Straight end

Straight end, Chinese vocabulary.
Straight end
A n zh Du Pinyin.
Interpretation: 1. Positive, not straight, not curved skew. 2 integrity. 3 the righteous.

Straight end Pinyin

The Du n zh.

Straight end Detailed citations

Is not straight, not curved skew.
The Han Zhang Heng " Xijing Fu ":" residential area of a city Straight flush, Meng yu."
The Song Dynasty Wangdang "Tang Yu Lin - Addendum:" this one "at the posts and not directly. Complex product ."
3 Guo Moruo "Ginkgo": "your stem is so straight."
1. " Poetry of the South A. The nine chapter Shejiang. ":" if my heart come straight out of the end, although he hurt." Wang Yu Note: "I said the implementation of integrity."
The " Han Fei Solution: "heart" - old fear line end is straight, straight line end Thinking Cooked."
The " Redords of the Grand History of China A. This is Qin Shihuang "Straight" Atsutada , Cause There are often."
4. " Book of Northern Qi A. Cuiang Biography ":" high end straight Shaohua, sinking deep ambition and talent ."
The Song Dynasty Su "Beijing trillion public book": "all the number across the straight end, but Jian Yi fan, father-in-law and hole official Department of ear."
The Ming Dynasty Fang "The song" Zhongheng offering: "the end is straight, when the gods."
The honest man.
" LuShiChunQiu - lust ":" Clever person The near end, straight away, the national crisis."