The foothills (sh a n l connected connected hillside and the surrounding plains): part of the.
The Northern Wei Dynasty Li Daoyuan " Shuijingzhu Surabaya ":" this is Xiang Yu Liang Ma Tai Peng Cheng nan. The southwest slopes is also." Liu Zongyuan of the Tang Dynasty "Lingling three Pavilion": "Lingling County, East foothills, springs out of the stone, and Tu Ju ru." Tang Qing "Sun Hua and friends tour year Xi Jing Yun": "Dongshan city of Chan, often back foot." Xu Dishan "daughter heart": "she did not cling to power plants, a slippery feet down, until the."
Foothills: hillside and around the flat part of the. The turning line of this terrain is often a transitional zone. It is often covered with thick layer of loose sediments, called Foothills . stay Yunnan Cangshan There is a god of friction was Xu Xiake Write " The travels of Xu Xiake "The foothills.

Piedmont Characteristic

In different climatic conditions, the band characteristics is also different. For example, in the foothills of the alpine zone, often covered with ice or cold rolling stone, scene. In temperate regions, piedmont belt or spring outcrop, streams come; or farmland ladder cloth, lush vegetation. Foothills from top to bottom, gradually thickening of loose deposits, according to the accumulation of each layer of the composition, structure, age and origin, can often infer the history.

Piedmont Example

Andes The foothills and the Amazon Plain Bordering the foothills with natural tropical rain forest belt. With the increase of altitude, the temperature is gradually reduced with the natural mountains, slowly changed to warm temperate zone Shrub forest . At an altitude of 3000 - 4500 meters, with the distribution of natural cold temperate grassland. 4500 meters above the natural belt is cold, there are a lot of snow.