Animal oyster (ostreagigastnunb) and all related animal, marine shells. In the subtropical and tropical coastal are suitable for oyster farming, wide distribution in China, north of the Yalu River, south of Hainan Island, coastal oyster production can be. Oyster is the software shell, micropredation animal, salt and fresh water produced at the junction of particularly fertile.
China's traditional artificial oyster Oyster Pond area or an oyster bed. The stone of stone and bamboo raw oysters, oysters to insert the bamboo sea floating field, also known as oyster pond. Note: oysters, soft animal, two shells, a small flat, another large uplift, uneven surface of shell. The meat for food, and can be produced with oyster sauce. Meat, shell, oil can be used as medicine, also called oyster or oyster.

Oysters Shape feature

Oysters appearance

In the year before the oyster farming for food; Pearl (Pearl) produced in the mantle of the pearl oyster. Two different shapes of oyster shell, the surface is rough, dark gray; on the crust of the central uplift; the lower shell attached to other objects, a large, flat, the edge is smooth; inner surface of two shells were white and smooth. Two shell in the narrow end with an elastic ligament. The middle shell has powerful adductor muscle, against ligament tension. A shell micro, will flow into the shell by cilia wave like movement (water per hour through the 2 to 3 gallons), filter feeding micro organisms. Oyster multi gonochorism. But there are hermaphrodite. (Ostrea edulis oysters) in oyster breeding in summer. Some kinds of eggs into the water and fertilization, while others in the female in vivo fertilization. Larvae hatched with spherical cilia, swimming a few days later permanently fixed to the other objects, after 3 ~ 5 years after harvest.
Really (Ostreidae) including oyster Ostrea (Ostrea), thick Ostreidae (Crassostrea) and fine teeth (Pycnodonte) 3 kinds of oyster genus genus. Edible oyster in distribution Norway reach Morocco To the Black Sea, the Mediterranean area; androgyny; up to 8cm (about 3 inches). The Pacific coast of the Olympia oyster (O. lurida, namely yellow oyster) long 7.4CM (3 inches). O. frons is also common. North American oyster (C. virginica, Virginia Virginia or thick oyster oyster) native to the West Gulf of Saint Lawrence of India Ocean Islands, has been the introduction of the west coast of North America; long 15cm (6 inches); the shell of different shapes, surface roughness, mostly yellow brown, purple brown or dark brown mixed color lines on the shell in the central uplift; female; a body of ovulation can reach 50 million; commercial value in edible shellfish in North america. A Portuguese oyster (C. angulata, namely the coastal western Europe angle thick oyster). Long thick oyster (C. gigas) is Japan's largest oysters, up to 30 cm (1 feet). Japan has a smaller rock oyster. Oyster shucking raw food and cooked food, barbecue, smoked or canned, frozen small. Popular Slovenia thick oyster varieties include: thick and thick Blue Oyster (Oyster were collected by haven blue point since Virginia in Long Island area and the haven Bay area name). Popular edible oyster varieties including Britain and Colchester oysters France The Ma Lei oyster.
If a foreign matter oyster shell, oyster that nacre secretion will pack up and form layers of objects Pearl . The edible oyster pearl luster, the value is not high. Only a small number of Oriental species, especially from the Persian Gulf (Meleagrina vulgaris) produced the highest quality pearls. Nacre mainly distributed in 8 ~ 20 fathoms (48 to 120 feet) in the depths of the sea. Pearl collected from over 5 oysters, using manual methods of small pearl implantation Jum Baire, will form a cultured pearl in the surrounding Pearl culture in Japan, most of coastal waters or australia.

Oysters gene

By the study of marine Chinese Institute and an international team leading BGI Shenzhen completion of the Pacific Oyster (Pacific oyster) sequencing, assembly and analysis, this is the first animal genome sequencing software, will help fill in our species rich and less of the software animal family the understanding of the blank. The study published online in the journal "nature" (Nature), reveals the complex mechanism of the formation of unique adaptation to the high pressure environment and oyster shells.
In this study, the researchers used short read (short reads) combined with fosmid combined with sequencing strategy of divide and rule "and assembled the genome of Pacific oyster. This is a new method of BGI Shenzhen development, can be used to study with a high level of heterozygosity and / or repeat sequence in the genome. After data processing, the assembly of oyster genome is about 559Mb, a total of about 28000 genes.

Oysters Living habits

Oysters habitat

The oyster lives hard seabed region is called the oyster bed, the bed is located in deep or shallow sea water or brackish estuarine waters, oyster lives in intertidal zone.

Oysters Feeding

Sessile shellfish oyster. General fixed objects or in the shallow sea on the rocks, with the opening and closing movement of the shells were taken
 Oysters Oysters
Food, breathing. As filter feeding organisms, with tiny planktonic animal, diatoms and organic detritus as main food. The airflow in the water through the vibration of the oyster gills on the cilia, water enters the gills, the suspended particles are stuck on mucus, gill cilia and tentacles to particle classification by size. Then put the small particles to the mouth, large particles transported to the mantle edge throw.

Oysters natural enemy

Birds, starfish, snails and skate, fish oysters. Drill screw (Urosalpinx cinenea, oyster gray tail number snails) are widely distributed, often in the oyster shell with tongue drill a small hole, taking the living tissue. Oyster facing other life threats such as oyster beds will be called a pink slippers software animal occupied, oyster is squeezed out, there are a variety of diseases caused by protozoan parasites. The danger facing human overfishing and industrial pollution is the oyster.

Oysters Growth and reproduction

Oysters are oviparous type, 6 and August is the breeding season. Oyster multi gonochorism. But there are hermaphrodite. Edible oyster (Ostrea edulis, the European flat oyster). Oyster breeding in summer. Some kinds of eggs into the water and fertilization, while others in the female in vivo fertilization. The fertilized eggs develop into swimming larvae, called veliger (veliger larvae). After two weeks of veliger permanently fixed to other objects, such as other oyster shells or rocks, fixed after three days, larvae lost the ability to swim, a small body, called the oyster (spats). After 3 ~ 5 years after harvest.
 Oysters Oysters

Oysters Species classification

 Oysters - medicinal (Figure 4) Oysters - medicinal (Figure 4)
A long flake, dorsal ventral edge of several parallel, length 10 ~ 50cm, 4 ~ 15cm. The right shell is small, scaly thick, layered or laminated shell arranged outside the flat or with a plurality of recesses, lilac, white or brown, the inner surface of porcelain white, shell top two side. Keao left very deep, scales with right shell thick shell top attachment surface. Hard, white, section layered, no smell, taste slightly salty.
Dalian Bay oysters
Also known as oyster, a triangle, dorsal ventral edge shaped shell, right outside the pale yellow, with loose concentric scales, scales of ups and downs into wavy, white inside. The left shell concentric thick scales, from the top of the shell radiation help several, obviously, the inner surface of the concave surface of the hinge box shape is small.
Round, oval or triangle. Right outside the shell slightly rough, grey, purple, brown, yellow and other colors, concentric whorled scales, their larvae scales thin and crisp, after many years of growth scales stacked inside, white edge, sometimes pale purple. Oysters: This is one of the varieties of oyster varieties head large varieties, a large shell can be in a more than Jin, it is generally the growth or breeding in the rivers and sea in the inner bay blend in the shallow sea half salt. As for the growth conditions, the number is less than that of other varieties, so its economy is generally relatively high price. It can also be eaten with the kidney, the effect of beauty.
Zhanjiang oyster
Zhanjiang Oyster fishermen called this oyster ", its smaller size, the maximum body length of about 3 cm, mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi coastal estuarine area, sympatric and Hongkong oysters, but there are some ecological competition between oysters and oyster, Xiongben Hongkong. Zhanjiang oyster annual 4~9 month for gonad maturity, 6~8 months for spawning peak, compared with Hongkong and Xiongben Zhanjiang oysters oysters, oyster early growth faster, but the first growth peak after growth rate decreased significantly.
Oyster white
Dianbai oysters and qinglangang called oyster individual size and morphology of C. iredalei is very similar to the close genetic relationship, the main difference is the oyster is pale yellow or white adductor scar, while C. iredalei left adductor scar is black or brown. In addition, iredalei has more than C. of oyster white high latitude distribution, one of which is an important basis for C. iredalei from oyster white.
European oyster
It is mainly distributed in Europe, from Norway to Morocco via the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea area, of which the most famous is the French Belon area, so this kind of oysters is also known as "peron oysters". It tastes a metallic taste slightly, water taste is heavy, the primary contact oysters may feel the taste is too heavy, but it is the love of many 5.
The famous representative is small, like cat claws like Kumamoto, Chinese called Xiongben oyster". Originally produced in Xiongben County of Japan, but was later arrested quickly became extinct in 1920s spread to the United States, on the west coast of the United States began breeding.
The eastern oyster
(Crassostrea Virginica)
The distribution of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Caribbean, Argentina and Brazil coastal area, the Washington area produced is the oyster varieties.
Asia Pacific oyster
General restaurant will abbreviate it as "C.gigas". Located in the Pacific Ocean, Europe, the Mediterranean, the United States, Canada, France, as another famous French origin Fines de Claire produced also belong to the Asia Pacific oyster. It smells some muskmelon and cucumber fragrance, taste water usually no European oyster so heavy. Generally speaking, from the European oyster Crassostrea gigas in Asia and Europe belong to these two types of oyster.
At the beginning of 2014, the South China Sea Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Yu Ziniu found in the coastal areas of Southern China Crassostrea oysters (Crassostrea) two unidentified species, and related species by morphological comparison, combined with the analysis of mitochondrial genome and identified, is a newly discovered species, and named it Zhanjiang oysters and oyster white. The molecular phylogenetic study of the achievements and new reports respectively in the "gene" and "aquatic biological resources" published.
Ostrea Lurida
Mainly distributed in the west coast of the United States, Asia and the Pacific region, the famous Washington area also has this variety. It tastes the taste is salty, and seaweed flavor, the taste of minerals, oyster belly part is sweet.
In addition to these varieties named produced, is named after the oyster production in the way, such as the Malpeque Oysters, produced from Canada New York's blue point oysters, Sydney Rock, the complexity of the naming system no less than Wine.

Oysters The value effect

Oysters Nutritive value

1, each 100g oyster zinc content up to 9.39mg, men have to eat a body can meet the demand for zinc; zinc to better effect, can directly use Protein zinc Zinc class;
2, the oyster contained rich bezoar acid has choleretic effect, which is the prevention and treatment of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy;
Rich in trace elements and glycogen 3, containing, to promote fetal growth, treatment of anemia in pregnant women on pregnant women and physical recovery benefit;
4, the oyster is the best food calcium phosphorus, it is very rich, is due to calcium absorption in vivo when phosphorus needs help, so conducive to calcium absorption;
5, the oyster also contains vitamin B12, which is the general lack of food, cobalt in vitamin B12 is to prevent pernicious anemia indispensable substances, so the oyster has active hematopoietic function;
There are many excellent amino acids, 6 proteins in oysters, these amino acid detoxification, can remove toxic substances in the body, including the taurine and reduce blood cholesterol levels, so it can prevent arteriosclerosis;
7, oyster extract has obvious inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation, can reduce the content of TXA2 in patients with hypercholesterolemia and blood lipids in the blood, conducive to insulin secretion and use, and can cause the malignant tumor cells on the radiosensitivity enhancement, and has inhibitory effect on the growth of.

Oysters Edible effect

Energy-saving oyster (oyster) is also the great lover Casanova's lifelong love, this guy can one day travel in secret beauty around ten may be attributed to its daily eat 40 oysters. The world's best oyster from Europe, North America and Japan, if you don't have enough money to eat these reliable health origin if you have diarrhea, vomiting and can only endure the pain of nausea and other phenomena. Now the marine aquaculture environment and is suffering from industrial pollution, and as the body like oysters, is a pollution recycling station.
City of the nerves, Yang Yin, Ruanjiansanjie, astringent. For insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, scrofulous sputum nuclear features, abdominal lump, night sweating, spermatorrhea collapse, stomach pantothenic acid. Calcined oyster astringent, used for sweating, spermatorrhea collapse, stomach acid regurgitation.
1, Yin Yang, for hyperactivity causing irritability, insomnia, dizziness, headache, tinnitus and dizziness, sweating hot flashes.
2, astringent therapy, sweating, vaginal discharge, spermatorrhea.
3, Ruanjiansanjie, can be treated with swelling, mass, phlegm fire scrofulosis.

Oysters modern research

The main component
Containing 80% ~ 95% of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate, and magnesium, aluminum, silicon and iron oxide. After calcined oyster shell carbonate decomposition, produce calcium oxide. The original animal containing Oyster Glycogen, taurine, 10 kinds of essential amino acids, glutathione, vitamin A, B1.B2.D, inorganic materials such as copper, zinc, manganese, barium, phosphorus and calcium, which contains leucine, arginine, citrulline content is by far the most abundant content, mankind has discovered one of the ocean high species.
Nutritional composition
Teach you to understand the nutrient composition of oysters, oysters from the left can be seen in the table of cholesterol, calcium and iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, sodium, zinc, selenium, copper, vitamin B2 and similar food compared to above average, the nutrient content of oyster and the nutrient effect of detailed see chart.
The recommended daily amount referred to in the table refers to the average daily intake of adults in general in a certain period of time the amount of. According to the provisions of Chinese nutrition society, different people in different periods of the recommended intake is different. Of course, these values does not mean that every kind of nutrient every day must eat so much, like a fat soluble vitamin as long as the average intake for a period of time to reach this value can be.
Oysters are rich in protein, zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids and low cholesterol content of tyrosine. The zinc content is extremely high, help to improve male sexual function. Note: the zinc content of 6 oysters is two times the demand. If the oyster is not fresh, easy to cause food poisoning.

Oysters Matters needing attention

The oyster, also known as the "sea of milk". It is rich in protein and human zinc deficiency. Edible oyster can prevent dry skin, promote skin melanin decomposition The new supersedes the old.. It is a rare beauty products. But the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that the high risk food of raw oysters. As it contains two devastating pathogens: norovirus and Vibrio cholerae. Norovirus may cause gastroenteritis. Cholera can cause fever, septic shock, skin ulceration blisters, even can cause fatal septicemia. "

Oysters Oyster identification

Oysters Differential diagnosis

The main characteristics of oysters, oysters and oyster from Dalian Bay oysters are: long long strip length up to 35cm thick scales, layered, hard, white, layered section taste salty; while the oyster is mostly round or oval, with flake shaped, stacked; Dalian Bay oysters is a type of triangle, scales slightly wavy water is strong. Three different shape, is easy to distinguish.

Oysters The application of drug identification

1 and two keel oyster, often similar in function, which must be used to treat hyperactivity of Yang dizziness, palpitation manic, upset insomnia, and weak spondylolisthesis. But the keel into the heart due to the heart and not the town, Ruanjiansanjie, the Yin effect than oysters, therefore less fever due to yin deficiency; oyster with salty Ruanjiansanjie, to cure scrofula nuclear sputum, by the common.
2 oysters and abalone, all two shellfish have Pinggan Qianyang function for Yinxuyangkang syndrome caused by dizziness, can be combined with application. However, the effect of nourishing yin and Yang oyster, and have good Ruanjian Sanjie and astringent effect; abalone grows perceptibly by the Yin eyesight.

Oysters Identification code

 The oyster intact (Figure 1) The oyster intact (Figure 1)
1, "Shen Nong's herbal classic": "Oyster flavor hampyeong. A student of Ikezawa Li clams."
2, beam, "doctors do not recorded" said: "the East China sea oyster health pool Ze, no recovery."
3, Tao Hongjing said: "this out of the East China Sea, Yongjia, jinan...... In November, for the good. The stone, with the mouth up. For as the abdominal oblique mouth to the south, East, is left. Guangzhou South China Sea is also the same, but the right of gu."
4, Lei Xuepu said: "there are stone oysters, head all big, small clip sand, really like oysters, just as round as the turtle shell."
5, the five generation of Han Bao Sheng said: "there are from oyster shaped short, the medicinal."
6, Song Dynasty, Su Song said: "this is beside the sea, and the South China Sea, Fujian, Thailand and more particularly. All of the stone and soul, Lei linked like room, called oyster houses. Jinan people called Hao pu. As the primary stone fist, four grew to one or two feet, its rock mountain, people call Hao shan. Each room has a large piece of meat, such as horseshoe, small like people to. Every tide, the room is open, there is a bug in the abdominal charge. Take all the drilling into the sea, to the real fire forced out of the meat, when food, its taste is good, more good. The sea is the most expensive family."
7, Li Shizhen said: "the South China sea walls to the oyster houses, burning ash wall, eat the meat that china."
8, clear from the new "compendium of Materia": many words function indications, not form. Only the word "meat name oyster yellow, delicious and nourishing, the top grade for the sea."

Oysters Rapid identification

1. Shell: large, thick, elongated or long oval, dorsal ventral margin almost parallel, the general shell length is 3 times higher than the left shell shell; the shell length: 30 ~ 35cm 22 ~ 33cm right shell. Shell height: left shell 9.5 ~ 10cm, 8.5 ~ 9.5cm right shell. The right shell is as smooth as a cover, the outside shell flake tip thickness, since the shell top to the trailing edge is wavy, whorled, sparsely arranged, but tend to heal without longitudinal folds; shell surface flat or with a number of depressions, lavender, white or brown; inner shell porcelain white, there is no ridge or shell; on both sides of the top. Adductor scar, a horseshoe shaped, white porcelain, purple brown or yellow, is located in the posterior dorsal shell. The left shell is slightly concave or deep, outside shell with right shell larger scales, but the same shape; the top shell surface with broad ligament groove length, length width of more than 2 times, and the right color of the same case, no smell, taste slightly salty.
2, Jinjiang oyster shell shaped, thick, round, oval, triangular and long range. Shell length: left shell of 13 ~ 24cm, 12 ~ 24cm right shell. Shell height: left shell 9 ~ 15cm, 8.5 ~ 14cm right shell. Right left shell shell is small, slightly flat shell concentric whorled appearance scales, shape varies with age, to a biennial individual scale flat crackers, some in a free state, two years to the individual scales flat, some in the margin of fluctuation or sinuolate; perennial individual scales entire, stacked, Kennedy as thick as a stone. The shell masks, green, purple, gray brown color. White shell surface edge, some with grey purple, no teeth, adductor scar, kidney shaped or semicircular, dark purple, is located in the middle of the back side. The left is right shell, shell thickness, concentric scales and right shell similar but less layers. White shell surface, some surrounding grayish purple.

Oysters The discussion

1 Zhang Yuansu: strong Lord of the water, to the sun, then drink do not think so, like clams can also thirst.
2 "herbal decoction": the oyster, foot Shaoyin, salty as softening agent, by using lead, so it can be hard to go under threat; tea lead, can lead to elimination of tuberculosis; rhubarb, can remove femoral swollen; to make Dihuang nourishing essence, can astringent check the urine, kidney medicine.
3 "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "eat oyster meat, can fine skin, kidney yang, and asthenia, Dan poison". Chinese medicine believes that the oyster meat has good therapeutic value, is a kind of very good nourishing yin and blood, but also can stimulate the lust of food, especially suitable for asthenia, deficiency of patients and those with Yin deficiency, blood, deficiency of Qi and blood people.
4 "materia Sutra": Oyster flavor Hampyeong, gas micro cold, non-toxic, into the foot Shaoyin and Jueyin and shaoyang. The main typhoid fever, fear, anger, and a kind of malaria Sasa stay hot in the joint to be full of trouble, angry heartache, hot heart Xiexia ruffian syndrome, all two hepatobiliary diseases. Two in the winter cold is cold and heat evil, typhoid fever; summer injury in the summer, is not a kind of malaria voluminous; evil, heat in the joint to indefinite; two by evil stasis scattered, heart flank fullness; heat evil heat, is startled, anger, full of angry heart trouble. The medicine tastes salty and cold gas, into the two for cold dryness, business health, ease and syndromes are arrested, Chou yi. Shaoyin heat is below the red white woman, male ejaculation and solution of Shao Yin heat, and can also master the essence and astringent.
5 "this after every original": oysters, "this the" treatment of typhoid fever, which refers to a kind of malaria, typhoid fever after sweating more than, is also sweating medicine. Zhongjing commits the shaoyang disease, a Oyster Soup entrapement keel, "golden" lily disease is thirsty, Trichosanthes kirilowii oyster powder, the powder in hot junction with oyster. That is a kind of malaria of heat from the inside, the anger, surprise Shangni, should also be salty cold rushing down for the treasury. The slow down, arrest rat atrophy red and white, the total by the accumulation of phlegm stagnation, no end Ruanjiansanjie treatment of ear.
6 "materia medica recorded" speculative: turtle shell, oyster, which apparently is different, since not to mix in the facilities, but heat soft Kennedy, each as a case, without distinction, I do not know the proper discernment and can not be ignored, "the classics" in the main Biejia Jian Ji in the heart. In the main shock, anger and corrosion of oyster. Zhongsheng used in Biejia Biejiajian pills, so broken in. Add in oyster Xiaochaihutang, so in addition to coerce full. By the Sri Lanka to view, where the main Biejia Yin erosion, hemorrhoids, osteopyrexia, or substituting oyster. Xiaoke main night sweats, oyster, scrofula cervical nucleus, or substituting turtle. Turtle to evil meat but also the breaking of the convergence, with both yin and Yang Yi then and also. The oyster, and spilled the check was treated, with both yin and Yang Ji is also.
7: the main "Shen Nong's herbal classic" typhoid fever, fear, anger, a kind of malaria spread, in addition to slow down in rat atrophy, red and white woman. Jiufu strong beck.
The "famous doctor don't record": in addition to stay hot in the joint of Qi, deficiency heat to indefinite, dysphoria; sweat, heart knot, thirst, old acerbity blood, large intestine, check the urine, cure ejaculation and pharyngitis, cough, fullness of heart heat xiexia.
9 "medicinal theory": the collapse in women attending. In addition to stop sweating, heat, pain. A kind of malaria treatment. And night sweats and eucommia suit check. The patient with empty and hot, rehmannia root, grass.
10 "herbal supplements": Dao for powder, powder, the main adults in children; and ephedra root, cnidium fruit, dried ginger powder, to the cloudy perspiration. 11 "herbal Materia Medica": the main man spermatorrhea, loss of kidney qi, deficiency of Laofa, to stop sweating, upset hot, treatment of typhoid fever phlegm, nourishing and soothe the nerves, the treatment of children epilepsy.
"11": a lump in the abdomen soft pearl sac. And put down, a kind of malaria, sores, as soft and hard astringent agent.
12 "Compendium of Materia Medica": phlegm Ruanjian qingrechushi, heart spleen stop pain, dysentery, gonorrhea red, Xiaoshan mass block, gall disease tuberculosis.
13 "medical sincerely participate in the West recorded": hiccups.
14 "modern medicine": practical antacids have analgesic effect and stomach, treat hyperacidity, physical weakness, sweating and palpitation real ti. For pregnant women and children with tuberculosis and the lack of effective calcium.
15 Western called "God magic food", Japanese called the "root source", and "heaven and earth oyster only" reputation. In Europe, the custom had young men and women dating before eating oysters, they called oyster aphrodisiac.
16 modern medicine that oysters have seven efficacy: 1, liver detoxification; 2, improve sexual function; 3, 4, extravasated blood purification; fatigue; 5, Zi Rong beauty; 6, improve immunity; 7, to promote the The new supersedes the old.

Oysters Artificial breeding

Oysters Raft cultivation

Choose the tide
 Oyster (Figure 8) Oyster (Figure 8)
Smooth, rich food, calm the storm, the sea water depth of more than 4m can be used for oyster raft farming site. Crassostrearivularis should choose low salinity estuary; Dalian Bay oysters should choose the high salinity of the sea, away from the mouth of the river; between c.gigas somewhere. There are two main ways of training:
The rope culture: suitable for using the shell substrate oyster, its form has two kinds: one is the oyster shells with a rope fixed seedling connecting in series to 10cm around the middle, bamboo separated, hanging in the raft frame; two is the oyster shells have fixed seedling clip in diameter of 3 ~ 3.5cm the polyethylene rope twisted seam, every 10cm clip 1 shell, hanging on the raft. The average rope length of 2 ~ 3m. Can also use rubber tire hanging clip seedling.
The net cage culture: utilizing scallop net cage culture. There will be no fixed or fixed in the seedling base oyster shells on the oyster seedlings with shells together into the Scallop in Shell net cage, a floating rope hanging in. The general form of raft stocking for each of the 667 square meters of oyster seedlings 100 thousand grains, with shells of collector, every 667 square meters can be hanging around the shell 10000. Oyster seedlings start stocking from 5, June to the end of the harvest, every 667 square meters of production can reach more than 5000kg.

Oysters Beach sowing culture

The site selection: Beach sowing culture should choose the wave, the trend is smooth and no pollution in the Bay, sediment with sand mud or sand beach. The tidal area should be selected in the middle tidal zone near the lower and low areas.
 Oyster (Figure 9) Oyster (Figure 9)
The sowing seedling season: General in mid March to mid April and suitable sowing seedling. The latest production in mid May sowing seedling.
The sowing seedling method: 1, dry sowing seedling is in ebb tide beach surface dry dew sowing seedling. Sowing seedling should be flat leveling, or built into the base to form furrow sowing seedling. The tide should try to grasp the dry sowing seedling sowing seedling starts after high tide, to shorten the time of exposed to air at noon oyster seedlings, avoid sun exposure when sowing seedling. 2, water is the boat after sowing seedling: sowing seedling. Sowing seedling before the beach face into strips, insert the bamboo pole, as a symbol, to tide in a vessel with a spade and the oyster seedlings. Sowing seedling with water can not be directly observed due to distribution of oyster seedlings, often caused by uneven sowing seedling. Sowing seedling density should be based on the beach, water quality and size. Excellent beaches every 667 square meters sowing seedling about 120 thousand grains, medium 100 thousand grains, the general difference can be 60 thousand ~ 80 thousand grain sowing seedling.

Oysters Oysters, shrimp polyculture

 Oyster (Figure 10) Oyster (Figure 10)
The choice of shrimp ponds: Polyculture of oyster ponds, bottom mud or sandy mud is appropriate, water depth is more than 1.3m, the average daily water exchange rate should be around 50%. The transparency should be controlled at 40 ~ 50cm, 50 ~ 60cm in the control in the late.
The site preparation: seed stocking, thoroughly dredging, using bulldozers and other tools will be playing at the bottom of the pool of oyster larvae leveling compaction, slightly convex, slightly higher than the bottom surface, can prevent sinking by mud buried oyster seedling death.
The sowing seedling: to ensure normal shrimp stocking density under the premise of oyster seed sowing culture to every 667 square meters should be about 30 thousand grains. Sowing seedling time should be chosen at the beginning of April, seed seedling specifications with the above shell length 2cm as well. Sowing seedling uniform stress, and avoid the ring ditch low-lying and feeding area, sowing seedling area for the bottom of the pool area of 1/4 ~ 1/3.

Oysters Stone culture

For oyster collector stones, became a form of oyster equipment. The growth of oysters for a shorter period in the seedling field local dispersed cultivation; the longer growth period of crassostrearivularis should be shifted to develop field cultivation. The main methods of all over the sky star, plum blossom type and three kinds of determinant:
The sky star: Li shiza placed no confidant.
The plum blossom type: generally 5 to 6 pieces of oyster stone into 1 groups.
The determinant: row width of 0.5 ~ 1m, row spacing is 0.6 ~ 1.5m. Can not add any deep water aquaculture management in stone seedling, until the harvest.

Oysters Insert the bamboo culture

Using the interpolation method of bamboo seedling, will be taken to the local sparse seedling breeding oyster. There are two kinds of form, arrangement of bamboo oyster:
The line: 150 to 179 Lizhu straight rows, platoon of 3 ~ 5m; or from 100 to 120 Lizhu inserted rows, rows are reserved in the middle of 2 ~ 3 gap, in order to smooth flow.
The Xiecha: from 23 to 26 Lizhu inserted into 1 piles, pile bottom width of 45 ~ 60cm, width 33 ~ 36cm, and the distance between piles pile 20 ~ 25cm. From 5 to 6 reactor consists of 1 rows, the rows and distance of about 2.5m. Every 667 square meters can be inserted 8000 to 10000 Lizhu.

Oysters Bridge culture

Seedling seedling picking method using a bridge, stone will rearrange, evacuation density, cultivation. 6 to 7 pieces of stone into 1 groups, between groups with connecting 1 ranks. The distance between groups is 50 ~ 60cm, between the columns from 1 to 2m. Develop period, should be the Yin and Yang sides of stone of the exchange, so that the two sides of the uniform growth of oyster.

Oysters Stone culture

Seedling seedling method using stone in middle tidal zone, as long as the appropriate amount of seedlings, growth can be left alone, without any management, until the harvest. This method is mainly used for breeding oysters.

Oysters Gate type cultivation

This is after the breeding method at a depth of 2 ~ 4m, calm the storm, bait within this grid Bay set fixed, shelf setting in the same grid type seedling. Shell, cement tile substrate with the oyster seedling series, hanging on the gate frame support clusters. Each string of length 1 ~ 1.5m, 0.5 ~ 1m interval series. Should not be too high breeding density, to prevent the bottom, lest some benthic predators invasion.

Oysters Develop management

Oysters Administration

1 double stone (stone removed): what is the mobile oyster stone position. Shi Ke turned to avoid oyster mud choked to death, and can stir mud, nutrient salt diets increase, promote the growth of oyster. The general form during the turning stone 2 ~ 3 times.
2: the flood in the rainy season, must pay attention to the prevention of flood flows, or flood dike ditch, or the oyster moved to high salt deep waters were raised.
3: the winter in the north of the Dalian Bay aquaculture oysters, Crassostrea rivularis, generally after 2 ~ 3 period freezing in winter. To check 1 times in ice, will threat to the oyster deepwater transplantation, the safety of winter.
4 finishing: before harvest 1 to 2 months, will be moved to the excellent oyster fattening farm fattening, to achieve the purpose of increasing production.
5: to prevent human trampling on the beach only on the beach of oyster seeding water feeding, once stuck in the mud is not a normal life suffocation. At the beach should be prohibited under trampling, management personnel should be under the beach along the channel.
6 clear channel: always check the drainage channel is smooth, low tide beach surface should be no water, the water temperature is too high, in the deep mud, potential predators caused death of oyster.
7 pesticides: Oysters with many predators, turning stone removal, in Rhodospirillum, clavigera breeding period from 7 to September, should the diving catch broodstock and egg bag. To strengthen the management of the crab activities frequent season, capture the enemy.
8 : wind and typhoon on aquaculture facilities very destructive, also came up mud sand buried holdfast and oyster. Therefore, after the typhoon to timely rescue, repair the raft, holdfast support fall down or buried.

Oysters Prevention and cure

1 bacterial canker disease: pathogenic Vibrio anguillarum larvae (Vibrio anguilla-rum) and Vibrio alginolyticus (V.alginolyticus) etc.. The breeding process of various oysters are likely to occur in the disease. The planktonic larvae were infected after sinking anchor, reduced capacity or activity, sudden death of a large number of.
Control method:
1) to keep the water clean;
2) found sick larvae immediately discard;
3) feeding algae without vibrio;
4) alone or combined use of filtration, ozone and ultraviolet light disinfection breeding water;
5) per cubic meter of water by 50 ~ 100g or compound streptomycin chloramphenicol 10g full pool splash, continuous 3 ~ 5 days.
2 oyster pie Award: disease pathogen of seawater (Perkinsus ma-rinus) sent award. School Award disease is one of the most serious diseases of oysters. The wide geographical distribution. Mainly against more than one year of oyster. Oyster death occurred in summer and early autumn (8 ~ September), after the cold weather, the temperature drop, reduce death. The occurrence and epidemic of high temperature (30 DEG C) and higher salinity (30 per thousand) about. In the salinity below 15 per thousand or the water temperature is below 20 DEG C or higher than 33 DEG C, even sent award parasitism, oysters will not die. Chronic infection of the oyster, the body gradually thin, growth arrest, gonad development is also impeded. I open oysters badly infected died, especially in adverse environmental conditions when death faster.

Oysters Control method

1) avoid using infected oysters as seed;
2) fixed oyster larvae before metamorphosis will thoroughly clean the fixing brush clean, will get rid of the old oysters, oyster bed between the removal of any object attached to live oysters, oyster bed not too dense;
3) to the appropriate size of oyster grows as soon as possible to avoid the occurrence of the disease early harvest;
4) oysters kept in low salinity (15 per thousand) of the sea can inhibit the development of disease.

Oysters Medicinal value

Oyster is Ostreidae animal medicine Dalian Bay oysters, oysters, oyster shells. Herbs annual harvest of oysters, oyster meat, washed, dried can be. The slightly cold, salty taste; with Yang Zhongzhen Anshen, Yin, Ruanjiansanjie effect; can cure insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, sweating, spermatorrhea collapse zone, stomach Tunsuan disease.
Tropism of taste: salty, slightly cold; the liver, gallbladder, kidney.
Function: Pinggan Xifeng drugs; nourishing yin.
Astringent acid : Calcined oyster 's strong effect, treatment of stomachache, gastric acid etc.. Oysters: take healing, treatment of dizziness, will dilute. There is convergence, sedation, detoxification and analgesic effects; acid extract of oyster has inhibitory effect on the polio virus in vivo, the infection rat mortality.
The products take long service, easy to cause constipation and indigestion, easy bleeding cut clothing, clothing long clothing will lead to heart blood loss, and difficult to use 37 to stop bleeding, bleeding, so the drug resistance is strong, generally not the best.
Taste: taste salty; micro cold.
Source: medicine for animal Ostreidae oysters, Crassostrea gigas and Dalian Bay oysters, Ostrea denselamellosa shells etc..
Usage: oral: decoction, 15 ~ 30g, first into the pill, powder or decoction. External use: amount of dust dry or apply at the end of the research.
Storage method: the dry place.
Source: "Chinese Materia Medica"

Oysters Processing method

Oysters: washed, dried, crushed by.
Calcined oyster: wash the oyster, the smokeless fire calcined to gray, remove and cool, crushed.

Oysters pharmacological action

 Oyster (Figure 7) Oyster (Figure 7)
The 1 is the consumption of raw oysters in many countries of the tradition, is said to enhance male function. In fact, there are a variety of bioactive peptides in the function of the human body, eat only get a few nutrition and health function, mostly due to the destruction of human gastric acid, without being absorbed by the body.
In order to obtain nutrition with fresh oysters, oyster meat, enzyme solution at room temperature, the mixture of oyster peptides have multiple screening. The mixture through a special biological transformation, the formation of small peptides of equal size, and ability is not easy to be destroyed in the acid environment, so that it can enter the blood circulation in the active state, so as to repair and the health care function of vegetative cells.
2 calcium carbonate on gastric and duodenal ulcer function contained in oyster has the effect of convergence, acid and alleviating pain, is conducive to the healing of gastric and duodenal ulcer. Animal experiments show that oyster white, preparation tablets can treat experimental gastric ulcer in guinea pigs and the prevention of experimental gastric ulcer in rats, and can inhibit the secretion of large rat free acid and total acid.
3 other effects: oysters may modulate the functions of the cerebral cortex. With calm, soft firm, antipyretic effect good; calcined with astringent and astringent with dry, strong force. Has aphrodisiac effects!

Oysters clinical application

The 1 part, palpitation and insomnia. The quality of heavy to the town, has a calming effect, with the treatment of palpitation palpitation, uneasy, insomnia and other symptoms, often with the keel which must be used, such as GuizhiGancaoLongguMuli Decoction ("typhoid"). Also with cinnabar and amber, Suanzaoren etc. sedative products.
Two Hyperactivity of liver Yang Dizzy. The salty cold heavy, into the liver, with calming liver Yang, nourishing yin
 Oyster (Figure 5) Oyster (Figure 5)
The power. With water does not contain wood, hyperactivity, dizziness, irritability, tinnitus, often with the keel, tortoise shell, white peony root is used, such as Zhenganxifeng Decoction ("medical sincerely participate in the West recorded"); also cure fever time, light really Yin vacuity wind stirring internally, twitching limbs the disease, often with rehmannia root, tortoise shell, turtle shell etc. Yin, Xifeng Zhijing drugs, such as dadingfengzhu ("Wen Bing Tiao Bian").
3 sputum, scrofula, gall, abdominal masses. The taste is salty, ruanjiansanjie. With the treatment of phlegm fire stagnation of phlegm, scrofula, gall, and zhebeimu, Xuanshen compatibility, such as Xiaoluo pill ("medical" mind); with the treatment of blood stasis and Zhengjia accumulation, turtle shell, Salvia miltiorrhiza, zedoary is used.
4 spondylolisthesis syndromes. The calcined and calcined keel similar astringent effect by different combination treatment of spontaneous sweating, night sweats, spermatorrhea, spermatorrhea, frequent micturition, enuresis, uterine bleeding, vaginal detachment syndrome. With the treatment of spontaneous sweating, night sweats, often with ephedra root, floating wheat is used, such as oyster powder ("agent" and the Bureau), also can use oyster powder with sweat, sweat; treat kidney spermatorrhea, spermatorrhea, often with astragalicomplanali, keel, Gorgon and other combinations, such as Jinsuo Gujing pills ("medical annals"); treatment of frequent micturition, enuresis and sangpiaoxiao, Rosa, Yizhiren, keel is used; the treatment of uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge, and often with cuttlebone, dogwood, yam, and keel.
 Oyster (Figure 6) Oyster (Figure 6)
In addition, a calcined oyster acid analgesic effect, can cure stomach pantothenic acid, and cuttlefish bone, Zhejiang Fritillaria total fine, orally take effect.
Usage: oral: decoction, 15 ~ 30g, first into the pill, powder or decoction. External use: amount of dust dry or apply at the end of the research.
Taboo: not appropriate to wear long clothing, so as not to cause constipation and indigestion.
Yi: weak children, hilar lymph node tuberculosis of cervical lymph tuberculosis, scrofula should eat; Yin deficiency insomnia Fanre, uneasy should eat; and cancer patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy are advised to eat, because the oyster is a rare cancer should be taken as food seafood; beauty; diabetes, Sjogren's syndrome patients should food; hypertension, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia patients should eat; menopausal syndrome and pregnancy are advised to eat.
Avoid: acute and chronic skin disease patients diet; spleen deficiency, chronic diarrhea should not eat the toilet.

Oysters Detailed.

Oysters Basic information

[medicine name] oyster
[alias] Li clams, Gu Bi, oyster shell clam, oyster, oyster, oyster, oyster real mountain Po, left shell, Oyster shell, oyster shell, oyster skin
[Chinese Pinyin] Mu Li
English [name] Oyster Shell
[Latin name] animal fossil plants
1.Ostrea riuularis Gould
2.Ostrea gigas Thunberg
3.Ostrea talienwhanensis Grosse
4.Osttrea denselamellosa Lischke
[meridian] liver; kidney
[effect] Pinggan Qianyang; Zhongzhen Anshen; Ruanjiansanjie astringent.
[] Ostreidae species classification
[Latin name] Concha Ostreae
[indications] tinnitus; insomnia; scrofula gall; mass lump; sweating; spermatorrhea; uterine; vaginal discharge.

Oysters ecological environment

1 living in low near the line to the depth of 7m around the rivers into the sea near the optimum salinity ranged from 10% to 25%. Omnivorous, with tiny plankton
 Oysters Oysters
Food. The breeding season from 5 to September.
2 inhabits from the intertidal zone to low water line 10 meters deep mud and silt seabed, usually living in normal seawater in the individual; in the low salinity water in the life of the individual. China coastal were distributed, fine varieties of Estuary and bay aquaculture.
3 inhabit the intertidal zone of the water and into the low tide line is about 20m below the rocks, the optimum salinity, breeding period from 6 to August.
The habitat in the low tide line below the depth of 15 ~ 30m around the rocks, mud or sandy bottom, sometimes in a few meters below the low tide line can also see. The optimum salinity 27% ~ 34%, the breeding season from 5 to September, when the water temperature at 17 to 19 DEG C when it began to lay eggs.

Oysters Harvesting and storage

Oyster harvest is in the year 5 to June, the oyster gonad is highly developed and not for reproduction, for most software fertilizer. At harvest, the oyster picked up, open the shell to the meat, the shell is washed and dried.

Oysters resource distribution

1 Chinese coastal Shandong, Fujian, distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi and other coastal provinces have been farmed.
2 China coastal were distributed, fine varieties breeding in the estuary and gulf.
3 China distributed in the coastal areas of northern china.
4 Chinese located in the coastal areas, but to the north coast for more.

Oysters Animal and plant morphology

1 Jinjiang oyster shells, round, oval, triangular or slightly long, thick shell, the larger shell length of 100 ~ 242mm, 70 ~ 150mm, the left shell is larger and thicker, back attachment surface is irregular in shape. The right shell slightly flat, thin and flat surface perichaetine scales, yellow brown or dark purple, 1 ~ 2 years' individual, flat scales thin and crisp, sometimes edge in a free state; 2 years and years of individual, flat scales, sometimes play a Fulve water wavy trailing edge; years of living scales stacked. Very thick. Shell white or grey white edge, often greyish purple, uneven, hinge without teeth, ligament groove is long and wide, such as horn shaped, dark purple ligament. Adductor scar is very large, in the dorsal, middle yellow, irregular shape, often with shell vary mostly oval or kidney shaped.
2 oyster shells, is a long strip, thick shell, generally 140 ~ 330mm, 57 ~ 115mm, long Bigaoyue 3 times, the largest known as 722mm. The left shell is slightly concave, apex of shell attachment surface is small, the right is as flat as a shell cover, dorsal ventral margin almost parallel to the shell surface, light purple, white or brown. Since the shell top to the trailing edge whorled scales are sparse, slightly wavy, level of little, no obvious radiation rib. Inner shell porcelain white, long and broad ligament groove, adductor scar, posterior dorsal shell, brownish yellow horseshoe.
 Oysters - Fishing Oysters - Fishing
Three Dalian Bay oysters Shell, slightly triangular, shell thick, general shell length 55 ~ 63mm, 95 ~ 130mm wide top shell, gradually widening to the trailing edge. The right shell is flat, such as cap, the top of the shell thick scales tend to heal; gradually after abdominal margin scales gradually loose and wavy undulating, no significant radial ribs. Shell surface pale yellow, mixed with purple brown markings, left shell protuberance, from the top began several thick edge radiation rib, rib scales on the thick cock. Shell and sag as hinge shaped, white, small, long and deep groove ligament is long triangle. Adductor scar white or purplish, is located behind the party.
The oysters with thick scales and shells were round or oval, thick shell, generally 46 ~ 122mm, 58 ~ 138mm. The left shell's large and concave depression, shell top attachment surface, often irregular shape. Right at the top of shell flake healing, is smooth, gradually to the ventral margin of scales has gradually close, thin, crisp and flaky, closely arranged in imbricate, with multiple radial ribs, the ventral margin slightly wavy, gray blue purple brown hybrid shell surface. White shell surface, a pearl like luster. Hinge on both sides have 1 rows of teeth, about 5 ~ 8. Ligament groove is short, triangular. Large adductor scar.

Oysters Other

[effect] classification of Pinggan Xifeng drugs; nourishing yin.
[taste] salty; slightly cold.
[source] Ostreidae medicine for animal crassostrearivularis, oyster and Dalian Bay oyster, Ostrea denselamellosa shells etc..
[usage]: oral decoction, 15 ~ 30g, first into the pill, powder or decoction. External use: amount of dust dry or apply at the end of the research.
[source] "Chinese Materia Medica"

Oysters The classical prescription

1, treatment of vertigo: Six oyster keel six money, money, chrysanthemum, medlar four three money, money, money four polygonum. Shuijianbi. ("Shandong Handbook of Chinese herbal medicine")
2, treatment of Lily disease, not from thirst: trichosanthes root, oyster (AO), etc.. Fine, drink three big spoon, clothing. ("Golden Chamber" Gualou oyster powder)
3, cure all thirsty: oysters, regardless of how much, Wong Chi Tong in calcined cold, for the end of live carp Decoction under a Qian Bi, children taking half the money out. ("experience")
4, the number for urination: Oyster 52 (burning ash), three liters of children. Fried to two liters, three. (the "business")
5, for urination shower secret service, blood medicine effect: oysters, Phellodendron (fried), etc.. To the end, each serving a money, fennel soup take effect. (Fu Zi "medical integration")
6, treatment of metrorrhagia and metrostaxis red and white more than Qi: dried oysters, turtle 32. On the two, under the sieve, drink wine three big spoon. ("Qian")
7, governance weakness problems and new disease critical deficiency, body fluid is not solid, often sweating, night lying is very, but not long, thin skinny barren, restless heart was tired of vigilance, shortness of breath: Ma Huanggen (wash), astragalus, oyster (rice water immersion, burning red) one or two. A total of coarse powder, each serving three money, water a half hundred, wheat grain, with fried to eight points, to sediment thermal clothing, day two, informal time. ("board")
8, the treatment of horizontal wind deficiency: night sweats, headache , white atractylodes rhizome, ledebouriella root each 32 oysters. Under the sieve, drink wine two big spoon. ("Qian" oyster powder)
9, night sweats and cure Yin sweat: Oyster research powder, sweat down the. ("experience")
10, after the treatment of febrile diseases, loose stools, twelve for three or four weeks, the number of pulse still: 22 raw oysters. Fine grinding, eight cups of water, decocting three cups, three minute warm clothes. ("Tiao Bian" a fried)
11, all cure scrofula: an oyster (calcined) 42, 32 Radix scrophulariae. Luo Dao for the end to the batter as child big pill, sooner or later, after eating, the temporary lay each take thirty pills, wine. ("experience") two oyster powder five money, and for the plaster of chicken bile. ("treatment" for vein)
12, treat hyperacidity: oysters, cuttlebone five money, four money fritillary. Joint research to fine powder, each serving three money, three times a day. ("Shandong Handbook of Chinese herbal medicine")
13, cure illness from, "he epistaxis: left is five oysters, gypsum. Pound at the end, wine and big spoon, three or four times a day. Can the service such as the Wu Zi pill. (by "elbow behind")
14, treatment of incised wound bleeding: oyster powder deposition. ("elbow behind")
15, heart spleen pain, phlegm. With oysters calcined into powder, wine delivery service money two.

Oysters Medicinal value

 Oyster porridge Oyster porridge
Ostreidae oysters, oyster animal, Dalian Bay oyster meat. Oysters, clams, also known as Li clams, oyster yellow, oyster, oyster etc.. Located in the coastal China. Jinjiang oyster, Crassostrea gigas and breeding. Get after peeled meat, wash.
[properties] sweet, salty, flat. Can nourishing blood, nourishing heart and tranquilizing mind.
[reference] containing glycogen, taurine, a variety of essential amino acids, vitamin A, B1.B2.D, E, copper, zinc, manganese, barium, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients.
[use] for the deficiency of yin and blood; fatigue disease, heart palpitations insomnia.
[usage] fried soup, fried cooking, etc..
[note] oyster meat can be eaten raw, spleen deficiency should be hanged.

Oysters Attached

1, oyster soup, oyster 250g, pig meat 100g, sliced. Mix a little starch, put in boiling water cooked. A little salt, eat meat, drink soup.
From the "herbal supplements". The party to take the oyster meat with pig meat of nourishing the blood, enhance the nutritional effects of tonifying. For a deficiency of Yin blood deficiency, blood deficiency women uterine bleeding, less food, malnutrition and so on.
2, oyster meat with seaweed soup: kelp oyster meat 250g, 50g. The kelp water swell, wash, shred, water and cook until soft and cooked, add oyster meat and boiled with salt, lard seasoning.
The oyster meat to nourishing tonic, kelp ruanjiansanjie. For the infant body empty, hilar lymph tuberculosis, tuberculosis of cervical lymph nodes, or deficiency in hot flashes night sweats, upset sleepless.
Each year in late autumn is the oyster began to harvest season, and from the winter solstice to Qingming is the most fertile, the best food for oyster meat. The Chinese folk "the winter solstice to the Qingming, oyster meat fat Jingjing" sayings. Many coastal areas take three-dimensional breeding method, who are basically the oyster meat supply, popular.
Oyster is plump and smooth, delicious taste, rich nutrition, has the reputation of "sea milk". According to the analysis, dried oyster meat protein containing up to 45% ~ 57%, 7% ~ 11%, fat glycogen 19% ~ 38%. In addition, it also contains a variety of vitamins and taurine and calcium and phosphorus, iron, zinc and other nutrients. Close to 1 times the calcium content of milk, iron content is 21 times the milk, is a precious food beautifying and disease prevention.
"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "eat oyster meat, can fine skin, kidney yang, and asthenia, Dan poison". Modern medicine also oyster meat have lower blood pressure and Yin nourishing function.
The oyster meat taste delicious, nutrient, and fine skin, beauty and reducing blood pressure and nourishing Yin, strong physical fitness and other role, which is regarded as a delicious seafood and body-building food. In many marine treasures, many people except the love for oysters. Western food called "God of magic". Japanese called the "root of the source". "There is heaven and earth oyster only" praise poem. Many famous people are at all times and in all countries forged indissoluble bound with oysters.
According to historical records, Italy and Vitoria emperor meal from oyster; Napoleon I in battle like eating oysters to maintain a strong fighting force; former U.S. President Eisenhower's disease every day after eating a plate of oysters to speed up rehabilitation; China celebrities Song Meiling often eat oysters, in order to maintain the appearance of beauty.
Many edible methods of oyster. Fresh oyster meat is usually steamed, fried, fried, scrambled eggs, fried oyster cake, fresh oyster meat and soup series etc.. With the appropriate seasoning steamed, can keep the original children; if eating soft fried fresh oysters, oyster meat can be salted with a little Huang Jiulve, and then the oyster meat dipped in batter, with pan fried to golden yellow, with dipping oil, vinegar with food; eat Hot pot, use bamboo stick to skewer the oyster meat, add roll out boiling soup for a minute or so can edible; if with meat ginger soup, soup, white like milk, delicious. Can also be processed into dried oyster meat, called oyster. If the fresh oyster meat juices cooked together and drying will be boiled. If you want to keep the flavor is not boiled, will directly dried oyster meat, has become famous in oyster. Every kind of method also edible oyster.
Fresh oyster meat green white, soft and delicate. The person is the "ocean of mana" Oyster (i.e. God's precious thing), "ocean of milk", the ancient Romans put it as the "sea of holy delicious fish", Japanese called the "root" source of the "marine super rice", it is the only way to eat shellfish.

Oysters Unique value

Oysters Tonic

Oysters contain 18 kinds of amino acids, liver glycogen, taurine and vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other nutrients, eat can improve immunity. Oyster taurine contained lipid and blood pressure.
In ancient Greek mythology is the food of love on behalf of oyster. From the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine through oyster water, to moisten the lungs, kidney water. It is western medicine verification of zinc containing up to natural food (hectogram oyster meat content is as high as 100mg), which is only 2 ~ 3 every day to eat oysters will provide you all day long needed zinc. The great value of zinc is embodied in its essential minerals in the male reproductive system, especially in recent fifty years, the male sperm count decreased significantly, more need to add enough zinc.

Oysters Ningxinanshen

Cui Yuxi in "the fresh" said "oyster meat night treatment, treatment of indefinite meaning". Regular consumption can reduce the hyperactivity induced by irritability, palpitations, insomnia and other symptoms of tinnitus dizzy. A variety of vitamins and minerals contained in oyster especially selenium can regulate the nervous and emotional stability.

Oysters Brain puzzle

Contains taurine, DHA and EPA are required for the intellectual development of important nutrients. Glycogen is the human body energy reserves, can improve people's physical and mental activity efficiency. In addition the pharmacological experiments show that the use of oyster shells increase the amount of zinc in the body, can increase the body's Zinc Cadmium ratio is beneficial to improve the prevention and treatment of hypertension, protect brain and brain function.

Oysters Benefiting stomach

Li Shizhen also said in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" Oyster "meat asthenia loss, hangover after the hot upset,...... Slip skin, oyster shell phlegm Ruanjian qingrechushi, heart spleen stop pain, diarrhea under the red white, Xiaoshan block." It is slightly cold, while both the role of acid, so too much on gastric acid or suffering from stomach ulcers are more benefits.

Oysters Qiangjinjiangutang

"Shen Nong's herbal classic" records "(oyster) Jiufu, strong Beck, kill evil, sickness". Close to the milk calcium content in oyster, iron content is 21 times the milk, after eating helps bones and teeth to grow.

Oysters Fine skin beauty

Oyster calcium and copper make the skin smooth and make skin look good, looks particularly bloody; potassium can treat dry skin and powder Thorn; vitamin can also make the skin smooth, and can regulate oil secretion.

Oysters Prolong life

Oysters are rich in nucleic acid and nucleic acid in protein synthesis plays an important role, so it can delay skin aging, reduce the formation of wrinkles. With the increase of age, the body's ability of nucleic acid synthesis gradually reduced, only from food intake, daily drink milk in the far less than the nutritional value of milk in the sea ".

Oysters Related events

In January 2017, Japan's Miyagi Prefecture, a fisherman found the giant oysters, oyster size even with adult male hand, shocked the Japanese people, a photo was exposed immediately sparked heated debate.