Tanana, Ryan and Two Days of Cryin" (touch on the Tanana and Ryan, opponents even cry two days), this sentence is actually adapted from fans praised the 1940 the Boston Warriors (Boston Braves) of the two strong cast Warren Span and Saint Jonny (Johnny Sain) jingle: "Spahn, Sain and Two Days of Rain" (Shi Pan and the holy heart let the opponent even under two days of rain).
Ironically, the angels in 70 was to become a free agent for the end of ryan. This decision comes from the pellet (Buzzie Bavasi) general manager Baz Bavasi, Ryan Bavasi believes 1979 season 16 wins and 14 losses record can actually find two 8 wins and 7 defeats pitcher to replace, while Ryan served as general manager of the angels in Bavasi's 26 victories and 27 defeats.
Playoff debut
Angel to 1979, in 18 years, and finally in 1972 was traded to the New York Mets shortstop former leader Vergesi won the American League West scored the playoffs for the first time in team history throne. When the angel in the array (Don Baylor) strong Don Belle became the American League history first won the most valuable player MVP designated hitter (DH). Other escorted active player on this team is mostly a fielder, including Bert Campanis (Bert Campaneris), Lo Karu (Rod Carew), Dan Ford (Dan Ford), and Bobby Gerry area (Bobby Grich). However, the angel unfortunately in five wins out of three for the ALCS, with a win and three negative results by Earl Weaver (Earl Weaver) led by the Baltimore Orioles, the game is the third game series, the angels in the ninth inning scored two points wins gold the Orioles team by 4:3 to get the reverse.
80 age: ten years of frustration
Your face
1979 is the last time in the "old" Big-A ball angels season. The year after the football season, the Losangeles rams agreed to move to Anaheim, while the home court expanded to more than 65000 seats. In order to welcome the guests, angel stadium to out and out a lot of renovation, the stadium added three layer. But in the 80's, the angels like many other multifunction home court as the team, by the size of the bitter home court.
Angel almost rounded out the World Series in the 1982 playoffs, there had been to the New York Yankees and Oakland athletics star Rigi Jackson hit the line this year in the angels (Reggie Jackson), and in 1979 won the AFC West team are mostly still in the array. After winning the American League West champion, and angels in the East champion Milwaukee Brewers of the American League Championship Series in the war and get two victories, but then lost three game losing streak, lost the first American League team history. Steve Bischoff (Steve Bisheff) in his book "angels dugout story" (Tales from the Angels Dugout) wrote: "never can a team from 0-2 disadvantage to win in game five wins out of three system of course, never a team like an angel. This big. "(then have home court advantage is the first team to play away two come home after playing three games left, the game arrangements to change after the 1984 season now, and in the next few years, and even worse than the angel angel things continue to occur in the other. Team body)
A ball.
In 1986, angel made a comeback, and went to the American League Championship series. This season Beller left the team angel, but Angel array two more force: 86 season rookie Wang Piaoxuan won the two Wali Joyner (Wally Joyner) and pitcher Chuck Finley (Chuck Finley). The Al West champion team remains as in 1982, by the old coach Kim Mao (Gene Mauch) led by region. The angels in the ALCS meets the Boston Red Sox (Boston Redsox), has the absolute superiority of the 3-1 in the seven game series best of angels Xianshengduoren fifth game, leading the way, than the number of 5:2 into the ninth inning, quickly two outs, angel the team just to get a outs can get it into the world series. In this game, had thrown a perfect game pitcher Mike Wheat (Mike Witt) only allowed a home run. Gary Lucas (Gary Lucas) took on Reid Gediman (Red Gedman) a first ball is a ball hit, forcing the angels sent Donnie Moore (Donnie Moore) terminator debut rescue, the ratio has been the Red Sox at 5:4. Moore missed two end of this race, in two balls two balls with two outs, the Red Sox were playing Dave Henderson (Dave Henderson) with a two home run, than the number has become 6:5. Although the angel of the bottom of the nine inning tie ratio, but increased to eleventh after the Red Sox still 7:6 to win the match, but also won two victories, miraculously reached the 1986 World Series, but the Red Sox in the world series for the first baseman Bill Buckner (Bill Buckner) the famous Miss lost to the New York mets.
The effect is still being felt.
This game let the angels fans put discontent all vent in the Moore body, the most sad is moore. Before the ball at Moore later so that he could not sleep at night shooting committed suicide, he said he could not completely from the tragic moment. This is the most famous angels in the history of tragedy, all about angels curse rumors spread like wildfire, before there had been a highly acclaimed newcomer Lyman Bostock (Lyman Bostock) in Indiana in 1978, and was shot by the murder. After 1986, the angels for 16 years to make the playoffs. During this period a team against Jose Kanseko in 1989 (Jos Canseco) and Ricky Andersson (Rickey Henderson) of the Korean leadership easily dominate the American League West, and won the World Series in the San Francisco earthquake suffered under the shadow of the champion.
90: old wine in new bottles
The crash of 1995
Most of the 90 years time, the angels in 50% following winning. Founded angel Autrey was now the frail old man, and the team most of the decision from the small Austrian Cui Ershi's wife Jie Ji (Jackie Autry) in small part from holding a small amount of stock Disney (Disney Company).
1995 was the angel team in the history of most embarrassing crash. In August before the angel leading eleven games, but at this time the angel has lost the soul of the array, shortstop Gary Dishahina (Gary DiSarcina), the last is the same district Seattle mariners (Seattle Mariners) to catch up, even in the last day of the season and water hand team drew a playoff game to determine beauty who is the Champions League west. The mariners in head coach Lou Pena (Lou Piniella) and star pitcher Randy Johnson (Randy Johnson) under the leadership in the fight to hit 9:1 defeated angel, won the first division title to their title.
The cowboy's curse?
Since the angels long defeat the key moment in the title, for example, 1986 of the 1982 ALCS, 1995 AFC West ", as well as the stark wave in 1978 has been murdered, and the tragedy of Moore Dutch act, let a person feel the angel appears to be a" Curse ". Although it seems that those bad things are not really in a single cause, can not see the baseball gods "to" who stretched out the mysterious hand, but there are still a lot of people to spread the curse and true to life angel boss Autrey cowboy image. But this rumor did not last too long, that is Autrey long established public image in people's minds, and Autrey family will sell the team after the angel team finally won victory in the playoffs.
But in some places, about the angels cursed. There is another version of the spread of. Before won the first World Championship in 2002, the angels, some people think that the reason they could not get angel's success is their home court, also known as Big-A, is a deliberate choice to cover in the Indian cemetery (this statement with the local historian he cannot confirm or deny).
"Ah, every spring, people began to say something or not. We are standing in the outfield lawn one day, and then listening to people talking about this course vivid cursed things, because the bottom of this stadium is Indian cemetery. I think we should be able to find a grand master of exorcism or Christian clergy to practice the town of evil, I mean, I don't want to stand in the Indian tomb! "Ben Webb, former angels pitcher, published in 2002.
Disney effect
Although the right to operate the Walt Disney company before 1999 did not formally control angels, but occasionally still make some influence on the team's move, but in Autrey's death in 1998, their influence is also grow with each passing day. In fact, Disney in 1996 after dominating the angels operation, when they hired Tony Tavares (Tony Tavares) served as president of the team. Although Tawaruizi finally left, but during his tenure he hired Bill Stoneman (Bill Stoneman) took over the general manager of pellet. In the holy angel Stoneman, won the team history first world championship.
Of course, Disney is the most important catalyst for Orange County Economic Development and population growth, especially in 1955, they opened the first Disney Park in Anaheim (Disneyland). Ward Disney (Walter Disney) in 1960 to accept Autrey's invitation into the angel pellet list of the board of directors, until his death in 1966. Ward Disney is also an angel team moved to behind the scenes of orange county. Disney's film company also produced a film with the angels as the background of the film in 1994: magic alliance (Angels in the Outfield).
The stadium becomes small.
After the 1995 crash, the national football league's Losangeles rams moved to St. Louis, the St. Louis Rams, and the rams team left Anaheim stadium grounds is getting much worse. Angel's management also believes that the course of disrepair, suggesting that the team may therefore leave South California.
In 1997, the angel between the pellet and the Anaheim municipal government for angel stadium renovation project consultation, the conclusion is must reduce the number of angel stadium audience, and redefined as a special baseball venue, and angels stadium naming rights must be sold in exchange for official support. The name of the new stadium must be able to contain the Anaheim Anaheim stadium features, then renamed "Edison International Stadium" Anaheim, most of the time are referred to as "Edison Stadium", and sports anchor usually call this "Big-Ed" after the renovation of the stadium. But some anchor, especially California KMPC Peter Apogast (Pete Arbogast) is still used by the old name.
Short name
And another agreement on stadium renovation is the team to include the name of Anaheim. At that time Disney's management is in the process of rebuilding the old Disney Park, Disney hopes to get the market positioning of Anaheim into a complete entertainment city, as in Florida Orlando Disney (Walt Disney World) as the world. Therefore, the local name and angels do change, this has become a angels of Anaheim (Anaheim Angels). But some fans objected to the territorial change of Anaheim, the reason they are under represented in Anaheim, but these protests eventually ended in failure.
In fact, the angels in the California for thirty-one years, they have never been in the home court uniform write directly on California related words. Only a few years season, California team logos on the map. Since the California angels no way to eat under the California market, so the top Angel pellet to change policy, marketing object to create the angels for Orange County, Orange County team. So, in 1997, was renamed is set directly denied the 1966 marketing strategy.
Angels also have a uniform change in 1997 when the original fans are familiar with ANGELS words by Disney studio design pattern is replaced, leaving only at the beginning of the A word and two increase on the wings of angels, striped uniforms. This uniform made a mockery of the universe, ESPN Chris Berman (Chris Berman) said this uniform is like a beer belly softball league players will wear. Many angels fans is the uniform described as "snail shell" as ridiculous as corn.
The new century: new wine in new bottles
world champion
Main article: 2002 MLB world series, 2002 MLB American League Championship Series and 2002 MLB American League Division Series
The time came in 2002, the angels took off the sleeve stripes rather baffling uniforms, new uniforms changed once with similar, but the uniforms into red as the main collocation some navy. Obviously, the angel road uniforms with Anaheim, this is 1965 after the angel team for the first time to declare their possessions in uniform. Before the 2002 season, most commentators had that angel will be in the third grades in only four teams in the American League West close. At this time the coach of angels had changed was the Dodgers star catcher Mike Scioscia, and he led the team in the 6 Angel Scioscia wins and 14 losses to start the season, with a record of 99 wins won the American League Wild card. In the ALDS, angel with 3-1 thrashing of the New York Yankees, then beat Minnesota 4-1 Shuangcheng team won the first American League Championship trophy. The 2002 World Series, angel team hit the super cannon Berry Banz Bryant of the San Francisco giants, this series has become the most violent world series ever fire. The giants won the World Series in the first game in 4:3, but the angel followed by 11:10 and 10:4 scored two or three victories. Fourth and fifth of the giant game vote are excellent, respectively by 4:3 and 16:4. And the key to the entire series in sixth games. Many people think that this may be a great war in the history of the world series, angel team behind 0:5, but only eight outs will bring extreme disadvantage under the throne submissively in the 782 inning, each had three points to win 6:5 reversal, which is also the largest in the history of the angels playoff wins. The last angel soldiers in seventh games to win 4:1, Yongming, hard to get into the military for forty-two years the first World Championship trophy. Angel third baseman Glaus (Troy Glaus) with excellent hit with power to win the world series most valuable player MVP. At the age of twenty rookie relief pitcher Francisco Rodriguez In the playoffs winning five games, tying the record, and he had never won any major league soccer match wins. The angel of another young pitcher John Lackey Was the first victory in the world series game seventh rookie ninety-three years.
Brave Monkey reversal
Rally Monkey
The angel team created an unofficial mascot for the 2001 season when the monkey (Rally Monkey): reversal. What is the origin of angel stadium staff in a 3:6 behind to the Giants game's little joke. They are taking advantage of the gap in the pitcher, a passage from the film "Ace Ventura stadium in the big screen" (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) was a monkey in the screen to jump up and down, and the staff made a caption: Rally Monkey. The angel of the team finally won the game, also opened a crazy reversal of legend, especially in the sixth game of the World Series in 2002. (what a coincidence, and was one of the Giants)
The new boss
In May 2003 fifteen, the financial situation of poor Disney company will sell the right to operate the angels to one from Phoenix Advertising magnate Moreno (Arturo Arte Moreno). The deal makes the angel became the first Hispanic dominated by the American occupation team boss, signal representing Disney company from the occupation movement field began to retreat. Disney, after two years and sold under another occupation team Anaheim duck (Mighty Ducks of Anaheim magic franchise).
The stadium was changed again
Angel's home court in after Anaheim Edison International Stadium in operation for seven years, changed its name again in 2003. The new name is called the angels of Anaheim stadium, often referred to as angel stadium. But also, it is also the first name, Anaheim stadium, still in many places by many local people. According to the current business angel executives say, the name of a short period of time will not change course. But in recent years, the municipal government for the Anaheim Anaheim word in the stadium is mentioned is often ignored, but some feel not the taste.
The team also changed its name again
Main article: Anaheim municipal government v. angels baseball
In January 2005 three, with the angels franchise angels Baseball (Angels Baseball, LP) Limited by Share Ltd announced the team name by the Anaheim Angels (Anaheim Angels) was renamed the Losangeles angels of Anaheim (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). According to the mentioned Media Guide 2005 Angels: the angel of the team was founded at the beginning is to Losangeles as a territory, and this act is helpful to let the world know the angels is an American League team in the greater Losangeles area. The move angered Angel management Anaheim municipal government, the latter does not accept the angel's explanation, and breach of contract lawsuit filed. On the other hand, the Losangeles Dodgers also do not agree with the angels approach, the main reason is the fear of the angels returned to Losangeles city and their fans for the market. In February 2006 nine, the court sentenced the angel team win, you can continue to use the new name. From the case of litigation away since it is put up a pageantry attack angel Losangeles market, they placed about five hundred pieces of advertising in Losangeles, emblazoned with the angel's logo and "city of angels" (City of ANGELS) ". The Dodgers also not resigned to playing second fiddle to use a lot of Kanban, fight back, emphasize the Dodgers is the legitimate representative of Losangeles (Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles), at the start of the 2005 season when the slogan is especially a whoop and a holler. The Dodgers in the Major League official even confirmed the territorial Angel team has been officially changed to Losangeles after the war, on the highway also continue to use the Anaheim Angels to call their neighbors, the Dodger Stadium scoreboard to Angel - is still representative of Anaheim ANA, rather than on behalf of Losangeles LAA. Other major league teams are already convinced by the team in Losangeles to see the angel. The angels replaced earthly made part of the Orange County fans feel very depressed, these fans think that orange county and Losangeles county are in different places, there is no direct association. For a long time between Orange County and Losangeles County, there are many cultural and economic differences, such as the Losangeles County in a variety of industries such as light industry and shipping industry as the pillar industry, and the Orange County Based on third industry and financial industry, Losangeles county has long been a Democratic Party ticket bunker, and orange county has been dominated by the Republican party. So some fans have suggested Arizona Angel boss Moreno don't drop this muddy water. During renamed the storm occurred, some angels are propaganda billboards against the name fan failure. Since the court battle ended, fans organized protests have also gradually subsided.
The progress made in recent years
The 2004 season, the angel from the free agent market with the high salary Vladimir Guerrero (Vladimir Guerrero) as he led the angels won the team history fourth American League West championship with, and was selected as the annual American League Most Valuable Player (MVP). This season the angels show astonishing reversal at the end of the season, the leading half season rival Oakland athletics team in the regular season second last game and deposed king. Then the angel team in this year's playoffs was the Boston Red Sox to sweep 3-0, the Red Sox also spit eighty-six years failed to win the competition in the world of the king in the tempestuous waves in complaints. The 2005 season, the American League team is the first team Angel won the division championship team, then from the end of the season and five games. In the first round of the playoffs, angel beat New York Yankees 3-2, but in the American League Championship Series to 1-4 lost the strength of a strong beat world champion team, the Chicago white sox. This year the angels ace Bartello Colon (Bartolo Col n) with 21 wins and 8 negative results, won the American League Cy Young award. This is the history of the second team to win this prestigious award winning players, since money, has been forty-one years. The angel of 2006 failed to continue them in the American League West. From the beginning of 2004, the end of the trip. Although the outcome of frustrating, but the angel still hit a team best three consecutive seasons. Angel boss Moreno in determining and missed the playoffs after the season was also the angel team will have a great change. Is generally believed that the object angels may deal with Carlos Lee (Carlos Lee), Miguel Tejada (Miguel Tejada), Alamis Ramirez (Aramis Ram rez), one of the recognized contemporary even the best players, the Yankees' Alex Rhodri Quez (Alex Rodriguez) has become a possible transaction object. Although the angel team scored in 2006 October to the fall classic, but personal achievements are also many gains. Angel terminator "K-Rod" Rodriguez with 47 successful rescue to refresh the record in team history, and he also became the youngest pitcher to reach 100 successful rescue. Ace reliever Scott Scherz Angel (Scot Shields) with 31 relay point lead the American League in innings in 87.2 in the American League second bureau. Sean Filkins (Chone Figgins) fast leg with 52 steals ranked second in the American league. While the super rookie Jerry Weaver (Jered Weaver) is a nine game winning streak tied Whiti Ford (Whitey Ford) held by the American League pitching debut winning streak.
In 2014 after a 5 year hiatus of the division championship
Entering the 2014 season of the angel did not start well, unveiled a series home court lost 0-3 Seattle seaman In recent years, creating the worst start home court. But because of the same district Dezhou Rangers have suffered massive injuries early in the season, angel as early as May firmly occupy the Al West Second place. At the same time, the same district rivals, Oakland movement known as the magic ball Legion is thriving, in the win on the way ahead angel, so in April August to four months, although the second highest League record angel, but angel is always only occupy the American League wild card winners instead of the first partition. In Interleague game against the Washington Nationals in April 22nd, angels first baseman Albert Pujols out of 500th occupation career home runs, but also the history of the second angel team hit 500 home runs a player. In August 18th, the angels beat the Red Sox in Boston's 4:2, and in a game, the 0.5 game on the American League West title. In August 31st, angel home court beat Oakland 8:1 movement, and 4-0 swept through the series, and will also win a chalard partition athlete to 5 field. In September 17th, have been identified in the playoffs the angel 5:0 shutout Seattle home court with a seaman, on the road after the angels get lost 5 years division title. But in the ALDS, being optimistic is likely to get a world series angel was lost to 0-3 beyond all expectations did not enter the playoffs 29 years in the Kansas City Royals, the end of the 2014 season. This season the angels in the regular season 98-64 record, winning 0.605 team history is third, is the annual major league record for games.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Record over the years

The year winning postseason ranking team lost interest
1961 Losangeles angel 70-91.435 al eighth
1962 Losangeles angel 86-76.531 al third
1963 Losangeles angel 70-91.435 al ninth
1964 Losangeles angel 82-80.506 al fifth
1965 California angel 75-87.463 al seventh
1966 California angel 80-82.494 al Sixth
1967 California angel 84-77.522 al fifth
1968 California angel 67-95.414 tied for the American League eighth
1969 California 71-91.438 al West third angel
1970 California 86-76.531 al West third angel
1971 California 76-86.469 al west fourth angel
1972 California 75-80.484 al West fifth angel
1973 California 79-83.488 al west fourth angel
1974 California 68-94.420 al West sixth angel
1975 California 72-89.447 al West sixth angel
In 1976 the California angels 76-86.469 tied al West Fourth
1977 California 74-88.457 al West fifth angel
In 1978 the California angels 87-75.537 tied al West Second
1979 California.543 angel 88-74 al West first win three defeat in the ALCS negative for the Baltimore Orioles
1980 California 65-95.406 al West sixth angel
1981 California 51-59.464 al West Seventh Angel
1982 California.574 angel 93-69 al West first two victories and three defeats in the ALCS negative for Milwaukee Brewers
1983 California 70-92.432 al West fifth angel
In 1984 the California angels 81-81.500 tied al West Second
1985 California 90-72.556 al west second angel
1986 California.568 angel 92-70 al West first three victories and four defeats in the American League Championship for the Boston Red Sox negative
In 1987 the California angels 75-87.463 tied al West Sixth
1988 California 75-87.463 al west fourth angel
1989 California 91-71.562 al West third angel
1990 California 80-82.494 al west fourth angel
1991 California 81-81.500 al West Seventh Angel
In 1992 the California angels 72-90.444 tied al West Fifth
In 1993 the California angels 71-91.438 tied al West Fifth
1994 California.409 angel 47-68 al west fourth years because of the strike and no playoffs
In 1995 78-67.538 al West California angels in second playoff defeat against Seattle seaman
1996 California 70-91.435 al west fourth angel
1997 Anaheim 84-78.519 al west second angel
1998 Anaheim 85-77.525 al west second angel
1999 Anaheim 70-92.432 al west fourth angel
2000 Anaheim 82-80.506 al West third angel
2001 Anaheim 75-87.463 al West third angel
2002 Anaheim.611 angel 99-63 al West Second # four wins and three losses to beat the San Francisco giants won the world champion.
2003 Anaheim 77-85.475 al West third angel
2004 Anaheim.568 angel 92-70 al West first three straight defeat in the division series against the Boston red stockings
2005 Losangeles Anaheim angel 95-67.586 al West first one win four defeat in the American League Championship defeat to the Chicago White Sox
2006 Losangeles Anaheim angel 89-73.549 al West Second
2007 Losangeles Anaheim angel 94-68.580 al west the first three straight defeat in the division series to the Boston Red Sox
2008 Losangeles Anaheim angel 100-62.617 al West first one win three defeat in the division series to the Boston Red Sox
2009 Losangeles Anaheim angel 97-65.599 al West first two victories and four defeats in the ALCS against the New York Yankees
2010 Losangeles Anaheim angel 80-82.494 al West Third
2011 Losangeles Anaheim angel 86-76.531 al West Second
2012 Losangeles Anaheim angel 89-73.549 al West Third
2013 Losangeles Anaheim angel 78-84.481 al West Third
2014 Losangeles Anaheim angel 98-64.605 al west the first three straight defeat in the division series to the Kansas City Royals
A total of 53 quarter 4318-4300.486 playoff record 21-24 (.467)
In a wild card playoff #
September 30, 2006

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Other information

A concise version of the team information
Year of establishment: 1961 (American League expansion)
The use of the name:
Losangeles Angel (1961 to September 1, 1965)
California Angel (September 2, 1965 to November 18, 1996)
Anaheim Angel (November 19, 1996 to January 2, 2005)
The main city: Orange County, Anaheim
Home court: Anaheim Angel Stadium
The name used by the home court:
Anaheim Court (1966 to 1997)
Addison Stadium (1997 to December 9, 2003)
Use the home court:
The Chavez Valley / Dodger Stadium (Chavez Ravine/Dodgers Stadium)
Wrigley Field (Wrigley Field)
Uniform colors: red, dark red, navy blue, silver
All pellets: Yatri Moreno (Arte Moreno)
Pellet General Manager: Jerry Depot (Jerry Dipoto)
Coach: Mike Scioscia (Mike Scioscia)
A: Oakland a Losangeles, Seattle, Dezhou, the Dodge seaman Rangers
Playoffs: nine times. 1979, 1982, 1986, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014
Relay unit: Fuchs sports network (FSN West) on the west side of Taiwan, FSN Prime, Ticket KCOP (MyNetworkTV), KTTV (FOX), AM830 KLAA
Base camp: Arizona techpool devil stadium.
Baseball Hall of Famer
The angels of the hall of fame players
There is no player in angels players identity to the Baseball Hall of fame.
The following is a player who stayed in angel's Hall of fame players
The following are lists of these players during the angels, and as they entered the hall of fame.
Rod Carew (1979-1985) in Minnesota of Shuangcheng
Reggie Jackson (1982-1986) and New York Yankees
Eddie Murray (1997) and Baltimore Orioles
Frank Robinson (1973-1974) and Baltimore Orioles
Nolan Ryan * (1972-1979) Dezhou Rangers
Don Sutton (1985-1987) Losangeles Dodgers
Hoyt Wilhelm (1969) New York giants
Dave Winfield (1990-1991) in Santiago.
* career in angel's longer than any other team

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Retired jersey number

11 Jim Fregosi shortstop manager 1978-81 1961-71;
26 Kim Autrey Autry team founder 1960-96 Gene
29 Rod Karu first baseman 1979-85 1992-99; coach
30 Nolan Ryan pitcher 1972-79
42 Jackie Robinson (Jackie Robinson), for breaking the major league teams are racial barriers, the number retired in his honor. In addition to Maria Northrop Rivera (Marinao Rivera) exception)
50 Jimmie coach Reese 1972-94
34* Nick Aidenhart 2008-2009 for the pitcher in a car accident died, the angels still retains his locker and number
Back, Autrey was elected for the 26 meaning symbol he is the team's "twenty-sixth players"
* non official retirement

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim A list of new players

22Scott Kazmir
The starting pitcher left hander left to play
This season's defense rate: 5.32
32Matt Palmer
Right right hander starter
This season's defense rate: 4.05
36Jered Weaver
Right right hander starter
This season's defense rate: 3.85
38Darren Oliver
The right to relief pitcher left hander
This season's defense rate: 2.70
40Brian Fuentes
Relief pitcher left hander left to play
This season's defense rate: 4.10
41John Lackey
Right right hander starter
This season's defense rate: 3.53
45Kelvim Escobar
Right right hander starter
This season's defense rate: 3.60
51Joe Saunders
The starting pitcher left hander left to play
This season's defense rate: 4.81
52Jason Bulger
The right to vote the right relief pitcher
This season's defense rate: 3.43
54Ervin Santana
Right right hander starter
This season's defense rate: 5.52
55Sean O'Sullivan
Right right hander starter
This season's defense rate: 6.60
58Dustin Moseley
Right right hander starter
This season's defense rate: 4.30
59Rafael Rodriguez
The right to vote the right relief pitcher
This season's defense rate: 6.26
62Scot Shields
The right to vote the right relief pitcher
This season's defense rate: 6.62
63Rich Thompson
The right to vote the right relief pitcher
This season's defense rate: 5.40
65Kevin Jepsen
The right to vote the right relief pitcher
This season's defense rate: 4.30
66Jose Arredondo
The right to vote the right relief pitcher
This season's defense rate: 5.98
70Trevor Bell
Starter right hander left
This season's defense rate: 10.06
2Erick Aybar
The shortstop right hander hit two
The season batting average: 0.302
3Brandon Wood
The third baseman righthander right
The season batting average: 0.154
5Jeff Mathis
The right hander at the right
The season batting average: 0.210
9Chone Figgins
The third baseman righthander hit two
The season batting average: 0.300
12Freddy Sandoval
The third baseman righthander hit two
The season batting average: 0
13Maicer Izturis
The second baseman righthander hit two
The season batting average: 0.297
19Kendry Morales
First baseman right hander hit two
The season batting average: 0.306
20Juan Rivera
Right right hander left fielder
The season batting average: 0.290
24Gary Matthews Jr.
The right fielder threw two hit
The season batting average: 0.241
27Vladimir Guerrero
Right fielder right hander right
The season batting average: 0.301
28Ryan Budde
The right hander at the right
The season batting average: 0
33Chris Pettit
Right hander right fielder
The season batting average: 0
39Robb Quinlan
First baseman righthander right
The season batting average: 0.248
44Mike Napoli
The right hander at the right
The season batting average: 0.269
46Bobby Wilson
The right hander at the right
The season batting average: 0
47Howie Kendrick
The second baseman righthander right
The season batting average: 0.292
48Torii Hunter
Right hander right fielder
The season batting average: 0.312
53Bobby Abreu
Right fielder right hander left
The season batting average: 0.299
64Terry Evans
Right fielder right hander right
The season batting average: 0
77Reggie Willits
The left fielder right hander hit two
The season batting average: 0.206

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Coach team members

The general manager
14 Mike Scioscia
23 Mike Baci (pitcher)
22 Dino Ebel (third)
4 Alfredo Griffin (first baseman)
7 Mickey Hatcher (percussion)
88 Orlando Mercado (Niu Peng)
10 Ron Ronek (bench)
61 Steve Soliz (the bench)
Pellet Management Department
Name title
Owner Yatri Moreno pellet (Owner)
Denis Kerr, President of pellet (President)
Bill Bifraji ball group (Chief Financial Officer) CFO
John Carpino, senior vice president of marketing and marketing pellet (Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing)
Vice president and general manager Bill Stoneman (Vice President & General Manager pellet)
Vice President Tim Mead (Vice President, Communcations pellet communication)
Molly Taylor, vice president of Finance (Vice President pellet, Finance)
Ken's deputy general manager Xu pellet (Assitant General Manager)
Eddie Bain, director of Scouting pellets (Director, Scouting)
Tony Rachins, director of player development pellet (Director, Player Development)
The director of the Luis Yukon Medical Center (Medical Director) pellet
Note: the League each year since September 1st, the number of players in each team can be expanded from the original 25 people to 40 people.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Championship record

The world champion
The American League Championship
The American League West champion
The American League Wild Card

The world champion
Arizona Diamondbacks
Florida Marlins
The American League Championship
The New York Yankees
The New York Yankees
The American League West champion
Oakland Athletics
Oakland Athletics
Texas Rangers
Oakland Athletics
2004 - 2005
Oakland Athletics
Kansas City Royals
minnesota twins
Oakland Athletics
The Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Royals
The American League Wild Card
Oakland Athletics
The Boston Red Sox

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim The affiliated minor league

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