colorado desert

The Colorado desert is the United States Cable Nolan desert (Sonoran Desert) part. From southeastern California to the southeast extends to the north of Mexico Colorado River Delta, 264 km (164 miles) to the desert vegetation. Shrub Cluster based. The northwest and eastern China Mobile Sand dunes The central depression is near, The Salton Sea (Salton Sea).
colorado desert

colorado desert Scenic spot

some Biological zone The best places for its natural resources. Picacho National Recreation Area of the Arizona border, by the state parks and Recreation Department, provide ship Colorado River Can be seen from the migration Cormorant Mergansers, Pelecanus onocrotalus And in winter, the bald eagle, to name only a few species. Rugged trail leading to habitat to remote villages desert bighorn sheep, wild burros, Golden Eagle , prairie Falcon and nesting the Salton Sea national wild animal protection area of open water, salt marshes, freshwater ponds, and desert shrubs, attracted nearly 400 species of birds, including great roadrunners, Gambel quail Albert, towhees, endangered Yuma clapper rails, Egret , plovers, northern pintails, Canada goose, snow goose The thick legs, Eagle , Peregrine Falcon , Terns Huang, head of blackbirds, hooded warbler, white ibis. The refuge is by the relevant departments of the state parks and recreation and fishing, the fish and wildlife service.
Dole Maas saved nearly Indian The United States, owned by the Bureau of land management, provides a wild profusion of vegetation. Desert oasis In order to restore wetlands, can endanger the desert pupfish. In the maintenance of attracted a series of wild animal, such as the hooded warbler warbler, snowy egret, Osprey The United States, avocets, and angle Lizard . The western edge of the Empire State wild animal protection area, mainly located in the Arizona In this area, but also biological.
One of California's Imperial County, the production of first-class agricultural county and cotton. Military installations include the Chocolate Mountains Naval Aerial Gunnery Range and the Naval Desert Test Range. military facilities including the Chocolate Hills naval air shooting range and the naval desert test field.

colorado desert Climate and geography

 colorado desert colorado desert
Colorado West extension cable Nolan desert desert of Southern Arizona and northwestern Mexico. This is a lot of low altitude desert than the Mojave desert to the north, and most of the land at an altitude of 1000 feet below. The mountain is rarely more than 3000 feet. The common habitats include sandy Desert , Shrub Palm, oasis and desert wash. Hot and dry summer, winter and cool and humid.
Moving along the Colorado river across the eastern boundary of the Colorado desert biological area on the road to Yuma, Arizona, where the two countries and Mexico together. Other important rivers only size is in this polluted biological area of New River, Mexico into the Salton Sea, the largest water body boundary of the region on the imperial and riverside counties.
The Salton Sea was created in 1905 when the Colorado river broke through irrigation projects and flood Salt Lake The bed, creating an inland sea, now lies 235 feet below sea level, is about 35 km long, 15 miles wide.
Ann Szabo Rego desert state park, Santiago County, mostly located in the eastern part of the jutting Empire, but to the county, is the largest leisure area biological area, covering sixty million acres. It offers more than 225 kinds of birds and dozens of mammals, amphibians, reptiles. Bighorn sheep can be seen there, and the impact of team NHL and owl.

colorado desert Species classification

 colorado desert colorado desert
In Colorado he species in the Yuma desert antelope squirrels, white winged dove, South muskrats, mule deer, coyotes, bobcats, and raccoons. The rare animal including desert horned lizard tail pupfish, Steppe Eagle Andrew, dune beetle, Coachella Valley fringe toed lizard, Lecompte thrasher, black tailed gnatcatcher, and California The leaf nosed bat.
Rare plants include Olcott woody aster, Orocopia sage, millet, cactus Valley Coachella milk vetch, and crown of thorns.

colorado desert Ecological protection

There are several protected areas in the Colorado desert, including state and federal land ownership. Many rare and endangered species are found in the Colorado desert. One of the notable trees found in sporadic oasis is the California fan palm, Washingtonia filifera .
Joshua Tree National Park Located in the north area, including many unique species and habitat area. Santa Rosa and San Jacinto National Memorial Chorten, founded in 2000, contains a lot of Santa and Rosa along the west side of the San Jacinto mountain area.
Morongo is located in a small Canyon retained the San Bernardino mountains and across Mojave and Colorado peasent. It is considered to be a concern in the field of land administration in 1982.
Anza Borrego desert state park, the second largest national park in the contiguous United States, covering 52000 acres (2400 square kilometers) from the edge of the coastal mountains of Eastern Santiago and the south of the Salton Sea almost to Mexico and the United States border.