The state of Utah

The state of Utah (State of Utah) is a state in the United States, is located in the western United states. As the forty-fifth state on January 4, 1896. The main city of Utah, a The city of Saline Lake , Ogden and Provo . from The Rocky Mountains Colorado, plateau and Saline Lake desert possessed. A population of about 2 million 500 thousand, about 80% of the population living in capital The city of Saline Lake。 Mainly by the Mormon (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) believers offspring and descendants of immigrants from the Nordic. The use of English speech. The state has university of utah .
The state of Utah

The state of Utah History

 State of Utah State of Utah
1776 Catholicism Franciscan friar Escalante and Dominguez in Utah is the first Europeans, they arrive in search California The Monterey Monterey found in the Green River GreenRiver.
In 1824 JamesBridger and EtienneProvost found that the hunters of Saline Lake GreatSaltLake, thought they arrived at the coast of the Pacific ocean.
1847 Mormon SaltLakeCity arrived in Salt Lake City under the leadership of BrighamYoung. In 1847 the Europeans began to colonize.
In 1848 the United States GaudalupeHidalgo treaty from Mexico get control of this place.
In 1850 the Utah territory was established by the BrighamYoung for the head.
In 1861 the state telegraph system cross connection Nebraska The European Mahal Omaha and three complete the connection in Salt Lake City city.
In 1869 the Union Pacific Railroad and the central Pacific Railroad TheUnionPacific CentralPacific in Promontory, cohesion, form the United States the first transcontinental railway system.
In January 4, 1896 to become the forty-fifth state of the United States, and the abolition of polygamy. The first title of the state of Utah is the "Beehive State" (BeehiveState), because there are a lot of glaciated terrain, looks like bees, now has become a national park reserve.
1913 StrawberryRiver river reservoir strawberry project completion, increase irrigation water use. In 1943, during World War II, the U.S. military in Utah more than Ovid Air base Training, a number of B-29 bomber pilots, after becoming Hiroshima The implementation of the original explosion.
In 1952, uranium Moya Was found near Moab.
1964 red gorge FlamingGorge and Grand Valley dam built in GlenCanyon.
Utah one hundred years of statehood in 1996.

The state of Utah geographical environment

The state of Utah hydrology

3 major rivers: the eastern basin belong to genus Colorado River West is a large flow area basin, basin, northwest corner of Columbia River basin. Saline Lake is located in northeastern Utah, lake south west of Saline Lake is a large desert, the highest level is an area of about 6200 square kilometers, the lowest water level area is 2500 square kilometers. The water salinity is 220. The water without fish; do not sink into the water. The lake is 11 meters deep. The ancient Bonner The residual part of Lake bonneville. The lake contains sodium chloride And sodium sulfate salts of 40 tons. Because of the lake gradually reduced, the shore also fell again and again, the formation of terraces. There is a middle of the Bonneville Salt Flats the boundless plain Bonner, is the ideal place to host speed racer. In 2 million 500 thousand years ago to 10 thousand years ago, Bonner, the vastness of the Pleistocene. Freshwater lake Area lake michigan As big as. Saline Lake and dry Searl At the salt lake is the ancient lake Bonner, after evaporation remained.

The state of Utah Landforms

Utah landform Colorado Kawa Kawakoshi Valley National Park "CanyonlandsNationalPark" and the Rocky Mountains and Red Rock Valley Canyon .
In the southern half of the state of Utah by the wind and water erosion by the formation of the terrain, the picturesque terrain of most of the national parks are protected. In the Brice Canyon "BryceCanyon", Paiute Indians believe that these rocks of odd shape is a magical tribe, because God was offended by the turn left for the pillars, also known as rock pillar these weird voodoo "hoodoo". This is also the name of hoodoo and magic and evil spell synonymous, each of these pillars look like there is a soul like standing in the gorge.
Arrive 150 years ago Saline Lake The valley area of the Mormon ancestors here seeking religious freedom and to build their own homes. In their efforts and traditional family values, the desert into farmland, the state of Utah is called the Beehive State "BeehiveState".
Not a lot of plant coverage and frequent earthquakes in the past the surface here, a geologist to study the earth very good classroom. In many places in Utah, millions of years of exposure to the sun, and describes the formation of crustal movement and the history of the earth. stay The state of Colorado The sandstone layers of the Utah border and Dinosaur National Monument "DinosaurNationalMonument" in the unearthed thousands of pieces dinosaur fossil In the United States have exhibited. Endless rocks in Utah also allow people to play a lot of imagination, such as the nickname Watchman, thecastle, courtofthePatriarchs, QueenVictoria and Fairyland of the rock is a good example. In the CapitalReef National Park in a 100 mile long similar Great Barrier Reef The rock is living to the surface after the formation.
North East of Saline Lake is in the Rocky Mountains, including Uinta Mountains Walesa and the odd mountain, Ewing mountain tower is the only thing the United States to the main mountain, the kings peak, elevation 4123 meters, is the highest peak in the state. Walesa Qi mountains west of Piedmont, Utah is the most concentrated population, cultivated land, the most fertile industry most developed area; located in the area of Salt Lake City, is the business center and transportation hub, and Utah, political, cultural and religious center.
The Rocky Mountains , Colorado Plateau And the Saline Lake desert constitute the 3 major characteristics of Utah natural geographical landscape. For the Colorado Plateau Statewide More than half of the area. This steep terrain, deep valleys and steep rock, natural wind and water erosion has caused many scenic wonders, for example: Art beats nature. in different poses and with different expressions. Natural Bridge Natural arches, bright and colorful valley of the abyss, attracted numerous visitors to the Xunyou adventure. Is on the west side of the plateau The Great Basin A part of the. In the vast flat desert, occasionally a towering butte.

The state of Utah climate

Utah state temperate continental climate In July, the average temperature of 18 degrees to 27 degrees, the average winter temperature in addition to the southwest, slightly lower than the freezing point. The average annual rainfall of 300 mm, the Saline Lake desert annual precipitation less than 125 mm. Utah climate feature is sunny, warm and dry. Located in the center of northern Utah The city of Saline Lake In January, the winter temperature is minus twice Celsius, summer of July average temperature is twenty-five degrees celsius. Still, the southwest corner of the city like Dahl (CedarCity), winter January average temperature is below zero Celsius degree and a half, the July summer temperature is twenty-three degrees celsius. The average annual precipitation in Salt Lake City (including rainfall and snowfall) is 38 cm, and the basin and mountain area and Colorado Plateau The annual precipitation is less than 13 cm, Wasatch (WasatchRange) and the uintas (UintaRange) annual precipitation of the ridge is 127 cm.

The state of Utah administrative division

Utah is divided into 29 counties: Beaver, BoxElder, Cache, Carbon, Daggett, Davis, Duchesne, Emery, Garfield, Grand, Iron, Juab, Kane, Millard, Morgan, Piute, Rich, SaltLake, SanJuan, Sanpete, Sevier, Summit, Tooele, Uintah, Utah, Wasatch, Washington, Wayne, Weber.

The state of Utah population

According to the 2000 census data, Utah, 2, 23
 Utah Villa Utah Villa
3169 people, 2 million 350 thousand in 2003, an increase of 120 thousand people. Utah's population distribution in the former Vaschach (WasatchFront) around, which is along Vasher Chi Sean (WasatchMountains) around the metropolitan area.
Utah's ethnic mix can be divided into:
The 85.3% is White (no Spanish ancestry) 9% Hispanics, 2.1% mixed race 1.7% Asian Americans are 1.3% Native Americans of African Americans according to the 0.8% census, residents in the state of Utah ancestors, Britisher (29%) the most, followed by A German (11.6%), Americans (6.8%), Denmark People (6.5%), (6.1%).
9.4% in 32.2% at the age of 5 in 8.5% at the age of 18 in 65 over the age of 49.9% female 50.1% male.

The state of Utah Resources

Salt Lake City more than and 40 kilometers southwest of Bingham Canyon, is the world's largest open-pit copper mine. mining area This is a hill, but has been dug into a large pit. Above, below, to the end, only a small tip at the end of the valley. Stand in the top view, the whole area is like a big pot. The pot mouth is 4 kilometers wide, 960 meters deep. Two Empire State Building Diego also can't make it to the end. This is the history of mankind's biggest pit dug. A highway circling, like in the iron pot is filled with a white ring. Deep in the mines, a giant excavator dug for every time, can be dug up more than 24 tons of ore. A 8 km long underground transport with the ore out of the pit. Since 1904, it has accumulated 50 tons of ore shipped. But every day hundreds of thousands of tons of copper ore mining, transported to the large copper smelter.

The state of Utah traffic

Utah is the western traffic arteries, the state railway 4800 kilometers. In 1869, joining two things road army in Saline Lake on the north side of the general Monterey, nailed on the last spike - Jin Daoding. Since then, United States, things change thoroughfare. In the construction of the railway, there are forty thousand or fifty thousand Chinese laborers to participate, they have made tremendous contributions to this end. The rapid development of highway in the state. Salt Lake City has good Airport equipment.

The state of Utah Economics

Utah, as the hilly, dry climate, not much arable land. The income of animal husbandry accounted for about 70% of the production of agriculture and animal husbandry, cattle and dairy, and Turkey Egg Sheep and wool, etc.. The development of the river valley area Agricultural irrigation (Mu Xu), planting forage grass, wheat and barley, beet fruits and vegetables.
 The United States of Utah, Bingham Canyon mine The United States of Utah, Bingham Canyon mine
Utah's economy since 1970s trend of diversification, in addition to agriculture and mining, has been the development of manufacturing, finance, transport and tourism. The state has more than 200 kinds of minerals, 38 kinds of existing large-scale mining. Copper production accounts for 1/5, its output value accounted for more than half of the gross state mineral. Utah is the largest producer of the metal beryllium ore, used in aerospace and nuclear technology. Gold, silver, lead, molybdenum The production is one of the top 4 states. From the Saline Lake can also draw large amounts of magnesium and other minerals. The coal reserves of 1150 tons, is The Mississippi River The main coal producing regions. An estimated 410 million barrels of oil reserves. Utah is the only state hard asphalt production. The main manufacturing industries include food processing, transport machinery, oil refining etc.. During the Second World War, had established some defense plants and air force base in Utah; 50s established several huge rocket engine plant, along with the rapid development of uranium mining.
Gross domestic product
In 2007, GDP was $105 billion 658 million, about 7.8% more than last year's $97 billion 963 million increase. The main structure is as follows (million):
2006 2007
private enterprise
The total amount of 848.00918.64
Mining 33.1235.31
Building 60.1459.22
Manufacturing 107.14119.52
Wholesale trade 48.3552.68
Retail trade 72.4081.26
Transport and storage 35.8640.62
The information industry 36.9939.85
Finance and insurance 96.4399.66
Real estate 108.59119.89
The total amount of 131.51137.93
Employment status, income level and consumption level
Employment status: according to the 2007 American community survey, 16 of the population over the age of 1 million 912 thousand, of which 1 million 328 thousand (69.5%), labor employment accounted for 66.6% of the total number.
The income level: a total of 835 thousand households, the average household income of $55 thousand, ranked fortieth. The level of consumption: has a total of 835 thousand housing units (71.7% home, 28.3% rental); in 2007 96% households have more than one car; more than 30% households spent 27.3% of the total income for housing.
The main industry
In 2007 the main industry accounted for the proportion of GDP are: the mining industry 3.3%, building 5.6%, 11.3% in manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade, 5%, 7.7%, 3.8% and 3.8% transport and storage, information industry, finance and insurance real estate 9.4%, 11.3% and 13.1% government.
Transportation: Salt Lake City International Airport facilities, the service level is high, and is based in Salt Lake City, established an aviation hub, developed a total of 6 highway, interstate highway passes through connecting the west coasts of the United states.
Logistics: due to the convenient air and land transportation, logistics system more perfect. The state has nearly 10 third party logistics enterprises, the dozens of related enterprise business scope also covers the state, to provide a variety of logistics services; various large warehouses, transport fleet number. 2007 transportation warehousing GDP amounted to $4 billion 20 million, accounting for 3.8% of the total.
Education: Utah higher education level. The state has 14 colleges and universities, the famous University of Utah, Yang Baihan University, Utah State University, Logan College of agriculture. University of Utah is a research institution of the oldest west of the Mississippi River basin. Yang Baihan University in the United States in 2007 ranked seventieth, the school ranked tenth, compared with the same low ranking university tuition. In addition, Utah has 718 public schools.
Financial services: financial and insurance institutions complete, there are more than and 10 national banks, dozens of specialized banks and credit institutions dozens of offices in the state. In 2007 the financial insurance industry GDP reached $9 billion 966 million, accounting for 9.4% of the total. You can easily access to financial services.
Tourism: tourism resources are abundant, with hiking, Red Rock Canyon 16 world-class ski resorts, broad waters, 5 national parks, 44 state parks and monuments, 6 National Memorial Chorten, 7 state-owned forest zone. Salt Lake City is the capital of Saline Lake named. The 7 best ski from Salt Lake City only one hour's drive. Tourism facilities, hotels, road network is complete.
Real estate: housing prices lower than the national average of comfort. In 2007 the real estate GDP amounted to $11 billion 989 million, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%, accounting for 11.3% of the total state GDP.
The situation of the enterprise
Utah, a total of more than 4.7 companies, including 1-4 employees nearly 8000, about 2 employees have 5-9 million, 1019 employees 8
 Utah State University Utah State University
More than 000 employees, 2099 more than 5 thousand, 100499 employees more than 4 thousand, more than 500 employees about more than 1 thousand and 700. In 2007, the world's top 500 enterprises ranking last corporate annual sales total to $14 billion 880 million, while Utah's largest Huntsman Corporation (Huntsman industry) annual sales of only $13 billion 150 million.
The general situation of foreign trade exports in 2007 totaled US $7 billion 900 million, including $6 billion 990 million of non processed products, processed products (agriculture and forestry and fishery ore) $690 million, $220 million for re export. The main export products are gold and other metals, electronic products, electronic machinery, precision instruments, chemical products and related products, food and metal smelting, of which gold exports amounted to $about 3000000000, accounting for 38.8% of the total. The main export markets in Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Germany, etc..
With China's economic and trade relations
Utah exports less, 2007 exports less than $100 million, total exports accounted for a smaller proportion. The United States in 2007 foreign direct investment of about $about 5000000000, but the number of specific investment of the state did not separate statistics. It is understood, was founded in 1984 in Utah City, such as the new general Lobo group (NuSkinEnterprises), total investment in China has exceeded US $85 million, with annual sales of nearly 1 billion yuan.
Foreign investment laws and policies
Utah has no restrictions on foreign investors, investment incentives and tax policy:
The company registration shall be exempted from tax.
No commercial inventory of property tax levy.
As the newly established company plant a total funding of more than $5 million in construction costs, the 5% can be used as a payroll tax exemption.
Corporate income tax for the purchase of 10% anti pollution equipment.
The sale and use of the following industries can enjoy free sales tax: manufacturing, mining and R & D chemicals, food, coin laundry and car washing, government purchase of building materials, medical equipment, consumer goods, taxi, Golf Recycling equipment, machinery parts and components, park facilities, pollution control facilities, mining equipment, film products, military supplies, agricultural products etc..
Investment institutions Utah State Department of economic development (DivisionofEconomicDevelopment, DepartmentofCommunityandEconomicDevelopment). The investment procedures for different industries according to the state of Utah, the application of different units in charge of the license. Investment institutions to provide a wide range of services, such as small and medium-sized enterprises (bureau of SMA Small and medium sized enterprises) to provide free information service and resource service most widely, for many policies to support small enterprises, loan funds, occupation training and counseling. (Utah, a foreign trade zone, No. FTZNo.30).
The enterprise registration procedures: enterprise registration is a rigorous and complex file things, recommended to choose a professional qualification for American accounting services, will help the company to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the development process in the future. Professional accounting bodies for company registration to 15-30 days. The need to provide professional service license, shareholders passport / identity card and other documents.
Private investment promotion and services Mainly include: the Utah chamber of Commerce (UtahStateChamberofCommerce), Utah Manufacturers Association (UtahManufacturersAssociation), Economic Development Corp of Utah (EconomicDevelopmentCorpofUtah), Utah Technology Alliance (UtahTechnologyAlliance). The cities also have the corresponding institutions, such as the Parke chamber of Commerce (ParkCityChamberofCommerce). In 2007, the popular exhibition in Salt Lake City in summer and winter two outdoor. Many members of the Utah State Bar Association, and provides comprehensive legal services.

The state of Utah Culture

The state of Utah Religion

Religion, Utah is the nation's single religion the highest proportion of the population, the proportion of faith
70% Mormon Church ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 12%) Protestant (Protestant) 6% Catholics in Rome 1% other religions 9% non religious population of Utah, the age and gender distribution is.

The state of Utah education

The state of Utah has important institutions of higher learning:
university of utah (UniversityofUtah)
utah state university (UtahStateUniversity)
Brigham Young University-Provo (BrighamYoungUniversity)
weber state university (WeberStateUniversity)
Utah Valley State College (UtahValleyStateCollege)
Southern University of Utah (SouthernUtahUniversity)
Private University
Brigham Young University-Provo (BrighamYoungUniversity)
Westminster College (WestminsterCollege)
College of Eastern Utah (CollegeofEasternUtah).

The state of Utah Marriage

In December 2013, Brown from Utah, a home because of polygamy and the defendant in court, and the judge was in Court banned polygamy is a violation of the constitution, then the case due to the existence of a huge controversy has not made a final judgment.
On August 27, 2014, federal judge Clark's final judgment in suspense solved all things, the Brown family has thus achieved a great victory. Judge not only the judgment of Utah anti polygamy law unconstitutional, he also believes that the Brown family's rights have been violated, be Brown family attorney fees and damages. Utah, polygamy is legal means.

The state of Utah Tourism

The topography of Utah so that the early explorers marvel, here Colorado River Through the Valley National Park "CanyonlandsNationalPark" and the rocky mountain valley and red rock canyon.
Utah has five national parks (Russian Canal National Park, Blyth Canyon National Park, National Park, Yang Lundi, card Pitt Swiss National Park, and the orange Ryan National Park) and forty-eight state parks, six national memorial buildings, and two National Recreation area. The state of Utah and other places worth visiting include located in St. Georgia (St.George) of the Mormon Church, located in the west of Salt Lake City, the Saline Lake, the ground and the Bonneville Salt zone (BonnevilleSaltFlats), located in the vernal (Vernal) the north can drive through the long period Geographic area And in Puri Monterey (Promontory) hook to spike national monument.

The state of Utah Sports

The state of Utah Football

The American Football League Royal Salt Lake City (RealSaltLake)
American football
NCAA Brigham Young University-Provo BrighamYoungUniversity university of utah UniversityofUtah utah state university UtahStateUniversity

The state of Utah Baseball

Little League Salt Lake City stingers (SaltLakeCityStingers, 3A Pacific Coast League team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Ogden Ron (OgdenRaptors), a new class Vanguard Alliance, the parent team: Los Angeles Dodgers The European Renmu owl (OremOwlz), a new class Vanguard Alliance, female team: the Losangeles angels of Anaheim)

The state of Utah Basketball

NBA Utah Jazz (UtahJazz) NBDL Utah lightning team (UtahFlash) NCAA university of utah (Utah) utah state university (UtahState)

The state of Utah skiing

Alta (Alta) Bryden (Brighton) Snowbird (Snowbird) Park City (ParkCity)

The state of Utah celebrity

The state of Utah had celebrities including actress Mady Adams (MaudeAdams), film director and writer of charge - Page Xu Bi (HalAshby), computer programmer and executive director Nolen Bbu Xinier (NolanBushnell), historian NAR - Butterfly Wu Benedict to Boolean (BernardDeVoto), hotel and restaurant executive director John Mariat (JohnW.Marriot), sports and actor Marin Olsen (MerlinOlsen), singer and entertainer Donny and Mary, Donny and Marie Osmond (DonnyandMarieOsmond), and actress Loretta (LorettaYoung).