Xia Yu


Xia Yu

Xia Yu TV series

Drama works
time Drama name Role
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven
"Geological division"
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven "Seasons of love"
One thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight "A Midsummer Night's dream"
Flute (playing)
Two thousand and seven "Encounter"

Music works
The issue of time The name of the song
Two thousand and five
Two thousand and six "Memorial"

Xia Yu social activities

In 2007, the "experience small change, continued good life" charity ambassador.
In 2007, the British folk green messenger "in the UK for a week of green experience.
In 2009, "recovered green ambassadors to Inner Mongolia Horqin prairie, carry out a series of environmental protection activities in the local, and other volunteers planted more than one thousand trees of pine trees.
In 2010, the drought in the bud of water-saving drip for Southwest "water saving action ambassador.
In 2010, appeared in Shanghai's Expo Park Museum of the United Nations, led by the United Nations Environment programme launched the "I'm a flash mob" activities, appealed to the young generation of love environment, to defend the homeland.
In 2010, Chinese QingJiHui launched the "hope from the beginning of operations' welfare plan, visited the Shaoguan hope primary school.
In 2012, the Zeitz Foundation (full name: "culture ecosystem safety - Zeitz foundation ambassadors).
In 2014, Baidu wallet, air Shandong Chi Cheung, kindly ambassador.
In 2014, Xia Yu was invited to serve as China CCTV sports channel Sochi Olympic snowboarding special commentator.
In 2014, Xia Yu attended the Basak Star Charity Night to help beat.
In 2014, Xia Yu was invited to held in Beijing to attend the "walking power image exhibition".
In 2015, Xia Yu unveiled The fifth Beijing International Film Festival The closing ceremony.
In 2015, Xia Yu unveiled the 2015 BAZAAR Star Charity Night, the ambulance to support public welfare donation.

Xia Yu Winning record

Venice International Film Festival
Singapore International Film Festival
Golden Horse Award
Golden Rooster Awards
Popular movie hundred flowers
China Changchun Film Festival
Beijing Student Film Festival
Macau International Movie Festival
Chinese Golden Phoenix Performing Arts Film Institute Award

Xia Yu Character evaluation

Xia Yu after years of time, rebellious unruly, but also willing to adhere to the ideals of the mature attitude in front of the world, and not smooth but calm, not against your heart, not to shirk responsibility, he will find the role worthy of his next best.
Xia Yu does not belong to the high yield of actors, all these years, Xia Yu insisted that he only played the role of love at first sight, such as Ma Xiaojun, Chen Wen, shuaigongbing. He wants to find another hidden in the soul of the true to life yourself from these men, who own or anxiety, or lively, or realistic. If not up to his expectations, that he would prefer to stay at home. Acting on Xia Yu, it really is a very enjoyable thing, because he had the opportunity to experience the life of different people. Each time plays the role, Xia Yu will be very deep into the drama, so that a long time into the role of inextricably bogged down in. Xia Yu is a naughty person, in addition to youmoyouyang magic, he is skateboarding master. Xia Yu and soon to be traced back to skate at the age of 16, when he finished a film called " Dangerous to "After the movie, suddenly feel blood boiling up. The slide content as the theme of the American film that Xia Yu is crazy, he even said himself from then found themselves, find the direction of future development. (Xinhua comment)