Aspen is located in the midwestern United States The state of Colorado (Colorado), west of the Rocky Mountains to ski is famous, wealthy neighborhoods and resort.
Aspen is a mining town in nineteenth Century evolved, for the town of Aspen, the original style keep very good, most of the buildings are built in mining, and the Aspen ski resort development early, gradually became famous people wealthy enclave. Aspen is now rich and famous and professional ski people winter ski hot and elegant leisure so some miscellaneous history and nature.
And the annual summer music festival attracted people around the world who love music to participate in this grand feast of music.
Some people say that to Aspen, is not to the United states. Because it is a land of idyllic beauty, is the place and the American rhythm and different economy.
City: Aspen, Colorado United, States
Name: Aspen-Pitkin County Airport/Sardy Field
Latitude: 39 "13'23" N (39.223167)
Longitude: 106 "52'08" W (-106.868861)