The History of the Han Dynasty

" The History of the Han Dynasty ", also called" Han "by the former. China The Eastern Han Dynasty During the period of the historian Ban Gu Compilation , which lasted for about twenty years, to build up the basic middle school, from the Tang Dynasty Yan Note. The first part is Chinese Style Dynastic history ," Twenty four "One of the. "Han" is the second " Redords of the Grand History of China After "in ancient China and an important historical records, and" Redords of the Grand History of China "," Houhanshu "," Romance of the Three Kingdoms "And called" Four history ". The book is mainly about the "Han" on The Western Han Dynasty The dynastic title of Liu Bang The first year (206 BC), to The new dynasty The usurper who founded the Xin dynasty Terrestrial Sovereigns Four years (AD 23 years), a total of 230 years. "Han" include Ji twelve, table eight, Chi ten, seventy, a total of one hundred people, divided into one hundred and twenty volumes, a total of eight hundred thousand words.
The History of the Han Dynasty

The History of the Han Dynasty content validity

"Han" created a "two generation" style of dynastic history.
"Han" includes twelve of this article, table eight, Chi ten, biographies of seventy, a total of one hundred people, divided into one hundred and twenty volumes. It began in the Chronicle dynastic title of Liu Bang The first year of Liu Bang, King Wang Mang finally four years. "Han" is a Dynastic history . "Han" to " Redords of the Grand History of China "The" This "," Ji said"," Biographies "," biography "," book "," Chi ", the abolition of the" family ", the Han Dynasty Xun Chen family law into. These changes, some history books were later inherited. "Han" and "records of the era Redords of the Grand History of China "Cross, Martial Emperor The history before the middle of the Western Han Dynasty, the two books are described. In this part, "Han" often use " Redords of the Grand History of China ". But because of differences in the choice of materials and the author thought the state standards are not the same, one also Gaiyi additions. "Han" new " Journal of criminal law "," five elements "," Journal of geography "," bibliographical treatise ". " Journal of criminal law "The first time systematically describes the evolution of legal system and some specific laws and regulations. "Geography" records the time of the county administrative divisions, history and account numbers, the property, economic development, customs records more compelling. " bibliographical treatise "Research the origin of various academic records, do not send the books, it is the earliest extant catalogue. " Shihuo Zhi "By" Pingzhun book "Evolved, but the content is more rich. It has two volumes, volumes about "food", namely agricultural economy; volume on "goods", namely business and currency The situation at the time of the special economic. "Han" eight in one " The ancient people table "From the emperor down to taeho, Wu Guang," ancient "and" now ", thus caused the posterity ridiculed responsibility. They admired the "Han" of the " Baiguan Gongqing table "This article first on the table, the official set the position of Qin and Han Dynasties, the number of permissions and various official salary, and then divided into fourteen levels, thirty-four lattices profile, recording the officials moved free lift. It is not much, but at the time of the bureaucracy and bureaucratic changes clearly show in front of us. This reflects the ideological differences of two people. The so-called "saints", is Confucius. Sima Qian is not entirely to Confucius thought as the judgment is not standard, it is worthy of affirmation. and Ban Gu The experience is not Sima Qian . The change from Sima Qian to Ban Gu, reflects the Eastern Han Dynasty Confucianism as a feudal orthodox ideology, has established a solid footing in the field of history. "Han" like to use an ancient, more difficult to read.

The History of the Han Dynasty Catalogue of works

The History of the Han Dynasty The style of writing

"Han" for the first China Style Dynastic history , "Han" records, in the Western Han Dynasty based on dynastic title of Liu Bang The first year of emperor Wang Mang under the final four years, a total of 230 years. "Han" style fully inherited the "historical records", but "book" for "Chi", "family" into" Biographies The book has twelve "," Ji "," eight ", ten" Zhi "and seventy" biographies ", where one hundred papers, a total of more than eighty million words.
 Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion collection of "Han" (Ming Dynasty Edition) Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion collection of "Han" (Ming Dynasty Edition)
To the Tang Dynasty, Yan Shigu believes that the "Han" volume will be more onerous, the length of the elderly is divided into upper and lower or upper, middle and lower volumes, become the current "Han" in one hundred and twenty volumes.
The "Han" historical data is very rich and informative, recorded in this book and the era " Redords of the Grand History of China "Cross, history before Han Wudi mid western Han Dynasty, the two books are described. "This part of Han", with "historical records" old man, but because of the difference of the writer's thoughts and material choice standards are not the same, one has to change or.
After the Han Dynasty Historical events In addition, Ban Gu absorbed the note and then read dozens of "historical records" book information, but also the use of a large number of Dahir , Memorialis , Fu And similar official in charge of recording the emperor' daily life The "Han Ji", the astronomical calendar book, and heard the class's son "". Not a few Primary sources Ban Gu, is the entry in the book, so more than the "historical records" has a more historical value.
 "Han" Zhonghua Edition "Han" Zhonghua Edition
"Han" in "Ji" a total of twelve, from the Han Dynasty to the Emperor Ping of Han The chronology of events.
Although the wording and " Redords of the Grand History of China "The first place, but not known" This "Such as" Gautier Ji "," Wu Ji "and" Emperor Ping Ji "Etc.. Because of the "Han" was recorded in the first year of hangaozu, it will be in the "Shi Ji Ji" characters, such as Xiang Yu So, change in" pass "In the Eastern Han Dynasty; and because does not recognize usurper who founded the Xin dynasty The establishment of the regime The new dynasty Therefore, Wang Mang in the "biography", demoted to pass at the end of.
"Han" in the "table" a total of eight, by the "historical records" the old table, and the new emperor after the evolution .
The first six records include: records of the early Han Dynasty surname "vassal king of the kings", recorded Surname princes The "surname Princes", recorded in the Han Dynasty to the Emperor Cheng of Han The "hero" by chronology, records of the ruling class to achieve the purpose of Zun han.
After the two article "Han" by ", including: Baiguan Gongqing table "," ancient characters table ", the" ancient and modern characters ", Ban Gu put the famous figures in history, Confucianism as the standard, divided into four categories nine, table;" table "Baiguan Gongqing detail of the Qin and Han Dynasties Official system .
"Han" in "Zhi" is divided into ten parts, is designed to remember Laws and regulations The rise and fall of history.
Because of the "Han" with "book" for examination, to avoid confusion, the "historical records" in the "book" for "zhi".
"Han" ten "Chi", is developed in "historical records" based on the "eight books" and the "historical records" " etiquette "," music book "to" Li Zhi ", will" Law book "," Almanac "To" The law of Li Zhi The ";" day official book "to" astronomical records ", will" Book Fengshan "Instead of" Jiaosi Chi ", will" Canals book "To" Gouxuzhi "Will" Pingzhun book "To" Shihuo Zhi ".
At the same time also added" Journal of criminal law "," The five line will "," bibliographical treatise "And" geography ", the journal content well versed in both ancient and modern learning Syria, and not only the Western Han Dynasty history.
Among them, such as "geography" in the Warring States period, the Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty's territory, the establishment of the feudal family, the situation of customs, Noble family And the Emperor Extravagant Etc..
Five lines of "Zhi" in the The five line The calamity of said their. But from another point of view, it saved the aniseed Natural history Data.
"Astronomical Chi" from ancient times to save Emperor Ai Shou yuan A lot of years about the stars, solar eclipse , Lunar eclipse Astronomical data.
The "criminal record" is the summary to the Western Han Dynasty and points out the criminal law. Emperor Wen of Han , emperor jing of han The idea of priority, also pointed out that the emperor used Ruthless But the consequences of.
"Shihuo Zhi" is on economic development from ancient times to the Han dynasty.
The "Chi" is from ancient times to the Han Dynasty of the water conservancy project, and explain the governance strategy of hydrology.
"Han" in "biographies" a total of seventy, is still in the "historical records" of the law, to the officials in the order of time for Shanghai, at the same time, the first college, class, again for the ethnic minority and foreign, at last Treacherous ministers and traitors "Wang Mang" in the end, clear system.
 usurper who founded the Xin dynasty usurper who founded the Xin dynasty
As for the transfer of the title, in addition to "Princes", all are the surname or full name of title.
"The literary scholar part of the Han Dynasty" recorded his biography, academic, political content, such as "Jia Yi" in mind" Security policy ";" Gongsun Hong. "Remember" the wise way "and so on, these are not included in the" historical records ".
The biography of the class biography have "Rulin biography", "official", " The Ranger. "," cruel ", in addition to add" biography "," "pass", "Yuan imperial biography", these are not "historical records".
four barbarian tribes on the borders There is, " Hun. "," Southwest two Guangdong from North Korea "," western "three.
In addition, imitation and" Taishigong Zixu "Meaning," biographies "last article" Syria. "The motivation of writing, compilation , Pedestrianize Etc.. "Biography" in the Western Han dynasty recorded. "Biographies" each article were attached to "like", that is the end of the chapter "imitation" historical records "Sima Qian" style, the author of a person or thing of criticism or opinion.

The History of the Han Dynasty Directory details

Ji, is divided into twelve volumes
On a roll of Han Gautier Ji Han Emperor (on the first Liu Bang )
Han Ji (the first volume in my Gautier Han Emperor Liu Bang)
Han Hui Ji second 2 (Han Hui Liu Ying1 )
Han Ji (third volumes after three after Henkel Pheasant Han, Shao Di Liugong Han, Shao Di Hong Liu )
The Han Emperor (Emperor Han Ji fourth Liu Heng )
Han Emperor fifth (volume five Ji Han Emperor L )
Han Wu Ji (Han Wudi sixth Vol. six Wudi )
Han Emperor Zhao Ji seventh (volume seven, Emperor Han Zhao Liu Fuling )
Han Xuandi Ji eighth (volume eight Han Xuandi Liuxun )
Han Emperor Han Yuandi (ninth century Vol. nine Liushi )
Han Ji tenth (volume ten emperor Emperor Liuao )
Han Emperor AI Ji (eleventh Vol eleven Emperor Liu Xin )
Han Emperor Ping Ji (volume twelve Han Pingdi twelfth Liukan )
The table is divided into eight chapters.
Volume thirteen Han surname princes table first (Liu outside Princes)
Han volume fourteen princes table second (Liu kings)
Han Hou Prince table third on volume fifteen
Han Hou table third under Prince volume fifteen
Han Gao Huigao but hero Vol. sixteen table fourth
Han Jing Wu Zhaoxuan volume seventeen yuan's success in table fifth
Volume eighteen "Enze Hou Hanshu in table Sixth
Volume nineteen on Han Baiguan Gongqing table seventh.
The nineteen volume of Han Baiguan Gongqing table seventh under
Volume twenty and table eighth Han people
Chi, is divided into ten chapters
Han Li Zhi on the first law of volume twenty-one (Deng Ping "tachu calendar")
Volume twenty-one Han Li Zhi (the first law of Liu Hsin's "three unification" calendar)
Han Music Vol. twenty-two records second
Han Zhi third volume twenty-three criminal law
Han Shihuo Zhi fourth on volume twenty-four
Han volume twenty-four food goods will fourth
Volume twenty-five Jiaosi fifth Han Zhi
Han Zhi fifth volume twenty-five Jiaosi
Han Zhi sixth astronomical volume twenty-six
Volume twenty-seven five for Han Chi seventh.
Han volume twenty-seven records of the five elements in seventh
Han volume twenty-seven records of the five elements in seventh under the
Han volume twenty-seven records of the five elements seventh above
Volume twenty-seven five for Han Zhi seventh below
Han geography Vol. twenty-eight eighth
Han geography Vol. twenty-eight eighth
The twenty-nine volume of Han Zhi ninth
Han Yiwenzhi (according to the tenth volume thirty Liu Xiang The " Don ", Liu Hsin The " qi lue "Written)
Transfer is divided into seventy chapters, the biography of the Duke
Han Sheng Xiang Ji Chuan (the first volume thirty-one Chen Sheng , Department )
Volume thirty-two Han Zhang Er Chen Chuan (rest second Ear , Chenyu )
Han Wei Baotian Vol. thirty-three third (King Xin of Han Dan Weibao , Tian Dan , King Xin of Han )
Han Han Peng Ying Lu Wu, volume thirty-four (Fourth Han , Peng , Tattoo cloth , Luwan , Miss Rui )
Han Jing Yan Wu biography fifth Vol thirty-five (Jing Wang Jia Liu Yan. Ze The king of Wu. Liu Pi )
Volume thirty-six Yuan Wang Chuan Han Chu (Chu Wang sixth yuan Liujiao , Liu Xiang , Liu Hsin )
Volume thirty-seven Han Ji Bu Luan (seventh TERT every effort to come before winter. Quarter cloth , Luan cloth , Tianshu )
High volume thirty-eight Han Wang Chuan eighth (five Liufei , Liu ruyi2 , You LIU , Water , Liu )
Han Xiao Cao biography ninth Vol thirty-nine ( Xiao , Cao Shen )
Volume forty Han Zhang Chen Wang Zhou Chuan (tenth chief counsellor of Liu Bang , Chen Ping , Mausoleum , Zhou Bo )
Volume forty-one Fan Li Han Teng Fu Jin Zhou Chuan eleventh (irrigation Fan Kuai , Li business , Jaap infants , Guan Ying , Fukuan , Jinxi , Week Xie )
Volume forty-two Zhang Zhou Zhao Renshen Tu Chuan Han (twelfth Zhangcang , Zhouchang , Yao Zhao , Ren Ao , Shentujia )
Han Li Lu Zhu Liu Shusun biography volume forty-three (thirteenth Lu Jia , Zhu , Liu Jing , Shu sun Tong )
Volume forty-four Huainan Heng Mountain Han Wang Chuan (Huainan Li Jibei fourteenth Liu The king of Heng Mountain. Liuci This, Wang Zhen Liu Bo1 )
Volume forty-five Kuai Wu Jiang Han Chuan fifteenth (Xifu Kuai Tong , Wu was , Jiangchong , Xifugong )
Volume four hundred and sixty thousand Shi Wei Han Zhi Zhou Zhang Chuan (Sixteenth Shifen , Wei Wan , Never doubt , Ren Zhou , Zhangou )
The seventeenth volume forty-seven Han Kings (King of Liang Dynasty Wu Wang, filial generation Liucan Liang Huai Wang. Liuyi )
Han Jia Yi (eighteenth Vol. forty-eight Jia Yi )
Volume forty-nine Han Yuan ang chaocuo (nineteenth Yuanang , Chaocuo )
Han Zhang Fengji Zheng Chuandi (volume fifty twenty Zhang's release , Ping Tang , He , At that time, Zheng )
Han Jia Zou Meilu Vol. fifty-one twenty-first ( Differentiation , Zou Yang2 , Mei Cheng , Luwenshu )
Han Tian Han Chuan irrigation volume fifty-two (twenty-second sinus Douying , Tian Fen , Fills the husband , Hananguo )
Han Jing Wang Chuan thirteen volume fifty-three (twenty-third Min Wang Linjiang Liu Hejian Xian Wang. Liu De , Linjiang Wang AI Liu Yan, king of Lu Liuyu Jiangdu, Yi Wang Liu Fei1 West to the king, Risk Zhao Jingsu, Wang Liupengzu Nakayama Yasuo. Sheng Changsha, King Liu Hirokawa Megumio. Liu Yue1 Montevideo, Jiaodong Liuji Qinghe, Wang AI Cheng Cheng Liu Changshan, Wang Xian Liushun )
Han volume fifty-four Li Sujian Twenty-fourth (Li Guang, Su Jian)
Han volume fifty-five Qing Wei Huo Twenty-fifth (Wei Qing, Huo)
Han volume fifty-six scholar-statesman instrumental in institutionalizing Confucianism and civil-service examinations Twenty-sixth (Dong Zhongshu)
Han volume fifty-seven Sima Xiangru Transfer twenty-seventh (Sima Xiangru)
The fifty-seven volume biography of Sima Xiangru Han twenty-seventh (Sima Xiangru)
Han volume fifty-eight Gongsunhong Bushi Er wide Twenty-eighth (Gongsun Hong, Bushi, son wide)
Han Chuan twenty-ninth (volume fifty-nine Zhang Tang Zhang Tang )
Han Du Zhou Chuan volume sixty (thirtieth Duzhou )
Han Zhang Qian Li Guangli (volume sixty-one, thirty-first diplomat famed for exploits in Inner Asia , Li )
Han Sima Qian (thirty-second Vol. sixty-two Sima Qian )
Han Wu five volume sixty-three thirty-third (Ti Prince Crown Prince Li )
Han Yan Zhu volume sixty-four Wuqiu father Xu Yan Wang Jiachuan (on the thirty-fourth end Strict help , Zhumaichen , Surname Wang Shou , Zhu Fuyan , Xu , Yanan , In the end , Wang Bao , Jiajuanzhi )
Han Shuo thirty-fifth (volume sixty-five Dongfangshuo )
Han Vol. sixty-six Zheng Chuandi thirty-six (Yang Caichen Wang Liu tian2 Gongsun Gongsunhe , Liuqumao , Tianqianqiu , Wang , Yangchang , Caiyi , Chen Monian , Hong Zheng )
Han Yang Hu Zhu Meiyun from volume sixty-seven (thirty-seventh Yangwangsun , Hu Jian , Zhu Yun , Mefo )
Han Huo volume sixty-eight thirty-eighth (Di light gold day Huo Guang , Jin Midi )
Han Xin Zhao Chongguo Vol. sixty-nine thirty-ninth (a surname Filling the country Zhao , Xinqingji )
Han Fu Chang Zheng Gan Chen volume seventy (fortieth Duanchuan Fujiezi , Chang Hui , Zhengji , Ganyanshou , Tang , Paragraph will be )
Han Jun Peng Chuan Xue Ping volume seventy-one (forty-first at No doubt Juan , Shu Guang , Yudingguo , Xueguangde , Even when , Pengxuan )
Han Wang Gong Gong Baochuan Vol. seventy-two two (forty-second Ji , Gongyu , Sheng Gong , Gongshe , Baoxuan )
Han Wei Xian biography forty-third (volume seventy-three Weixian )
Han Wei phase volume seventy-four forty-fourth (heikichi Weixiang , Heikichi )
Han Sui two volume seventy-five forty-fifth (Lee Wing Jaap Beijing Guihong , Xiahou Shichang , Xiahousheng , Jing Fang , Yi Feng , Lixun )
Volume seventy-six Zhao Yinhan two Zhang Han Wang Chuan (forty-sixth Zhaoguanghan , It , Hanyanshou , Zhang open , Wang , royal institutions )
Han Zhuge Liu Zhengsun will not cover volume seventy-seven where forty-seventh ( Forgive cover , Zhugefeng , Liufu , Zhengchong , Bao sun , It will be long , What is )
Han Xiao (volume seventy-eight at forty-eighth Xiaowangzhi )
Han Feng Feng Chuan forty-ninth (volume seventy-nine Fengfengshi )
Han Xuan volume eighty yuan six fiftieth (Huaiyang Xian Wang Wang Liu Zhaoqin The king of Chu, filial piety Liuxiao Dongping, Wang Si Liu Yu Zhongshan, the king of sorrow Liujing Dingtao, Wang Liu K Nakayama Takashio. Xingzhao )
Han Kuang Zhang Kongma biography fifty-first Vol eighty-one ( Masahira , Zhang Yu1 , Hole , Ma Gong )
Han Wang Fu Xi Stan's eighty-two volume biography fifty-second ( Wangshang , Stan , Fuxi )
Han Xue Xuan Zhu Bo Vol. eighty-three (fifty-third Xuexuan , Zhu Bo )
Han Zhai Jin Fang Chuan fifty-fourth (volume eighty-four Zhaifangjin )
Volume eighty-five Han Gu Yong Du ye (fifty-fifth Taninaga , Duye )
Volume eighty-six where Wu Jia Han Dan (fifty-sixth Wu ho , Wangjia , Shidan )
Han on the biography of Yang Xiong volume eighty-seven fifty-seventh ( Yang Xiong )
The eighty-seven volume biography of Yang Xiong Han fifty-seventh (Yang Xiong)
Han volume eighty-eight The Fifty-eighth
Han volume eighty-nine upright official Fifty-ninth
Han volume ninety Ruthless Sixtieth
Han volume ninety-one Huo Sixty-first
Han volume ninety-two Ranger Sixty-second
Han volume ninety-three Catamite Sixty-third
The sixty-fourth volume ninety-four (Han Hun )
The sixty-fourth volume ninety-four Han (Hun)
Han Vol. ninety-five southwest sixty-fifth (two North Guangdong South Vietnam North Korea's guardian).
Volume ninety-six sixty-sixth on the Western Han (Western)
Han Vol. ninety-six from western regions sixty-sixth (Western)
Han Qi Chuan sixty-seventh on volume ninety-seven outside (Internet)
Han Qi Chuan sixty-seventh under ninety-seven volumes (Internet)
Number sixty-eighth (volume ninety-eight Yuan Han Empress Wang Zhengjun )
Han sixty-ninth (volume ninety-nine Wang Mang biography usurper who founded the Xin dynasty )
Volume ninety-nine in sixty-ninth Han Wang Mang (Wang Mang)
The ninety-nine volume biography of Wang Mang Han sixty-ninth (Wang Mang)
Volume one hundred Syria biography seventieth on Han (family history class, Ban Gu Prefacer)
Han Chuan seventieth (volume one hundred Syria under class family history, Ban Gu preface)

The History of the Han Dynasty appendix

Syria Han patients
The Tang Dynasty is meeting the doctor for mishushaojian Langya Yan shigu by founding sub County
Crown body posture is Shou Ying Zhe, heavy, bent down three good, comprehensive view from Bo Jiuliu, Yan Han, in the end, the Yi Meng firm, Scarlett thought, should suit the erudite, Nang said Shu Su, Shanxi is turbulent, the split off sand cover, Chua's compilation in particularly the irony, since we have to drop down the foot of cloud. As the previous generation is not much. The future week, min Gu, Zhaoyou Ze, so exhausted after such remedy, Jiyang, stagnation, will be a megametaphoric helmet teeth, near Tan Bangguo, Philip with Weigela, Qingjin. Song Mongolia Airplus intrinsic macro, preparation, Zengrong change, high flow of sound. Narrow mindedness of wood, al-Tusi up, jade Jian foot, end and far induced. At the age of law is, Lu, is that the book was painted. Not ashamed of crazy Jane, always use smell, coarse Chen refers to the cases, summarize type deposit. "Han" old no comment, only, the Fu Qian yingshao for sound and meaning, since don't force. To love Korea Jin Dian Wu, Zhuo, set a, all fourteen volumes, but also to gain meaning, when the previous debate when not, said, "Han variorums". Yongjia sangluan, Goldsmith from the book, although not to the south. Is the love from the Eastern Jin Dynasty period to Liang and Chen, southern scholars see Eph. Chen Zan, Mo Zhi clan, the era, also in the early Jin Dynasty, and various collections of sound and meaning, to see a toilet, continued its end, lifting barge said before, like "bamboo" approach, since that Zhen Ming, non poor cool, all twenty-four volumes, is divided into two parts. This set of solutions, meaning is the book, and later see Chen Zan not made, but that of yingshao "solutions" etc.. Wang Zhi "," seven, seven "Nguyen recorded" and the title, but was not the cloud, ear. Scholars consider his surname, attachment or cloud e, Fu family, or not enough to win the trust of the plaintext. Cai Moquan took Chen Zan a scattered into the "Han", since the beginning of this note. But floating too deep, not hidden, is part of their confusion, real, or is this the words of segregation, isolation, chuanzao I. This post by different with or without prior. Mo also has two or three wrong, but in the scholars no hongyi.
"Han" blog has ancient commentary, after repeated move easily, after learning, in the journal, which came to write more shallow, mi. This is the ancient song to the nuclear, really, a difficult to know, all of which release.
The ancient and modern perspective, Party vulgar Shu language, not learn the skin, or failed to pass, have suspected, frequently increase loss, flow to escape, and many foul abuse. This is the old practice, study.
The table you, although science, many words, hence the bait, before and after the lost time, on the good side, Zhaomu students'rooms, and loss of waste. This is for the case, more general issue, Cheng Dang trespass against, with its approval, the Regional Bureau, more circles, not only to find reading eastsign, Shu to transfer undoubtedly.
The music of song poem, according to the prevailing xiuduan Festival, Lulu, not in constant lattice cases. No knowledge of its readers vague, phrases, the solution is fragmented, the wrong sentence rhyme, then make a generation of literary talent, "empty Jingqi, tired leaves drill, seldom Tong xi. This is with its twists and turns, the analysis of argumentation, and calendar eastsign, undoubtedly more lag, and be happy to.
Where is the old note, then ran out without, and kept, not to show hidden. The Zhiqu cite, the covenant is not stretched, and Yan, which is noted. As for a paper Pijian, more spurious, and the marina, to dispel the confusion of word. If the Pan said when the speech, Wu gou out against heresy, acts as macrology, only Pianji foul, no cover for you. The old are not incomplete, that more general specification, are consistent. Test code of Mo, next to the "dark green" "Ya", not otherwise have aid according to the assumption. Six incomplete, Mo see text, their masters, depart shunt. Is to, Xin, class, horse, Zhong Shu, Ziyun cited classics or varied, and the modern Confucian Xun Yi Futong, can not recover the impugnation DwPCH barge worthies, false, from the Song said, Gou will shut Tu. This is all according to the application, Chang Jue, not admitted to practice, solid advisable, and also note Kang "ritual" and "book", "easy" is Bei, Yuan Kai solution "biography", no Department of hair, "poem" Wen zheng. In class, it can be. Self love, to Chen, and sorrow, flat, in which, in Ji Si, so when there is a different table Chi magazine, when the cutting time is left for future generations also blighted the barnyard, teach, has mixed, and readily rate, perverse. Today's wave source for construction, will release zhen.
A word or difficult to know, both by the sound, meaning by, not temporary que. If the more don't roll, fear of waste in the final survey. This is all in it, then turn the sound. To know if the common, not suspected ignorant, all were known, no trouble in calligraphy.
Note in modern history, competing for the shape, several versions, to disparage the attack, words, drag of hand before the show on the way, has the advantages of better knowledge, but the very good effect of foe contradiction, the smooth powder ze. This annotation, approve a book as quiet, closed the vast crossroads.
Some notes, although see how, as for the prince, or quite difficult to know. Pass no deposit, such as left out:
Xun Yue Zi Zhong Yu, Yingchuan, Han secretariat. (by "Han Ji" volume thirty, it is the "Han". )
Fu Qian Zi Shen, Xingyang, Han Shangshu Lang, Gaoping, Jiujiang prefecture. (the beginning, renamed gods, named after. )
Yingshao Zi Zhong Zhong (aid, word aid, word nakato. Ru'nan Nan Dun, Xiao Han) to censor camp, Taishan prefecture.
Fu Yan word Jinghong, Langya people.
Liu De, Beihai.
Zheng, Jin Zhuo "pronunciation and meaning" sequence clouds do not know its name, but his "Zan Ji Jie" cloud zhe de zheng. According to this in neither, but said the burning Jin Zheng ear.
Li Fei, the county is unknown.
Li Qi, Nanyang.
Deng exhibition, Nanyang, for general Wei Fen in Wei Jianan, a high le Xiang hou.
Wen Ying, Zi Shu Nanyang, Han Liang, Wei Jianan in Jingzhou at the end of, for Gan Ling Fu cheng.
Zhang Yi word Chih let, Qinghe, Hejian people (a cloud. As Dr. Wei Tai). Check the solution ("Sima Xiangru biography" volume. )
Su Takatomo, yellow word, people, doctor Wei jishizhong led Secretary supervision, they, too, Yongan Wei Wei, Huang moved to Dr. Fengan junior high school, Chengting hou.
Zhang Yan Zi Bo, Zhongshan.
Such as Yiren Feng, Wei Chun, Chen Juncheng.
Meng Kang word holiday, Yasuhira Hirozonghito, Chang Shi Wei, Hongnong Taishou Xiaowei, Bohai, typical agricultural Prefecture, for the matter, scattered Shilang ride, zhongshuling, into the prison, a Guangling tinghou.
Xiang Zhao, what is county county.
Wei Zhao Hong Si Wu Yunyang word, people, Wu Shangshulang, Naka Ro, Dr. Taishiling, libations, in justice, letter Gaoling tinghou.
Jin Zhuo, Henan, Jin Shang Lang.
The word of Liu Bao Gaoping, Jinzhong Daozheng, book Lang, Kochi Oomori, Yu shizhongcheng, Prince of bastard, official department Lang, general anbei. The prince speaks (paternity "Han", "Yi" don't barge. )
Chen Zan, unknown surname and counties.
Guo Pu word Jingchun, Hedong, Shanxi gifts Hongnong taishou. (check note "and" such as phase transfer sequence and hunting. )
Cai Mo word Ming, Chen admitted the five soldiers of the city, Shangshu, too often led the Secretariat, Governor Xu, Yan, green three states from the military, led the Xuzhou provincial governor, left Guanglu doctor Khai instrument with three division, led the Yangzhou animal husbandry, in situ not worship, gifts of Sagong, Shi Wen mu.
Cui Hao Zibo deep, Qinghe, after special Fu Jun Wei Shi in general, left Guanglu doctor, Stuart, ITA public seal. (1588-1655 XunYue "Han Ji" pronunciation. )
Jingyou language school edition
King you the first year of September, the Secretary Cheng Yu Jing said: "the imperial printed two Han text errors, I fear the false, with all the parameters including Morrison, according to its next book, and resolution, looking for revising."
Zhang Chao send Hanlin view in smell strike, and ordered the imperial king and Su Jing together to be honest to Chongwen on an academy. In March two, Jing also said: "the case of Yan shigu Syria cloud: Ban Gu" Hanshu ", not only the old notes, the Fu Qian yingshao with pronunciation, since the name of the house. The Western Jin Dynasty to Jin Zhuo, set a, all fourteen volumes, but also to gain meaning, when the debate two when not, said, "Han variorums". The chaos in Yongjia, the book is not to the south. Chen Zan, Mo Zhi clan, the era, also in the early Jin Dynasty, and collection of various sound, slightly with his own opinion, continued its end of the toilet, Ji said, "many cited Jizhong bamboo", all twenty-four volumes, is divided into two parts. Who said that the set of solutions, pronunciation, book, Cai Moquan this book is scattered into the public discourse, since the beginning of this note is. To the emperor, crown prince Chengqian life yan shigu published more whole, delete complicated fill slightly, cut to have said, the details of Confucian clothes Bo, then into a home. The total Xianru notes, twenty five visible name, and the prince, in the history of carrying out half que. The attachment and the origin, said the old notes, Mg times, so to Wen Wangde, carved in the book at the end of the roll out that scholars Shu kai." Can be played. This list as follows:
Xun Yue, following with the "Han" Syria
Fu Qian, following with the "Han" Syria
Yingshao, following with the "Han" Syria
Fu Yan, following with the "Han" Syria
Liu De, following with the "Han" Syria
Old Chuan Jin Zheng, burning "annotations" cloud Beihai, do not know its name, but Chen Zan that Zheng De. This book but said zheng.
Li Fei, following with the "Han" Syria
Li Qi, following with the "Han" Syria
Dunn, following with the "Han" Syria
Wen Ying, following with the "Han" Syria
Zhang Yi, following with the "Han" Syria
Su Lin, following with the "Han" Syria
Zhang Yan, following with the "Han" syria.
As soon, following with the "Han" Syria
Meng Kang, following with the "Han" Syria
Xiang Zhao, following with the "Han" syria.
Wei Zhao, following with the "Han" Syria
Jin Zhuo, following with the "Han" syria.
Liu Bao, following with the "Han" syria.
Chen Zan, do not know why. The case of "historical records" preface to the Pei Yin cloud, does not know the surname. Wei Xun "and said" the continued ambiguity is unknown, and Liu Xiaobiao "," thought to Zan, Li yuan note "by the water" that Xue zan. Yao Cha "training compiling" cloud, "Yu Ji" in the case of wing to wing Zan main book, corporal Cao Canjun, later built general. "Shanxi" ZTE cloud wing single disease, and in general such as Zan rebellion, Shi Jiang Bin Zhu long wing. In Zannai is not a wing, "Han" notes. However, the public from outside, Fu Qian Yin, Meng Kang, and Shanxi mess out, do not pass the. And "Ji" in the case of "Zan book", "Mao Ling Ji" in the case of "Han Lu rank order", this book also lost two complex, not crossing the river, this is the Jinzhong people in Ming Zan, it was out of their ancestors and meaning "book" "Han" Mao Ling and other ear. Cai Mozhi south, with twenty-four volumes of Zan scattered into the "Han", this note also. If that is the Eastern Jin Dynasty to Zan, who's not before and after the meet, the foot can be non zan. Another case of "Mutianzi biography" directory cloud, Secretary collator Fu Zan school ancient prose "Mutianzi biography", has written "Mu Tianzi biography", Jixian people are not allowed to send stolen ancient graves book income. This "Han" and Chen Zan's case, many cited "book" in the family by Ji Yi, the suspect is Fu Zan zan. Zan vocational school book code, so that I can. Yan shigu said, people consider Zan surname, Fu family of ear, neither explicitly, not enough to win the trust.
Guo Pu, following with the "Han" Syria
Cai Mo, following with the "Han" Syria
Cui Hao, following with the "Han" Syria
Yan Zhou, division of ancient words, Yongzhou million people. The Assistant Minister Tang, and Chang Shi straight mishushaojian, Hong Wen, Ba, Langya County sub seal.
In September two the school book completed, where by seven hundred and forty-one words, the loss of two hundred and twelve words, one thousand three hundred and three words correct.

The History of the Han Dynasty Process of the book

The History of the Han Dynasty authorship

Ban Gu (32 BC - 92 AD), the Eastern Han Dynasty historian Ban family The son, brother banchao, words Jian Meng , Fufeng Anne Ling (now Shaanxi Xianyang). In the Eastern Han Dynasty emperor guangwu Jianwu eight years, died in the East Emperor He of Han Nagamoto four years, sixty-one years old. Ban Gu was smart, "the nine year old can be text, recite poetry," adult "words of various sects, be learned in books, all the knowledge". The author of " The white tiger has on "Six volumes," Han "volume one hundred and twenty," collection "Volume seventeen
 Ban Gu Ban Gu

The History of the Han Dynasty Creative background

Because " Redords of the Grand History of China "Only wrote the Emperor the absolute beginning Therefore, at the time, many people write a sequel. According to the " General history Justice "records, wrote" historical records "will be the sequel Liu Xiang , Liu Hsin , Fengshang , Yang Xiong More than and 10, the title is still called "historical records". Ban Gu's father ban Biao (3 BC - 54 AD) was very unhappy about the sequel, then adopt its past and next through different smell "" Redords of the Grand History of China "After the" sixty-five """. Ban Biao's death, Ban Gu was only 22 years old, arranging the father's manuscripts, determined to follow in his father's footsteps and finish the connection work.

The History of the Han Dynasty The forming process

Work in the first few years, someone says A bid by Ban Gu's servant drunk scold, did not forget the bitter. Han Emperor nagamoto four years Dou Xian lost Ban Gu implicated by the Dutch act, free office, a competing constitutional defeat by sinus arrest Ban Gu, plus machine. to whip and insult . Ban Gu died in prison, sixty-one years old. At this time the "Han", "eight" and "astronomical records" were not completed.
Ban Gu "Hanshu" unfinished and died, and his sister Banzhao God life on the East View of library information stored, writing Ban Gu left, but has not yet completed, then Banzhao died. The horse is Banzhao continued the same county students, learned, and the emperor called fill into seven "form" and "astronomical records".

The History of the Han Dynasty Works appreciation

The History of the Han Dynasty Narrative genre

In the narrative, "Han" is characterized by a complete system, focusing on the history of things, all things to understand about length. This is for us to understand and study the history of Western Han Dynasty, provides great convenience. So far, those who study the history of Western Han Dynasty, all the "Han" as the basic materials.
In the aspect of genre. "Han" and "historical records" with biographical history books. The difference is that the "historical records" in the legend" Three emperors and Five Sovereigns "Stop in the Han Dynasty, is a General history "Han" is one; and from the Western Han Dynasty history Dynastic history . such Style The history of genre, is the creation of Ban Gu. Since the "history", the use of this genre. This is Ban Gu in China historiography The major contribution.

The History of the Han Dynasty The style of

"Han" style and " Redords of the Grand History of China "Compared to has changed. "Historical records" is a general history, "Han" is a dynastic history.
"Han" to "historical records" of the "Chronicles" was renamed "Ji", "biographies" was renamed "biography", "book" was renamed "Chi", the abolition of the "family", the Han Dynasty Xun Chen family will be incorporated into the "". These changes, some history books were later inherited.
"Han" the complete reference letters, documents, become the important characteristics of "Han". In addition, the frontier minority pass content is also very rich.
"Han" new " Journal of criminal law "," The five line will "," geography "," bibliographical treatise ".
The "criminal annals" described the national law, has the reference significance for the study of China's law development.
"Geography" records the time of the administrative division, registered permanent residence, property, economy, customs etc..
"Yiwenzhi" on various Academic schools The origin of the world, record books, it is the earliest extant catalogue.
"Food and money" by " Pingzhun book "Evolved, but the content is more abundant. It has two volumes, roll on" food "That is, the agricultural economy; volume theory" goods "That is, commercial and monetary situation, at the time of the special economic.
"Han" of the "form" Baiguan Gongqing descendants of a very respected, this article first on the table Qin and Han Dynasties A demonstration of the position, various official authority and Salary The number, and then divided into fourteen levels, thirty-four lattices simple form, record the Han Dynasty officials lifting free migration.
The "Han" historical sources, the emperor before the "historical records". After a book for his father, for the continued "historical records", three for other records.

The History of the Han Dynasty Relevant comments

The History of the Han Dynasty Infusion

 Note the "Han bu" (Qing Dynasty Wang Xianqian) Note the "Han bu" (Qing Dynasty Wang Xianqian)
"Han" in ancient Ancient meaning The text. Abstruse To understand that Ban Gu's contemporaries, he must be as "Han" Pronunciation The annotation We can read. According to the " Book of Sui A. Ji Zhi "Records, during the period from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the northern and Southern Dynasties, as the" Han "about is nearly 20, and in which the majority of the phonetic annotation.
On the "Han" This note Before the Tang Dynasty. All The note has been lost. The Qing Dynasty Wang Imitation Sutra annotation Old history The representative works " Hanshu note ", the book by mining all said, after years of searching, so that difficult to understand is familiar with, thus still affected by domestic and foreign historians praise. These comments, for "Han" in Pronunciation , Word meaning and historical facts Have a detailed examination, as we read "Hanshu" provides a convenient, has become an important tool in use today "Han".
In addition,. The In the "Han" and "Han note" can refer to reading correction.

The History of the Han Dynasty Textual research

 The new card "Han" (Chen Zhi) The new card "Han" (Chen Zhi)
Read "Hanshu magazine" (the Qing Dynasty. Stduying ), "Han bu" (Qing Dynasty - school note Zhoushouchang ), longer than Sound training and Wen Yi . " Han Shu Zheng "(the Qing Dynasty. Shenqinhan ), "Han Bian Yi" (the Qing Dynasty. Qiandazhao "Han" (on), the Qing Dynasty. New text ), "Han Ji" (the Qing Dynasty. Shen Jiaben In the research,), Exegesis and Collation Is also quite desirable. " Han peep tube "(the Republic of China. The ), longer explanations collation.
" The new card book "(modern. Chen Using the system,) Juyan and Dunhuang Unearthed The Han Dynasty , Han inscribed tablets Qin and Han Dynasties, bronze, lacquer ware and other artifacts, text, Qin and Han Dynasties emperor's seal , Lute. and Tile The words, for a new card, the invention. The "form" of Baiguan Gongqing Fu Shu Zheng Particularly, jingdang.
In addition, Jinshaoying The " Han Shihuo Zhi annotations "Is an important reference book on the economic. CEN mien The " In the Western Han Chuan school release "It is on the history of the Western Regions Must read .
At the end of the Qing Dynasty Wang Xianqian, sixty-seven of the essence of textual research, writing " Hanshu note ". The invention is not much, but the choice of comprehensive ability, achievements, so far no read "Hanshu" the most basic reference books. The disadvantage is that of Qian Dazhao, Zhou Shouchang et al, were not picked up by. So the scholars of Qing Dynasty textual research book is still not light waste, new achievements of the modern scholars, need more attention.
The Qing Dynasty The "Han" table records Complement For many, the achievement is also bigger. The representative works of income " To supplement "And" historical records Han statement supplements ten "two books. among Xiaxie The "Book eight", Liang The "test" table, Yang Shoujing The "Han geography school", Yaozhenzong The " Hanshu Yiwenzhi supplement "The most important.
Song dynasty Wang Yingling 作《汉书艺文志考证》十卷,对三百八十多种图书进行了详细考订,“所考证者,汉书著记即起居注,家语非今家语,邓析子非子产所杀、庄忽奇严助之驳文,逢门即逄蒙之类,不过三五条而止”,又收未录之书二十七种,“《易》类增《连山》、《归藏》、《子夏易传》;《诗》类增《元王诗》;《礼》类增《大戴礼》、《小戴礼》、《王制》、《汉仪》;《乐》类增《乐经》、《乐元语》;《春秋类》增《冥氏春秋》;道家增《老子指归》、《素王妙论》;法家增《汉律》、《汉令》;纵横家增《鬼谷子》;天文增《夏氏日月传》、《甘氏岁星经》、《石氏星经》、《巫咸五星占》、《周髀》、《星传》……” That is the first systematic study of "Han Yiwenzhi" academic works. Wang Yinglin believes that the "Han literature" in "the world" in a long "yin-yang" is not appropriate, and the test set Mi The "cloud" that Yiyin Decoction "Hanshu Yiwenzhi" of "Decoction by law". Another example: "at about Lao Tzu Sui records: Volume eleven, Yanzun Essays. The Liezi cloud: compliance, Zi Jun Ping, as at fourteen, the five thousand forward solution." The Qing Dynasty Yaozhenzong And "Han Yiwenzhi supplement" volume six, supplement thirty-four books.

The History of the Han Dynasty The influence of later generations

The History of the Han Dynasty The historical position

"Han" this history book, divided into 12 Ji Han Emperor, mainly recorded deeds; table 8, mainly recorded in the Han Dynasty, 10 character deeds; Zhi, a special institution, astronomy, geography and social phenomena; 70 articles, mainly records the life and all kinds of people of ethnic minorities history.
Ban Gu "Hanshu" follows the "historical records" style, the difference is the "historical records" is the "family", "Han" no "historical records" records; part of the institutional system called "book", "Han" was renamed "chi".
 The "imperial" before the Han (11 existing books) The "imperial" before the Han (11 existing books)
"Historical records" well versed in both ancient and modern learning No, the dynasty is limited, so called general history. The "Han" biography of the mind is the history of the Western Han Dynasty, so called dynastic history.
Dating to the history of Ban Gu, after the line in so-called "history" followed the "Han" genre, as Li'us Said" From Seoul Up to now, no change, ". Obviously, the historical status of the important.
Status of "Han" in China in literary history is also very prominent. Write it in all sectors of society to people" Record "The spirit level in vivid, is a monument to later generations of biographical literature, such as" Huo Guang Chuan "," Suwuchuan "," Outside Qi Chuan "," Zhu Maichen. "Etc.. In addition, the "Han" also recorded the history of minorities. "Han" inherited "historical records" for the excellent traditional ethnic minorities special biography, the use of new materials will be "historical records Dawan biography" extended to "Western biography", the western region and neighboring dozens of history to supplement a large number of Han Dynasty after the addition of historical facts, these records are related to Asian studies the history of precious data.

The History of the Han Dynasty Influence of work

Create a style of dynastic history
First of all, "Han" created a narrative method of dynastic history, the style followed for future generations. Since the Qin and Han Dynasty, was the monarch standard regime, the people often can not comment directly on the move towards political taboo, and many are in the psychological history, because the former has been destroyed, the former government, Suspected danger Less, is easy to play. The "Han" one, then all Official "History" in history dating to.
Ban Gu is dating to the history, is not accidental, but to meet the requirements of the times. He summed up the Han Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, historical works about the 1.5 century, creative development, for the purpose of ruling class at political service. Ban Gu believes that the "historical records" style history, the Western Han Dynasty "in 100 Wang end side in the Qin Dynasty", is not conducive to the spread of "hand", and to highlight the historical status of the Han dynasty. This is the "Han" dating to the history of the. So, "Han" "two generation" off limits since the Western Han Dynasty, the new dynasty finally perish, in order to highlight Liu Bang That will be "Gautier Ji" in the first article. This dating to the history, by later feudal historians praise, and become the "history" compilation basis.
Secondly, in the compilation style, inheritance and development of "Han" "historical records" compilation form, the style has become a more complete compilation style. Ji Chuanti is a biography as the center, although their independent articles, but between each other and mutual contact, so the book can be synthesized as a whole. Probably it can briefly enumerate the historical development, but also a detailed account of the events. It is easy to view individual character activities, and can attend Laws and regulations The History The utility model has the advantages of large, so, physical adopted by later historians magazine.
For example, although the "historical records" made "after Lu Ji", but with the time Calendar "Han", for "Hui Ji", "historical records" to solve the confusion in the style; for years than recorded in "historical records" detailed and clear. For the biography of choreography, "Han" basically according to the time order, the style is better than the "historical records" uniform. "Han" inherited the style advantages, following the style of biographical history since then.
Furthermore, four kinds of new "Zhi Han", the Western Han Dynasty's political and economic system and social culture The ratio of the "historical records" records, more complete, thus improving the historical value of "Han".
To expand the field of historical research
"Han" ten "Zhi", "food and money" provides a wealth of data for the economic system and the social status of production; the "Chi" systematically describes the Qin
 "Han Shu Zheng" (Qing Shen Qinhan) "Han Shu Zheng" (Qing Shen Qinhan)
The Chinese water conservancy construction; "geography" is the first in the Department's administrative areas as the main China initiated the study of geography, history and geography records of geography history and offspring; "Zhi", "Li Jiao Si Zhi", "criminal records" were recorded in political, military, law and relevant laws and regulations; "five for Zhi", "Zhi" and "astronomical calendar annals", are valuable materials for studying ancient natural science. "Yiwenzhi" discusses the ancient origins and schools of academic thought and gain and loss, is a very precious ancient cultural history.
Establish the book body
Ten "ambition" grand scale, rich notes, have more detailed records for political, economic and ideological culture, especially the Chinese part of the more detailed. The book chronicles body was founded in the "historical records", "Han" and the official history of the offspring will, probably in order to "Han" ten "ambition". The book will also become imitated by later body institutions in the history of writing, such as the Tang Dynasty Du The " Tongdian ".
Create a bibliography
The "Yiwenzhi". Liu Hsin " qi lue "The law, the ancient academic work is divided into six categories and thirty-eight types, discusses the evolution and development, make people of various academic schools, have a better understanding. Plus, it retains the "seven" picture of the people has become an important work to the study of ancient Western Han Dynasty academic development, China is the earliest extant books catalog and academic and cultural history.
The preservation of important historical documents
The existing "Hanshu" about 80 words, books "Historical records" than the rich. It contained a number of important increase Dahir Mainly concentrated in the. The emperors Part。 In many biographies, "Han" and a lot of income on political, economic and military and cultural aspects The memorial to the throne , countermeasure , Writing and Letter . In the "Han". Ten Chronicles There are important historical documents, similar to the recorded, such as "food and money" income Chaocuo The " On your Su Shu "Etc..
"Han" is added to the domestic and foreign various "historical records" National History The data. For example, in "historical records Huns "On the basis of a large number of additions," Han "emperor after the facts, more complete account of the Western Han Dynasty to the Hun nationality since ancient history. "Han" and "historical records" of the merger South Vietnam East, North Korea, general name of the tribes in Guizhou Zhucheng, in addition to a large number of facts on the basis, to form a detailed biography written in "Southwest Guangdong two North Korea". At the same time, the "Han" instead of "Shihchi Dawan biography "As the" Western biography ", from present-day Xinjiang Chinese history, and Central Asia and Southwest Asia The history of Asian countries. These records are of Asian countries, the history of precious materials.
The strong Orthodox feudal ideas
The era of Ban Gu's life, the feudal theology has become the ruling ideology, and the class's son is only the sage and with Yan "historians, in order to maintain their natural feudal theology as its mission, will" Sage "As the guiding ideology of his book. In this way, the author side inherited the "historical records" content, while accusing it of "is quite absurd to sage", "historical records" and tampering with the view of the "Han" is more suitable to the feudal ideology.
From the content point of view, "Han Shu" as the "historical records". Ban Gu criticized Sima Qian "theory is quite absurd to the saints". The so-called "sage" is Confucius . Sima Qian is not to Confucius thought As the judgment is not standard, it is worthy of recognition, but Ban Gu did not see Sima Qian. The change from Sima Qian to Ban Gu, reflects the Eastern Han Dynasty Confucianism as a feudal orthodox ideology, has established a solid footing in the field of history.
"Han" deified Western Han Dynasty imperial power, have Han orthodox thought, its purpose is to demonstrate The Eastern Han Dynasty Orthodoxy and deification of Eastern Han Dynasty imperial service. Therefore, in order to The theory of Yin-Yang and five elements According to the theory of "Five Virtues" and the feudal theology of divine kingship preaching, has become the leading thought of "Han". In order to promote" Heaven "Disaster, auspicious feudal theology," Han "the first" five records ", the special account for the mysterious theory five catastrophist, also founded" the West Wing Li Jing Mu Xia Hou biography ", special records Master of the Five Elements The story.

The History of the Han Dynasty Edition

A lot of "Han" version, the version has been lost before the Tang dynasty.
Qing Dynasty Qianlong From, Wu Ying Printed" edition of classics printed by imperial decree ", also called" the main".
 "Han" Yuelu Publishing House Edition "Han" Yuelu Publishing House Edition
Qing Dynasty Tongzhi Years, the Qing government had published the bureau".
The Qing Dynasty published "tonomoto" and "this" is a better version of "Han".
The period of the Republic of china, commercial press Print" Collection of various editions "Department of photocopies of the Northern Song Dynasty" Jingyou this ", which is very wrong," Han ". Rare .
1962, Zhong Hua Book Company Punctuation lead printed publication (twelve volumes), after experts fine
school Again, to read punctuation, more convenient, is now This passage .
Yan shigu note "Han" is the variorum.