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University of California (University of, referred to as California) The University of California (UC), is located in the United States of California by a 10 Public University . University System Public university system, but also the world's most influential, known as the "model of public higher education". The University of California originated in 1853 establish In California Auckland California City College (College of California), in 1868 changed its name to the University of California, at the same time in order to commemorate the eighteenth Century one of the greatest philosophers George Bekele (George Berkeley), eventually named UC Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley), and Berkeley became the origin of the University of California and the earliest Campus . ( Note: California university is not a university but an administrative system, and there is no so-called "main campus", "campus" is the history of Chinese translation errors, each campus is a completely independent University )
University Of California
Today, California has developed into a university with 10 campuses (University) and the giant university system has exerted far-reaching influence on the development of the world . The 10 campus of the University of California (University) respectively: Berkeley Campus (Berkeley, UCB), Davies (Davis, UCD), Irvine Campus (Irvine, UCI), Los Angeles Campus (Los Angles, UCLA), Merced Campus (Merced, UCM), Riverside Campus (Riverside, UCR), Santa Barbara Campus (Santa Barbara UCSB), Santa Cruz Campus (Santa Cruz UCSC), Santiago Campus (San Diego UCSD), San Francisco Campus (San Francisco UCSF).
California university is a federal body of the world's largest university, its are among the best in the academic indicators and rankings. The campus is independent and closely related, each university as an independent existence, composed of University of California known the United States and around the world .

University Of California Campus distribution

The ten campuses (University) and the US NEWS World University Rankings , ARWU The Academic Ranking of World Universities :
 University Of California University Of California
One UC Berkeley (UC Berkeley, founded in 1868 )
2016 - Third Academic Ranking of world ARWU
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - fourth
Two University of California at Los Angeles (UC Los Angeles, founded in 1919)
2016 - twelfth Academic Ranking of world ARWU
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - tenth
Three University of California at San Diego (UC San Diego, founded in 1960)
2016 - fourteenth Academic Ranking of world ARWU
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - fifteenth
Four University of California-Santa Barbara (UC Santa Barbara, founded in 1944)
2016 - forty-second Academic Ranking of world ARWU
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - twenty-fourth
Five University of California-Irvine (UC Irvine, 1965)
2016 - fifty-eighth Academic Ranking of world ARWU
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - sixty-fifth
Six University of California at Davis (UC Davis, 1959)
2015 - fifty-seventh Academic Ranking of world ARWU
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - forty-second
Seven University of California at Riverside (UC Riverside, 1954)
ARWU 2016 Academic Ranking of world - No. 151-200
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - 113rd
Eight Santa Cruz, California University (UC Santa Cruz, founded in 1965)
2017 - eighty-third Academic Ranking of world ARWU
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - twenty-seventh
Nine University of California, Merced (UC Merced, 2005)
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - not ranked
Ten University of Calif San Francisco (UC San Francisco, founded in 1873)
2016 - twenty-first Academic Ranking of world ARWU
In 2017 US News World University Rankings - sixteenth
San Francisco campus is mainly biological and medical research university, not to recruit students. According to the Academic Ranking, San Francisco branch in 2015-16 ARWU The Academic Ranking of World Universities In the medical world ranked second, second only to Harvard University However, life science ranked fifth in the world .

University Of California educational system

The western United States The state of California Has three public higher education system: University of California University UC (10), CSU Teaching University State University of California (24), community college CCC California Community College (119). In addition there are a large number of California private universities and colleges, there are the famous California Institute of Technology , Stanford University , University of Southern California Etc.. California university system (UC) have enjoyed a high reputation in the United States and the world, is currently the world's best The system of Higher Education . California's new constitution fourth chapter of ninth provisions of the California University Council "solely responsible for the University's organization and management", since 1958, after President Kerr began to give more autonomy . After continuous Development Growth, California university system now has 10 universities, 9 of them with undergraduate and Graduate School (San Francisco campus only a graduate school), more than 210 thousand students, faculty and staff of more than 160 thousand people.
The first school (University) UC Berkeley As the world's leading academic institutions Among the many top, the authority of the university rankings in 2010, ARWU; The Academic Ranking of World Universities review UC Berkeley As the world's second universities, only the Harvard University ranked first, leading many famous universities such as MIT, University of Oxford, Stanford University, and ten years has been ranked top 4 in the world . Study on the doctoral program is the key indicator to evaluate the quality of university education in america. Newsweek 2005 re evaluation: UC Berkeley Graduate project has continuously ranked the first. Berkeley Fifteen graduate programs all ranked the top five. Then ranked second, three, four and five respectively for the Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Princeton University. At the same time, also many schools such as Losangeles University of California, University of California Davies University, the California University of Santiago and California's Bay were also ranked in the United States and the world's top fifty.

University Of California School policy

Eclectic, free and open policy at the beginning of school, the school at the University of California's development goals on a consensus - Take eclectic, free and open policy, let the world people in a church, to building a world-class university California University for academic freedom and autonomy for students. Not from the conservative traditional constraints here, there is no impassable the sacred rules of the religious order. In this land of freedom, can imagine everything, free to explore the future of the world; here, even if others don't agree with you, but your mind will always be respected. It is due to the freedom of thought, only so many great ideas and found here was born and mature California university principals who are very cherish this valuable tradition, even serious conflict in the freedom of thought and the reality of American world, presidents have not given up the liberal tradition of California university the history review of protection is due to the liberal tradition, increase can keep fresh and enterprising spirit, this has been fully reflected in the construction of the new subject: Berkeley opened a new subject of the curriculum and research projects, and to adjust the original range of subjects, added many new the subject in the field of accelerating the development of various disciplines at the same time, the school also try to recruit talents. By hired means, supplemented by free and open work environment and excellent academic atmosphere, a large number of famous professors and famous scholars, there are hundreds of thousands of Nobel prize winners in the professor. The University of California not to engage in the research field of new teachers encourage promotion according to status, to open their own innovation, promote the academic field full of competition because university education embodies the spirit of sincere concern and strong social moral obligation to respect individual rights and freedom, and realize the ideal in a practical way, The University of California It is recognized as one of the world's top universities.
California University was established in 1853 in origin Auckland The College of California . The Standing Committee of the parliament of California on 1866 President Lincoln signed the "Mo Lille land grant act" decided to set up a "agriculture, mining and Mechanical Technology Institute", but do not have the appropriate campus, and the schools are lack of funds at the time of the California. Later people would think of will both be made one, to establish a comprehensive university. In 1868 California's governor signed a bill at the site of University of California founded the College of California on the 5 years after the school moved to the new campus four miles away, at that time in order to commemorate a way to spread the religion and culture of the North American philosopher George Berkeley, the new school park where the city was named" Berkeley ". along with UC Berkeley The rise and famous, it was known as "Berkeley" the city is also famous in the world. The development of economy and the population of California, only in the Berkeley area of a California university has been difficult to meet the needs of society's increasing, while California's vast geographical distribution and City University of California also decided to not be confined to the school in the Berkeley area. The University of California and later in different areas set up 9 campuses, eventually formed a giant - California university system to Berkeley campus led by the University system.

University Of California The style

U.S.A The University of California Is the world's largest public university system, which has 10 separate campuses (University) 4, the law school, 5 medical schools and teaching hospitals. California university has 3 National Laboratory management: Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory , , Los Alamos National Laboratory .
At the University of California Berkeley (Berkeley), Davis (Davis), Irvine (Irvine), Los Angeles (Los Angeles), Riverside (Riverside), Santiago (San Diego), San Francisco (San Francisco), Santa Barbara (Santa and Babara) Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz) of the campus are world-class education and scientific research institutions .
Since 1939, according to official incomplete statistics of the University of California university has produced 61 Nobel laureates won the 62 Nobel prize The data is completely; and in accordance with the relevant statistics, the General University of California The Nobel prize The number of not less than 120 people, including Berkeley, not less than 72 people (sixth) . Any number of university patent University in the National Academy of Sciences, the number of members and research than the United states. California University's academic project ranked the top 10, the field of academic study involving more than and 150 subjects, the research institutions of higher education research is one of the most widely in the world.

University Of California evaluate

The "free radical wisdom university, the origin of modern American culture".
UC Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley) was founded in 1868 Located 21 kilometers east of San Francisco. Berkeley City, is the world's top public university. It is not only a long history of the 10, Lieutenant Colonel, and the quality of the quality of teaching and scientific research achievements, teachers, students and hardware equipment is the 10 "brothers" in the top, has been among the best in the world. It can be said that Berkeley in the California university campus champion system, warlords. Berkeley is one of the most free, most inclusive, the most diverse University: the free speech movement, 1960s movement, anti war hippie culture, Oriental mysticism culture, natural culture and so on are originated from here. In the wave of high-tech, Berkeley went on to create a new myth: due to the silicon valley The edge of a new high-tech millionaire many school graduates, graduated from the school. Intel The founder of the company Gordon Moore , Andy Grove Is one of the representatives . School discipline is complete, with more than 5000 kinds of courses, so that every student can have sufficient choice, learning is very convenient. American public university rankings, Berkeley long-term champion, ranked first. The number of the school's undergraduate doctorate than any other university in the United states.
Losangeles branch of University of California University (of California, Los Angeles, UCLA ) is located in the United States The state of California One Losangeles City public The United States is the first-class research university Comprehensive University One of。 UCLA is the cradle of American commercial finance, high-tech industry, film and art professionals, providing 337 different degree of discipline, is the nation's culture is one of the most extensive areas of University talents. UCLA campus area of 419 acres (1.7 square kilometers), which consists of 163 buildings, a total of approximately 29000 undergraduate students and 13000 graduate students registered, is the largest number of applicants for the University, but also one of the famous American high school students dream. It is the University of California University of California system in second universities, just behind UC Berkeley (UC Berkeley). UCLA annual ranking times world university rankings of the top fifteen, and ranked in the 2017 USNews world university rankings in tenth.
San Diego branch of University of California University (of California, San Diego, Jane
UCSD) is located in the southern California San Diego (and often translated as Santiago The city of La Jolla) (La Jolla), is an American national first class University (Tier1) . UCSD was founded in 1959, covers an area of 1976 acres (866 hectares), is located on the beach, a beautiful environment, pleasant climate. Although it was only fifty years, but had twenty The Nobel prize (winner of the existing five, and taught at the University of California in Losangeles () UCLA Be on a par with) in science, University of California ranked the top three system. From the total university research grants, UCSD fifth highest in the country, is the important academic development sites. California University of San Diego (UCSD) in 2015 U.S. News and World Report (US News) ranked eighteenth in the world's top 2014 global university rankings, Shanghai Jiao Tong University The Academic Ranking of World Universities Ranked fourteenth in the world, more than 2010 to 2014 Washington Monthly (Washington Monthly) the United States university rankings for five consecutive years ranked the nation's first.
University of California at Davis (University of California, Davis UC, referred to as Davis) is located in California Davies, the old gold of the Shandong Department of one of the world's top research universities, belonging to the Tier-1 (the first grade) University, known as one of the nation's public ivy, famous science and technology center. UC Davis is the University of California and across the Agricultural Research Center, the veterinary, plants, agricultural professional in the world enjoy extensive reputation, perennial ranked the world's top 3. UC Daivs United States ranking 38 in California, and the University of California at San Diego system (National 37) are good, academic characteristics. In addition, different from the University of California colleges and universities pay attention to the tendency of science and engineering, UC, Davis in the economic pipe
Science, law, psychology and social sciences is also very famous, all subjects are often ranked in the top 25. According to the 2015 U.S. News and World Report (U.S. News & World Report), UC Davis as the top university in the United States and the world, in a public university in the United States National Ranking of eighth, the United States University ranking thirty-eighth, and kept in the world university rankings in 35 or so. UC Davis2015 world university rankings (The reputation Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings) ranked thirty-second. In 2017 U.S. News and World Report The world university rankings ranked 57 worldwide in 2016, Shanghai Jiaotong University Academic Ranking of world universities (ARWU) ranked 42 worldwide in 2014, the times higher education (THE) world university ranking forty-second worldwide.
University of California Santa Cruz Campus (University of California, Santa Cruz, Jane
Is located in UCSC) San Francisco The bay area is near the famous Santa Cruz Bay City, founded in 1965, covers an area of 2000 acres (about 8.09 square kilometers of /809 hectares), the school is located in rosewood Park, is one of the nation's most beautiful campus. Santa Cruise (Santa Cruz) is located in the south of San Francisco 1 hours drive distance silicon valley Only half an hour, is California's most famous seaside resort and Surf Resort, it faces the most beautiful beaches along the Pacific coast, and has spectacular natural protection area and rosewood, Spanish classical architecture attract many tourists to come. This is Santa Cruz The University of California One of the ten most universities campus system fame, is one of the world's top University . The UCSC school offers 61 undergraduate majors, including 32 graduate areas. Popular undergraduate majors include art, business management, economics, molecular and cell biology and psychology. Interdisciplinary projects, such as research, feminist community studies, American studies, environmental studies, digital art and new media etc.. 2017 U.S. News and World Report (US NEWS) World University Rankings ranked twenty-seventh, 2015 The times (Times Higher Education) of the world university rankings first.

University Of California Application for admission

California The university system of the application deadline for admission (undergraduate) year of December 1st . Please also note that the UC system does not provide EA or ED opportunity for all applicants equally, or admission admission, will be in the end of March in the year of the -4 at the beginning of the month, after it is submitted for 4-5 months. The results are given. California students are required to submit the application form before the deadline for writing, extracurricular activities and other supplementary materials, such as letters of recommendation. And advise students to provide SAT1 and TOEFL scores, do not require students to provide high school transcripts, but must fill out the results. After the results of admission, students are required to submit the certificate of deposit and high school transcripts. Of course, the deposit certificate can be submitted at the time of application. For this feature, there are some suggestions for UCer:
1 because there is no chance of EA/ED, so the success or failure, we can see that UC does not want the students to try to get them to do, if you want to apply, please earnestly request.
2 applicant can temporarily do not provide SAT scores, but must be noted when taking the exam. Look from the good direction, for UC students can even then submit their SAT scores in February, that is to say, can give yourself more time to prepare for the exam, which is conducive to better test scores. From the worst, the risk of doing so is larger, but not controllable. Because 12-4 is UC month review period, any time during this period, the committee may see the applicant's materials, if the admissions committee saw materials, the applicant does not have a competitive examination results, this is a dangerous thing.
3 note that, in addition to undergraduate record straight, uci (UCI) provide a large international credit courses, courses in the spring and summer, autumn and winter four stage entrance, reading can be transferred to UCI to meet the requirements of formal undergraduate reading.

University Of California Admission requirements

IELTS: 7 points
Graduate IELTS 7 points: