The Gulf of San Francisco

San Francisco Wan (San Francisco Bay), also translated in San Francisco Bay (37 degrees 48 '0 "N, 122 degrees 25' 0" W), located in the western United States The state of California San Francisco , Is one of the world's best natural harbour, Made famous in northern California metropolitan area The San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco Bay Area) .
The Gulf of San Francisco

The Gulf of San Francisco geographical position

U.S.A California The nearly landlocked bay. By not
 The Gulf of San Francisco The Gulf of San Francisco
The sea water valley formation. through Kinmen Through the Pacific bay. The length of 97 kilometers (60 miles), width of 5 ~ 19 km (3 to 12 miles), as one of the best natural harbors in the world. The island is surrounded by several. San Francisco , Auckland The big city by the bay area rapid and etc. Transport system Connected to the metropolitan area Small town .

The Gulf of San Francisco Exhibition project

The Gulf of San Francisco and the delta model
The Gulf of San Francisco and Delta The California model is a beach located in the spectacle. golden gate bridge To the north of Marin county Sosa Ritonavir.
To enjoy all sorts of style in the Gulf of San Francisco, please drive orange like the sunset magnificent Golden Gate Bridge You can enjoy the beauty of the bay. Then north through the picturesque Sausalito, follow the "Gulf model" signs in the direction they came to is located in Richardson Bay, a brown tall building. The Gulf of San Francisco and the delta tidal model in this building.
This model is the United States Army Corps of engineers bureau established in 1956, it is a natural laboratory, the possible impact of the transformation and development of the Gulf and the delta to the test. The model is a movable stereo equipment, building in the 286 block Cement board Each piece of cement board, an area of 3.6 square meters, weighs 5 tons, is used to explain from
The question and the assumption in all aspects, such as the flow of fresh water, salt water intrusion, agricultural irrigation and water diversion project, oil spills or pollution, build a seawall and build a new bridge, etc..
Another model is the Gulf model attached to the visitor center, there are a variety of exhibits, galleries, overpass, so that visitors can be huge and keenly aware of the model, with a number of unique features to watch.
Most tourists visit the library first "life". "Life" is a series of etched glass block, with a huge photo and add that water on earth and the evolution of life exploration. Then watch the location 10 minutes of recorded photos "Gulf Tour", the film is the use of computer to depict the bay at the end of the original image.
Subsequently, tourists from the dim room video go up high, a miniature model of the actual total area is about 900 square kilometers overlooking the Bay, river, sea and the Gulf of San Francisco at the foot of the highlands; from the south to the North Bay. South Bay In the Bay, and San Pablo Broad surface, bay and Golden Gate Bridge; on the right is a narrow strait Guinness card, Saka The Sacramento River and The San Joaquin River The river flows through the back of the card Guinness, channel and suisun Bay, the formation of a delta and a maze of rivers, marshes and islands. In the broad estuary, freshwater injection Bay, and the bay water mixed together, into the Pacific ocean.
When the tide is in the hydraulic model of "wet" state, it runs according to the lunar day with the tide. Every 24 hours and 50 minutes for a lunar day, is imitated with 14.9 minutes of time. The 85% part in the depth of less than 9 meters, but to the The Golden Gate Here, suddenly drop up to 116 meters.
The other exhibition project
Here also has some other exhibition projects:
"Fishing stone and roe is a boat shaped video wall display is a bay herring Farm。
The Corps of engineers showed engineers and protection of wetlands, flood control, control of natural disasters, ensure the waterway navigable of work in the studio ". Other exhibits also introduced the different animal settlements where animal and habitat.
"Marin shipyard" (1942 - 1945) show during the second world war important shipbuilding facilities. The use of this facility covers an area of 0.8 hectares, is now inside the bay model wooden building and other buildings. Marin shipyard built 93 ships quotfreedomquot and oil tankers.
In addition, the model has a gallery and Exhibition Gallery in the bookstore, round local artists painting and photography, as well as 2 Fish pond 1, salt, the other 1 are fresh water.
Books in the bookstore, the theme is full of marine biology, maritime history, sailing, seabirds, Aquatic ecosystem Etc..
Out of the bay model building, the tourists boarded port visit. The dock is the Corps of engineers "Coyote", "alkyl bear" and "bear" the ship's home port. The 3 ships responsible for salvage floating debris in the bay. On a barge, stocked with the 1915 built steam "Weiboma", junks it previously along the Pacific coast north round-trip transportation, wood.
In the Gulf of San Francisco on the edge of a steep but extended tree lined slopes of Sausalito, along the coast, a yacht harbor, boat dock, yacht and shops, restaurants, many boats often parked here. In Sausalito, San Francisco And Di Bolong, a ferry for tourists to travel. Sausalito City Pier near the small park, most of the attractions by walking or riding a bicycle can be reached.
Golden Gate National Recreation Area in Sausalito and a Marine mammals It is one of the world's largest wild animal hospital. Trained professionals every year for various marine mammals lost parents, sick, injured or killed, including Seals , Sea Lions And the whale, Dolphin and Otter And rescue, the number of hundreds of them to recover after the head, back to the sea.