Hee Murong

Murong Xi (385 - 407), the word Daowen, small longevity, Xianbei, as the Emperor Murongchui youngest son Emperor min Hui. Murongbao The younger brother, The sixteen nations After the period of Yan country. Early closure Hejian Wang, Khan The chaos was named the Liaodong public, Murong Sheng came to the throne, freeze up between the public. After Yan Changle three years (401 years), Murong Sheng by marauding soldiers killed, originally courtiers hope Murong moriyuki brother Yuan Murong The throne, but Murong Xi is due to Murong moriyuki mother The Empress Dowager Ding Pet, was welcomed into the house that day. The throne, Murong be this, Murong soon hee Gaiyuan first. The following year (402 years), so the Zhongshan Yin Fu Mo two daughter Fu Song e for, Empress Fu Xunying by Your wives Fu Ying, training in art, the Empress Dowager Ding resentment, and then waste Murong leaked out, Ding hee, the Empress Dowager was killed. Jianshi The first year (407 years), Murong Xi was killed by Murong cloud, at the age of twenty-three, is the seven year of the reign of emperor Zhao Wen, posthumous.
Hee Murong

Hee Murong Paul Mauriat's History

Hee Murong Survived

Yan Yuan Two years (385 years), Murong Xi was born in Changshan. LITE-ON Eight years (393 years), called Hejian Wang . Yongkang The first year (396 years), with his brother Murongbao Go to the city, thanks to the Silijiaowei .
Yongkang two years (397 years), Speed of bone The rebellion, Murong Xi was thirteen years old, the kings of Murong's many were killed, Murong Xi has always been a Gao Yang Wang Murongchong Love, and Murong Chong is speed bone party, so Murong Xicai lest death.
Yongkang three years (398 years), Khan At that time the son of murongchui usurper, only Murong hee, then closed his Liaodong public inheritance, Yan si. Soon, Murong Xi's nephew Murongsheng Kill Khan Zionist, Murong Xi was down for the grand public worship for the captaincy Hejian, the Chinese and foreign military, Hussars generals, Shang Shuzuo served as the lead in justice. Following the conquest Koguryo , Khitan Every time, the most brave generals. Murong Sheng Murong Xi praised the valiant courage, there are grandfather murongchui style, just as he's.

Hee Murong Ascended the throne as Emperor

Changle Three years (401 years), Murong Sheng was men killed, the Empress Dowager Ding (Murong Sheng's aunt, Murong Xi's sister-in-law) that the country is on the occasion, should be made for elderly gentleman. The ministers hope Li Hui emperor min Murongbao Fourth plain public Yuan Murong However, The Empress Dowager Ding To Murong so hee, deposed Prince Murong, Murong Xi welcomed into the palace. The ministers advised him to take the throne, Murong Xi Murong Yuan, Murong firmly to Murong hee, Murong Xi and emperor. Where the minister Long Ji , Xing Qin Et al., and kill the third group. Murong Yuan because of a suspicion of death. In the death penalty under the big pardon, nianhao The light was North, renamed Yan Taiwan is single in Taiwan, set the left and the right auxiliary auxiliary, position after Shangshu .

Hee Murong Forced to kill it

At first, Murong Xi and Ding Dowager liaisons, so it was for the emperor empress dowager Li ding. The light was Two years (402 years) in October, Murong accepted the original Zhongshan Qin Yin Xi Fu Mo The two daughter Princess, eldest daughter Fu Song e A girl, elegant; Empress Fu Xunying And for your letter. What is the favorite of Murong Xi Fu's sister. There is resentment and curse of the Empress Dowager Ding Murong so hee, brother and son Seven soldiers of history Ding Xin Murong deposed planning hee, changed chapter Wu Gong Murongyuan Dili. Murong Xi heard this, very angry, forced by the queen Dowager Ding Dutch act, courtesy of her burial, posthumous Give you the queen . At the beginning of November three, killing Murong and Ding Yuan.

Hee Murong The construction of the palace

The light was three years (403 years) in May, the Murong Xi building large-scale Dragon Court, more than and 10 miles, serving more than 20 thousand people. The scene in the park to build cloud, Guangzhou five hundred, seventeen feet high mountain. They built a happy palace, dew temple, next to the real real are hundreds of towers,. Tianhe dug canal, water entered the palace. For his instrument Fu Song e Guanghai, cool pool dug song. In June the summer weather, the construction of the soldiers who died of heat stroke may not rest, more than half.
Light beginning in December 20th three (404 January 18th), and your stand Empress Fu Xunying For the queen, pardon prisoners following the death penalty within the territory. Murong Xi and the North against the Khitan, defeated the khitan.

Hee Murong Lost love

The light was four years (404 years) in July, Zhao Fu Song e died, the posthumous title of empress xiao. Fu Mo made for Dasai, posthumous literature association. The queen of Britain and Zhao Fu Fu Training Song e sisters are very beautiful, love out private pleasures, Murong Xi not prohibited. Murong Xi requirements of the two Fu must obey, execution on tours of the big government did not listen to them. At the outset, Fu Song e ill, Dragon people Wangwen That can treat, not long after Fu Song e died. Murong Xi hated Wang Wen on the bus in front of the absurd, Wang Wen dismembered and burned. The British Queen fu training play like hunting, Murong Xi followed her, north to Bailu mountain , east across the green ridge, South to the sea, so people suffering, they more than 5 thousand people have been killed or killed the wolf. Coincides with the Koguryo invasion Yan Jun Kill more than and 100 people, slightly. Murong Xi attacked the Gao Gouli, let Fu Ying training follow, to wash the car against the Liaodong tunnel. Murong Xi said: "when the enemy leveled cities, I will take the car into the chariot and the queen, do not let the soldiers to enter a city." So the strict guard cannot capture. The heavy snow falls. Many soldiers died, Murong Xi shuaibing returns.
Murong Xi imitates the Yecheng Fengyang gate, built Hiromitsu door, steps to build a three story. The light was six years (406 years), Murong and Xi Fu Ying Attack Training Khitan, fear of Khitan powerful army, ready to return to Britain, fu training do not listen, then discard the light attack Koguryo, around more than 3 thousand horses, tired and cold, dead people one by one. Against the wooden base city, did not fall back.
Murong Xi brother Murong will treasure among all killed. To build a large scale fertilizer such as city and Su Juncheng, Qiu Ni Ni is appointed Dong Alexander Ying, governor of guarding In the night Yong Gong; Murongyi by A town of generals And you Zhouci Shi, guarding To support Shangshu; Liu As the town of generals, governor of Jizhou, the town of fertilizer such as tube.
Murong Xi and Fu Cheng Hua Temple construction of English training, more than twice as high as it was. Put the earth back to the north gate, soil and food prices. In the code Dujing Pull the coffin arrived at Murong City Court hall, letter pressed. Murong Xiji anger, killed him. Fu Ying training once in June to eat fine frozen fish, in November Rehmannia Murong Xi ordered to be done, the relevant departments can not find it to be put to death, Murong Xi is so cruel.
Jianshi The first year (407 years), the British Queen Fu Training died, Murong Xi sadly. His death is as parents, holding training bodies Fu Ying, stroking said: "the body's cold, life will be finished." So Murong hee fall fainted, woke up for a long time. The body is in the coffin, Murong Xi again opened the coffin, and the body of English training Fu Copulation . Be dressed in Cut Cui Mourning, eat porridge. In order to officials in the palace of collective mourning, command Monks Dressed in white. Command officials Chakaoai cry, tears is that the loyalty and filial piety, no tears at the crime, then ministers fear, not with spicy things to tears. Muronglong Zhang's wife, Murong Xi's sister-in-law, looks very good attitude, often have a clever idea. Murong Xi ready to use her letter English training Be buried alive with the dead I want to use charges, kill her, she destroyed the British sent to Fu Training boots, found that there are disadvantages felt, so miss zhang. The three daughter of Zhang's uncle Murong to ask him to kowtow hee poor, do not kill, do not listen to Murong Xi. The following people until the edict lords led the whole family to build the tomb, racking up his belongings in the warehouse. The tomb deep inside the tomb of the three, the external perimeter of several long, a eight seat portrait painted inside the book. Murong Xi said: "to build it, then I will enter the tomb." Do not think that a person with breadth of vision geely. Right and justice Such as fear of being buried alive, beautiful jade, washed himself to die. The training of English tombs called Fu Ping Ling hui. Murong Xi unkempt, barefoot, walking behind the car Er fasang Fu English training. Er car too much, not out of the city, the demolition of the north gate out. The elders said the old man whispered to each other: "Murong's doomed his own door, his days will not be long."

Hee Murong The cloud was slain

Jianshi The first year (407 years) in July, the defender general Fengba General Zuo Wei Zhang Previously, because of that sin fled outside, because the Murong administration hee tyranny, allied with the cousin Feng Feng Ba million mud twenty-two people elected Murong Bao son Gao Yun As a leader, sent more than 5 thousand Army prisoners shut resist. In the door Zhao carvedilol sang went to report to Murong Xi, Murong Xi said: "this is just a small group of people. I will go back after the thief, to kill them." So tidy hair, wearing armor, Benz back rushed to the disaster difficult. Back to the city at night, against the North did not capture, fled into the Dragon Court, dressed in casual clothes in the woods, was caught, Murong will kill the cloud by Murong Xi, Murong Xi and Qin were buried in the north of the city. Murong Xi at the age of twenty-three, a total of seven years in the. Murong Yun Murong will be buried in the tomb of Fu Xi Ying Xun, Zhao Shi Wen emperor.

Hee Murong Government initiatives

The light was Two years (402 years) at the beginning of November six, Murong Xi went hunting in the wilderness of Beijiao City, and some of the guards to rock high court warehouse soldiers rebellion in the capital, killing Silijiaowei Show Into the palace hall, looting, out of the Treasury of weapons, military stress Guanshu, close the door, don't let Murong Xi into the city. Murong Xi and his men quickly return to the city, came to the city, and the soldiers threw down the weapon, open the gate, Murong Xi entered the city to participate in the rebellion were all killed, and only escape from death. Murong Xi summoned in East County and eight states in the people full of years and honour their sufferings, ask.

Hee Murong Anecdote

The light was Three years (403 years), Murong Xi made the Dragon Court, be busy at putting up installations, Zhu Jing Yunshan, build happy palace, the construction of the soldiers who died of heat stroke may not rest, more than half. Once, Murong Xi travel to the south, stopped at a large willow tree, as if someone shouted: "the king stopped create it." Murong Xi hated it, cut down the tree, there is a foot long snake crawled out from the tree.

Hee Murong Historical evaluation

" Jin "Shi Chen said:" hee is non Olympic, because for her virtue. Li Rong of the state, please correct a bed; his wife Xuan Zi, see the odd in her black hair in masses. In the light of sea boat Swing Song, looking towards the keiun involved in the mountain, decorated in civil arrogant heart, poor Yuanjue in most cases by soil, worship, as Yan Feng of the drive."
"Jin Shu": "battle, Koguryo Khitan, were all Yong crown."
Murongsheng Uncle: "male fruit is carried, Khan of the wind, but Philip is slightly better than the ear."

Hee Murong Historical records

"Jin Shu" recorded in volume one hundred and twenty-four - twenty-fourth
" Book of Wei - Volume ninety-five - eighty-third biographies "
" Sixteen in spring and Autumn Biography, volume eleven, after Yan. "

Hee Murong Member of family

Hee Murong father

After Yan Wu Di Murongchui

Hee Murong Brother

Qinghe. Murong orders
After the Emperor Yan Huimin Murongbao
Liaoning Huan Wang strong Murongnong
Gao Yang Kang Muronglong
Prince of Zhao Muronglin
Xiao Wang Yangping Murong Hui
Bohai King Muronglang
Bo Ling Wang Murongjian
Murong wonu

Hee Murong The Empress

Ding, Murong orders His wife, Murong Xi's sister-in-law and mistress Murong Sheng long, for The Empress Dowager . Fu Li Xi Murong king, 402 years to kill, posthumous Give you the queen .
Zhao Yi Fu Song e After the death of Queen min, posthumous.
Queen Empress Fu Xunying 404 years, made for the queen, died 407 years after Yan soon perish, no title.