Mark Twin

Mark Twin (Mark Twain), American writer, orator, real name is Samuel Rangen Kremen (Samuel Langhorne Clemens). "Mark Twain" is his pen name, the original is the Mississippi River seaman used said measured water in the channel on the depth of the term. Representative works of fiction " Millions of pounds "," The adventures of Hakbely Finn "," The adventures of Tom Soya "Etc..
Mark Twin
When Mark Twin was 12 years old, his father died, he had to drop out of school to the factory when the coolie. Later, he changed a lot of occupation had done, The Mississippi River The work of the pilot, miners and journalists. Gradually write some interesting pieces, began his writing career. He died in April 21, 1910, was buried in New York Elmar.
Mark Twin wrote a lot of works, the theme involves all aspects of fiction, plays, essays and poems. From the content that his works to criticize the ugliness of human nature or unreasonable phenomenon, the expression as a typesetter writer seaman and a strong sense of justice and concern for the ordinary people; from the style of speaking, experts and ordinary readers believe that humor and satire is his writing features. He has experienced the development process from the beginning of American capitalism to imperialism, his thought and creation as well as from a kid to irony to the early stage of development to be pessimistic and worldweary bitter irony, known to later language more intense exposure.
Mark Twin is the United States Critical realism The founder of literature, his works have been mostly Chinese versions. In 2006, Mark Twin was the authoritative journal "the American the Atlantic monthly magazine" named the 100 characters influence the United States sixteenth .

Mark Twin People experience

 Signature. Signature.
In November 30, 1835, Mark Twin was born in the United States The state of Missouri Florida rural poverty family lawyer. He is the sixth of 7 children in the home. His father was a local lawyer, meager income, family budget. Little Mark Twin school will have to work. At the age of eleven. His father died, he began independent labor life, first as an apprentice in the printing factory, a route and compositor, and later in the Mississippi River as seaman and helmsman.
The autumn of 1839, Mark, the Twain family moved to Missouri Hannibal (Hannibal) a Mississippi River port city, which became his later works "the adventures of Tom Soya" and "Huckleberry Finn" in St Petersburg city of inspiration. At that time, Missouri was a slave state in the union, and the young Twain began to understand slavery, which became later in his adventures in the novel theme. Mark Twin is color blind, and this aroused his social circle of humorous joke.
 In 1850 Mark Twain photo. In 1850 Mark Twain photo.
March 24, 1847 - Mark Twain's father John Clemens died of pneumonia. In 1847, Mark Twain's humble background began to do printing apprentice, NEWSBOY, compositors, seaman, gold workers, reporters and other work.
In 1851, Mark Twin became a compositor, also contribute, and start to his brother Orion founded the "Hannibal magazine" (Hannibal Journal) draft.
In May 1, 1852 Boston's humorous weekly published his "handbag" debut "dandy" colonists be startled at the.
In 1858, Mark Twin returned to Missouri. In the lower Mississippi River to New Orleans, steamboat pilot "Bishibi" Twain to become lifelong steamboat pilot.
1861 Nianoulaisi President Lincoln was sent to the western Nevada Territory Government Secretary, he tried to go along, in the
 Around 1855 Mark Twin Around 1855 Mark Twin
Get rich wood industry and mining in the camp, were not successful, it turned to writing for students. In 1862 a newspaper Virginia City, nevada.
In 1863, began to use the "Mark Twain". In 1864, A Ward met humorist and novelist Bbu Hart in San Francisco, get their encouragement and help, improve writing skills. In 1865 a New York magazine published a humorous story "the Celebrated Jumping Frog Calaveras", made him famous. Then often humorous article written for newspapers and periodicals.
In 1866 to go to Hawaii to interview. In 1867, a local newspaper provides a ship to the Mediterranean region tourism. During his journey to Europe and the Middle East, he wrote the famous 1869 collected letters "fool" travel travel series. During this period, he met Charles Landon (Charles Langdon) and see Landon sister Olivia (Olivia Langdon) photos, Twain at first sight for her.
 In 1867 Mark Twain. In 1867 Mark Twain.
A capitalist Mark Twin in 1870 with New York's daughter Olivia Landon married. After living in Buffalo, issued its own editorial "express", after one year and sell money losing too much. In 1872 published "difficult years" one book, he reflects in western new development areas of life experience, which recorded some anecdotes, especially rich in the western United States the characteristics of humor story. In 1873 he and Char Werner co wrote the "Gilded Age" is his first novel.
In 1871 Mark Twin moved his family to Connecticut state in the eastern part of Hartford, and he has become a famous writer and orator of humor. After a few years he created the harvest time. 1875 - Mark Twain william dean howells About the author of the "the Atlantic issue". He early on the Mississippi River as the helmsman's life as its theme, wrote 7 articles, after collection book, called "the Mississippi past". 8 years later, he returned to his hometown, the expansion of this book as "the Mississippi" (1883).
 In 1871 Mark Twain In 1871 Mark Twain
In 1876, the novel "the adventures of Tom Soya publishing. Although it is a small town on the Mississippi River as the background of the juvenile books, but for readers of all ages love. In the book the naughty Tom and his partner Hakberi Finn and Tom's girlfriend Becky Thatcher's many stories, many of the author's personal experience, there are many interesting circumstances with the child's psychological.
In 1876 Mark Twin's another important novel "the adventures of Hakberi Finn" to start writing, published in 1884. This novel has been highly critical, welcomed by domestic and foreign readers, but also constantly being banned.
In 1889 Mark Twin published "King Arthur's court in Connecticut, the Americans", and "the prince and the Pauper" (1881) is a British satirical background of feudal system and religious novels. In 1894, Mark Twain wrote a "fool Werwilson", created a rich struggle of female slave image of Luo Kexi. In this period, his family was unfortunate: two daughters of a disease death, his wife's health deteriorated; his investment in manufacturing automatic typesetting machine failure and bankruptcy. In order to repay the debt, he travel lectures, visiting Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, India and South America etc..
 Mark Twain Mark Twain
Written in 1897, "the equator travel", in which irony and condemn the imperialist oppression of colonized people against imperialism, he has since become the central idea of creation. Published in 1896, "Joan of arc biography", which depicts the fifteenth Century French national heroine of life. Mark Twin in 1898 to pay off all debts. In October 1900, after leaving the United States in Europe for almost ten years, he and his family returned to the United States, received a warm welcome, become the leader of the literary and art circles. Published in 1900 after many hours of work, not yet cut edge.
In 1904, his wife died in Italy. Mark Twin entered the final stage of the cause. His early works such as "the adventures of Hakberi Finn" has been the performance of the "human" (actually on the middle class) pessimism, then became the main theme of his works. The novella "corrupted Hadleyburg man" (1900), prose "is how is it? "(1906), the story of" mysterious visitor "(1916) are reflected. The most important work of his age is dictated by his secretary transcript "autobiography.
 Mark Twain in Nicola Tesla's lab. Mark Twain in Nicola Tesla's lab.
April 21, 1910 - Mark Twain died not because of angina pectoris.

Mark Twin The main works

Chinese name Genre Year of publication
"Fool foreign travel"
One thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine
" Running for Governor " Short story One thousand eight hundred and seventy
One thousand eight hundred and seventy-two
"The Gilded Age"
One thousand eight hundred and seventy-three
" The adventures of Tom Soya " Novel One thousand eight hundred and seventy-six
"The famous jumping frog Calaveras County" Short story 1876 (1865)
"Connecticut recent Carnival crime record"
One thousand eight hundred and seventy-six
"Remember" travel abroad
One thousand eight hundred and eighty
"The prince and the Pauper" (the prince and the Pauper) Novel One thousand eight hundred and eighty-one



" The adventures of Hakbely Finn "(the adventures of Huckleberry Finn" Novel One thousand eight hundred and eighty-five
" Life on The Mississippi "
One thousand eight hundred and eighty-three
"King Arthur's Court of the state of Connecticut Yankees"
One thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine
"Millions of pounds" Novelette One thousand eight hundred and ninety-three
"Tom Soya" in foreign countries
One thousand eight hundred and ninety-four
"Fool" Werwilson
One thousand eight hundred and ninety-four
One thousand eight hundred and ninety-six
"Detective Tom Sawyer"
One thousand eight hundred and ninety-six
"Joan of arc"
One thousand eight hundred and ninety-six
"The equator travel"
One thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven
"To the person sitting in darkness"
One thousand nine hundred and one
" The Autobiography of Mark Twin " memoir Two thousand and ten

Reference material

Mark Twin Creative features

Mark Twin The theme of the work

The hypocrisy of political criticism
Mark Twin in the creation of "journey on the Mississippi River" this work sharply exposed political parties and the media act evilly in collusion with: "at that time, Mark Twin said the pilot is the world all only without any restriction and completely independent character. The king is the aristocratic society not free servants; Congress with voters cast chains meeting; editor of the newspaper and the sum of a party together; if you don't take care of their own followers opinion, not a preacher can speak freely and tell the truth; the writer is one of the reader's servant, writer when frank and fearless, but later, to set before and more or less lose their work spirit". Thus, Mark Twin is seen through American political parties and elections, authenticity, and so to attack. "Running for governor" is more comprehensive to expose and attack American social democratic political system of Mark Twin. The novel style of humor, with short length, dig out the American electoral system of corruption and darkness, thought is very profound, it exposes the United States so-called "democratic" election system of the dark inside, exposed the hypocrisy of the capitalist system of election.
The deformity of the moral criticism
Mark Twin's novel "ruined fancy man", Mark Twain reveals the fact that money can control people lying, extortion and even murder, money is supreme. In the novel "the Gilded Age", around the construction of railways, open channel, opened the University and other circumstances, summed up the diffuse throughout the United States rich in the description of psychological speculation, Colonel Sellers is such a typical character, Colonel Sellers's works show enthusiasm with unique language: "rich, also want to get rich in any case,... The air everywhere in money ", introduced Colonel Sellers was" all people have equal opportunities "and" a shoeblack are likely to become a millionaire "lies astray, he will never indulge in those ventures and virtual enterprises, so that he lost at least one of his. The family is waiting for him this illusory lived almost destitute life. The novel "millions of pounds", hold a million poor, satisfactory consumption and decent service in a panic, but did not pay, capitalist consumerism of humanity in a million giant note before, is so fragile and despicable.
The hypocrisy of the religious criticism
In the essay "the Christian God", Mark Twain sarcastically wrote: "these priests forgot to mention their God in the universe is the most slow moving, he never sleep eyes too slow, because his eyes to wait a century to see the things that other people's eyes only a week can see." In all of history is not an example of God is first thought to a noble deeds, he is always better than other people think and do the slow step, and then he didn't arrive, appeared, and enjoy the credit interests, if God has always appeared after the prophetic vision, why. In the short story "Captain Storm Field" in Mark Twin to visit the kingdom of heaven, and grotesque satire in the form of depicting heaven bliss, Captain Storm Field early from the main export school has been that a person because of his life of integrity, will be rewarded in heaven, he believed and prayed, "God in the world's plenipotentiary who has promised his heavenly bliss, but after his death was extremely indignant, he understood the" contract "is a fraud, heaven is a hoax bliss. In the novel "the person sitting in darkness", Mark Twin Oman in the United States, for example the priest sternly criticized the American missionaries in Chinese, he criticized Oman like the brutal exploitation of Chinese farmers, their women and innocent children, the starving and dying, with the blood money to spread the gospel, and certainly the Chinese of missionaries suspected of understanding and awakening.

Mark Twin artistic characteristics

Mark Twin's work has three characteristics:
First, he based on the traditional Western humor, play extremely exaggerated artistic imagination.
Second, work often in the first person "I" as the protagonist, the "I" like China comic like the main character in the play, a variety of comic characters. They are naive, honest, ignorance, pure in thought what things are wishful thinking, the results are often counterproductive. Mark Twin is innocent people consciously do the hero. The hero is always with some ideal or a simple idea, but was rebuffed everywhere in reality, this ideal that he is not realistic, feasible, and the more he do not understand this, it is a gap between the ideal and the reality.
Third, contains humorous satire. He summed up his experience in writing humorous novels "autobiography," said for humor and sense of humor is not likely to wear. Humor is just a delicious smell and. I always admonish people, this is why I can persist for thirty years". "Thirty years", refers to start writing from his autobiography so far. What he called "admonish people" is that it contains for good serious writing goal to write novels.

Mark Twin Character evaluation

Mark Twin is the one and only, can not be compared, he is Lincoln in American literature. (American critic William Howells review)
Mark Twin is the first real American writer, we are inheriting him. (American writer William Forknacor )

Mark Twin Anecdotal stories

Mark Twin's real name is "Samuel Rangen Kremen", Mark Twin is the most often used the pseudonym, generally under the name is derived from its early term meaning: seaman, depth of 3 feet. Samuel worked as a pilot, and its partners to measure the depth of water, his partner called "Mark Twain!" That means "two marks", i.e. the depth of two Au (about 3.7 meters, about 1.852 meters, 1 Jiujiang) this is a necessary condition for ship navigation safety. Another reason is that his captain Sellers That used to be a pilot of noble character and high prestige from time to time, write the Mississippi anecdotes newspaper pieces under the pseudonym "Mark Twin".
In 1858, Captain Sellers published a prediction of New Orleans city will be flooded in. Naughty Samuel decided to take him as a joke, imitate his tone wrote a very sarcastic satire. Who knows this article game actually hurt the heart, then the captain abandoned writing, the name Mark Twin has since disappeared in the newspaper. Four years later, when the reporter of the Xisailesi captain Samuel Xie Shi's death, for all his practical joke afterthoughts, determined to make up for this mistake, and he inherited the "Mark Twain" under the pseudonym, and then began his writing career. But some say that refers to the Western Street, often in the hotel to buy two cups of wine, and asked the bartender "two mark on the bill".