Apache, the first brand in Europe and America natural obsidian. The dream and the positive energy for traction, perfect Obsidian cultural essence: dreams in life, positive energy transfer in the faith.

Apache Brand introduction

Apache, the first brand in Europe and America natural obsidian. The original design and development has always focused on obsidian, adhering to Chinese Feng Shui, America Indian, India Buddhism, natural Obsidian cultural essence, chasing the dream in life, positive energy transfer in the faith. It covers rich material, exquisite stone carvings shape, excellent, excellent quality, is the preferred brand of obsidian lovers. In the online mall first self Jingdong .

Apache Brand culture

Life is heavy, but if the heart is light, can go to heaven.
The energy of deep, but the dream as a feather, the end can fly.
Everyone has a dream, has insisted that the positive energy of the people, should have a piece of obsidian.
In order to face the world, strong and light, do not fight but not weak.

Apache brand positioning

From the mysterious Indian tribe to the ancient oriental civilization
Suitable final historical heritage long Obsidian culture.
The legends of ancient flavor Jingdong,
In silence for the wearer to bring the eternal classic temperament.
The spring and autumn ritual, learn the sun bathed the spirit of good quality natural obsidian,
Is the nature of the beloved treasure.
We as the creator of the jewelry,
To every one of their lines, they show the beauty of nature.
With European fashion cutting-edge design team.
The minimalist design concept, from the perspective of aesthetic fashion.
The ancient natural Obsidian collision with European and American fashion tips,
The pilot always coordinate fashion.
Obsidian has always focused on the original design and culture,
Trying to build new Obsidian jewelry aesthetics.
With simple, break, return to mind,
To lead a new generation of obsidian wear fashion.
Based on the design idea in the new year with a dream,
Hope through a piece of art,
The dream and the positive energy transfer,
The trigger emotional lives in faith.

Apache Brand origin

Initially, Apache took from the distant mysterious Indian nation.
From 8000 years ago as a mirror reflecting the human civilization of the world,
From 2000 it guarded tribal dignity as a tool,
Obsidian inherited from the ancient KINGBOX Samurai gene.
His dark secret power from the night's bounty,
When the blood into the modern complex world, in a moment the dream renewed?
In New York, in London, in Tokyo, in Shanghai, in Paris, in Seoul......
Fresh dreams and mysterious energy together, can release tremendous power.
Firm life, Dankan gains and losses,
Guardian of the dream, flying heart,
Brave chase, calm face,
People believe that fear of God.
Life and energy, dream and faith, quality and international.
When love deep obsidian and light shining silver feather.
Let them all the way to accompany you, to your dreams away.

Apache Brand story

1 - Apache Heritage Classic blood
Apache Constitution: Ancient energy obsidian, young dream feathers.
Men at their birth, lost:
He had heard my grandmother about him 1/4 of Indian origin
From the mysterious ancient oriental flying over the sea to the distant Mexico
Cannot find the legends of ancient flavor
Urban buildings and heavy traffic.
Lost in the corner of the city he finally found the old fortune teller crystal
To interpret the world context from Obsidian Crystal ball.
Diviner to take him back to his house in the city hidden in the background
His daughter to the guests from afar to hot cocoa
Pray together, a better tomorrow
"She gave him a feather, saying he didn't hear the words
Back to China, he used obsidian and feathers to design the hearts of the ancient and modern design, stir in the industry
He finally figured out her mouth: "apache"
She is brave to praise him
"Obsidian has a long roots and young life. History is so heavy, so the new life, as long as the soul of light enough, you can fly to heaven. "
2 Apache - leading international fashion
Apache faith: light dream, heavy stick.
Lost, bright:
Top jewelry design competition come to the final stage, only he and she.
UPS, a title, night time. Two words: faith.
Can't find inspiration, her crying in the room after midnight.
Love her for him at the door to love.
A variety of colorful gems scintillating, none of her favorite.
Time to dawn.
The world's attention to his work, his style has always been a gorgeous kyo.
The box opened, which lay quietly with obsidian.
The shock.
"I believe insist, obsidian embodies the precipitation of energy, even if the game fails, obsidian give me energy will let me go your ideal."
He slightly, her eyes on the water.
"More importantly, obsidian condensed the Indian Apache warrior's blessing, I want my love no more tears."
He deliberately lost her.
The audience looked at her, and her works.
She slowly reached out, a silver feather plucked hair.
With Obsidian on a silver, black heart, deep shine.
"I believe in the light, life and easy, like a feather, gone with the wind, enjoy the scenery along the way is very satisfied."
For the two champion, a piece of work.
Adhere to the heavy, light dream. The success of a firm pace, look.
3 Apache - to help you release energy
Apache attitude: a firm faith, flying all the energy.
Bright, calm:
Mysterious obsidian and silver feathers.
She hit the industry design.
The press conference, the media speculated that her source of inspiration, she is smiling without a word.
His sudden appearance shocked all the people.
When he went to Mexico to participate in the "Apache tears" Obsidian mining plan.
She got excited to tell mine, sent her.
The second day she saw the news the news of landslides.
She got a call from him in Lingshi, with feathers, hope to fly to miss another world around him.
He smiled when landslides almost desperate, he suddenly sensed her pocket and this is a stretch of obsidian.
Invisible energy and whispered to him, must live out to see her, tell her the three words.
He came out of the old Indian Apache warriors, condensation of powerful energy urged him to go back to rescue team.
He saved his teammates, finally took the energy back to her.
She tears gently through her design of obsidian wear on him.
"The Obsidian has told me you will come back, I will always believe. They say obsession, there will be back."
He held her in my arms.
"I thought I heard the voice of the Apaches said, I must come back, not to make you cry."
As long as there is a firm believe, believe that the energy released, the universe will bring you to the place you want to go.

Apache Apache tears

The ancient Indian tribe everyone lived a quiet tranquil life.
The wind had men tilling the farm and women weaving.
However, all good is invasion broke.
The enemy occupied their land, drove them to the barren land.
In order to national dignity, to relatives and lovers no longer wander.
Apache warriors decided to raise arms.
However, they encountered the enemy base attack.
All the warriors forced on the cliff.
Half of the people were killed, half of the people in order not to do the prisoners heroic jumping.
The bad news came, the warriors wives and lovers cry on each other's shoulder.
One day, and a month,
They pay for the warriors die with tears.
Amazing thing happened,
Their tears to many obsidian.
The light is shining, their tears.
From then on,
Who owns the obsidian, will never cry.
Because the girl had Apache all the tears flow for you.
The beauty of the story was to preach the quartet.
Obsidian power generation spread across the sea.

Apache Apache material introduction

Ordinary Obsidian
The color is dark, dark and low-key, is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, since ancient times has been when the amulets, charms. "KINGBOX Samurai" reputation, strong energy, eliminate the negative energy of the strongest, extremely evil, can eliminate the negative energy, gas, oil and gas, gas disease, bring health and happiness to the person, for the best gem is Foxiufo.
Ice Obsidian
From the Iceland volcano Hekla volcano, ice age is conceived in the holy things, is among the oldest obsidian. Color than ordinary Obsidian lighter, ice crystal transparent, Yingrun color, give a person with a sense of Yingzhi bingqing. Delicate texture, no crack lock of cotton lines or rare Obsidian family is in the top grade.
Ice colour Obsidian
Hundreds of millions of years, only the achievements of the Iceland ice color obsidian. Compared with the ordinary obsidian, welcome transparent light and shiny, pure color, light, and unique charm; at the same time, eye color clear, rotating beads under the strong light, charming color halo, so called "eye", with murderous evil effect is excellent.
The color of obsidian
According to the origin, classification, can be divided into the full moon, crescent Obsidian obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian and black obsidian. The rare stone from Mexico, is the Obsidian family jiapin. Gentle color black, eye color effect of visible light, color rendering shading, natural inspiration.
Jin Yaoshi
Gold is Yaoshi obsidian in need. And obsidian is different, Yaoshi gold surface has a layer of Jinsha, like fire, and extraordinary. Jin Bo ripples have lucky effect, can promote the formation of a wealth and desire, very suitable for business people to wear; at the same time, energy is uncommon, dependent on alcohol, smoking, drug reminders improve.
The red Yao
The golden red Yao formed in the ice age, is a member of the Obsidian family the most rare and most noble, and the natural sun shining golden light of the name. The blending, red is fire and black wood is very good for the cause of yin and Yang Shi, and the sensitivity of the wealth is very strong, can also promote harmony between yin and Yang, achieve success and win recognition; have beautiful skin effect, activating the circulation of blood, damp exhaust.
Tiger cashmere Obsidian
Natural stone tiger cashmere obsidian is in the ancient pure alpine zone of the volcano eruption period far glaciers formed, it contains crystalline hair or clouds, see, in natural light with transparent, translucent light, at first glance like a tiger fur as beautiful, black, brown staggered the beauty of abnormal!