Oregon yes U.S.A A state of the Pacific coast in the United States, to the south of the state The state of California To the north, Washington State Mild climate, distinct seasons. Oregon's economy is developed, the per capita GDP of $87 thousand, is one of the most important American high-tech center and financial center.
The state originally Aboriginal Indian Ghetto. In 1778, the British captain Jay Kirk crew to buy beaver Skin. In 1792, Lo Clay of Boston found that Columbia River And its name.
After 1830, tens of thousands of Americans from the Midwest migrate to the Pacific northwest. They walked in Oregon trail Also, visible when the caravan on the rut.
Established in 1848 Oregon area . Joined the Union in 1859, became the thirty-third state of the United states.

Oregon History

 State of Oregon State of Oregon
In 1543 when the first white arrived, there are about 125 tribes belonging to 100 thousand to 180 thousand Indians living here, by gathering and hunting for a living.
In 1778, the British captain Jay Kirk crew to purchase a beaver.
In 1792, Lo Clay of Boston found the Columbia River and its name.
After 1830, tens of thousands of Americans from the Midwest migrate to the Pacific northwest. In Oregon they walk on the trail, still visible when the caravan on the rut.
In 1848 the establishment of Oregon area.
Joined the Union in 1859, for the thirty-third United states.

Oregon Geography

Oregon Location area

The northwestern United States
Oregon in the northwestern United States, the Pacific Northwest, Western Cascade Mountains and coast mountains, the eastern half of the whole plateau. An area of 254806 square kilometers, ranking the 50 United States ninth.

Oregon climate

Oregon, mild climate, distinct seasons, the rainy west coast, eastern plateau and little rain, the forest area accounted for half of the state. Significant regional differences in climate, mild and humid climate, the coastal inland dry, hot summer and cold winter. The coastal area is 13 to 16 degrees Celsius temperature in July of January, were about 4 degrees, annual rainfall of 1500 to 3000 mm. The Columbia basin in July temperature 21 to 24 DEG C, the mean temperature of January 1 ~ 1 degrees, annual rainfall of 250 to 500 mm.

Oregon traffic

State highways, in addition to the main highway 66000 kilometers, and 84000 kilometers of forest roads and rural roads. The total length of the railway is about 8000 km. Water always occupies an important position, 23 port.
Columbia river is located in Portland (Portland) is a deep-water harbor, direct access to the sea, for the transportation and Trade Center in the state, is also the largest city in the state. All more than and 100 statewide airport, International Airport in Portland city.

Oregon population

The 2010 census, Oregon, 3831074. Oregon racial ratio can be divided into: 78% is White That is 12% Asian Americans That is 8% Latin America Of them, 1.6% African American 1.3%, Indian Aborigines 3.1%, mixed race. Oregon residents before seven residents: A German (20.5%), Britisher (13.2%), France (11.9%), Irish (8.9%), Chinese (6.3%), Dutch (5.2%), Switzerland (3.9%).
6.5% of the state's population under the age of 5, 24.7% of the population is under 18 years old, and 12.8% of the population over the age of 65. The proportion of the population accounted for about 50.4% of all women.

Oregon Economics

Economic indicators: 2011 Oregon GDP $194 billion 700 million, twenty-fifth in the United States, the United States accounted for the proportion of GDP 1.30% GDP50297 dollars per capita.
Trade: total exports in 2011 was $18 billion 290 million, an increase of 3.5%, ranked twenty-fourth. The main export markets include Chinese, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions Chinese. The main export products include high-tech electronic products, agricultural products, forest products, transportation, metal products, plastic products, fishery products and communications products etc..
Oregon in 2011, exports to China totaled $3 billion 160 million, down 21.9%. The main export products include computer and electronic products, chemical products, waste and renewable products, agricultural products etc..
Foreign investment: foreign investment plays an important role in the economic development in Oregon, the main source country of Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, mainly foreign-funded enterprises have British Petroleum, Germany SolarWorld, Japan SIEMENS, Honda automobile, Air Liquide, etc..
To 2011 Chinese has 9 Chinese companies to invest in Oregon, including Lining sportswear, Wuxi Cape, Changzhou Dongjun light technology etc..

Oregon City

 portland portland
The main city: Portland (Portland), Beaverton (Beaverton), Oswego Lake (Lake Oswego), Corvallis (Corvallis), Eugene (Eugene), Hood Leaf (Hood River), Medford (Medford), Salem (Salem), Dals (The Dalles), Dalas (Dallas), Springfield (Springfield), Teela Muck (Tillamook), St Helens (St Helens), The volcano Lake Crater Lake (Grant's Pass), Grants Pass, Bender (Bend), Kusberg (Coos Bay)

Oregon Culture

Located in the state museums including the Portland Museum of art, Oregon State University The Finis Museum, Portland center, visual arts center, the history of the Oregon children's Museum, Portland Museum of science and industry, advertising Museum, aury
 Oregon Coast Oregon Coast
Because the maritime center and the Portland Police Museum and Museum of history. The museum is located in other states also: Oregon University campus art museum, located in the band (Bend) near the Desert Museum, located in Clemons falls, the Pfeiffer Museum, located in the city of John (John Day) of the museum, and is located in China Zhong Kan Czech Hutsonville (Jacksonville) Czech hutsonville museum.
Portland has many performing arts groups, including: Oregon, Portland Symphony Orchestra Ballet Portland Youth Association, Philharmonic Orchestra Portland, indoor Philharmonic Orchestra Oregon, ballet, ballet, and Pacific Dance Troupe oregon. In the gray city (Ashland) held in Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Eugene ballet, is nationally renowned performing arts groups.
City Culture
Alias "Beaver State" (Beaver State). Is the state flower of Oregon grape (Oregon Grape). The state bird is the wild west Lark (Western Meadowlark). The state tree is Douglas (larch, pine tree 60 meters high) (Douglas Fir). She flies with her motto is "own wings".

Oregon education

The state is located within one of the most famous universities in the United states: Oregon State University . Oregon State University was founded in 1858, is one of the top universities in the United States has a long history, the school is located in the United States has the important influence of the elite, a large number of leaders and elites have been trained in the United States and the world.
The following is the main University of the state:
University of Oregon (University of Oregon)
Oregon State University (Oregon State University)
Portland State University (Portland State University)
East Oregon State University (Eastern Oregon University)
Western Oregon State University (Western Oregon University)
Southern Oregon University (Southern Oregon University)
Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Institute of Technology)
Oregon Medical University (Oregon Health Science University)

Oregon Sociology

Oregon Religion

Religious beliefs are as follows, Oregon residents ratio: 57% Protestant Rome, 15% Catholic, 4% other Christian, 1% other religions, 18% no religion.
In Oregon, the Protestants, before the three major factions: Baptist 9%, Lutheran : 7% Methodist : 5%. Although Oregon is mostly Protestant church, but the number of the state is relatively small, there may be the west coast of the United States at least. Is generally 80%, but only 12% oregon.

Oregon Sports

Minor league baseball: Portland (Portland Beavers, 3A a Pacific Coast League team: The San Diego Padres )
Sa / Salem Keyser Volcano (Salem-Keizer 1A northwest Volcanoes, short-term alliance team: San Francisco Giant)
Eugene emeralds (Eugene Emeralds, short 1A northwest league team: the San Diego Padres)
The National Basketball Association Basketball (NBA) Portland: Pioneer (Portland Trailblazers) NCAA Pacific University
American football: NCAA Oregon State University (Beavers) University of Oregon (Ducks)

Oregon Tourism

To 2011, Oregon has three hundred and forty state parks and recreation areas, fourteen national forests, as well as a wildlife and landscape River system . In addition, Origaon also has a National Park - Crater Lake National Park (Crater Lake National Park). In the state of popular activities are fishing, swimming, boating, water skiing, boating, Golf Skiing, skating, and The snow on the motorcycle Etc.. Oregon interesting places to see also: Bonneville dam, hells Canyon, karst ground, Mount Hood Located in Portland, and the / Duck The big house.
Grape varieties
Hepino (Pinot Noir), Melo (Merlot), Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon), Silas (Syrah), Zinfandel (Zinfandel), Apino (Pinot Gris) and Chardonnay (Chardonnay), Dragon Seal Riesling (Riesling)
The Oregon of soil is mainly granite, with a small amount of volcano rock and clay.

Grape varieties
Hepino (Pinot Noir), Melo (Merlot), Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon), Silas (Syrah), Zinfandel (Zinfandel), Apino (Pinot Gris) and Chardonnay (Chardonnay), Dragon Seal Riesling (Riesling)
The Oregon of soil is mainly granite, with a small amount of volcano rock and clay.

Oregon Politics

Oregon and other U.S. states, are administrative, legislative and judicial The separation of the three powers Only, defense and diplomatic aspects have no power.
Oregon is not set up as deputy governor, governor to resign, by the Secretary of state to replace the governor.
Republicans and Democrats in the state government and there is no absolute advantage. But since the 1988 U.S. presidential elections, every presidential election, the state is won by the democrats.

Oregon character

The state of the famous writer Beverly Cleary (Beverly Cleary), cartoonist Matt Gronin (Matt Groening), statesman Mark Hite Rumsfeld (Mark Hatfield) and actor Howard Heisman (Howard Hesseman), prose writer / poet Phyllis McKinley (Phyllis McGinley), singer Chad Mitch (Chad Mitchell), chemist Linus Karl Berning (Linus Carl Pauling), and actress Lee Struthers Shakespeare (Sally Struthers).