Oklahoma (Oklahoma), also known as Oklahoma, a state in south central United states. East The state of Missouri and The state of Arkansas West. The state of New Mexico and Texas Across the south, Red And across the North Texas. The state of Colorado and The state of Kansas . Area of 181089 square kilometers. The population of 3579212 (2006). The capital of Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma famous university University of Tulsa , University of Oklahoma Well, oklahoma state university .

Oklahoma History

 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
Oklahoma had Indian Colony. 500-1300 ad, the Indians had been in the area to create a high degree of culture, to create exquisite
 Oklahoma Oklahoma
Pottery, textiles, sculpture and metal ware. The Spaniard C Lo Nando arrived here in 1541 when there are at least three Indian tribes. In 1714 the French Dennis came here, French businessmen started the fur trade with the indians. Spain and France for the dozens of years, 1800 to all french. According to the 1803 Louisiana purchase agreement, all owned by the United States in the region. In 1830 by the Indian immigration law, the establishment of Indian area, the East Indians migrated to here. From 1830 to 1840 the eastern Indians were moved to the place called "the road of tears".

Oklahoma administrative division

The Russian state capital of Oklahoma City, the main city and Tulsa , Laughton ,
 The state's position on a map The state's position on a map
The city of Norman in the West and etc..
The main towns: Bartlesville, Broken Arrow, DS Mongolia. (Edmond), Enid, Lawton, Midwest, Moore, Muskogee, City, Norman (Norman), Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City) (OK City), Stillwater (Stillwater), Tulsa (Tulsa).

Oklahoma National Population

Ohio has a population of 3 million 750 thousand (2010), white residents accounted for 72.2
 Oklahoma State, state, administrative division Oklahoma State, state, administrative division
%, blacks accounted for 7.4%, Asian Residents accounted for only 1.7%. According to statistics, 2/3 of the population living in Oklahoma City, nearly 1/3 and two of the population of Russia, the tower that accounts for the state.

Oklahoma geographical environment

Oklahoma Landforms

The eastern margin of the European plateau and Dvorak The Ouachita mountains The south, from Texas
 Oklahoma map Oklahoma map
The Gulf of Mexico coastal plain Illinois Extension over the northern and central to the vast plains, the Western panhandle region. The highest point in the Panhandle west side of Black Mesa, 1517 meters above sea level.
Oklahoma is Plain The south. The high terrain in the northwest, southeast low, there are many rivers flow parallel. This is Arkansas River The Red River Basin and river basin. According to the topography, can be divided into four zones: the northwest corner is Black Mesa (Black Mesa high plain part) high, two hundred meters; is the Central Plains area, has been cutting height of about four meters; the northeast is Austria O'Neal The southeast is the Olympic heights; Chita A mountain country。

Oklahoma climate

Oklahoma is temperate continental climate And the annual average temperature of 15.5 degrees, increasing from northwest to southeast. Precipitation is decreasing from east to west, Vokey Tashan Area of 1270 mm, 380 mm only handle area.
The main natural disasters in Ohio is a strong storm, hail and tornadoes. Most areas of the state in the tornado belt, every year more than 50 tornadoes occur, is one of the world's largest tornado. The state and the "dust bowl" said.

Oklahoma natural resources

Oklahoma natural resources mainly oil, natural gas and copper, silver, lead, zinc, iron, manganese, titanium, uranium Other non-ferrous metal and gypsum and granite. Oklahoma natural gas production in the United States third.

Oklahoma The political system

Oklahoma Election

Executive governor, deputy governor, judge and labor, finance, insurance, auditing departments are elected for a term of four years, can one re-election. The Secretary of state appointed by the governor. The State Council by the Senate and house of Representatives, senators serve for 4 years, congressman, a term of 2 years, members of both houses serving time shall not exceed a total of 12 years. 48 senators, 101 representatives. Vice governor for the senate.

Oklahoma The main officials

Governor: Mary Falin (Mary Fallin). Female, republicans. In 2010 to win the Ohio gubernatorial election, took office in January 2011. Is the first female governor of oklahoma.
Vice governor Todd Lamb (Todd Lamb), a Republican, born in 1971. November 2010 was elected vice governor of Ohio State, took office in January 2011.
Secretary of state Glenn Kofi (Glenn Coffee). Republican。 Born in 1967, at the end of 2010, was elected secretary of state, took office in January 2011.

Oklahoma Economic overview

Oklahoma manufacturing industry

The main manufacturing industry Industrial machinery And complete sets of equipment,
 Oklahoma Oklahoma
The plane, metal products, rubber and plastic etc.. Tulsa, is the world's largest civil aircraft maintenance base, American Airlines (AA) maintenance center is located in the city tower. The aviation industry accounted for 10% of the state's industrial output. The largest Russian or North American tire production base.

Oklahoma Agriculture

Agriculture plays an important role in the state economy. The production of wheat and sorghum In the East, rich in corn, vegetables and berries. Most areas of water abundance, suitable for grazing. 1930s consecutive years of drought, many agricultural areas lead to serious disasters, driven tens of thousands of farmers to leave the hometown. Since then the state of soil and water conservation has been paid more and more attention.

Oklahoma foreign trade

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce statistics, 2012, the Russian state foreign trade totaled about $18 billion, of which exports about $6 billion 600 million, an increase of 5.8%, accounting for 0.4% of total U.S. exports. The largest amount of export products are: machinery and equipment (1 billion 700 million), transportation equipment (900 million), computer and electronic products (800 million), metal products (600 million), food (400 million) etc.. The state exports more than half from tulsa. In 2012, total imports of about $11 billion 400 million, an increase of 0.8%, accounting for 0.5% of the total imports. The main products include: imports of oil and gas products (3 billion 900 million), computer and electronic products, machinery and equipment (1 billion 300 million) (1 billion), transportation equipment (1 billion), (700 million) and other metal products.

Oklahoma social undertakings

Oklahoma education

Ohio has 48 colleges and universities. Among the 18 public universities, 16 private universities, community college 14. The main public university University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State university. The main private university University of Tulsa and the University of Oklahoma, etc.. Both undergraduate business majors at the top. The number of the American Bar Association (ABA) academic institutions admitted in college, Oklahoma City University Law School and University of Tulsa law among them.
Public university: Southeastern Oklahoma State University , The central Oklahoma State University Central State University, state university, University of Oklahoma , oklahoma state university And the East Central Oklahoma State University, Langston University, northeast Oklahoma State University, Northwest University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Panhandle State university.
Private university: University of Tulsa Oklahoma Baptist University, University of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Christian College, bacone college, Philip university.

Oklahoma scientific research

The state of scientific research institutions in meteorology and geology, medicine, petrochemical (Storm Research) has strong advantages, is the major climate research institutions. University of Oklahoma of petroleum and Geological Engineering The country's highest professional.

Oklahoma media

The two largest newspapers in Oklahoma is "Oklahoma" newspaper (The Oklahoman) and "Tulsa world" (Tulsa World). The major radio and television stations are in the state of local broadcast channel.

Oklahoma Culture

The Oklahoma museum includes: located in Sha Tao of the Phil Brooke Art Center, Thomas Gilchrist School of art, and Jewish Art Gallery in Norman Fenster; University of Oklahoma The campus art museum, and the Museum of natural history is located in Oklahoma; Oklahoma City Oklahoma Oklahoma Center for the arts, science and arts foundation Museum, National Cowboy Hall of fame and the Western Heritage Center; located in Anadarko (Anadarko) of the National American Indian Hall of fame, and Clay Moore (Claremore) is located in the Will Rodgers Memorial museum. Classical and Native American performances can be seen in oklahoma. The main bands include: the state of Oklahoma City Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra, Tao Sha Philharmonic, and Routh Dayton Symphony orchestra. Other major cities also have their own symphony orchestra. Held annually on the Anadarko America Indians exhibition, held in and around the state of the Indian ceremony, all Indian dance performances.

Oklahoma Transportation

Oklahoma State Railway 7500 km, 170 thousand km of roads, most .

Oklahoma Scenic spot

There are 50 state parks in Oklahoma, Chuzhou twenty-eight
 Oklahoma Oklahoma
Vertical leisure area, and forty-eight state wildlife management area. In many rivers and lakes in the state can engage in various recreational activities such as boating, water skiing, swimming, and fishing. Oklahoma worthy of a place to visit and in Free city (Freedom) near the milky white Cave State Park, located in the south central part of the state Yabake Wildlife District, located in Okmaw Gio (Okmulgee), located in the tribal areas of the stream of national heavener (Heavener) near heavener Rouen Stone State Park, located in the east of the South Ouwaqita national forest, and is located in the ancient village of Lachish tower melon color.

Oklahoma Famous characters

Oklahoma: Celebrity politician Karl Albert (Carl Albert), the historian Angie Debo (Angie Debo), writer Rauf Alison (Ralph Ellison), composer / musician Woody Gusy (Woody Guthrie), NBA star Kevin Durant, Radio Research Engineer Karl Jansky (KarlJansky), baseball star Mitch Mantle (Mickey Mantle), evangelist Olo Lobas (Oral, Roberts) artist / humorist Will Rogers (Will Rogers), Maria Tuoqifu Ballet Music (MariaTallchief), and a Jim Thorpe (JimThrope), a famous Hollywood actor Brand Pitt (Brad Pitt) and Jennifer Jones (Jeniffer Jones), Wal-Mart Founder Sam Walton (Sam Walton).