Virginia is in the eastern coast of the Atlantic, is one of the original 13 states.

Virginia Basic information

State capital: Richmond ( Richmond )
 Virginia Virginia
The largest city of Virginia Beach ( Virginia : Beach )
Governor: BobMcDonald ( Republican Party )
Senator: Mark Warner ( The Democratic Party of the United States )
Tim Kaine (Democratic)
Official language: English
( America Thirty-fifth)
- 102642 square kilometers of land
- the waters of 8220 square kilometers (7.4%)
The population (2010)
- 8001024 of the total number of people
(United States twelfth)
Density of 69.03 people / sq km
(United States fourteenth)
Join the order
- the date of June 25, 1788
Tenth join the United States
Eastern time zone:: UTC-5/-4
Latitude: 36 degrees 31'N degrees 37'N to 39
Longitude: 75 ~ 13'W to 83 ~ 37'W
Width: 320 kilometers
Length: 690 km
- Maximum 1746 meters
- an average of 290 meters
- a minimum of 0 meters

Virginia History

The state is one of the oldest state.
In 1607 the British coast James Don To establish the first settlements in North america. So the state is "old Dominion "Alias. The name "Virginia" to commemorate the British Queen Elizabeth With a career British colonization of the world.
In 1774 Mr Virginia proposed the convening of the first session The Continental Congress .
1775 Virginia George Washington As the 13 North American colonial rebels
 Mineral products Mineral products
The commander in chief.
July 4, 1776 second The Continental Congress The representative of Virginia Thomas Jefferson Involved in the drafting of " The declaration of independence ". The 42 president of the United States, there are 8 Virginia, they are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison , James Monroe , william harrison , John Taylor , Zachary Taylor and woodrow wilson . Therefore, Virginia is also known as "President of the township".
In October 19, 1781 the British army in the state York Nathan American and French troops to surrender, War of independence End。
In June 26, 1788 with the approval of the state federal constitution , became the tenth state to join the. The Civil War During the period of Virginia, the most affected, the state is the Confederate outpost, and Richmond It is the capital of the Southern League, and thus become the main battlefield. Many tragic wars happened in this area.

Virginia Geography

From the shape, Virginia, like a triangle, the east side of the Atlantic ocean, esast. The west is a steep gully mountain and the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains, there is a fertile valley, Rodgers Mountain 1946 meters above sea level, as in the state The peak . Central to the skin Demont The plateau, west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, east of the fall line. The fall line east of the coastal plain, many rapids. The Potomac River , Rappahannock River , York River and James River Four. Tidal river Eastward into the Chesapeake Bay The plain, divided into North nieke Peninsula, Meader and Virginia three Peninsula peninsula. Across the sea Delaware The southern part of the peninsula also belong to the state. With the city Norfolk Between the sea road. This passage consists of four man-made island, two Long bridge and two tunnel connection, also called tunnel bridge, a total length of 28 km. A magnificent project, such as distant Changhong Horizontal wave, extended to the end of the sea, very spectacular. Virginia is mild and pleasant climate. The eastern coastal area in winter the temperature rarely below -9 DEG C, little summer temperature higher than 38 DEG C. The crop growth period up to 8 months, more than 3 months in western mountainous areas. The mountain in winter and cool in summer and winter The temperature can be Low to -18 DEG C, summer is generally lower than 32 DEG C. The annual precipitation average between 813 ~ 1219 mm.

Virginia Economics

Virginia economic development balance, has many sources of income. Statewide There are 4 million 100 thousand ordinary workers, 1/3 in the third industry. In 2009 Forbes magazine for four consecutive years rated Virginia as the best state. In 2008, GDP of $397 billion. According to 2000 Median Income The United States scheduled the 100 richest County Level Administrative Region Virginia, ranked first in the number of. Virginia has 18 fortune five hundred companies, according to the national tenth. Virginia has the most skilled intensive team, high technological content of industrial products. In 2006, the computer chip is the highest value of export products statewide, exceeds the sum of coal and traditional tobacco exports in the. Virginia North was a statewide cheese The production and processing base, but for the development of Information and communication technology Information consultation, as the leading high-tech industry center, especially in the Dulles Technology corridor. Northern Virginia Data Center for the international Internet traffic, the 50% to 2012, 10% of the dominion power plant power will be used for data center. As of 2006, North and Fairfax Loudoun County The median household income in the state is the first and the second, all counties in America can also come to this place.
from Hampton roads reach Richmond Virginia of the southern region, its economy is mainly dependent on the local military bases and facilities; and animal husbandry, tobacco and peanut planting. Virginia has 47000 farms, a total area of 8 million 500 thousand acres, the average area of each farm, 181 acres, agricultural workers accounted for 20% of the working population of Virginia. In 2006, Virginia Tomatoes The planting area and yield are more than soybean, is the state's most important economic crops, peanut and other economic crops and hay. Oysters yes Chesapeake Bay An important part of the regional economy, but due to disease, water pollution and overfishing, oyster production has been significantly reduced. All over the northern Virginia Gulf Coast and the Blue Ridge Mountains area wineries and vineyards are also beginning to tourism revenue.
Many educated people in northern Virginia directly serve The United States federal government Located in offices in the region, other ordinary people according to the employment contract in the government security company. The United States and a number of government departments, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of defense, and the National Science Foundation and the geological survey and the patent and Trademark Office, with offices in North Virginia. Hampton roads Is the world's most concentrated, the largest city in the area of military facilities, the U.S. The Norfolk Naval Base It is located in the region. The number of Veterans Virginia, reached 800 thousand, more than any state in the United states. Per capita defense spending of Virginia the second, second only to Alaska .
The state of Virginia Individual income tax According to the 5 levy income tax rate from 3% to 5.75% range; Sales of goods And use the tax rate of 5%, the food tax rate of 2.5%; Virginia and 1% place Additional tax In the majority. The procurement of goods It should pay the total sales tax rate is 5% Mixed tax Property tax; developed by local governments and levy, levy property throughout the state and because of geographical differences in the collection vary according to local real estate completely; Fair market value Personal income taxes; tangible assets According to the local economic level according to the asset Original cost The percentage of tax.
2006, Forbes Will Virginia as America's best business environment.

Virginia traffic

The state traffic developed, highway 90 thousand km, 6000 km of railway, airport 95. There is an important seaport Norfolk , Newport News , Hampton and Portsmouth Etc..
An airport
Washington - the Reagan National Airport (DCA) located in Arlington . with US Airways and Delta Airlines Shuttle flight.
Washington- iad (IAD)- United Airlines The transit center.
Richmond International Airport (RIC) - located in the capital of Virginia Richmond urban district
An important highway
No. 95 Interstate highway
Interstate 64
Interstate 66
Interstate 81
Interstate 395
Interstate 495
No. 29 national highway
No. 50 national highway
No. 28 national highway

Virginia population

The 2003 census, Virginia, 7386330 people. Virginia, the race can be divided into proportion:
The 70.2% is White (no Spanish ancestry)
19.6% African Americans
4.7% Latin America American people
The 3.7% is Asian Americans
0.3% Indians Aborigines
2% mixed race
According to the census, in the state of Virginia residents ancestors, African American (19.6%) the most, followed by Germany (11.7%), Americans (11.2%), British (11.1%) and Ireland People (7.2%).
In addition, under the age of five accounted for 6.5% of residents, under the age of 18 is 24.6%. To 65 years old.
 Arlington National Cemetery Arlington National Cemetery
It is 11.2%. Virginia, slightly more women than men, the percentage was 51%.

Virginia Religion

Religion, faith Virginia, population proportion
74% Protestant ( Protestant )
12% Rome Catholicism Acts Roman Catholic
2% other Christian followers of Other Christian
2% other religions Other Religions
7% non believers Non-Religious
Virginia, the Protestants. Baptist Baptist is the highest (31%), followed by The Methodist Church Methodist (13%), followed by the Presbyterian Church Presbyterian (4%).

Virginia Law and government

Colonial Virginia, some free man was chosen as the lower level members of Parliament, the collective organization known as the house of Commons, and the government is composed of the Federal Assembly meeting Virginia. Founded in 1629, the federal assembly is Virginia western hemisphere The legislature old, still play a role in. U.S.A pew research center The "efficiency" and "effect" and "construction" three indicators of contemporary government rank, Virginia and two other States has twice won the highest ranking.
Since 1971, the Virginia government behavior must follow the seventh revision of the constitution of the "Virginia". Constitutional protection Everyone is equal before the law That is a solid foundation for the implementation of standards legislation, unified judicial system. According to the federal government structure, the Virginia government also implemented" The separation of the three powers "That is," legislation "and" administrative "and" justice". Virginia, the Federal Assembly to exercise legislative power, the Legislative Council members from 100 state House of Representatives And 40 state senate The members of both houses. The common laws for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Federal Assembly has the right to choose the applicable law and justice, it is larger than the power of the executive. Governor Vice governor and independent way of election, election every four years. State law may not be re elected governor, but the historic election; and deputy governor and the attorney general can re-election. Virginia has the oldest in the United States The judicial system Virginia, from the high level of the high court, court of appeal to the general area of lower courts, Circuit court According to the strict judicial level.
Virginia is a code of written law, the state legislature approved a federal assembly code system. Virginia police is the state's largest law enforcement agencies in the state legislature; the police is the oldest police station. Virginia National Guard by 1200 Air Force fighter 7500 soldiers army guard and air guard. In 1982, Virginia began to recover Death penalty The system has been 103 people were sentenced to death in accordance with the law, the United States second people jailed for series. Virginia's "total crime risk rate is 28%, lower than the U.S. average.

Virginia Politics

Virginia the last century transformed from an agricultural and political conservative continents into more city
 The governor of Virginia and Bob MacDonald The governor of Virginia and Bob MacDonald
Diversification and political enlightened The United States States . Before 1970s, Virginia in politics or split, racial barriers, political parties. at first African American cover Deprivation of political rights Until the middle of 1960s, Virginia passed the civil rights legislation, their Political participation To get security. Other groups, especially Hispanics also have migrated according to law and the right to vote, which makes Virginia minority in political elections is more important. Because of the freedom of migration, regional differences play a huge role in Virginia's political life. In order to respond Republican Party The "Southern strategy", Western and southern regions of the agricultural population in favor of the Republican Party; and the rapid development of the City suburb area (including the North Virginia) has become The Democratic Party of the United States The world. Pro democracy advocates the establishment of trade unions, and Virginia on the southern part of the region to exert political influence, especially in several towns such as University: Charlottesville , Blacksburg Also, Southeast of Black burr area.
Comparison of political power in Virginia party is alternating. Former governor Tim Kaine Is the Democratic Party and the incumbent governor BobMcDonald Vice governor Bill Berlin and the republicans. In 2005, Republicans Robert McDonnell By 360 votes was elected to the state attorney general Virginia, took office before his campaign votes were carried out according to the law to statistics, review, in order to justice. In the 2007 parliamentary elections, the Democrats regained the state senate Control, reversing Republican Party stay House of Representatives The majority of seats, the seats will be reduced to 8. In 2009 the Virginia state election will elect representatives to the state government and the next. According to the Convention, Virginia, in the general election time Wakefield Town and
 United States Senator Mark Werner Virginia United States Senator Mark Werner Virginia
Once a year ", Qin Palladio shad rally" at the same time.
Since 2006 the United States Federal elections, The Democratic Party of the United States Is a success. Virginia, 2006 senate The election, the Democrats Jim Webb Win than current Republican Party The broader civilian support, and public relations is very close and affinity. In 2008, the former governor of the Democratic Party Mark Warner To succeed retiring Republican Senator Johnwamer Later, Virginia, two The United States Senate The seats are occupied by the Democratic party. In the state of Virginia The United States House of Representatives Of the 11 seats, Democrats accounted for 6 seats, the Republicans accounted for 5 seats. In 2008 The United States presidential election Virginia, voted for the Democrats. Barack Obama ; before the 10 presidential election, Virginia is a Republican candidate. In the next presidential election, Virginia may be considered in terms of voting is a swing state, it is possible to vote for votes The Democratic Party of the United States Also, may vote for Republican Party .

Virginia education

according to The United States Department of Education The development of education assessment report, Virginia has been ranked the top 10 of American education, assessment of all subjects and each grade test indicators are more than the average American university. In 2009, the quality of Education Report of American education weekly evaluation coefficient pointed out that Virginia's "K-12" national free education evaluation indicators ranked in the ranks of the elite fourth. The state all school departments must follow the State Department of education to develop education standards, and to maintain the school's education standards for assessment and certification to ensure the environment " accountability system ". In 2008, according to the relevant provisions of the Virginia college students, 81% of the state will be awarded the degree in 4 years. Virginia's "K-12" general county public schools, the operation and management of the state, the government does not participate in. There are 1890 local and regional schools, including 4 schools, Special Education Center branch in the other 134 schools with 106 general education and special education coexist, as of the autumn of 2008, all of these schools enrolled more than 123 students. In addition to public schools, especially public schools and schools with the governor Virginia also only recruit top student. The school governors from more than and 40 senior high schools in the selection of outstanding students, the implementation plan to recruit top students in summer. The Virginia Committee of private education
 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
Responsible for the supervision of 294 through the national identification and 141 without a recognized private school. Statewide there are 6948 students to receive education in the family.
In accordance with the " Newsweek "Magazine ranked, 9 in North Virginia high school in the top 100. In addition, according to the " U.S. News and World Report "The magazine reported in Fairfax County The Thomas Jefferson Technology high school was listed as the best American high school, attending the school need to apply. All the northern Virginia area high school students to participate in University matriculation examination and Ibo The exam must pay the examination fee. In the United States in the university entrance exam, and Alexandria Arlington Senior middle school is a Virginia county's first dial.
As of 2009, Virginia has 163 colleges and universities. In " U.S. News and World Report "Public university rankings, University of Virginia Among the second; College William & Mary In sixth. Since 1993 James Madison University ranked The southern United States Provide the first public university Master of education. Virginia military school is a long history of national military schools and colleges The United States, the highest grade of the College of Arts and sciences. Virginia Federal University Is the largest comprehensive university, the school more than 32000 students, and it Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and George Mason University Close contact. Polytechnic and State University is two U.S. Land-Grant Universities . In addition, Virginia has 23 public school 40 in the university campus, a total of 260 thousand students. Private higher education institutions statewide and 116.

Virginia Virginia State University list

Public University
University of Virginia (University of Virginia)
Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
College William & Mary (College of William and Mary)
The Virginia military school (Virginia Military Institute)
George Mason University (George Mason University)
Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia State University)
Virginia Federal University (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Oude (Old Dominion University) the Dominican University
Norfolk State University (Norfolk State University)
James Madison University (James Madison University)
Christer F Christopher Newport University (Christopher Newport University)
Private University
Lantian College (Bluefield College)
School of Emory Henry (Emory & Henry College)
Hanpudeng on Denis College (Hampden - Sydney College)
Hampton University (Hampton University)
Free University (Liberty University)
Lynchburg College (Lynchburg College)
Mary Bode College (Mary Baldwin College)
Marie spears (Marymount University) Special University
LAN Du Fu - margan Institute (Randolph-Macon College)
Regent University (Regent University)
Roanoke College (Roanoke College)
Shenandoah University (Shenandoah University)
Richard (University of Richmond Richmond )
Washington and Lee University (Washington & Lee University)
Sweet Briar College (Sweet Briar College)
North University of Virginia (University of Northern Virginia)

Virginia Medical care

Virginia has a comprehensive medical and health service system. According to the American Health Foundation in 2008, the overall health of the overall health of residents, Virginia ranked twentieth in the nation state; neonatal mortality rate was 0.67%, ranked the nation's twenty-first. Although the record of Virginia, has been quite good, but there are still social health differences appear because of different races, African American neonatal mortality rate is 63% higher than whites, and 14.1% of people lack any health insurance. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention The data, 25.3% of Virginia are obese people; 36.6% weight exceed the standard; only 78.4 of people insist on physical exercise. 10 to 17 year old Virginia people have 30% belong to or exceed the standard weight of obesity.
Virginia has 85 hospitals were included in the The United States Department of health and human services . Medical institutions including well-known medical department of state Washington Metropolitan Area's largest hospital -- innuovo Fairfax hospital, Virginia Medical Institute and the federal university. The University Medical Center is part of the university health system. " U.S. News and World Report "Magazine named it the high level of endocrine specialist medical center. Pull Santa Norfolk General hospital is the medical and health system in La Santa Hampton roads The branch of medical institutions at national level, is the first case of successful implementation In Vitro Fertilization The hospital.
Virginia, a private health care doctor is numerous, per million residents have 124 private care physicians, among the nation's thirteenth. In 2008, the American health foundation for pathogen detection, a major health hazard to the United States of America for testing the vaccine distribution and medical assistance of three standards, the Virginia is the five to get out of the state of.

Virginia Culture

Virginia's historical culture was widely publicized, the scope of publicity throughout northern and southern regions of the United States, the propaganda is the main content of Virginia's historical figures, such as: George Washington , Thomas Jefferson and Robert Lee Etc.. Virginia
 Virginia Tech Chemical Physics Building Virginia Tech Chemical Physics Building
Are these historical figures in his hometown, is also the birthplace of the nation. The contemporary culture of Virginia is rich in resources, The southern United States Part of the cultural circle. U.S.A Smithson, society Virginia will be divided into 9 cultural regions. PieiTe Monte The area is one of the nine areas, most of the characteristics of the local language, have a great influence on South American english. Although the United States is the unity of city area in English, but in different regions of the dialect are mixed in, including Ted Voight Accent, accent, and old Virginia Tangier Island area popular Elizabeth I During the period of British accent.
In the past, Virginia's literature is expanding in content, sometimes restricted by some factors. The Pulitzer prize winner Helen Glasgow, in her works usually in social injustice and the status of women as the theme. Glasgow's close friend James, Blunkett, and colleagues Capel The creation of a large number of Virginia During the reconstruction period The change in the status of the gentleman of the rich, he works with "Jurgen dream" to challenge Virginia's moral law. The writer William Steron in his works is also involved in the history of Virginia, such as "confession" and "Nat Turner Sophie's choice ". Contemporary writer Tom Wolff In his best-selling book occasionally to he inherited Southern heritage as a creative material, such as "Sherlock Simmons" is my work. Virginia is also known as poetry, contemporary representative Fredericksburg Tx The Kaluodier - Emerson .
In addition, the South American popular diet custom, Virginia is the most characteristic, and followed the historical tradition. Virginia is around Wine, also known as the "Virginia wine". "Smith Field ham", sometimes called "Virginia ham", is a kind of national commodity level of the United States, the product of geographical indications protected by law, and only by Smith Rumsfeld town for production and sales. Virginia furniture and architectural style of a colonial America color. Thomas Jefferson And many of the early leaders especially The new classical architectural style That has produced important influence their preference for some important buildings built in america. Today, in some areas can see Virginia Germanic people And their descendants still retains the customs.

Virginia Fine arts and Performing Arts

Virginia, despite the rich cultural heritage, but the expenses for the arts and culture of public projects, compared with the United States at a low level, almost half of the national average. Virginia in the state capital Richmond A special fund, including the Virginia Museum and the Virginia Museum of science; other museums include the popular National Space Museum -- "Stephen, Edward, F hertz Center and Chrysler Art gallery。 In addition, Virginia and Eco Museum Such as, "colonial Fort Williams "Virginia, Frontier Culture Museum and distinctive historical battlefield. Virginia set up the humanistic foundation, is committed to improving and improving the state people's cultural and spiritual life.
Virginia, the city and the outskirts of many theaters and stadiums. The United States Wolf Trapp The National Park is located in the state of Virginia Performing Arts Fairfax County The Vienna The town, it is the United States only as a function of Performing Arts Center National Park Is located; Norfolk The Harrison The opera is the authentic Virginia opera house, Virginia Symphony Orchestra Hampton roads Area performance; America Shakespeare The center is located in Taunton, it is Virginia stagnation theatre and the birthplace of the troupe parade. Virginia's artistic achievement is obvious to people, has won many awards in the international reputation of the traditional artists, pop music and Hollywood actor. Virginia's famous literary venues including Bokmi hall, NISSAN arena, Bart The theatre and blue Demag theatre.

Virginia festival

Virginia Festival variety, the content is extremely rich, many counties are held with local characteristics of fairs and festivals.
Norfolk The Hubble Feist held annually on June the ship races and air show. Fairfax County To pop music and Traditional music The show held in the county set up a third year celebration; the weekend of July, Chesapeake Bay "Virginia festival will be held in the lake". Every summer, Wolf Trapp, the town has also hosted the drama festival. By the end of July each year, the eastern shores of the Chesapeake Bay Islands swimming race and wild ponies Chesapeake Horse auction, this is Virginia's most traditional local Carnival lasted for a week. Every September, at Virginia International Speedway will host Virginia fair; over the same period, Virginia also held the Neptune festival celebration as city beach.
Winchester Have held 6 days of "Shengna Apple Festival" every year, activities include a parade and with folk style Bluegrass Music The concert. In 1935, Virginia Gellar was formed in the old village of violin technique, is a kind of artistic expression is very ancient and influential in the world of music. Virginia has two important festivals, namely "Virginia Film Festival" and" Virginia Federal University French Film Festival every year, and were in the Chesapeake Richmond Hold.

Virginia media

according to Nielsen The media research company American media Ranking report, Hampton roads The media in the United States ranked forty-second; Richmond - Fort Peters The area ranked sixtieth; Roanoke -- Fort Lynch area is sixty-eighth. Virginia
And there are 21 television stations to provide programs for the audience, part covers 42 American mainstream television network. The state is home to more than 800 by The U.S. Federal Communications Commission Approved the establishment of the FM radio stations and more than 300 AM radio station. The United States National Public Radio and television network, referred to as "PBS", the headquarters is located in the state of Virginia Arlington County. Radio service Virginia Virginia is the main local state radio and television company, it is a non-profit organization with public television and radio on its own, its branches throughout the state, to provide users with free MHZ network service.
Virginia, large circulation newspapers have: Richmond The publication of "Richmond express" era, Norfolk The publication of the Virginia Herald ", Roanoke published" Roanoke Times "and published in Newport News" Tian Tian Daily News ". In 2007, "Richmond express" era of daily circulation is 186441, slightly more than a circulation of 183024 copies of the "Virginia Herald", which ranked the nation's newspaper ranked fiftieth and fifty-second. As of 2008, "on the issuance of Roanoke Times" is 90557. There are several Washington DC The newspapers will be north of Virginia as their editing, publishing and distribution base, such as "Washington" and "politicians" and so on. The United States is the largest circulation newspaper "USA Today" headquarters is located Fairfax County The Mcclain Area. In addition to the traditional forms of media, Virginia, or a long distance company birthplace - Nakesiteer Helprin special company and XO communications company were all born in Virginia.

Virginia Tourism

Virginia is also a tourism developed delta. In addition to the seaside resort and Blue Ridge Mountain Shennan do Maher National Park Natural scenery, Virginia also has many historical name, the state has become famous
 The former residence of Jefferson The former residence of Jefferson
One of the sights. from Richmond To have a Charlottesville The town has more than 40 thousand inhabitants, it is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and a wild profusion of vegetation, green and clear in the river flowing through the million from the side, the scenery is very beautiful. The third president of the United States Jefferson The former residence Monticello It is located in a hill on the Far East of the city. Jefferson is recognized as the most knowledgeable president, he has a keen interest in architecture, is an amateur architect. He designed his own house personally. The red brick house with a giant White column The porch, overlying the dome, combining some of Europe Classical architecture The characteristics, showing Jefferson's own style, known as the flower of the early history of American architecture.
The main attractions
Erkki Croft Hall
Endless a hole
Richmond Virginia house
arlington national cemetery
Essi Ron heights
Barth Theatre
Blue Ridge Parkway
Robert Lee home Boy
Falls State Park
Chief residence
George Washington The birthplace of National Memorial Chorten
Chicago The children's Museum
Christ Church
Norfolk Chrysler Art Museum
Colonial Williamsburg
Cumberland Valley National Historical Park
The Court Building National Historical Park

Virginia Sports

American football
Virginia tech Ukraine bird Virginia Tech (Hokies)
University of Virginia Knight University of Virginia (Cavalier)
University of Virginia University of Virginia (Cavalier) Knight
Virginia tech Ukraine bird Virginia Tech (Hokies)
George Mason Aigo George Mason University (George Mason Patriot)
Little League
Richmond Warrior (Richmond Braves, 3A International Alliance team: Atlanta Warriors)
Norfolk Tides 3A (Norfolk tides, international alliance, the parent team: The New York Mets )
potomac National (Potomac, high order 1A Carolina alliance team: Washington Nationals)
Salem Avalanche (Salem Avalanche, high order 1A Carolina League team: Houston Astronaut)
Lin Bao Qu Lynx Lynchburg (Hillcats, high order 1A Carolina League team: Pittsburgh Pirates)
Pulaski Blue Jays (Pulaski blue jays, rookie level Appalachian League team: Toronto Blue bird)
Bliss The White Sox (Bristol White Sox, supporting new level Appalachian league team, Chicago White Sox)
Danville The Warriors (Danville Braves, rookie level Appalachian league team, Atlanta warriors)