compromise of 1850

A series of measures to solve the problem of slavery in the United States Congress and prevent federal disintegration decisions. Since the crisis in California in December 3, 1849 to join the federal state and become the request, the state constitution forbids slavery. Congress, slavery and anti slavery fierce dispute, finally approved by California as a free state, established without slavery or prohibit slavery provisions such as New Mexico and Utah two regions. In 1850 a compromise as a matter of expediency although successful, but not in the root of two disputes, but to the South ten years later declared secession.
compromise of 1850

compromise of 1850 brief introduction

Compromise of 1850 (Compromise of 1850) U.S.A Congress on Slavery Known as the 5 act passed in September 1850. In 1840s, the new territory of the United States California And New Mexico were asked to join the union as a free state. But the southern slave states sought to expand Slavery The geographical, geographical boundaries around the question of slavery fierce dispute between North and south. In view of the southern states to secede from the threat of the Whig party leader H. Klein et al since early 1850 has proposed to Congress a series of compromise bill. After heated debate and compromise, Congress in September 9 to 20 during the day through the following 5 bills.

compromise of 1850 content

1. California Get statehood bill to California as a free state to join the union.
The Texas and New Mexico act, Texas - New Mexico border. Texas draw from 324 thousand square kilometers of land in New Mexico, by the federal government to pay the compensation fee of $10 million, in the New Mexico region joined the Federation Slavery By the residents decide.
The Utah act, when the relevant provisions of the Utah region to join the Federation Slavery By the residents decide.
The Fugitive Slave Act, states the judiciary and the local government must try to assist the slave escaped slaves; any white can be determined through the oath of a black for the fugitive slaves; and in any way obstruct or escape the slave hunting for asylum is punishable by a $1000 fine or below, the following 6 months' imprisonment.
In Washington, the abolition of the slave trade act.

compromise of 1850 Significance

The bill in favor of southern slaveholders, temporarily ease the crisis of the southern secession. But the fugitive slave bill has provoked more widespread opposition Slavery In the struggle, the more intensified conflict between North and south.