Texas (English: State of Texas ), referred to as Texas, is the largest state in the south, but also America Second, after California Alaska .
The state from the Hasinai family of Caddoan in the word "tejas" which means "friends" or "allies". Spain Go!Explore Named Texas will this be mistaken for the word person names, thus retained.

Texas History

The United States Texas belonged to Mexico before 1821, Texas is the total of New Spain
 State Flag State Flag
Du District (part of the Spanish colony). After the independence of Mexico, Texas as Mexico - (Coahuila y, Coahuila tejas Tejas) part. From the beginning of 1820s, a large number of American immigrants from texas.
In December 20, 1835, Texas was first signed the declaration of independence at goliad. Then the Mexico government banned slavery, the slave owners are not satisfied, so the Texas in March 2, 1836 officially declared independence, established the Republic of texas. The United States recognized the Republic of Texas, Mexico does not recognize the independence of Texas, announced the Texas back into its territory, Texas to maintain its independence and stressed The Rio Grande Is the border. The British attempted to mediate the dispute but did not succeed, because Mexico does not recognize texas.
If the United States announced in 1845 Republic of Texas Willing to join in the United States if the United States will recognize the Rio Grande to the border. The same year, Texas to join the United States as twenty-eighth states.

Texas administrative division

The capital is Austen . The main city: Houston , San Antonio , Dalas ,
 In the United States the position on the map of the state In the United States the position on the map of the state
Fort Worth and El Paso Etc..
Houston is the first Texas, the nation's fourth largest city, the greater Houston area is the fifth metropolitan regions. The Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area is the largest in Texas, the nation's fourth metropolitan area. Sanantonio is the second largest national seventh, Texas city.

Texas geographical environment

Texas Terrain

The state can be divided into four main Geographic area Plain area along the coast of West Bay
 Texas Texas
In the north, The Central Plains Large area, plain area, and the Pecos region. Texas Southeast 1/3 area belongs to the West Bay coastal plain; central North Central Plain Area, has been made to the eastern half of the Panhandle (Panhandle) extension, is basically no hill and valley tree growth. The Great Plains area is located in the plain area of North Central West is extending to a part of the Canadian prairies. Peikesi Texas district is located in the west, is a magnificent scenery, composed of rock and dry region.

Texas hydrology

The main rivers are texas: The Rio Grande , The Pecos River And Red .

Texas climate

Texas is basically Temperate climate The southern part of the region is. Subtropical climate , warm in winter and hot in summer, the average temperature difference between regions. Different rainfall, the average annual rainfall of 666 mm. The sea area is wet, dry inland. The eastern and northern summer rain, North every year 4 to June tornado. Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico every year from 6 to November Hurricane .

Texas natural resources

The northern Texas Fort Worth basin. Barnett With the increasing storage potential of shale gas resources to be found. In this vault to Fort Worth basin, Barnett defined Paleozoic total petroleum system contains as Paleozoic carbonate rocks The distribution area of organic rich shale Barnett main hydrocarbon source rocks and clastic rock reservoirs. By the end of 2005, has completed about 3500 vertical wells and 1000 wells, of which more than 85% wells are completed after 1999.
Wind power Texas ranked first in the United states.

Texas National Population

Texas residents are often called "the people of texas". English in Texians and Texans. Texians refers to the period from 1836 to 1845 of the Republic of Texas national, and Texans refers to 1845 Texas as a state in which the United States is the people of texas.
The 2003 census, Texas 22118509 people. Nearly 1/3 of them are Latino (en:Latinos). The Latino residents, some are from Mexican immigrants Here, most of them are illegal immigrants. There are many from Brazil. As for other people, like Tejano (Tejano or Texano, Spanish for "Texas"), is in the Texas independence movement before the residents living here, quite a long history.
Texas, the race can be divided into proportion:
White (non Spanish ancestry)
indian Aborigines
Mixed race

White (non Spanish ancestry)
African American
Asian Americans
indian Aborigines
Mixed race
According to the census, in Texas residents ancestors, Mexican (24.3%) the most, followed by African American (11.5%), A German (9.9%), Americans (7.2%), Irish (7.2%).

Texas The political system

Texas administrative system

The state administrative department by the governor, vice governor, the auditor general and the director of the land,
 Texas, United States Senator John Raikkonen Texas, United States Senator John Raikkonen
And the Secretary of state. The governor, vice governor, the auditor general and the director of land, judges are elected for a term of four years, may be re elected. The Secretary of state appointed by the governor. The State Council by the Senate and house of representatives. The Senate term of four years, 1/2 representatives are elected every two years; a period of two years, all elections every two years. There are 31 Texas state senator, congressman 150. The vice governor concurrently, speaker of the house of representatives elected by the house of representatives. Texas Congressman was concurrently, the state legislature every two years a regular session, will be started every odd year the second Tuesday of January, for a period of 140 days. The governor has the power to convene a special session, will special session for a period of 30 days. The state judicial organs including the Supreme Court, the court of criminal appeal and the court of appeal 14. These court judges are elected.

Texas The main officials

Governor: (Greg Abbott), Republican Party People. In January 2015 the state
 Texas governor Greg Jasper Texas governor Greg Jasper
Vice governor: (Ted Cruz) .

Texas Economic overview

Texas occupies an important position in the American economy, 2012 GDP of $13974 (
 Texas Texas
An increase of 4.8%, growth in the nation's second), the United States accounted for 9% of the total economy, ranking 50 in the nation's second states. Known as the leader of the U.S. economic recovery "". The history of the cattle industry developed, Texas has been famous cowboy image. In early twentieth Century, major oil discoveries contribute to economic prosperity, diversified economic development since 1980s, the rise of high-tech industry. Texas energy, petrochemical, agriculture, electronics, aerospace, biomedical and other industries are more developed. " wealth "Top 500 enterprises have settled in 57 in texas.

Texas Industry

Texas is famous for its energy and petrochemical industries, is the largest energy and chemical state. Oil and gas production accounted for the yield of 1/3 and 1/4, the refining capacity of the United States accounted for 1/4. The beginning of 1980s, Texas implement economic diversification policy, although the main industrial oil and gas is still in Texas, but the proportion has declined, the rapid development of high-tech industries, Houston , San Antonio And the Dallas Delta region has already become the second "Silicon Valley", Houston area has become a medical training and treatment center of America and the world's largest. Houston, Dallas - Ford Voss, Sanantonio and Austen corridor and Texas border with Mexico to become the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan area.
Texas is the nation's largest greenhouse gas emissions, mainly from the state to the large number of coal-fired power plants, Refinery And processing industry.

Texas Agriculture

Texas developed agriculture, the main agricultural products are cotton, sorghum And other cereals, vegetables and fruits. Texas animal husbandry is the highest in the nation, mainly beef cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry.

Texas foreign trade

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce statistics, 2012, Texas total foreign trade volume of about $595 billion, of which exports about $264 billion 700 million, an increase of 5.6%, the United States accounted for 17.1% of total exports. The top five export markets are Mexico (94 billion 500 million), Canada (23 billion 800 million), Chinese (10 billion 300 million), Brazil (10 billion), Holland (9 billion 600 million). In 2012, total imports of about $330 billion 300 million, an increase of 3.6%, the United States accounted for 14.5% of total imports. The five largest source of imports is as follows: Mexico (99 billion 900 million), Chinese (40 billion 700 million), Saudi Arabia (20 billion 100 million), Venezuela (19 billion 100 million), Canada (16 billion).

Texas social undertakings

Texas education

according to The constitution of the United States Amendment No. tenth, the legislative specification States belong to the category of education. But the federal government also passed legislation and conditional funding to affect the state government. For example, stop before class prayer, segregation and termination of the school. Some legislation Congress will also affect state schools, such as the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act mandatory for all public buildings and educational institutions to provide services for disabled people, which makes the Texas Congress must also pay the corresponding fees to increase tax legislation.
Texas major public university system: the University of Texas, Texas A & M University system, university of houston System, Texas State University system, University of science and technology system of Texas, Texas State College of technology system, and part of the regional community college system, such as the Houston Community College system. The famous private university in Houston Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine .

Texas scientific research

Texas research institutions in the field of science and technology of energy and chemical industry, medical health, aerospace, biology, agriculture, electronics and new materials and other prominent advantages.
Houston City, known as the "world petroleum", focus on R & D institutions across the United States energy company. The offshore oil industry's most prestigious World Maritime Technology Conference (OTC) annually since 1969, held in Houston in May.
The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the world's largest medical city, especially in the field of basic research for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor, cardiovascular, genomics, bio defense and infectious diseases, such as bio nanotechnology and clinical practice.
Johnson Space Center is one of the nine American space center, now The International Space Station The ground control center, is the U.S. manned space flight control center, is also the main American astronaut training base.
Austen Research and development of IT industry and the Dafoe region in the United States is among the best, Austen built a Texas famous scientific industrial park, the main integrated circuit chip manufacturers will be located in the city center design.

Texas media

The mainstream media has influence to the local " houston chronicle "," Dallas morning news "," Austen ", American statesman. The main Chinese media: "world daily", "Southern Daily News", " The China Press "The United States," courier "," China Times ", backChina network, network era, world famous Chinese radio station, Texas Chinese.

Texas Culture

Texas Museum: located in Fort Worth, Amon Carter western art museum, moonlight The art museum, art museum, Fort Worth, Fort Worth is located in the Museum of science and industry; Houston The Natural Science Museum and art gallery is located in the Dallas Museum of natural history, Aquarium Age of steam, and the southwest Museum, Museum of science and technology; Eyre Paso and Austen in the history museum; Texas Memorial Museum, in Texas can hear various types of music, including blues Mexico, country, rock, and classical music. The state has more than twenty Symphony Orchestra, located in Houston, Dallas, Sanantonio, Eyre and Paso city. Houston and Houston in the grand opera. Houston and Dallas are often held in drama, and across the State College theater, often also launched a variety of programs.

Texas Transportation

 Texas Texas
Convenient transportation, road length of over 480 thousand kilometers, ranking first in the country; more than and 30 airports, including Dallas's Dafoe International Airport is the second largest airport in Houston. Bush Intercontinental Airport Is the fourth largest airport. In addition, Dezhou has 29 ports and inland ports, the port of Houston is the first foreign trade port, the total throughput of second in the United states. Due to the unique geographical location, Dezhou is connected to North America and Latin America is an important trading hub.
Airport: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, Houston hobby airport.
Expressway: US-59, I-45 (connecting Dallas, Houston to Garr Weiss Thornton), US-77 (mainly in the southeast of Corpus Christi area), I-37 (limited to the southeast of Sanantonio to Corpus Christi), I-35, US-281, US-287 (mainly in the North Fort Worth To Amari Lo, US-87, I-27) (northwest PanHandle area), US-90 I-10 (Heng Kua, the Texas what traffic routes, from El Paso to Beaumont his way through Sanantonio and Houston), I-20, I-30 (Dallas to The state of Arkansas I-40 (PanHandle), northwest area).

Texas Religion

Religious belief, Texas population proportion is 66% Protestant 23%, Rome, 1% other Catholics Christian Christian, 1% other religions and 6% non believers; Texas Protestants, among which Baptist The highest (32%), followed by the Methodist (9%), followed by The Church of God (3%).

Texas An important event

Texas The assassination of the president

In November 22, 1963, thirty-fifth of the total U.S.
 President Kennedy President Kennedy
The Kennedy Assassinated in texas. In 1991, the American release of the famous movie " The assassination of Kennedy "Reflects the event.
Kennedy is generally regarded as one of the most outstanding American president in American history, he also ranked" Ten American Idol culture "For the first time.

Texas fire

Local time on April 17, 2013 at 7:50 in the evening around Texas a fertilizer plant
 The location of the explosion The location of the explosion
The explosion, caused many buildings on fire, hundreds of people were injured. Reported at least two people were killed.

Texas Famous characters

The famous American pop diva beyonce (Beyonce Giselle Knowles)
The singer / Songwriter / pianist Greyson Chance
"Us four handsome / Actor / Director jensen ackles (Jensen Ross Ackles)
American pop singer / American Idol big sister Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson)
The singer / Actor / host Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez)
Singer / actress King Oatley (Gene Autry)
performer Owen Wilson , renee zellweger (Renee Zellweger)
The thirty-fourth president of the United States Dwight Eisenhower (Dwight Eisenhower)
Musician / Composer Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly)
Industrial / home / flight home producers Howard Hughes (Howard Hughes)
The thirty-sixth president of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson (Lyndon Baines Johnson)
The composer Scott Chamberlin (Scott Joplin)
Statesman George W. Bush The younger brother Jeb Bush
Actress Marie Martin (Mary Martin)
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