Luther (Lutheranism) is to Martin Ruud Collectively, the religious thought as the basis of the various church groups, because its doctrine is the core of "justification by faith", it is also called Lutheran It is Germany, Religious reform Product of the movement by Martin Ruud was founded in 1529 in Germany, the establishment of a new denomination, marks Protestant The birth of. The believers are mainly distributed in Nordic countries ( Norway , Sweden , Denmark , Iceland , Finland ), Estonia , Latvia , Germany and U.S.A More than and 100 countries and regions, a total of 427 independent church groups around the world, about 68 million 400 thousand believers.

Luther On the basis of faith

The book "collaborative" compiled in 1583 (the Book of Concord), including three new classics " The Nicene Creed "," Credo "," Symbolum Quicumque ", Martin Ruud The "catechism", "Schmal Calder doctrine", melanchthon (Melanchthon) ". Augsburg Confession "Etc..

Luther main features

(a) "justification by faith" in Christ, that people only really believe, in order to become a righteous man is innocent, salvation, noble and eternal life of the people, by obeying the law and moral precepts and external good work and cannot be saved. People only have pure faith to become a true Christian, external good work is only the inevitable result of the pure faith.
(two) the supreme authority of the Bible that emphasizes, " Bible "Is the revelation of God, which is the only source and the rule of faith, doctrine, etiquette and system are consistent with the.
(three) insist on" Laity All The priest "That every Christian has equal status and rights in the church, can the church, there should not be any privilege.
(four) from the perspective of "justification by faith" principle, do not attach importance to the Unification Church form and system, different systems such as the church episcopal , congregationalism Or Presbyterian, there are different Lutheran groups. In the case of religion with the nordic.
(five) the implementation of baptism And the two sacraments, prominent sermon And sing Chant That practice infant baptism, the Eucharist is considered sacred, that Christ "real presence" on bread and Wine.

Luther Historical development

Luther The development of the world

Luther in sixteenth Century introduction Northern Europe States and Western Europe In some areas, to the middle of the eighteenth Century began to spread to North america. The immigrant background is complex, decentralized Lutheran Church has not combined. American Civil War More drama opposite north and south of the church. Until the end of the first World War, the American Lutheran Church began to merge. The first half of nineteenth Century to twentieth Century, the Western powers wantonly colonial expansion at the same time, Luther also gradually spread to some countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Latin america.
After the end of World War II, facing the new international situation, the problem of decentralized perplexing church groups and many of the Lutheran emphasis on strengthening the unity, unity of thinking, to carry out missionary and enhance the role of the church and other new tasks. Therefore, on the basis of full consultation in 1947, Lutheran World Federation (LWF) was established in Sweden That marks the United Lutheran in the world has reached a new stage. Since then, the union actively promote the church or the ecumenical movement, attention to changes in the social and political situation. The organization in 1957 the Minneapolis conference highlighted the "freedom, unity, reform, service" theme, for African national independence movement situation, adjust the Lutheran missionary policy, proposed three tasks in the Missionary Conference of Afro Asian emerging independent churches to support financially, give from the collaborative work, the clergy sent the local culture, the Lutheran Church groups to solve their problems and carry out activities.
In Germany
After World War II, most of West German Lutheran Church was originally unified, have participated in the "Gospel Church", a common leadership, collaborative activities, and the church became a special bond connecting two Germany during the cold war, this decision Germany Luther religion will always pay great attention to the vital political issues in East West relations. The church to national political attitude although there are differences, but the basic position is a recognition of the two German government is established by God, Christians should obey the state regime, on the other hand should be conditionally admitted and measures of government behavior. Some church groups even claimed that Christians should not be obedient to The Marx doctrine The world outlook and the government behavior forced Marx's propaganda. Therefore, the West and East Germany and the Soviet Union was the church army chaplain, funded East church, atheism A series of friction and bickering propaganda, the Soviet Union's religious policy, relations deteriorated gradually. After 1968, the relationship between things: Pope basically broke church together to carry out activities. For the reunification of Germany, the Lutheran Church has always been to support. It also stands for the East and the West should coexist peacefully, to stop the development of nuclear weapons and the implementation of disarmament, but also some of the church said that nuclear weapons as a means of defense has its justice. West German Lutheran has for the rich and the poor in the country's economic development uneven phenomenon, put forward a fair distribution of the means of production and wealth claims.
Nordic region
Sweden, Norway and Denmark have a Lutheran Church Anglican Church status, restricted by the Parliament and the government in the legislative, financial and other aspects. The theological position is more conservative and less variable. However, the inside and outside the church required to achieve the separation of church and state is growing. In 1953 Sweden enacted laws, expand citizens choose freedom of religious belief, part of the abolition of public education and governmental religious restrictions, the Swedish government and parliament in early 60s set up a special committee to investigate the relationship between politics and religion. The Norway government and parliament is still at the beginning of 60s set up a special committee to investigate the relationship between politics and religion have also started to pay attention to expand the autonomy of the church demands, but has no significant results. At the same time, the church also appeared to improve the status of women's voices. In 1958, the Swedish Parliament passed a bill to allow the church to teach women. Beginning in 1960, women priests, but their authority and role is still limited within the church on the matter is different, until 1979 was officially confirmed the men and women are equal in the church.
In the United States
The American Lutheran in 50s to mid 60s, experienced a sustained development of the "Renaissance" period. The number of churches and believers have bigger growth. The church also accelerated the pace of the joint group. In 1960 ~1962, some scattered small church groups were merged into the Lutheran (American Lutheran Church) and the United States Lutheran (Lutheran Church in American). Compared with the old conservative Missouri Lutheran Church (Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod) began to change the rigid attitude of dialogue with other Lutheran and other denominations, seek cooperation. But because of Fundamentalism Who re mastered the will of the leadership, the Lutheran internal further combined with stagnation.
In mid 60s, the new social thought and social movement emerged, African-American Civil Rights Movement and Feminism Lutheran believers raging like a storm, the growth rate began to stagnate or even reduce momentum. To this end, it embarked on a self adjustment and transformation. The three main church groups in 1965 to form special committee etiquette reform, in order to retain the gospel tradition at the same time, some modest reforms of etiquette. At the same time, they emphasized the importance of care for social problems in theory, in order to change the image of the old don't care about the social and political problems, but these activities were conservative opposition within the church. To have more followers, they also to the traditional evangelical activities of reflection, put forward new method of cross flow, the Church Missionary missionary, and enable youth as church leaders, this is beneficial to the absorption of young believers.
After the middle of the 70s, the United States to reduce the number of Luther has slowed down, but did not stop. Because of this period five Pentecostal Lutheran party produced certain effect, attracting some believers in relation to this, Fundamentalism The rise of power. This outstanding performance in Missouri in the transformation of lutheranism. At the end of 60s and early 70s they seized the church leadership, continue to adhere to the "infallibility" theory, women against a benefice. Liberals, exclusion, and exit some engaged in The ecumenical movement The organization and its activities. The main camp of the church has become a conservative American Lutheran, with 2 million 800 thousand believers, "the witness report" (Witness Reporter). These changes caused a reflection of other Lutheran Church groups, they take a more active and flexible way to promote joint. After long negotiations, the United States (ALC), the Lutheran Lutheran Church Alliance (LCA) and Hew Ruud (AELC) was merged in May 1987 The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (The Evangelicae Lutheran Church in America). This will be completed in 1978 by the "Lutheran liturgical books" (Lutheran Book of Worship), not only retains the gospel tradition and made some adapt to the reality of the reform. It has 5 million 400 thousand followers in the United states. Journal of Luther "faithful" (Lutheran). In addition, the church also pay great attention to discuss abortion Life ethics and Homosexuality Moral problems.
Afro Asian region
Afro Asian region Lutheran Church groups, in promoting the national independence movement of the rising under the accelerated Indigenization movement Process. Such as the Latin American Lutheran Church in July 1965 Lima The convening of the fourth consultative meeting, the meeting stressed the local church's unity, to get rid of the external control, achieve social equality, expanding missionary etc..
The ecumenical movement
After 70s, in the Lutheran World Federation under the leadership of the international Lutheran in The ecumenical movement The missionary, and strive for social justice and peace in the world is very active. In the ecumenical movement in its advocacy of "diversity reconciliation" (Reconciled diversity) is the premise of dialogue in the recognition and protection of different sects characteristics, and to seek a joint. On this basis, the alliance and the Lutheran Church and some countries Catholicism , Presbyterian , Wesley Zon , Anglican Communion , Baptists Had extensive contacts and dialogue and exchange views on theological and social issues, published a lot of relevant documents, this dialogue and development trend of the church to the grassroots, in addition, also try to carry out with the rest of the world religion and ideology, including The Marx doctrine The dialogue. In the missionary, Lutheran World Federation has urged the church to promote evangelical missionary work, the church encourages autonomy in various countries and regions and base themselves; they strengthen coordination and cooperation at the same time for missionary work. Since 80s 70, the Lutheran decline in Europe and the United States influence in Africa and Latin America regions have increased, so it pays more attention to the third world.
In 1977, the sixth session of the general assembly in Luther Dar es Salaam This is the case of a world conference held for the first time in the southern hemisphere countries, reflects the the third world The rising position of the church, the church also shows that third world countries began to form a force.
In 1987, South Africa and the United States, a group of African American clergy and followers founded the "black International Conference Lutheran" (Conference of International Black Lutherans), Lutheran Theological ecumenical movement and African traditional religion and other issues are put forward their own independent views. On social issues, most of the Lutheran Church have adopted a more realistic attitude and position, advocate the spirit of "the principle of social justice issues", against the war and the arms race, for the relaxation of international tension; advocating "human rights", against the apartheid system; promoting the maintenance of ecological environment calls for the elimination of poverty.
In October 31, 1999, World Federation of Catholic and Lutheran road both sides signed on behalf of senior "Joint Declaration on justification in Germany Augsburg".
In July 23, 2006, Lutheran World Federation, world Methodist Council (World Methodist Council) and the Rome Catholic Church in South Korea at the world Methodist conference, signed a historic "justification by faith Joint Declaration" (Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, JDDJ). This statement was confirmed in the expression of "justification by faith" consensus on the teachings of the bible.
In January 19, 2009, Pope Benedict has sixteen held a traditional large male audience, met to Rome to celebrate the festival of Saint Henrik Lutheran Church mission. This meeting is held at the beginning of the 101st to promote the week of prayer for Christian unity.
The morning of December 16, 2010, Pope Benedict has sixteen met with President Munipa Yunan and the Lutheran World Federation of the delegation.
Lutheran spread has a history of 460 years. In Protestant denominations, it is the earliest established sect; in theology theory, has a great influence on other denominations; also a large number of denominations. The church groups except a few hold Fundamentalism Point of view, the majority held Evangelical theology Thought, and absorbed some new theology. It attaches great importance to the social problems, attention in social life and political life of all countries play a role and influence.

Luther The situation in China

To China Lutheran because of different nationalities and the difference will be the name of different Chinese called Lutheran church. In China spread mainly in the parish in Hubei and Hunan and henan. In Shanghai by 1905 (Guangxu 31 years) of North American Lutheran incoming will (E.L.A) and Norway Lutheran (N.M.S) synthesis of a Lutheran Church in Nanchang, the road No. 38 1 chapel.
Chinese ELCHK
From Europe to the Lutheran Church there are nearly 20 poor. Lutheran School (Lutheran Church) has long been active in Wuhan. In 1913 (in 2 years), there are 4 Lutheran will jointly set up a Lutheran Seminary in the suburbs of Hankou Shekou Shekou, and published the "Chi" and "Lutheran Lutheran theology", has a certain influence in the country. In 1920 (in 9) part of the Lutheran missionary in China composed jointly organized "Chinese Lutheran Church", the establishment of "Chinese Lutheran Church headquarters". In the later stage of the war of liberation, 16 will belong to the Lutheran denominations joined the "Chinese Lutheran Church", which in Henan, Hubei 5. "Chinese Lutheran Church" under the main cause of the United Lutheran Seminary, Shekou Lutheran Church of China News Department, Xinyi bookstore and Xinyi building. Lutheran Church in Wuhan believers worship activities began in 1947, the year July 6th Henan Henan in a group of Lutheran believers came to Wuhan, successively in Xinyi building, the YMCA, the navy "yellow Palace Ballroom", by the background of the job will "Henan Hubei, Henan NPC and CPPCC joint, the priest" Guo Shaofen. Soon, Wuchang will set up the small church. At the junction of Hankou Li Huangpi road and Dongting street at Xinyi building, a total of 6 layers, construction area of more than 7 thousand square meters, is a Lutheran in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other 8 difference from built in 1924. The building is a Chinese traditional Chinese priest provides sustenance often rented to bureaucratic tycoon living. After the founding of the PRC, to carry out the three self patriotic movement of the Wuhan Christian community, the Lutheran Church in January 1951 held a meeting in Hankou, announced that all sever his relationship with Western missionarysociety, renamed "Chinese ELCHK", the original 16 to the background of the difference will be always unified, in accordance with the geographical division. "Chinese ELCHK" national headquarters in Hankou, responsible person, Chen Jianxun Yu Jun.
The gospel will Tak Road
In 1913 (in 2 years) in September, Missouri Lutheran states (The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) missionary pastor Ya Rende (Rev.Arndt) the couple came to Hankou for the gospel road de mission in China will start. Ya Rende first in the Hankou Haishouli housing mission. Before 1926, Wuhan has had 7 churches. This will come to Wuhan for the first time, has a Lutheran Church and Lutheran name, but to avoid confusion with the Northern Hubei Norway Lutheran, 1927 renamed the "American Gospel road de hui". In 1942 was renamed "the gospel road de hui". After the succession to the Mianyang , Yichang , Shashi , Enshi With Sichuan Wanxian As the development of the Anti Japanese War, and then to Chongqing, Kunming and other places, but its main activities in Hubei and Eastern Sichuan, it always has been located in Hankou. The revolution of 1927, the club run by the Lutheran High school student movement and adhere to the hostile stance by the students was the impact of Christianity in Wuhan only, stop sectarian religious activities. In 1934 the Council insisted on teaching religious education to children in the primary school in the office, refused to register to Chinese government, the office 7 primary school have been closed. In 30s, they teach the anti Soviet, anti Communist and anti scientific socialism "in the propaganda often witness weekly run by" luther. The association has been in Wuhan before liberation by American cleric president, after the liberation by the Reverend Li Muqun Chinese although took over (in Chongqing), but the difference will be cut before the relationship with the west, still from the west to the chairmanship in Chinese priests control everything. Wuhan will set up a joint region, Wuhan region will be responsible for the liberation of human Wei Tiannian, Wei Zhangrong et al. In 1949, the American missionaries have returned, via Hongkong and carry out the gospel and relief work, the day after the composition of "American Lutheran Hongkong branch" (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Hong Kong Mission). At first, the missionaries Rennie The temporary tent party, serving nearby refugees; then founded Bible College, training workers. 1950, Kowloon rent Tai Po Road No. 232, establishing the first meeting, held in Cantonese party. In 1953, the opening of the first middle school. Since 60s, the number will continue to run in the primary school, and kindergarten, providing all-round education of Christ to the students, on the other hand, the school has become the base of the gospel, and church buildings so the sermon hall site, active student evangelism. Since 50s to assist refugees began, it has been committed to the development of social welfare. To 1977, the establishment of Lutheran Social Service Department of Hongkong. The same year, the education development for the local area by the independent Church, and registered as "Hongkong Lutheran" (Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod), to establish partnership relations with the United States Lutheran church. The members of the congregation have more than eight thousand people, 34 rooms, eight mission schools and kindergartens; more than 40 teachers, more than a thousand people, more than 20 thousand students; and social service units more than and 40; the other is provided with nine support organizations.
Guangzhou Chinese Lutheran Church
In 1867, the German Lutheran scholar to preach, was named in Guangzhou at the beginning of baling, oil gate set up church religious activities, and the establishment of Lutheran Seminary, select "all young handsome culture into the baling. Due to space constraints, it must set up another new site. Han Shibo, why force by the missionaries in Fangcun to purchase land to establish a new church (the German Church). The Lutheran church built in 1882, Guangzhou will also located here. It is the German Lutheran preaching in Guangdong stronghold, Lutheran Seminary is located here, because this is the German clergy Association in Guangzhou, Fangcun area people called the German church. The Guangzhou Lutheran missionary area, not limited to Guangzhou, but for the Guangdong province various counties, counties in the north and northeast, has its shadow activities. Lutheran Church with particular emphasis on the Hakka residents concentrated areas, has to Huizhou, Huaxian County Qingyuan, German , Xaucea , Shixing , Nanxiong Jiangxi Gannan area, and Shunde Zhongshan, Xinhui , Conghua , Zengcheng Other regions sent missionaries. The establishment of the branch in these areas, the establishment of the church. According to 1936 statistics, the Guangzhou Lutheran name has 10 councils, 69 District, and staff of 73 people, 7 people of four Chinese pastor, pastor of 11 people, 40 people of female male teachers, 10 teachers, 25 students seminary. In addition to direct religious activities, but also with the preaching activities to do some primary and middle schools in Guangzhou, including the German high school and Edward high school xaucea repute. In addition, some office in the country by the Church of primary school. During the war, the church's influence continues to expand, expand its publicity through preaching, disaster relief, disaster relief, charity etc.. 1946 Guangzhou Lutheran followers have increased greatly, some members of more than ten thousand people in two provinces of Guangdong and Jiangxi, has become a very influential church. During the war, the Guangzhou Lutheran Church had been occupied for some units, the orphanage. In 1945, the surrender of the German and Japanese fascism. Because of the German Church is a German priest raising construction, during the Anti Japanese War and some Germans living in the church within the scope of the Kuomintang government as a puppet property in early 1946 by the Kuomintang government of Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian puppet district property administration and The Central Trust Bureau Joint seizure. Some of the houses by the Kuomintang government soldiers occupied the barracks, or by the local government for the institution, some land by farmers back, some of the houses have been removed. After the event, the Guangzhou Lutheran general blue body appeal to the Executive Yuan for en from the KMT government, to defend the Guangzhou Lutheran Church in Germany is not industrial industry, does not belong to the property puppet. He said: "the source of funding is the Lutheran self," self-sufficiency "by Chinese and foreign members donated". He put the American church also involved, said during the Second World War Lutheran daily expenditure "by the Lutheran World Congress, and the American Lutheran appropriation...... Relief". Well even blue body sports participation taken property on behalf of the United States to support. That Gary issued by the Lutheran property industry is not a puppet said: the Chinese Lutheran industry, "not German industry", "industry authority Lutheran Church, the Germans do not interfere." Gray to a piece of paper to prove, determine the Lutheran property ownership. Because the gray interference, forcing the enemy property bureau had to seal a deal and then ordered the suspension of execution "". After the Kuomintang government ordered the cancellation of seizure.
Taiwan area
In 1950s, the four countries (the United States, Norway, Denmark, Finland) eight will work together, due to different policies, there are three four difference will still in the Lutheran Church of Taiwan, the remaining four will develop independently, gradually set up a new association. In Taiwan, the Lutheran Church, a total of six Association: Taiwan Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, China Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Taiwan, the road will be De.
In addition to the six club, Rhenish Taipei hall will be set up in 1975 by the Hongkong Synod to Taiwan, after the 1980s Hongkong Synod will face economic crisis, so the structure of the original church also has a mission, such as Yonghe Taipei Lixian, Taipei School of Puji clinic, later development has been greatly affected, and have been closed.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church
During the period, formerly known as "Zundao will". After coming to Taiwan from Taiwan Lutheran Church "(bamboo) seedlings (chestnut) area Lutheran Church", in 1958 the establishment of an independent association, registered with the authorities in Taiwan, officially named "Chinese Christian Church" (The Chinese Lutheran Brethren Church, referred to as CLBC). CLBC is a "North American Lutheran Church faithful" (The Church of the Lutheran Brethren of North America) (hereinafter referred to as the mother church) in 1900 by the five Lutheran Church formed. At the beginning of the establishment of the vision is to Chinese gospel. In 1902 the poor priest and his wife pizey Hao Lun arrived in Hubei Jujube began missionary work, from 1905 to 1910 and warens, pastor, Reverend Andalun Wenda road couple couple have arrived in China, 1910 in Tongbai County of Henan Province, established in 1911 in the flat's mission station, set in power in Hubei Province, Henan province the border with the Gospel Church, schools and some medical work, so it is also called "Henan Hubei (Henan) (Hubei) of the Lutheran church".
Established in 1930 in Henan Province, Tanghe Gospel station, 1933 Ande (Rev E. C. Anadahl the couple) his father Wu Andalun priest to step footsteps, Ann priest couples working in Henan for 6 years immediately after in 1939 returned to the United States, due to a time when the Japanese invasion of China, followed by the civil war. Again in 1954 Taiwan, 1979 officially retired back to the United states.
Zundao will missionary, in addition to the above mentioned, there is Qi Shi mother (1902), miss Luo Meizhen (1906), the king Dehe Priest King Tiger (Rev P. nickname M. Valder 1919), Rao (1917), miss Leah Nie Heci (Rev A.E. Nyhus 1928) the priest was in china. The Chinese church leader Zhang Weibin, often painted five priests etc.. Until 1949 will total sent 34 missionaries to china.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church is the Lutheran churches, in addition to the four "but also stressed that:" only the Bible ', but Christ, but only faith, grace, advocate The separation of church and state Also, there are several other Lutheran churches and slightly different place. Including:
One, believe that the Bible is the word of God and the large (three Credo , Athanasian Creed , The Nicene Creed ) and Augsburg Confession For the Christian faith.
Two, emphasize the followers of personal salvation experience, namely the traditional family care.
Three, do not pay attention to the worship ceremony, such as the platform in the middle, and the general Lutheran Church platform on the right, do not have to wear special clothing.
Four, the laity can also participate in works such as: San Bong, Sunday sermons and sharing, which lay the priest.
Five, according to the Bible, that does not exclude the pentecoastal.
Six, pay attention to the church self-reliance, autotrophic: in order to implement this policy, the difference will be provided within seven years of subsidies decreased year by year to seven years is completely independent. Because of this early in Taiwan called dedicated preacher especially family, because of early Taiwan economic backwardness, believers I love pastors, or followers income is not high, only enough to maintain the home itself, giving enough preachers basic needs, very hard, go outside part-time, also has the church use open kindergarten to increase income. Such as: Hsinchu, Taoyuan Kameyama, yongshengtang victory church mission, but the church has completed the self-reliance and self support, there are people dedicated to children who preach such as Luo Yuemei, Luo Meiling etc..
Seven, pay attention to education, open up the church. When the Church of manpower and material resources is sufficient, open up new things. Such as: Victory hall open victory hall.
Eight, pay attention to the Indigenization of the local church, so there is a church "Luther church faithful" * * branch name of North America, is transferred to the other churches and church, who would like a pair of Renaissance hall, new hall remained formerly built in the foundation, in order to avoid others (fifteen, 20)
Chinese Lutheran will come to Taiwan to work motivation, because the outlook for the 1950 U. S. world will host the male choir, came to the Far East as a member of the gospel concert, Mr. Erickson Joe, see Taiwan to accept the huge number of people infected after the gospel in the United States Fergus Falls held overseas education annual meeting, proposed to the Taiwan Gospel call, the call will immediately get the mother of believers, especially in the past, has good reaction period, and the close relationship between people, further to the Taiwan compatriots that mainlanders, the gospel will be restored. This proposal immediately agreed to overseas mission Committee, but in 1951 sent the original work for many years in Henan and Hubei Heci Nie (Rev A.E. Nyhus) the couple came to Hsinchu The pioneering work, 1952 purchased the South Road No. 214 building, two Japanese style houses (now adapted for the South Road No. 430), a repair, the formal establishment of the church, the priest Nie couples work after a period of time, industry retired in 1964 to return to the United states.
In 1948 with the foreign workers to the United States from Hubei original Zundao will often painted five priests, also in the summer of 1952, together with another former work in the mainland Rao miss Leah, also came to Hsinchu, which started work in the military access area, and the original, and a few believers contact. The priest to Taiwan after the first Lutheran pastor in China, Lutherans, respected, and was elected the first president of Taiwan Lutheran Lutheran supervision, then is not so many will not have been in November 12, 1961, with the rest, miss Leah also retired back to the United States to spare.
In 1954 the mother sent the original in Henan province for many years preaching pastor Ande couple (Rev E. C. Anadahl) to Taiwan, with the dedication of preaching youth, have already attended Bible College or theological training, and into the ranks of the gospel, this will work by the Hsinchu south road extended to Hsinchu east of PU Ding, thus established Pu Ding missions, namely the victory hall, enqiao hall, gradually promote Chutung, chiunglin. South to Miaoli, South Longgang, bamboo, until Tunghsiao, Taoyuan in the north have also been. Reverend Ande retired in 1961. My wife still will be responsible for the safety of women and children always work. His wife Ann also officially retired in April 1977, this will succeed for women's and children's Department of the director general Dai Yuzhen.
Originally in another missionary Reverend Wang Dehe, a preacher (Rev P. M. Valder) in 1952 to Taiwan, in the two section of Taipei New South Road, the creation of new chapel, still to preach the gospel based military. The Reverend Wang Aodu (Rev Otto Valder) to assist couples working with the pastor wang Ao 1958 Benedict, the king of the old priest retired, also joined the new church, the priest had a couple Wang Ao Benedict reclamation work in Taoyuan Tanan new community. The Reverend Wang Aodu in Taipei Taoyuan District, moved to Hsinchu, a former teacher, China Lutheran Seminary vice president, director of retirement in 1987, returned to the United States, the Reverend Wang Dehe have died in the United States in 1966.
Qi Fusheng (Rev Christofferson) the couple, September 1957 arrived in Taiwan, before Taipei China to Miaoli after learning Chinese, Tunghsiao served, then to Taipei, in May 1970, the family returned to the United states.
This will be another early in Taiwan, is the gospel to the wounded in the military hospital. Presbyterian The introduction, the missionaries and the original in Chinese women pray send in Chutung hospital work in the Li Yaogong brothers, after long-term cooperation, Li brother is officially joining the Council, although no theological education brother lee. But because of the enthusiasm in the Gospel Work and called out, is exceptional in 1959 ordained as South Road Lutheran pastor, pastor Li Kai Li Shimu in Koinonia Gospel Lutheran Church, the South Road to reach independence and self support. Li Mushi very high literary attainments, the editor of the "seven diet" has been published weekly for 25 years continuously, very popular spiritual publications, pastor Li retired in April 1971, engaged in work. Li Mushi returned home after the interest of labour, the other is his work, and Norway will (China Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland (Taiwan), the poor Lutheran Church), established in collaboration with China Lutheran Seminary, creating young church.
Poor workers in conjunction with the white Qiande priest (Rev Charles Baicheledes, has been to Miaoli, Longgang and the rest) after the dragon, Tunghsiao, bamboo south to help the church at the end of 1963 to Taiwan after learning Mandarin, and adjust the Taoyuan Tong Ministry Development at the same time, China Lutheran Seminary as a director, Dean, teachers and so on the hospital administration, teaching, property, corporate entities such as work, contribute greatly in Taiwan, serving more than 26 years, the family returned to the United States in 1991.
The Reverend Tao Ensheng (Rev Reubentsanja Tharson) family in 1965 to study Mandarin, has been engaged in theological education work in China Lutheran Seminary served as Dean, Dean, teachers, priests of Greek pottery attainments deep, as Greek and biblical theology teachers as "God" and the development and work with classmates. North and south around to visit the church, Sunday and presided over the theological seminar devoted to extend the system of teachers, the night. Tao priest in 23 years Taiwan retired in 1991 to return to the United states.
The difference in Taiwan another work is to Hakka evangelism, Luo (Rev. Joel Nordtvedt) the prestige of a home in 1981 to Taiwan Hakka learning in order to understand the Hakka culture, traditional life, but living in Hukou, Hakka waxberry. Study of Hakka, Yangmei church successfully established, proving the correctness of the education strategy, and in the "God 'pastor Luo promote grassroots education curriculum as the main office, the minister was very fruitful, Luo Hakka evangelism has resigned as a director. 1999 Chutung Christian Hakka seminary was founded, rev was hired as the first dean.
The Reverend Qiu Fusheng (Rev. Michael Kittelson) in a 1987 Taiwan Xi Hakka, Hakka sing hymns, and play the piano in Zhongshan, with good traffic and Hakka people, a burden on the development of Hakka, Hakka is to serve.
To work in conjunction with the difference of Chen (Rev. Ethan Christofferson) Saint priest in October 1990 Taiwan Xi Hakka, he is early to Taiwan missionary Reverend Qi Fusheng long son, according to Chinese ethics should be the father's surname, but Hakka language teacher to take the surname "Chan", the older generation of believers is not that, after the correction is too troublesome the name "Chen", the pastor is the second generation of missionaries, the Chinese Ministry of the spirit and dedication of touching and admiration. Pastor doctorate degree in the United States in August 2007, returned to Taiwan and continued to serve.
There are other foreign missionaries Lin (Rev. Andrew Larsen) by Pastor Peng Yuqin and wife, Lin mother is high priest sister's daughter. Pastor Lin arrived in Taiwan at the end of 2005, and is still studying Hakka culture in chiunglin, and plans to start work after the Hakka internship, work.
As for the local church, Wang Dehe's old minister alone donated the building purchase new Chapel (now the new church), is a juridical person Taipei City China sermon, 1958 by the pastor wang Ao Benedict, the new chapel also join the club. In 1990 when 2 is located in the New South Road No. 59 of the land, by the Taipei municipal government levied into compensation in Daan Park, pastor and pastor Tao Ensheng Su Fu shoe under purchase Keelung Road No. 110 on the third floor 2 as a chapel, and purchased three dormitory, parking lot. Pastor Su retired in December 31, 1997, the church preacher Hu Huatuo teacher, on November 30, 1997 by pastors pastor Su pastoral work place.
Located in the city and two churches and origin Quaker The original, the church pastor Li Hongzhi retires from the United States, 1980 will be the hall of the shepherd, with older believers. The double and regional trade unions according to pastors in Zejian elders, because the burden of turnover on overseas education by mulberry to priests and Wang Taihe teachers preparatory work.
The revival of the original church is an independent self support and self church, by the Reverend Shi Yunsheng and his wife, from five to start a family party, engaged in community work of ministry, has grown to more than and 40 families, the church on 1995 formally apply to join the Council, and fellowship with the believers, the priest stone retired in 2005. The Reverend Zhu Yanjun shepherd succeeded.
Taoyuan yongshengtang to the Aggie staff and set up military evangelism, served as pastor Reverend Hou Zhenwu Wang Aodu, pastor, Reverend Song Tianyu (the poor), the Reverend Chen Yongjia, Reverend Su Fulv, chapter for priests, the current pastor wizard? Years of experience: the disabled, and teach the gift, served as the two president in the full vigour of life, always supervision.
Tong Qiande originally white priest development, Shen Meizhen teacher assistance, a number of students in the past before God, white priest retired back to the United States, the position is just from the United States back to Taiwan the Reverend Zhang Xianmin shepherd and his wife. A priest and his wife very deep attainments in English, by English class as the gospel tool is very successful, what have the burden of his youth, has been re elected Association Youth Ministry for many years, the annual Youth Summer Conference are creating a lot of church youth, the church will purchase loans by the church, but the church must be clarified, always to the church building loan is the sale of the Changan mission of the church land money, 2003 has been fully returned to the Church Association, other church building needs. In 2005 his departure, begun in 2006 by the Zhu Xingping sisters to assist the Church of God for internship students, and associate by the Reverend Li Wanfeng conference hall Yangmei fawn.
The reason for the sermon Kueishan chapter priests established Lutheran Kindergarten transition to church, Grace Church preacher Zheng Fumei shepherd, the priest, eager to love the Lord, in the Koinonia revival in believers will be 2007, because the original house is insufficient, temporarily rent 6 Jin Feng street for the church, and in 10 Jin Feng Street shopping the new hall.
Fawn hall is a missionary Yangmei Hakka learning after the successful establishment of a Hakka Education to use the Church Missionary to shepherd, who Zhengzhong priest served briefly as feed for the missionary church, Li Wan Feng as a full-time preacher. In 2006 the church a new church, church held xian.
Hsinchu District, the Lutheran Church is the first church, as early as five years before the establishment of federation established church, believers from the mainland to Taiwan military and government personnel, and their families as the main object, the first minister to Nie Heci, after the five priests, often with Rao miss Leah, the Reverend Ande, fourth former pastor Li Yaogong completed self-reliance, self support, former pastor has rich experience in education, the Reverend Li Yaogong, did not accept the orthodox theological education, because it is an exception to the victim loyalty, animal husbandry, pastor Li Retired pastor Xu Xinmin became the fifth pastor hall since 1971, according to animal husbandry, Tangda in the 30 years, until his retirement in 2011. President Xu Mushi, completed the new church, in encouraging the funding, commitment to serve, by attending seminary believers, there are as many as 18 people, among them, have to go to Japan and Hongkong propagandists. Xu's mother also as a preacher, promote the prayer network, set up a group by home visits. Pastor after retirement still sacrament pastor, incumbent Zheng Zhiren teacher and his wife Wei Juying were preaching.
The victory hall has three times the renovation, served as the preacher and pastor, Reverend Ande in Heci Nie and his wife, Zhang Qitang, the Chinese teacher Zhao Dongchen, Mao Dawei, Mao pastoral work the longest, about 21 years, has been to the United States and settled, replaced by Pastor Liang Jingxian. The original Ministry of women working with rabbi Dai Yuzhen, also in the church, Reverend Bao Ruizhu also served on the church, the Reverend Zhuo Zhongjing Zhang Weimin, another teacher, Rabbi Ye Meihui, Rabbi Luo Yuemei, Rabbi Luo Meiling, etc.. Liang Mushi went to the United States to study, the doctoral degree, in the meantime, the church hired Gong Kezhen brothers as preacher, Gong brothers in ordained pastor, the church was built during the Tang, resignation to the States to study, the church elders, but still and Liang Jingxian as the church pastor, the church is the Reverend Wu Daming, Chung Wah pastor, Lin Jiaying Qiu Pinyao, Wang Jiling teachers teachers, priests, priests, priests, Zhou Zhongping Chen Meixun, Rabbi Chen Youyu, Rabbi Dai Yuzhen, although the age of retirement, because the work actual need, still part of the time in the hall preparatory work.
Victory hall, the hall was the victory hall, no fixed preacher from Shengli hall co-workers, sharing platform, and shepherd, since the Reverend Li Qicheng after the interview, and actively promote the family group, all missions, often went to the countryside to preach the gospel. By increasing the number of parties, church gradually inadequate, then in 1997 the Sunday venue moved to China Lutheran Seminary auditorium, 2005 seminary to promote expansion, also with the victory hall become cooperative church Seminary, together with the development of.
This will cause all Church Missionary pastor Nie Heci in conjunction with the Reverend Li Yaogong open, Reverend Ande successor, and built by the American army chaplain Geng Houci donations, the church named Hau, intended to commemorate the dedication to build church pastor, Chinese meaning is quite good, as preachers, Li Yaogong, Tian Jacob, Wang Xincheng, Zhao Guangsheng, Song Tianyu, the hall dedicated sister Wu Xiujun priest, during his tenure, the church hall was originally the cottage, into five floor of the new church, Wu priest after marriage leave, but was born in Zhudong once hired Zhengzhong minister since January 1998, as always supervision.
Chiunglin Enlin hall, former pastor Ande and pastor Li Yaogong in conjunction with the establishment of the early missionary for Zhou Jixian brothers, has died, the hall was originally to the army field hospital evangelism, field hospital mobility, a lot of the number of Sunday, Sunday because of military forces, may have not much, is actively to the local education, Chen Yong Jia (Ma Ke) the term reconstruction of the new church, pastor turnover, hire Indonesian overseas Chinese pastor Reverend Shen Meizhen, Shen priest to Taoyuan, succeeded by the Reverend Hou Zhenwu, Hou priest retired, replaced by Rabbi Xu Xiaodie, Xu priest died from Shengli hall staff to assist the work of the Executive Board of believers, after rabbi Chen Xinfeng appointment number after departure, the church is preaching to hire Ye Fuhong shepherd, has ordained pastoral. The church is Hakka, a science park near the residential household, and technology, is a Hakka stronghold of the gospel and science park. We are to build a new hall.
Chunan Salvation Church, pioneered by Pastor and pastor Zhao Dongchen and Nie Heci church, pastor Zhao family to go to Taipei in 1964 the new church, the original Xu Xinmin brothers came to the New Church Missionary took over, to contact students, brother Xu had served three years in the bamboo south high school. 1971 brother Xu employed to Hsinchu Lutheran Church pastor, the church was a priest appointed Liu, Liu is leaving pastor asked Wang Jiaxing brother, brother Wang left by the American pastor Solomon Sang Sang a priest took over, the burden of education and enthusiasm, but because of the different views and sacraments, but left the place by Chen Linyin believes the graduation. Chen. After leaving, work continued by Hsinchu victory in the Gospel Hall of immigrants, and renamed the Chunan victory hall, by the Reverend Huang Boya responsible for the pastoral work.
Miaoli Gospel Hall, pioneered by Heci priest and Zhang Nie median brother, Reverend Zhang Qitang in office, ready to purchase the building, a pastorate victory church, replaced by Tien priest and church, by the Reverend Mao Dawei, Shaw Brothers, of Su Fu shoe priest ministry, 1973 Taipei new minister Su hall, by the Reverend Yang Kairong successor. The pastor after retirement, by Liu Chunxiong teachers continue to serve for three years, after years of no full-time staff work, by the Deacon believers to maintain, to 2006 hired Fu Youqi as a full-time preacher.
Tunghsiao Zundao hall, to commemorate the name in the mainland time "Zundao", is also a priest in the mainland and Chinese Nie Heci established by the Taiwan mission at the end of a church, by the Reverend Qi Fusheng continue to work at the same time, hired Dai Yuzhen priest to work after a priest of Longgang, by the Chen Tingxun brothers, Luo Zhang Yunhua, Hou Zhenwu, Nanhe Presbyterian pastors, elders of Wu Yikuan to support the work of worship has never stopped, by the Reverend Yang Kairong served as pastor of a sacrament, the elder son days made a couple called dedication to work, and in 2006 in pastoral.
The Miaoli county had the "Bay tile" and "dragon", "Longgang" and "Hengshan Hsinchu county", "nine bit" and "bay", "Kanto bridge". Taoyuan County "mountain village", "Pu", "Tomioka", were preaching work, cherish all sorts of factors, to continue to develop.
In 1997 to celebrate the 40 anniversary of the association, and since the beginning of that year, formally independent of the poor.

Luther Organization

 Lutheran World Federation Lutheran World Federation
Lutheran World Federation (The Lutheran World Federation), or translated as "world Lutheran alliance" and "the Lutheran World federation".
 The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (The Evangelicae Lutheran Church in America)
The Church of Taiwan
club English name Set up time Responsible for the area
Taiwan Lutheran Church Taiwan Lutheran Church (TLC) 1954 Mainly in Keelung Taipei, taichung, Chiayi Tainan, Kaohsiung City work etc.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church The Chinese Lutheran Brethren Church (CLBC) 1958 First in Taoyuan Hsinchu Miaoli area, to work in Taipei
Chinese Lutheran Church The Lutheran Church of the Republic of China (LCROC)
(Norway Council)
In Taipei Yilan , peach orchard work
The Evangelical Lutheran Church China Lutheran Gospel Church (CLGC)
One thousand nine hundred and seventy-three
Year (Norway overseas)
Work in Taichung
Taiwan Lutheran Church The Lutheran Church of Taiwan (LCT)
(Finland Council)
In Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Hsinchu after work. With "the house of grace", engaged in drug addicts;
"Faith broadcasting heart", in the gospel radio ministry.
Hengchun Christian Hospital has created by Luke management will preach
The gospel will Tak Road China Evangelical Lutheran Church (CELC) 1951 Missouri Lutheran states difference will create, set up a "cooperative school" in Chiayi, is one of the few Christian school.

(Norway Council)
One thousand nine hundred and seventy-three
Year (Norway overseas)
(Finland Council)
In Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Hsinchu after work. With "the house of grace", engaged in drug addicts;
"Faith broadcasting heart", in the gospel radio ministry.
Hengchun Christian Hospital has created by Luke management will preach

Luther The culture of the church

Luther (Luther Seal) to seal the Lutheran emblem. The seal is Martin Luther The design of the teaching in Wittenberg university. The performance of the first image in the seal, is the black cross, the cross on a red heart, is to remember the believers: "we are saved because I believe Christ crucified." "Because people believe in your heart that is justified." The cross is black, is death, is painful, but it does not change the color of the heart, not the destruction of nature, that is to say, it is not death, but to let people live. Because the righteous will salvation by faith. The letter is to believe that Jesus. But the heart is placed in a white rose in the center, that confidence in joy, peace and comfort. Rose White instead of red, because white is the angel of heaven and the spirit of the ideal color. Secondly, this rose is placed in a blue background, show the spiritual faith joy joy is the next token and start; the future joy has not been revealed, but the hope can foresee and grasp. In a blue background around with a golden circle, show that the sky of joy is endless, and all the treasures and Fullerton is more valuable, because gold is the best and the most precious metals, the Lord will give believers eternal grace. lead
 Collaborative book Collaborative book
The 1580 in Germany Dresden The book "collaborative printing" (Book of Concord) the first edition of the title page. English translation for CONCORDIA. YHWH. Christian retelling no objection creed, that is Augsburg Confession The voters, the prince and the property as well as theologians, doctrines and beliefs. In addition, some new articles "on the basis of a detailed explanation of the word of God is the only rule of faith". Martin Luther The blessing of the death is the subject of controversy. lead

Luther Famous members

Martin Ruud And religious reformer
melanchthon (Philip Melanchthon, 1497~1560), religious reformer.
Melanchthon (P.Melanchton, 1497~1560), the German educator, founded the Latin school.
Stewart desert (J.Sturm, 1507~1589), German educator, founder of grammar school.
Friedrich William August Phlobel (Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, 1782~1852), the German educator, known as "the father of preschool education".
John Sebastian Bach (J S Bach) famous Baroque musicians