Idaho (Idaho), U.S.A A state in the northwest. Canada and the North British Columbia Province Bordering the South The state of Utah and Nevada The East. Montana and Wyoming West. Washington State and Oregon . Area of 216413 square kilometers, equivalent to New England The total area of the 6 State area. capital Boise (Boise). "Idaho" from Indian. That means "mountain of gems". This term refers to the state of Colorado in the Pikes Peak stones mining area Later, refers to the gem mining area along the Pacific coast. Idaho is established, became the state.

Idaho History

 State of Idaho State of Idaho
Residence early for the Kootenai and Kerr family, Pell, Darren upon the Serb Paiute tribe. Shaw and Indian tribes.
In 1805 the Lewis and Clark expedition arrived there are still about 8000 indians.
After the 1848 gold rush here to California.
The discovery of gold in 1860 in northern Orofino creek.
In 1863 the establishment of the Idaho territory.
Joined the Union in 1890, became the forty-third state of the United states.
In 1985 in Shanxi province and the friendship city.

Idaho administrative division

County County C2000 Area (km -)
CC2000 AC2000
ADA Ada Three hundred thousand nine hundred and four Two thousand seven hundred and thirty-three Boise Boise One hundred and eighty-five thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven Four hundred and sixty-four thousand eight hundred and forty
Adams Adams Three thousand four hundred and seventy-six Three thousand five hundred and thirty-five Corn Hill Council    
Bannock Bannock Seventy-five thousand five hundred and sixty-five Two thousand eight hundred and eighty-three Bo Castro Pocatello Fifty-one thousand four hundred and sixty-six Eighty-three thousand one hundred and three
Bear Lake Bear Lake Six thousand four hundred and eleven Two thousand five hundred and sixteen Paris Paris    
Benewa Benewah Nine thousand one hundred and seventy-one Two thousand and ten Saint Marys Saint Maries    
Bingham Bingham Forty-one thousand seven hundred and thirty-five Five thousand four hundred and twenty-six Black feet Blackfoot    
Blaine Blaine Eighteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-one Six thousand eight hundred and fifty Haley Hailey    
Boise Boise Six thousand six hundred and seventy Four thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight Idaho City Idaho City    
Bonner Bonner Thirty-six thousand eight hundred and thirty-five Four thousand and five hundred Sander Poynter Sandpoint    
Bouneville Bonneville Eighty-two thousand five hundred and twenty-two Four thousand eight hundred and forty Aidahefaersi Idaho Falls Fifty thousand seven hundred and thirty One hundred and one thousand six hundred and seventy-seven
Boundary Boundary Nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-one Three thousand two hundred and eighty-six Bonner J Zin Bonners Ferry    
Isolated Butte Two thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine Five thousand seven hundred and eighty-three Arco Arco    
Camassia Camas Nine hundred and ninety-one Two thousand seven hundred and eighty-four Fairfield Fairfield    
Canon Canyon One hundred and thirty-one thousand four hundred and forty-one One thousand five hundred and twenty-eight Caldwell Caldwell Twenty-five thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven  
Caribou Caribou Seven thousand three hundred and four Four thousand five hundred and seventy-four Soda springs Soda Springs    
Cinnamon Cassia Twenty-one thousand four hundred and sixteen Six thousand six hundred and forty-eight White Knight Burley    
Clark Clark One thousand and twenty-two Four thousand five hundred and seventy-one Dubois Dubois    
Water Clearwater Eight thousand nine hundred and thirty Six thousand three hundred and seventy-five Olo Fino Orofino    
Custer Custer Four thousand three hundred and forty-two Twelve thousand seven hundred and fifty-seven Challis Challis    
Eermo Elmore Twenty-nine thousand one hundred and thirty Seven thousand nine hundred and seventy-one Mountain home Mountain Home    
Franklin Franklin Eleven thousand three hundred and twenty-nine One thousand seven hundred and twenty-four Preston Preston    
Fremont Fremont Eleven thousand eight hundred and nineteen Four thousand eight hundred and thirty-five Anthony Saint Anthony    
Jewelry Gem Fifteen thousand one hundred and eighty-one One thousand four hundred and fifty-seven Emmett Emmett    
Gooding Gooding Fourteen thousand one hundred and fifty-five One thousand eight hundred and ninety-three Gooding Gooding    
Idaho Idaho Fifteen thousand five hundred and eleven Twenty-one thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven Gelanqiweier Grangeville    
Jefferson Jefferson Nineteen thousand one hundred and fifty-five Two thousand eight hundred and thirty-six Rigby Rigby    
Jerome Jerome Eighteen thousand three hundred and forty-two One thousand five hundred and fifty-four Jerome Jerome    
Courtenay Kootenai One hundred and eight thousand six hundred and eighty-five Three thousand two hundred and twenty-five Coeur d'Alene Thirty-four thousand five hundred and fourteen One hundred and eight thousand six hundred and eighty-five
Lata Latah Thirty-four thousand nine hundred and thirty-five Two thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine Moscow Moscow    
Lunxi Lemhi Seven thousand eight hundred and six Eleven thousand eight hundred and twenty-two Salmon Salmon    
Lewis Lewis Three thousand seven hundred and forty-seven One thousand two hundred and forty-one Hei Azee Peierls Nezperce    
Lincoln Lincoln Four thousand and forty-four Three thousand one hundred and twenty-three Shoshone Shoshone    
Madison Madison Twenty-seven thousand four hundred and sixty-seven One thousand two hundred and twenty-one Rexburg Rexburg    
Minidoka Minidoka Twenty thousand one hundred and seventy-four One thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight Rupert Rupert    
Hei Azee Peierls Nez Perce Thirty-seven thousand four hundred and ten Two thousand one hundred and ninety-nine Lewis Don Lewiston Thirty thousand nine hundred and four Fifty-seven thousand nine hundred and sixty-one
Oneida Oneida Four thousand one hundred and twenty-five Three thousand one hundred and nine Malad city Malad City    
Owyhee Owyhee Ten thousand six hundred and forty-four Nineteen thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven Murphy Murphy    
Payet Payette Twenty thousand five hundred and seventy-eight One thousand and fifty-six Payet Payette    
Can Power Seven thousand five hundred and thirty-eight Three thousand six hundred and forty-one The United States falls American Falls    
Shoshone Shoshone Thirteen thousand seven hundred and seventy-one Six thousand eight hundred and twenty-two Wallace Wallace    
Teton Teton Five thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine One thousand one hundred and sixty-seven Delijisi Driggs    
The Twin Falls Twin Falls Sixty-four thousand two hundred and eighty-four Four thousand nine hundred and eighty-six The Twin Falls Twin Falls Thirty-four thousand four hundred and sixty-nine  
Valley Valley Seven thousand six hundred and fifty-one Nine thousand five hundred and twenty-seven Small marsh Cascade    


Idaho Geography

The shape is like the woodcutter's boots, it reflects the mountainous territory, dense forests, logging and mining industry occupies the main position of the. There are 81 mountains and 10 rivers and more than 2 thousand lakes. The State Central, East and northeast is full The Rocky Mountains Extend the. Paula peak 3859 meters above sea level, the highest point in the state. The Snake River Originated in the southeast mountain, forming many Canyon cut through the northern Rocky Mountains, the famous snake Valley depth of 1.6 km, is the deepest gorge in North america. There are a series of waterfalls along the river, Shoshone Falls Up to 65 meters. Boise near the Crater National Park caldera volcano and present a desert scene.
The state has a continental climate. The average annual precipitation in 510 mm, 300 mm in the south. The terrain height has a significant impact on the temperature. Lewis Don At an altitude of 217 meters, the annual average temperature of 11.1 DEG C; Montpelier 1828 meters above sea level, temperature 5.5. The Snake River temperature 12.8. The crop growth period from 120 days to 300 days.

Idaho population

The 2003 census, there are 1366332 people in idaho. Which is 88% White 7.9%. Latin America American Indians, 1.4% Aborigines , 0.4% were African American, 0.9% Asian Americans 2%, mixed race.
According to the census, in Idaho residents ancestors, A German (18.9%) the most, followed by Britisher (18.1%), Irish (10%), Americans (8.4%) and Norwegian (3.6%).

Idaho Economics

The traditional economy based on agriculture, logging and mining for the 3 pillars. The Snake River Basin water rich channel aspect, is one of the largest irrigation district in the United States, rich in potatoes. The potato quality is very high, the yield is highest in the country, and even "potato". The other main crops are wheat and sugar beet. The development of animal husbandry, the grassland and mountains to beef cattle and sheep. The forest coverage rate is about 33%, the main tree species for the white pine, ponderosa pine, cedar, cypress, fir etc.. The annual production capacity of 1 billion 500 million board feet of timber. The discovery of gold and gold mining have been hot promoting the development of the mining industry. But gold is not the main mineral, silver, lead and zinc production has leapt to the top 3. The southeast is rich in phosphate. The main energy source of hydroelectric power. The manufacturing industry has developed, the agricultural income has exceeded, but the main sector still for the food, timber and mineral processing industry. From the beginning of 1970s, the rapid development of tourism income has been among the best in the national state.

Idaho Agriculture

Idaho agriculture is very diverse, the southeast is the hometown of potato in the world, while the North peas, lentils yield a larger share in the United states. Wheat , barley , onions, beans, grass and grass are the main agricultural products Iowa; and beef, cheese, milk powder, whey powder is also growing fast.

Idaho Industry

The export value accounts for fifth of the United States, the main species of Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, arborvitae, iron, plywood, plywood, wood plastic engineering such as glue beam, I beam and LVL wood structure housing construction materials etc.. Idaho has major industrial products: Semiconductor Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and electronic products, electronic testing equipment, laser printers, environmental protection equipment, technology and environmental engineering etc.. Famous micron technology The company is located in the state of idaho.

Idaho Tourism

 Sun Valley Sun Valley
Tourism is an important source of income, love, is located in the center of the sawtooth mountains Sun Valley is the world famous ski resort, is also the American superstar celebrity vacation, live priority. Provide different landscape characteristics in the love state state and state park. The canoe activities are very popular in the Salmon River, there are many ski resorts in Blue Lake and near the north. Fishing in Iowa lakes and rivers, all is the best activity. In Idaho, all year round can find suitable activities.

Idaho Sociology

Idaho education

 university of idaho university of idaho
In all fifty states, Idaho residents literacy rate ranks sixth; more than ninety percent of school-age children in public schools; eighty-three percent adults over the age of 25 to complete high school education, and the state government funding each year nearly 70% of the budget on education benefits. 1994 "annual report" in the management of 600 regional competitions throughout the school's most valuable, five schools in the top fifty in idaho. Idaho has ten higher education institutions throughout the state around the island, including three State University, a state college in four years, two community colleges and three private colleges and a private community college. Almost every one of the more than ten thousand people in the city, courses are equipped with university or college or outside the campus, and provide all-round education and training opportunities for.
In addition, there are eight occupation technical training center to provide professional occupation education curriculum. The main university: university of idaho (UOI), Boise University (BSU), idaho state university (ISU), Lewis Clark State University (LCSC).

Idaho traffic

Interstate 15, 84 and 86 after Iowa south, highway 90 through the north. Idaho is not the sea, but there is a harbor in the city of Lewis Don (Lewiston), the port can be used Columbia River (Columbia through River) portland Asia and the pacific.