Osmund is Fern The processed products Osmundaceae Osmunda Osmunda type sporophyte leaves. Include Osmunda and Osmunda cinnamome var.asiataica Guangzhou, also known as ox hair. by Perennial herb .
Osmund (Osmundaceae Osmundaceae)
[words]: Osmunda
[English]: Osmunda japonica
[interpretation]: Osmunda as a vegetable has a long history, the past is for grass, has entered the high-end dining table, its economic efficiency is 4-5 times of general vegetables. Wild Osmunda fresh and delicious, nutrient rich, unexpanded leaves is the top grade. Osmunda both fresh and salted and dried. Is the bulk of exports to Japan of wild herbs.
[faculty] Osmundaceae Osmundaceae
[alias] Qi July, Seoul, purple Qi, Qi fern, Zi. Purple fern, Many fern , medium, large fern mouse, dog hair hair, aspidium, Aspidium Wei, Guanzhong, big wolf clothing.
[tropism of taste] bitter cold; a small drug. The spleen and stomach.
[indications] Qingrejiedu, lungs Qi, tonifying shulao, hemostatic insecticide. The nose bleeding, vomiting, dysentery, functional uterine bleeding, anemopyretic cold symptoms.
[nutrients] per 100 grams of Osmunda tender stem and leaf containing 2.2 grams of protein, 0.19 grams of fat, 4.3 grams carbohydrates, 1.97 mg carotene, Vitamin B2 0.25 mg, vitamin C67 mg per gram dry; potassium 31.2 mg, 1.9 mg of calcium, phosphorus 7.11 mg, iron 125 mg, Mn 81 micrograms, 62 micrograms of zinc. In addition, also contains the tip of leaf Tushan phytosterone, ecdysterone, Tannide Other ingredients.

Vetch brief introduction

 Vetch Vetch
Also called Osmunda Niumaoguang That is the Osmundaceae plant name Osmundaceae, is a perennial herb, crisp and delicious, less fiber, protein, organic minerals and vitamins, enjoy the "pollution-free food" reputation in the world. Osmunda The young leaves are rich in nutrition, water boiled to the hair after knead into dried osmund. Fresh or dried vegetables, has a unique flavor, crisp and delicious food for a long time, patience, and can be used as medicine. Curl does not show tender taste of edible is top grade, boiling water scalding, rinse, to smell, can be fried, stir, salad, soup, and fried food, ill treatment, disease prevention. So, the normal people often eat good.
Osmunda hectogram containing 4.3 grams of carbohydrates, 2.2 grams of protein, 0.19 grams of fat, 1.68 mg carotene, vitamin C and minerals. Apple also contains saponin and Flavonoids With the lungs Qi, tonic, shulao, detoxification effect. Attending hematemesis, hematochezia, dysentery functional uterine bleeding, embolism.
The peach blossom spring soon after, namely a bud, May -6 month stem taller, timely collection. After collecting Osmunda after boiling water and kneading, drying and other processes after they made of dry goods, known as dried osmund. In addition to eat good medicine.

Vetch Body features

 Vetch Vetch
Genus Osmunda ferns Osmundaceae In general, the plant height of 60-100 cm. Nutritious leaves and leaves of spores. Trophophyll also known as sterile leaves, clusters in the rhizome apex, broadly ovate triangular shape, the top two pinnate, leaflets oblong; spores also become fertile leaf, leaf nutrition than germination early, usually in the adult central pumping, bipinnatifid, pinnule coiled strip, the upper edge of the main vein on both sides of dense brown sporangia. Rhizome short, erect or inclined.
Osmunda adaptability, in late 4 a year rhizomes began sprouting new leaves, the leaves grow extremely rapidly. In late May the mature spores, under proper environmental conditions, germination gametophyte, zygote in The archegonium In the development of embryo, embryo and then developed into an independent life Sporogonium . At the beginning of the month to temperatures above 20 degrees C. slow growth, the end of June to stop the growth of the end of September began to yellow.
Osmunda likes damp, not resistant to drought and high temperature, shading can promote germination and growth. Greatly improve the yield and quality in the fertile soil rich in humus.

Vetch Growth environment

The temperature adaptability of Osmunda japonica, the local temperature up to 8 DEG to 15 DEG C, germination, leaf growth rate is the fastest, is higher than 20 DEG C, the growth began to slow, 30 DEG C to stop growth. Underground roots can overwinter safely. During the request of water is strictly. Hi moist, drought tolerance. Hi Osmunda Acidic soil However, growth is better in loose moist humus rich soil.

Vetch The distribution of growth

Processed in fern sporophyte leaves Osmundaceae Osmundaceae plants called Osmunda, traditional Chinese medicine called japanesefloweringfernrhizome. Dried osmund red, blue two kinds, namely "red and dry"" Qingganhe At present, the export of Chinese "is one of important vegetable, annual exports of 1 million kilograms, earning $about 10000000. Osmund suitable growth at an altitude of about 800 meters in low mountain area, In the mountainous area of Wuling Is one of the four major producing areas in Chinese osmundajaponica. Chongqing Qianjiang District Five County and adjacent to the Hubei Enshi, Guizhou Tongren area and Hunan Xiangxi, wild Osmunda is extremely rich in resources. Osmunda has a long history in Chongqing the use of food acquisition, development and utilization of attention in recent years, popular packaging of fresh and dried products by the market, and has been exported to japan. The main producing areas in Chongqing Osmunda Chengkou Youyang, Wulong, Qianjiang, and Nanchuan So, with an annual output of about 100 thousand kilograms of dry products, of which roughly every year tens of thousands of kilograms of dry mouth products for export, Youyang County Artificial cultivation has begun. The development and utilization of Osmunda is becoming a rich mountain farmers of the road, as long as the good resource development and protection, development and utilization prospects of Apple quite optimistic.

Vetch Acquisition and processing

In Chongqing, the main producing areas of wild Osmunda acquisition time is generally 4-5 months. Sampling length of 20 centimeters, the top curled round or ear, has not been carried out straight leaves. The top is aging, not picking, but also can not pick too small leaves, too Small Effect of yield, but also not up to the export standard. There are few Osmunda fresh to dry processing, can also be salted. This paper introduces the method of drying. In the acquisition of Osmunda in time after processing, otherwise, will quickly dehydrate fresh vetch wilt Aging. To boil water, put in Osmunda, boil about 4 minutes after the dishes will be picked up immediately with cold water cooling to room temperature drying. The epidermal scales sheepskin removed, dried, this method made the Osmunda reddish brown, referred to as the "red dry"; the water boiled after Osmunda if you don't go to the hair, the dried products are green, called" Qingganhe ". The water boiled after Osmunda must spread out promptly drying in the drying process of 3-4 rub, the tissue has been destroyed, the sun dried wood fiber, but also can improve the rate of rise. The acquisition of rhizome processing Fern The same.

Vetch Nutritional composition

Every 100 grams of Osmunda tender stem and leaf containing 2.2 grams of protein, 0.19 grams of fat, 4.3 grams carbohydrates, 1.97 mg carotene, vitamin b20.25 mg, vitamin C67 mg per gram dry; potassium 31.2 mg, 1.9 mg of calcium, phosphorus 7.11 mg, iron 125 mg, Mn 81 micrograms, 62 micrograms of zinc. In addition, also contains the tip of leaf Tushan phytosterone, ecdysterone, tannin and other ingredients.

Vetch Therapeutic effect

1 bactericidal anti-inflammatory, antiviral influenza A, influenza B virus, Osmunda Decoction on hepatitis C showed obvious inhibitory effect, also can inhibit type III adenovirus, Polio virus Type II, Japanese encephalitis virus and herpes simplex virus Etc..
2 hemostatic auxiliary treatment of hematemesis, hematochezia Osmunda, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis and other diseases have a certain effect.
3 nutritional health Osmunda rich nutrition, the spleen and stomach, and intestine, often eat a physical fitness.

Vetch Practice guidance

After the water boiled tender stems and leaves can mix, fried, steamed, soup, stuffing.
At present, the market supply is processed dried osmund, dried osmund product should be soaked in warm water, after eating, can be made into a "cold," fried osmund osmund "," steamed Osmunda "etc..
The purple root soak in water for 7 days or so, the filter can be removed to extract starch (called fern powder), can produce vermicelli, vermicelli, has certain nourishing effect.

Vetch Health recipes

1 burned three Osmunda
[ingredients] Osmunda japonica 250 grams, fresh mushrooms, cooked chicken, dried shrimps, dried bamboo shoots wire 25 grams, ham 15 grams, 30 grams of rape, green onion, ginger 10 grams each.
[Methods] the chicken, fresh mushrooms, shredded rape; vetch to wash; pan heat oil discharge, with onions, ginger stir fragrant, add wine, soy sauce, chicken, sugar, salt, add ham, bamboo shoots, and finally add spinach,
[ingredients] 200 grams of dried Osmunda, dried shrimps, dried black fungus 25 grams, 15 grams of ham, onion, ginger 10 grams each.
[Abstract] practice the spinach washed into the boiling water pot boiled thoroughly, remove soak for 30 minutes, remove and drain; fungus wash; stir soup, add broth, cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, onion, ginger, dried shrimps and boil in Osmunda, black fungus, boiled water add MSG, pour sesame oil, soup can be loaded.
[features] the salty soup is delicate, fragrant and refreshing, with spleen and stomach, swelling and hemostatic effect. For dysentery, hemorrhoids, hematochezia due to weak weakness, loss of appetite and other symptoms.
3 chicken Osmunda
[ingredients] fresh vetch 150 grams, 100 grams of cooked chicken shredded meat, green onion, ginger 10 grams each.
[] the fresh practice Osmunda wash, to leaves and petioles tomentose, the rest of the moment into the boiling water boiled, remove and cut into sections; the pot with hot lard, add onions, Jiang Bianxiang, put chicken wire and stir fry a few times, add salt, cooking wine and some chicken soup and stir fry tasty, put fried hot point in Osmunda japonica, monosodium glutamate, pushing uniform pan serve.
[features] this dish is white and green, delicate and delicious, with replenishing spleen, lungs and kidney effect. Apply to Xulao Emaciation Eat less, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, frequent urination, spermatorrhea and other diseases.
4 common vetch fillet.
[ingredients] dried Osmunda japonica 100 grams, 150 grams of pork tenderloin, green onion, ginger 10 grams each.
[] it will stem Osmunda hair with warm water, washed and cut into sections; pork slices; hot wok, stir fry the meat into the water, cooked into the sauce, add onions, ginger and stir fry until eight mature meat, add salt, sugar, cooking wine, pepper and water, stir fry cooked meat and then, in Osmunda fry, into the MSG, pan serve.
[features] this dish red brittle tough, Delicious The micro SIM, with Ziyin lungs, Qi Tonic effect. Applicable to the lung deficiency cough, vomiting, slight fatigue, constipation and other symptoms.

Vetch For the crowd

Most people can eat.
The 1 is the most suitable for the treatment of dry cough, thirst, edema, palpitation, tiredness, fatigue, constipation and other symptoms.
2 but the Osmunda fresh cold, spleen and stomach can not eat too much.
Matters needing attention
Dried Osmunda should be used warm water soak; fresh cold, spleen and stomach can not eat too much.