The state of New Mexico

The state of New Mexico (New Mexico NM) is one of the 4 states in the southwestern United states. North The state of Colorado West. Arizona O, Northeast China Oklahoma The East and south, and Texas Adjacent, Southwest With Mexico The state of Chihuahua Border. New Mexico scenery is charming, red rock cliffs, there are deserts, cactus etc..
The state of New Mexico

The state of New Mexico History

 State of New Mexico State of New Mexico
1536: North Sa de Waka (Cabeza de Vaca) (Spanish name translates as "cow") across and some other explorers and Apache The Indians were driven out of their homes when the exodus of The Long Walk, thousands of people died of famine and disease.
1878: Lincoln County The Lincoln County War started the war.
1912: New Mexico became the forty-seventh state of the United states.
The United States in 1945: Courtney Trinity Site Di local test first Atomic bomb The United States, opened the nuclear era.
1982: the U.S. space shuttle Columbia No. "Columbia" landing in the sand Spaceport White Sands Space Harbor.
The origin of the name
 New Mexico City Kui Abu base New Mexico City Kui Abu base
New Mexico, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "God of war" (WarGod Spain to the north and west of the Grand River, called Mexico).
For early Indian The Navajo, Apoqie family, Pueblo nationality and Utah family residence, jicarilla. In 1540, Spain Go!Explore Colorado led the expedition to find the legendary 7" El Dorado "And here. In 1610, the establishment of the first Spanish in Santa Fe. White Residents, established in 1706 Albuquerque City. In 1821, Mexico launched an uprising in Spain, declared independence, New Mexico has become the Mexico A state. From 1846 to 1848, the Mexican American war after the ownership of the United States, the United States in 1912 to become the forty-seventh state.

The state of New Mexico Geography

The state of New Mexico The position of the terrain

New Mexico is big plain "Great Plains.", The Rocky Mountains Mai "Rockies" at the west end of Range, and Basin Province of the intersection, the height of the mountain from 2800 feet to 13000 feet. The Great Plains from the east to the West has gradually increased, reaching the West Peake River "Pecos River" low plateau, then "Rio Grande" to the river east of the sparse mountains. New Mexico, the north can see the Rocky Mountains at the southern end of the Sangre de Cristo (Spanish name translates as "blood of Christ"). 13161 feet of the highest statewide Wheeler peak "Wheeler Peak" and other more than 12000 feet high.

The state of New Mexico water resource

New Mexico has the precious water resources from two systems, one of which is taken from the river. From the river The state of Colorado To the south, through the central area of New Mexico prefecture. Peake is the source of the river from the Sangre de Cristos at the southern tip of the West and Dezhou to flow Canada River "Canadian River" to the east to Dezhou Pan Hande of "Panhandle". Colorado River A tributary of the San Juan River in Honshu Northwest winds, trees around the dam, embellishment, the barren land into pastures and fields.
Another source of groundwater is a huge stock of New Mexico state, so far there is no way to know the underground
The size of the stock of water. New Mexico underground landscape Carlsbad cave "Carlsbad Caverns" is the constant erosion of groundwater limestone Caused by. Karl Siba in 1930 to become the cave National Park .
New Mexico is probably the most energy and mineral sources, decades of production of oil and natural gas, there are a large number of coal, copper, molybdenum, uranium and potassium ore carbon stock. Here is the wind and solar energy sources.
Agriculture is one of the important economic source here, about half of the agricultural products from Eastern New Mexico and Western production. Agricultural products include apples, peanuts, cotton, potato and pepper etc.. Although there is a sound of natural resources, but the main economic source and rely on the government, trade and services. Governments at all levels to provide seventy percent jobs statewide sources, including large federal agencies in the history of the "Los Alamos", "Albuquerque" and Abukeerji research laboratories and Albuquerque, Baisha White, Alamogordo and Sands. " Crow Weiss "Clovis".

The state of New Mexico climate

New Mexico's climate is typical of the desert climate, warm and dry. The sunshine and low humidity, Statewide The average annual rainfall of 380 mm, but the mountain rainfall up to 1000 mm, the arid area is only 200-250 mm. Because of the high altitude snow in winter, mostly alpine areas. Here is the temperature difference between day and night. The annual average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, the high temperature of 43 DEG C, the temperature of -2 DEG C.

The state of New Mexico population

The 2003 census, New Mexico, 1874614. Since 1990, the growth rate is about 23.7%. Composition of Ontario race is as follows:
44.7% white (non Hispanic)
42.1% Latin America American people
9.5% Indians Aborigines
1.9% African Americans
The 1.1% is Asian Americans
3.6% mixed race
According to the 2000 population census, residents in the state of New Mexico ancestors, Mexico (18.1%) is the second most. A German (9.9%), Native Americans (9.5%), Spain (9.3%) and Britisher (7.6%).
A resident of the state of New Mexico at the age of 5, 7.2%, 18 under the age of 28%, such as the elderly over 65 years old is 11.7%. Women accounted for the new state of Mexico population is 50.8%.

The state of New Mexico Economics

 Wheeler Peak Wheeler Peak
New Mexico was one of the most energy and mineral sources, mineral oil, natural gas, copper, coal , uranium , iron And gold, silver Lead and zinc, manganese, molybdenum and potassium etc.. Petroleum and natural gas accounted for 65% of the value of the mineral, uranium and potash production ranks first in the country. Uranium output accounts for about 47% of national total output. In 1945 the first atomic bomb in the north central state of Los Alamos Test. Now here is the rocket and missile test base.
The main industry in New Mexico for electronic and electrical equipment, food and related products, transportation tools, wood and wood products and machinery products (excluding Electronics), and is the fastest growing breasts cheese industry area.
Agricultural products are wheat, peanut, apple, Corn Beans, hay, potatoes, peppers, and Sorghum Etc.. Cotton is the main economic crops, the irrigation area is the main cotton producing regions of the Rio grande. The ranch is widely distributed across the state, with cattle and sheep. Manufacturing, food processing, oil refining, metallurgy, building materials, military equipment, railway maintenance equipment, electronic products, precision instruments and other departments.
Governments at all levels to provide seventy percent jobs statewide sources, the federal government agencies including the large Luo (Los Alamos) and history albuquerque (Albuquerque) research laboratory and Albuquerque (White, Sands), Pak Alamogordo and Kloves (Clovis).
Mainly in the state of New Mexico economic activity Around two National Laboratory (Los, Alamos and Sandia), three universities and research centers and a number of federal, state and private research and development institutions. The state has many well-known federal science laboratories, such as Los Alamos and Sandia (the state as the birthplace of the United States atomic bomb), the total annual budget of the laboratory is about 3 billion dollars, the total invested capital of $10 billion. As the focus of previous military and defense research and development, but after the end of the cold war, has been gradually replaced by commercial applications, a substantial increase in the high tech industry competitiveness.

The state of New Mexico traffic

New Mexico is located in the southwestern United States The heart That is, the Midwest and east coast to coast in the United States and other market fast and reliable transportation status. The state is three Interstate highway Denver City, North and south respectively through connecting the north of Colorado, and as far as El Paso and Canada; South Mexico; cross East-West connection in California Santiago and Texas .
New Mexico railway is 2, 200 miles. The state has more than 200 large and small airport, the first Big city Albuquerque with the major cities have regular routes linking.
Because of this, in the central region, and some important city are not far across the distance, traffic is convenient. For example, to the West Los Angeles For 1 hours and 40 minutes, to the Northeast Chicago For 2 hours and 50 minutes, to the Northwest Seattle For 3 hours and 20 minutes, 4 hours and 30 minutes east of New York.

The state of New Mexico Politics

The governor of New Mexico, Richardson local time on March 18, 2009 announced the abolition of the death penalty in the state, immediately triggered a huge controversy. Human rights groups have different demonstrations in the state government, there are supporters of the sound, there are opponents of abuse.
Richardson said that the reason of abolishing the death penalty in the current judicial system has many imperfections, it is very easy to cause the life events. The United States Court of the death penalty case very careful and time-consuming, causing large economic losses.
According to reports, in 50 states, 36 states still retains the death penalty, nearly 2/3 of Americans also support the heaviest penalty. But in addition to New Mexico, Montana , Kansas , Maryland Other states are actively considering the abolition of the death penalty, to deal with the financial crisis, the cash strapped.

The state of New Mexico Religion

Religion, following New Mexico's population percentage of belief.
37% Catholics in Rome 22% Protestant 12% Baptist 7% The Methodist Church 4% other Christian 3%. Lutheran 1% other religions 11% non believers

The state of New Mexico Zoning

State capital: Santa Fe Santa Fe albuquerque (Albuquerque) Las Cruces (Las Cruces) road division city (Taos) Roswell (Roswell)

The state of New Mexico education

The state of New Mexico State university

 University of New Mexico University of New Mexico
University of New Mexico (University of New Mexico US NEWS) the latest ranking 179
new mexico state university (New Mexico State University)
East University of New Mexico (Eastern New Mexico University)
New Mexico Highland University (New Mexico Highland University)
western new mexico university (Western New Mexico University)
New Mexico Polytechnic University (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)

The state of New Mexico Private University

The Santa Fe Institute (College of Santa Fe)
Southwestern College (College of the Southwest)
Saint John College (St. John s College)
San Juan College (San Juan College)

The state of New Mexico Tourism

 Indian Museum of art and culture Indian Museum of art and culture
Located in the Santa Fe Museum: International Folk Art Museum, art gallery, museum, art anthropology laboratory / Indian culture and the Wheelwright Museum Palace, the governor. Located in Albuquerque Museum: Albuquerque Museum, natural history museum, the Museum of anthropology, and Pepolo Maxwell Indian cultural center. Other museums and the state: located in Dunkirk Rand The National Atomic Museum, and the air force base in Los Moss (Los Amos) the Boyd Bailey County Museum and the science museum and the Museum of history.
Located in the Santa Fe's Performing Arts: Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra, Santa Fe Philharmonic Orchestra And the Santa Fe desert choir. Albuquerque is the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, Guarneri Quartet and Albuquerque city choir. Community College and University in the state will launch the dance, music, and drama.
 Aziz Turk ruins National Monument Aziz Turk ruins National Monument
The Aztec ruins of National Memorial Chorten.
class Delisle National monument
Bradbury Science Museum
Capulin volcano National Memorial Chorten
Carlsberg Bard Cave
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Cumbres and Thor Turk Na scenic railway
Vietnam veterans DAV National Memorial
Mission San Miguel Santa Fe
The Museum of International Folk Art
The New Mexico Museum of natural history and Science
The old city
The governor of the palace
The Rio Grande Wildlife Park
Roswell The museum and Art Center
The Sandia Peak Tramway
Space Center
War Eagle Aviation Museum
Baisha National Memorial Chorten
Wine region
Location: New Mexico (New Mexico) is one of the 50 states, is located in the southwest, South and East and West and bordering the state of Texas, Arizona (Arizona), adjacent. The state covers an area of 121500 square miles (316000 square kilometers), located at latitude 31 to 37 degrees.
Grape varieties: Shiraz (Syrah), Vioni (Viognier), white musk (Muscat Canelli), Marr Vesa (Malvasia), Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon), Zinfandel (Zinfandel)
Climate: Most of the state's climate is hot and dry, the Grape The growth period is very short, it is difficult to make grape tannins mature. The micro climate of the state high altitude is relatively cool, the Wine style is more modern.