Wyoming is located in the western United States The Rocky Mountains Area. State contour approximate square. North Montana In the east boundary South Dakota Nebraska and south. Colorado In the southwest, and The state of Utah Adjacent to the West and Idaho State border. An area of 253596 square kilometers, ranking ninth in the 50 states. The population of 515004 (2006). The capital of Cheyenne is located in the southeast corner of the state. The state from the Indian. , its meaning is "the prairie" or "hill and valley and".

Wyoming History

 State of Wyoming State of Wyoming
 Wyoming Wyoming
Early nomadic land. In 1743, Spanish and French explorers has arrived. The United States in 1807 Lewis and Clarke Team member John Kurt found Huangshi Scenic Spot。 A large number of 1842 Pioneer Go to Oregon by the state, California and Saline Lake . It's called "Oregon trail". Established in 1868 in Wyoming. Joined the Union in 1890, became the forty-fourth state of the United states.

Wyoming Resources

The economy with the Sheng mining, coal, petroleum, natural gas, uranium, etc.. Coal reserves in the United States first, uranium reserves in America second. Agriculture to livestock, cattle and sheep pasture is everywhere. Wool and mutton production after Texas In the United States, second. Cheyenne, Caspar Lara, light for the livestock Trade Centre City。

Wyoming Geography

Wyoming Horizon

The Rocky Mountain
The capital and largest city Cheyenne . Because of Indian resistance, White Open up late. From statehood in 1890. West The Rocky Mountains Total area of 2/3, concentrated in the northwest mountains Yellowstone National Park Around and South Mountain, the highest gannett peak At an altitude of 4200 meters. South Wyoming basin, semi dry plateau. The eastern part of a plain. The average altitude of about 2000 meters, after The state of Colorado .
 Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming has an area of two hundred and fifty-three thousand three hundred and twenty-five square kilometers. Huaizhou is the intersection point of two main regions: North America Wyoming west of the Rocky Mountains, plains and Eastern wyoming. In addition, another big basin area of North America (Great Basin) covering the southwest part of the state of a small department. Wyoming's mountain range Teton (Teton), Gross Vee Trey (Gros Ventre), Snake River (Snake River), Salt River (Salt River), Wyoming (Wyoming), Absaroka (Absaroka) (Wind River), and the Wind River range. The Great Plains region of the state for cattle, sheep, water diversion irrigation district is the production of corn, beans, Beet And the dry grass, barley, and other grains. To distinguish between the north and south of the two North American half The Great Basin Is a dusty and less wooded areas. The United States on the source of three major rivers in the state, including The Missouri (Missouri), Colorado River (Colorado), and Columbia River (Columbia). The other main rivers are the Huangshi River, Bi Ge Honghe Brad, North River, green river and snake river. The main city huaizhou as the capital of Cheyenne (Cheyenne), Keith Poole (Casper), Rohrami (Laramie), and Shiquan (Rock Springs). The state has a population of about five hundred thousand.

Wyoming Terrain

The state of the local terrain, an average elevation of 2000 meters, height ranks second in the country.
 Wyoming Wyoming
Who, after Colorado state. Gannett peak 4202 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the territory. Eastern High Plains, the northeast corner of Black hills extends from the state of South dakota. The western border areas, especially earthquakes occur frequently in the Yellowstone National Park area, many hot springs and geysers. The continental divide from the northwest corner of Huangshi lake along the Sierra Madre south-east winds through the southern border into Colorado. There are 76% surface runoff into the Atlantic through the Missouri Mississippi River, Columbia River and the rest by the snake into the Pacific Ocean or through the Baer River into the Saline Lake. Huangshi lake is located in Yellowstone National Park, is the state's largest lake. There are some mountains and deep valleys, such as the Green River on the Flamingo Canyon, is both scenic resort, and is ideal for the construction of hydropower station.

Wyoming climate

The climate is dry. The Bighorn basin and watershed basin is desert. The average annual rainfall in the desert area is only 127 mm, while in the mountain area is up to 1016 mm. Summer thunderstorms. Cheyenne west of the Laramie mountain hail. The average temperature of January from 13 ~ 2 C; the mean temperature of July from 24 to 11 DEG C; the extreme minimum value 51 C, the highest value of 46 DEG C.
In general, Wyoming cold and dry climate. The whole winter January average temperature is minus seven degrees Celsius, while the temperature is nineteen degrees Celsius in summer of July. Yellowstone National Park mountains, January average temperature is minus ten degree temperature is fifteen degrees Celsius in summer of July. In the lower part of the Keith Poole (Casper), January average temperature is minus six degrees Celsius, the summer temperature is twenty-two degrees Celsius in July. The whole state, the average annual rainfall of 37 cm. Snowfall with different height and different. The northern mountainous area average is about 66 centimeters, and Bi Gegong Basin (Bighorn Basin) from an average of 38 cm to 1 cm.

Wyoming Zoning

Wyoming has a population of more than 10000 people in the city or town (in descending order
 Wyoming State Wyoming State
Cheyenne, Casper (Casper), Laramie (Laramie), Rocksprings (Rock Springs), Gillette, Sheridan (Sheridan), Green River, Evans Don (Evanston)
FIPS code
County town
The measure of area
Albany County 001 Laramie One thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight One of the original five counties The early settlers here will be called The state of New York capital Albany Thirty-two thousand and fourteen 11070 square kilometers  
Big Horn County 003 Besson One thousand eight hundred and ninety-six A part of Sheridan County, Johnson county and Fremont County Extends to the northern mountains of the same name Eleven thousand four hundred and sixty-one 8125 square kilometers  
Campbell County 005 Gillette One thousand nine hundred and eleven A part of Weston county and crook County John Alan Campbell (John Allen Campbell), the first governor of the Wyoming territory Thirty-three thousand six hundred and ninety-eight 12424 square kilometers  
Carbon County 007 Rawlins One thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight One of the original five counties The county has a large number of coal (literally meaning carbon county) Fifteen thousand six hundred and thirty-nine 20453 square kilometers  
Converse County 009 Douglas One thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight A part of Albany County, the county Rugby pull A R (A.R. Converse) convers, Cheyenne The banker and rancher Twelve thousand and fifty-two 11020 square kilometers  
Crook County 011 Sundance One thousand eight hundred and seventy-five A part of rugby La County and Albany County Played American Civil War The war in Indian and North America George Kreuk (George Crook) general Five thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven 7405 square kilometers  
Fremont County 013 Rand One thousand eight hundred and eighty-four A part of Gan County John - C - Fremont (John C. Fr Mont), The state of California Senator, the first major political parties against slavery USA president Candidate Thirty-five thousand eight hundred and four 23784 square kilometers  
Goshen County 015 Torrington One thousand nine hundred and eleven Part of Laramie County " Bible "In the description of the same name. Twelve thousand five hundred and thirty-eight 5763 square kilometers  
Hot Springs County 017 Arthur Mo Boris One thousand nine hundred and eleven A part of Fremont County, big Horn and Parke counties Arthur Mo Boris springs Four thousand eight hundred and eighty-two 5190 square kilometers  
Johnson County 019 Buffalo One thousand eight hundred and seventy-five A part of carbon county and Hot Springs County A lawyer from Cheyenne E P Johnson (E.P. Johnson) Seven thousand and seventy-five 10790 square kilometers  
Laramie County 021 Cheyenne One thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven One of the original five counties Jacques Larami (Jacques La Ramee) French Canadian fur trapper Eighty-one thousand six hundred and seven 6957 square kilometers  
Lincoln County 023 Kemmerer One thousand nine hundred and eleven A part of the Ewing County tower USA president Abraham Lincoln Fourteen thousand five hundred and seventy-three 10539 square kilometers  
Natrona County 025 Caspar One thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight A part of carbon county. County found natron (natron) Spanish pronunciation Sixty-six thousand five hundred and thirty-three 13831 square kilometers  
Niobrara County 027 Laske One thousand nine hundred and eleven A part of converse county. The same river Two thousand four hundred and seven 6801 square kilometers  
Parke County 029 Cody One thousand nine hundred and nine A part of big Horn County Most areas of the county territory Yellowstone National Park The scope, literally translated as "county park" Twenty-five thousand seven hundred and eighty-six 17982 square kilometers  
Platt County 031 Wheatland One thousand nine hundred and eleven Part of Laramie County North of the Platt River Eight thousand eight hundred and seven 5400 square kilometers  
Sheridan County 033 Sheridan One thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight A portion of Johnson County American Civil War General Philip Sheridan Twenty-six thousand five hundred and sixty 6535 square kilometers  
Sublette County 035 Pine One thousand nine hundred and twenty-one A part of Lincoln County and Fremont County William Sublette (William Sublette), a pioneer and fur trapper Five thousand nine hundred and twenty 12644 square kilometers  
Sweetwater County 037 Green River One thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven One of the original five counties The same river Thirty-seven thousand six hundred and thirteen 27003 square kilometers  
Teton County 039 Jackson One thousand nine hundred and twenty-one A part of the Lincoln County The same mountains Eighteen thousand two hundred and fifty-one 10381 square kilometers  
Ewing County tower 041 Evans Don One thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine One of the original five counties The same mountains, mountains from the native peoples of the Americas Nineteen thousand seven hundred and forty-two 5392 square kilometers  
Washakie County 043 Warrane One thousand nine hundred and eleven A part of big Horn County Native American A tribal chief Eight thousand two hundred and eighty-nine 5802 square kilometers  
Weston County 045 Newcastle One thousand eight hundred and ninety A part of crook County John Weston (John Weston) brought the first railway here Six thousand six hundred and forty-four 6211 square kilometers  

Wyoming Tourism

Deep gorge winds in the cliff, dense Ponderosa Pine forest And this is perplexing the limestone cave, Wyoming three natural landscape. In Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park) "the Yellowstone National Park Valley has some geothermal intermittent spray hot spring, there are some bubble hot spring, because a vapor heard noises can also not far away. buffalo And bear in the fields and Park Road to walk. There are 13804 feet high Gannett peak at Bridger-Teton and Shoshone national forest, is the highest mountain in the state. Lakes, glaciers, forests and snow is connected with the Grand Teton National Park peaks and valleys, full of leisure and entertainment Jackson Hole Valley positive people love wave exploration, mountaineering, skiing, snowmobile provides exciting recreation mode, you can also take a boat floating along the Snake River (river, enjoy the spectacular scenery.
 Wyoming Wyoming
Yellowstone National Park is the most famous in this area (Yellowstone National Park) because of the unique phenomenon of geothermal and became the first American National Park . In northeastern Wyoming, Devils Tower National Monument is the first to be identified and the protection of the original landscape area. In northwest Wyoming's Shoshone National Forest is also the first protected forest, and later became a part of the National Forest system. In these protected areas are: Grand Teton Fossil Butte National National Park, Monument, Fort Laramie and Flaming Gorge, national history and Bighorn Canyon and other two National Recreation area. There are seven parts or completely in the state of Wyoming and a national forest accounted for fifteen percent of the State National grassland. The national elk refuge near the city of Jackson is America's largest group of elk winter habitat. The geographical environment exists in an average altitude of six thousand feet high Wyoming, elevation 13804 feet from the highest peak of Gannett Wind River Range in the wind river range to northeastern Wyoming, a minimum of 3100 feet.

Wyoming population

The 2003 census, Wyoming has 501242 people, is one of the least populated state in the United States, was also the highest in the all American Indians in the proportion of the state. Wyoming's race can be divided into proportion:
 Wyoming Wyoming
88.9% white
0.8% African Americans
6.4% Latin America American people
The 0.6% is Asian Americans
2.3% Indians Aborigines
1.8% mixed race
According to the census, in Wyoming residents ancestors, A German (25.9%) the most, followed by Britisher (15.9%), Irish (13.3%), Americans (6.5%), Norwegian (4.3%).
In addition, under the age of five accounted for 6.3% of residents, under the age of 18 is 26.1%. For over 65 years is 11.7%. Wyoming women slightly less than male, the percentage was 49.7%.
Religion, Wyoming belief ratio
55% Protestant (Protestant)
18% Rome Catholic Roman Catholic
10% other Christian followers of Other Christian (mostly Mormon Church )
0% other religions Other Religions
14% non believers Non-Religious
Wyoming to the Methodist Protestants, including Methodist (10%), followed by the highest the Presbyterian Church Presbyterian (9%), followed by Baptist Baptist (9%)

Wyoming Economics

Statewide About half of the land used for animal husbandry, but rare plants, each head of cattle and sheep have several acres of pasture. So the pasture is very vast, cowboys and their herd of cattle The sheep and horses gallop freely is the battlefield. Antelope and The moose. Haunt. The number of cattle grazing than population four times, wool production in the forefront of the country. Due to the drought, lack of rain, farmland is not much, only some kind of forage, sugar beet, potato and wheat. The status of mining binon
 Wyoming Wyoming
The industry is much higher. Exploitation of petroleum, coal and natural gas are considerable, only the annual output of more than 1.5 tons of coal. Coal reserves ranks fifth in the country. Petroleum and natural gas production in the United States were fifth and seventh. It is also rich in uranium and other minerals, radioactive minerals output ranked second in the country. Because of the rich fuel and water resources, a large number of out of state power transmission. The manufacturing industry in the refining and food processing and other departments have glass, printing and publishing etc..
Wyoming, a vast and sparsely ene less, still retains the early Nomadic people The legacy of the character and spirit of the west, so there is a frontier state and cowboy state.
With mineral rich natural resources, including coal, uranium, iron ore, clay, gypsum, natural gas and petroleum, the coal mine and the volcano ash weathering from colloidal clay output ranking first in the country.
With the state of the economy in mining, tourism and agriculture, tourism industry as the second major economic source huaizhou. Huangshi, Grand Teton National Park scenery, is famous in the world, attracting many tourists. The manufacturing industry accounted for in the pregnant state in the proportion of the economy is still relatively small, but the variety, development potential, including food processing, chemical, computer, aircraft, furniture, clothing, sports equipment and electronic products etc..
Huaizhou on investment income exempt from personal income tax and corporate income tax in the state of transport of goods and the goods are not sold out of state tax, including tax levy stock. The sales tax is low. The pregnant state prohibits non citizens or non residents of the state purchase of land; prohibit foreigners established state chartered commercial banks through new acquisitions or not; the business license is issued to foreign bank branch or agency.

Wyoming Culture

Wyoming Museum in Cheyenne (including Cheyenne) Wyoming Museum (Wyoming State Museum) and Xia Yanjiu
 Wyoming Wyoming
Days old West Museum (Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum), located in the La (Pine Bluffs) sends red Texas The museum traces (Texas Trail Museum), Rohrami (Laramie) of the Wyoming geographic Museum (Wyoming 's Geological Museum) Laramie plains Museum (Laramie Plains Museum) (Rock Springs), located in Shiquan western Wyoming Institute of Natural History Museum (Western Wyoming College Natural History Museum), Ford Briol (Fort Bridger) in the Ford Brey's orange (Fort Bridger State Museum State Museum), located in Keith Poole (Casper) Nicole Rathen The Art Museum (Nicolaysen Art Museum) and Werner Wildlife Museum (Werner Wildlife Museum), located in the Douglas (Douglas) the Wyoming pioneer Memorial Museum (Wyoming Pioneers Memorial Museum), located in Cody (Cody) buffalo and Buffalo Bill historical center (Buffalo Bill Historical Center), in Saxony (Jackson) of the Jackson Hole Museum (Jackson Hole Museum) and the old Wyoming Museum (Wax Museum of Old Wyoming), and located in Grande Tai Don National Park (Grand Teton National Park (Fur) of the fur trade Museum Trade Museum) colter Bay Indian The Art Museum (Colter Bay Indian Arts Museum). The natural history museum is located in the Devils Tower National Park (Devils Tower National Monument memorial buildings) and Yellowstone National Park.
Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra (Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra), Keith Poole's Symphony Orchestra (Casper), and University of Wyoming (University of Wyoming) the music department regularly launched classical music concert. The annual summer Grande Tai Don Festival (Grand Teton Music Festival), was a famous composer, conductor, lecturer, and musicians from around the world gathered here for performances, speeches, seminars, and open courses. In addition, the polka Festival, world grand festival, the southern United States special folk music festival (Bluegrass Festivals), and different ethnic festivals are held in different parts of the state. In the Keith Poole community theatre group (Casper), Cody (Cody), Xue Ruideng (Sheridan) and other city.
The state has nearly 5000 Indians, mostly in the Wind River reservation. There are about 2500 people, most of whom live in Cheyenne. The Mexicans live mainly in Cheyenne and rocksprings District, Scandinavia in Laramie and Rawlins, Italy in rocksprings District, the Germans in the Sheridan district. More than 50% residents living in the southeast. The three largest city of Cheyenne and Laramie, Casper in this area. From 1897 onwards, the last week of July each year, the state capital of Cheyenne to celebrate their festivals -- long Chongqing frontier. In this special festival, people jump square dance, Indian dance, and held a banquet for the visitors who held the three mile long parade and Carnival and other activities. The climax of the celebrations in the western United States special sports competitions, including No Ma, a calf and a caravan. Many Americans traveled to Cheyenne to participate in this grand celebration, relive the history of the West development. Don't look at the state's population is not much, but often on the other. In early 1869, the women received the right to vote, to make an example of other states. In 1925, it elected the first female governor in US history. In order to show the equality between men and women, the state emblem painted on a central base station left women, a cowboy, a miner on the right. The state motto is "equal rights". Therefore, Wyoming has a nickname "the Equality State". Wyoming is the world's first national park open place. In 1872, the president approved the establishment of the Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone National Park). The big Taidun National Park was founded in 1929 this year to tourists as many as 5 million 600 thousand people. Reservation in Indian Wende River, held every spring with ancient traditions and ethnic celebrations. In the state of University of Wyoming was founded in 1887, located in Laramie, is the only statewide 4 year institution of higher learning. In addition to a two-year community college in 7, and 420 in primary school. The state flower is the Indians (Indian Paintbrush), flower color yellow flowers, as if painted with the brush. The state bird is the wild west Lark (Meadow Lark). Is the state tree poplar (Cotton Wood). A nickname is "the Equality State" (The Equality State).

Wyoming education

Wyoming is a University College, and seven community colleges. Rohrami (Laramie). University of Wyoming (University of Wyoming) is the state's only public university. The state government funded community college is located in Keith Poole (Casper), Cheyenne (Cheyenne), ER (Powell), Ruifodun plane (Riverton) (Rock, Springs), Shi Quan Xue Ruideng (Sheridan) (Torrington), and through him.

Wyoming character

The celebrities including Harriet Elizabeth Burr (Harriet Elizabeth Byrd) politician, sports broadcasters Curt Gaudi (Curt Gowdy), writer Patricia MacLachlan (Patricia MacLachlan), artist Paul Kessen Pollak (Paul Jackson Pollock), and the lawyer and writer Gerld Spence (Gerald Spence).