Fengtian province

At the end of the Qing Dynasty Fengtian province, and one of the provincial administrative units of the Republic of China, referred to as the "in" capital In Tianfu .
Fengtian province
The provincial office located in Erting: one is carrying on taking office, governor fuzhang all confidential confluence, with all things for a conference hall, appraisal; law system. Chapter by supervisor. The original Bureau merged, divided into negotiation, flag service, civil affairs, provided, the degree of support, Mongolia, service division seven quanye. Another army training a military expansion, a formulation to make criminal law. A total of eight prefectures, five leading Zhili hall, three rooms, six prefectures and thirty-three counties.
In 1929, Zhang Xueliang will be renamed as "Liaoning province of Fengtian province".

Fengtian province brief introduction

Fengtian province, the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China The provincial administrative region One, referred to as "in the" capital of Mukden (April 2, 1929 renamed Shenyang) .

Fengtian province History

1662, to govern the area of today's Liaoning region" amban janggin "As the" general guarding Liaodong etc.". In 1665, it was renamed the "garrison at Fengtian general", namely "Fengtian general". Then the "Mukden" gradually from the original name for its expansion in Tianfu under the jurisdiction of the administrative region of appellation.
In 1747, called "guarding at Shengjing general", i.e." General of Shengjing "But it is still called" Administrative Region under the jurisdiction of fengtian".
Guangxu reign period Thirty-three years (1907) the change Northeast The The military government system by Province system Then, the abolition of Shengjing general design, Fengtian province, is the capital In Tianfu (now Shenyang city), is now in Liaoning province and territory of Inner Mongolia hinggan league , Zhelimumeng Part of Jilin Province, southwest.
In 1912 the founding of the Republic of China, the father of Sun Zhongshan himself as the provisional president Chinese.
1929 placed under house arrest The Fengtian province renamed as "Liaoning province", meaning "the cross-strait peace forever", but still the folk custom called "Fengtian province".
In 1932 after the establishment of the complex, "Fengtian province".
Japan surrendered in 1945, the government of the Republic of China administrative division adjustment in Northeast China, "when will the Fengtian province back to Liaoning province".
Was established in 1949 in People's Republic of China, Liaoning Province Liaodong Province and In western Liaoning Province After the merger, the restoration of Liaoning province so far.

Fengtian province The reason was renamed Liaoning Province

According to reports, Liaoning Province in the late Qing Dynasty called Fengtian province, the name change with Zhang Xueliang "the Northeast authorities" has a direct relationship. In 1929 the "Hongge Zhan collection of the latest situation map" and related information can be found in December 1928, northeast authorities, national unity. Inherited by the Qing Dynasty with "follow the providence feudal Fengtian province" into the name list. After a change after the name of Liaoning province.
According to the February 3, 1929 "Shengjing Times" said: "in the Liaoning party please change two words, cover from the Liaohe River and the East Liaodong region, Liaohe River and the west region of Ningyuan river." This is the first layer of meaning. While the Fengtian province was renamed Liaoning, is not a simple name, which also contains the local people for more than ten years of warlords discontent.
According to the Shenyang Research Institute of culture and history, "history of Shenyang" in February 5, 1929, the event, the Nanjing national government issued ninety-first orders, will be renamed the Fengtian province of Liaoning Province, implemented since March 1st. Take social peace area Liao meaning can be understood as a peaceful society in Liaohe River Basin area of righteousness. This is the second layer of meaning, meaning is universal.
Liaoning province and the region changed several times in 80 years. "September 18" incident, and change the name of Fengtian province, Liaoning province recovery after the victory of Anti Japanese war. After the founding of new China, Liaoning area, Liaoning two is set to change Liaodong Province, in 1954, and merged into Liaoning province.