Vegetative cells

Some bacteria, yeast and mold spores produced, they are similar to the seed can germinate and grow into small, complete in suitable conditions of cells become vegetative cells".
Vegetative cells

Vegetative cells Development

A vegetative cell undifferentiated cell proliferation and differentiation With the help of the other cells, close to or healing, the latter called vegetative cells, such as Botany (1) the true red algae Carpogonium After fertilization a carposporophyte, and some cells in the fruit and Baozhi in development or before and composition of algae cells together, thereby obtaining nutrition. The vegetative cell refers to the nutrition of cells. A number of the above cells as a group in this role, called Nutritive tissue (nurse tissue). In this Agar Of the most obvious. At first sight and vegetative cells Help cell Similar, but different point is to help cells in nutrition at the same time, become the starting point carposporophyte development. From this point, also known as false help cell vegetative cells. The animal in the differentiation of bone marrow cells into blood cells, macrophages seem to need contact with the similar phase, this can be macrophage like cells nutrition. In the thymus is large epithelial cells In the cytoplasm, several to dozens of lymphocyte . They actively Reproduction This large, epithelial cells are vegetative cell thymocyte differentiation at. Is related to nutrition supply germ cells in animal cells, the different usage. and Oocyte Related: Nurse cells and Follicular cells The general term. And grab and nurse cells as the supply of the yolk cell nutrition cell (Trophocyte). In addition, the supply of nutrients and sperm cells, podocytes and some insect testis of mammal fine tube wall of the cysts in each of a large Werwilson shaped cell.
To observe the ultrastructure of vegetative cells Chinese using transmission electron microscope. The vegetative cells are mainly composed of yellow connective tissue cells of limulus. The vegetative cell is surrounded by basement membrane, nutrient rich particles and fat particles in the cytoplasm of the vegetative cell. By nutrition mother cell differentiation in the connective tissue and. Nutrition mother cell cell membrane developed, less cytoplasm; original nutrition cytoplasm increased many, nucleoplasm is smaller than that of the organelle, especially the number of mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum; with vegetative cell development, the formation of nutrition and a large number of particles in the cytoplasm Fat Grain。 Nutrient granules and lipid granules is a repository of horseshoe crab nutrition. Nutrition particles by the digestion process, the residual form of different structures.

Vegetative cells benefit

So many kinds of vitamins and minerals, would you have thought they can be absorbed by your body or are they on your body in the end there is no good?
Science has proved that cells of nutrient requirements is complete and balanced, a required nutrients affect other nutrients in the absorption and utilization of cells, that is to say: first, cells need a variety of nutrients (complete) rather than only one, second, the many nutrients must be mutual balance (equilibrium), rather than a nutrition supplement in certain nutrients, far less than the demand.
For example: we all know that when the body needs calcium absorption Vitamin D Help, but we know that calcium intake is too high will reduce the body of manganese, magnesium and phosphorus, zinc and vitamin C, Vitamin E The number of. If you eat too much calcium and no other related supplementary vitamins and minerals, so at the same time, there are two pieces of bad things will happen:
1 not enough vitamin D, calcium can not be absorbed, the body needs to put too much calcium excreted.
2 because of the shortage of calcium caused by excessive vitamin D, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, reduce zinc and vitamin C, the number of E, causing the body lack of vitamins and minerals, the destruction of balance.
This is why in our "Herbalife calcium +D" products on you will see the main components in addition to calcium and vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, Zinc gluconate , manganese carbonate, and Magnesium stearate Other raw materials.
Not only is there are so many calcium and other nutrients, most have such a correlation between, for example:
Vitamin A protected vitamin E. To prevent the oxidation of vitamin E and vitamin C.
Vitamin B The group, D, E and calcium, phosphorus and zinc must be proportional to.
Vitamin B1 B6, B2, must be in accordance with the proportion of 1:1:1.
Vitamin B2 With the C proportional.
An excess of phosphorus, calcium will be loss. (Chinese phosphorus intake too much)
Excessive copper, zinc loss.
Iron will promote the metabolism of vitamin B group.
Zinc and vitamin B6 intake should be.
In fact, not only is the calcium and vitamin, vitamin and between all of the vitamin, minerals and minerals between all the existence of the relationship between the balance of vitamins and minerals. According to the latest research on Biological Engineering (right), 46 kinds of human essential nutrients can not be synthesized in the body or storage, to the day intake, as long as any 1 lack of the nutrition chain will reduce the function. For example, if the zinc copper and magnesium can not reach physiological function, and must have the effect to manganese zinc. Calcium iron, and B12 E, there are many lines, indicating that it is very important, however, to obtain sufficient diet in daily life is very difficult, such as: the absorption of vitamin E to vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin B And iron, manganese, selenium, phosphorus help. The absorption of vitamin C to consumption of calcium and magnesium.
So, all kinds of vitamins in the body, maintain the balance of the minerals are to each other, and influence each other, only consider a mineral or vitamin nutrition strengthening can not fundamentally solve the problem, and it is dangerous.
The product is a patented technology of cellular nutrition, is the product of nutrients not only complete and is very balanced, as our number one formula of protein powder, two formula and mentioned calcium +D, only nutrition would be such a good absorbing cell. In addition, the National People's diet, lack and excessive intake of nutrients is also different, because of this difference, the same set of products all over the world have nutrition.

Vegetative cells principle

 The vegetative cell (two) The vegetative cell (two)
The human body is made up of trillions of cells, each cell has an energy generating system, called three tricarboxylic acid cycle. This cycle is a part of ATP. ATP and Amino acid (from protein) and Glucose (from carbohydrates) provide energy together for human cells. If human beings can not provide the organism with these essential nutrients, the cells of the body will lack three tricarboxylic acid cycle and other human metabolism of components, and thus the energy production is reduced, the human will feel exhausted. The health of cells involved in each part of the human digestive system, immune system, muscle and body, and absorb the nutrients in the human digestive system. The human gastrointestinal tract is filled with countless sensitive cells, these cells metabolic rate is very high. So many as diet Inappropriate, excessive pressure, smoking or drinking, drugs and other factors will cause adverse effects on the digestive system.
Once people get good nutrition, will generate new high-quality cells, old unhealthy cells will slowly be excluded, this is the body's natural detox. When all of your body cells are new cells active and healthy, you will naturally Healthy And full of go. To provide the high quality of nutrition at the same time, can help improve the gastrointestinal function, especially on the wall of the small intestine villi in the small intestine, it is responsible for absorption food For human nutrition, but long suffering from mental stress, alcohol, drugs, chemicals such as excessive fat damage caused by intestinal villus atrophy or fracture. Cell nutrition helps repair intestinal villi, regulating physiological function, promote and maintain health, delay aging The new supersedes the old. make the body more healthy than before. (in other words, there is a good help digestion and nutrient absorption, eat nutrition meaningful) it provides the essential micronutrients of human cells in every day more than 46 species, as you eat food to dozens of fruits and vegetables, even pure natural herbs, the long-term vegetarian is a nutritional supplement is very good, so it is a supplement to the absorption of human meals other than nutritional supplements. With an important part is the trace nutrition plan in people and plant elements. They can help the body to get the energy cell. This cell can work more effectively, so as to use nutrition to further enhance physique and vitality. This "cell activation" process is the formulation containing all nutritional products in the balanced nutrition of the one and only trace results. Cell activity requires about 30 kinds of nutrition factors, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids (from Protein Fatty acid) and normal metabolic needs. The body will use the digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food from the stomach to the cell. This is the product of human with Herbalife balanced nutrition plus plant material and herbal substances can help the body to absorb and assimilate the best effect.

Vegetative cells Treatment

Vegetative cells Chinese medicine therapy

 The vegetative cell (three) The vegetative cell (three)
Traditional Chinese medicine has long been researched and documented in the treatment of facial nerve diseases. Medicine: facial nerve disease is often lack of righteousness, context Empty, Wei is not solid, the wind evil headed the invasion of context, so that the side of obstruction of Qi and blood and vein loss in Ruyang, resulting in flaccid muscle weakness on one side of the face, by the contralateral traction, and skew.
The human body itself has unbelievable immunity and natural healing power, can help the human resistance struck many viruses, once the "pain", "pain" went to the doctor, take medicine injections or do simple symptomatic therapy, but symptoms (signal) is eliminated, but not necessarily healthy, and could restore cell regeneration, replenish nutrition and oxygen, is the solution. Due to environmental pollution, atmosphere , Source of water Food, pollution, poultry have too much Antibiotic , growth hormone , Hormone , Vegetables There is too much fruit Pesticides The remaining, so cause the physiological function of human body metabolism continues to decline, and accelerate the worries, with ordinary people and lack of exercise, so some stay in vivo toxin Unable to discharge. The human body every day must absorb the most basic and most standard nutrients could help toxins, it is food therapy, referred to as "diet", also known as the "natural therapy".
The vegetative cells in the treatment of facial nerve diseases
Nutrition is an important factor to keep the body healthy, the cells to provide nutrients and people need to eat, is to maintain the life and vitality of the indispensable. Nutritional adequacy, cell function to normal play, tendons context The wind evil can resist the foreign invasion. There are many methods of vegetative cells, oral, injection and rubbing paste etc..
From the point of view of nutrition therapy is a new approach to the modern medical treatment, more patients are willing to accept non-invasive nutrition therapy. This therapy is different from illnesses and traditional methods, which is based on the traditional Chinese diet as the foundation, based on the traditional Chinese medicine external treatment for internal diseases "theory, extraction of effective ingredients in food using biological technology method, according to the distribution characteristics of TCM acupoint and left facial nerve and its branches, the combination of neural physiological characteristics and the meridian and acupoint theory, different disease injury draw effective treatment area and point, take a special way of local rubbing, rub, pressing and sticking with the nutritional paste, from nerve endings were treated to provide direct cell nutrients needed to enhance the ability of regeneration and repair cells, or tissue loss recovery the purpose of.

Vegetative cells Example

Ms. Cao at the age of 62, 10 years before the left ear hearing loss, tinnitus, in U.S.A A hospital for the diagnosis of acoustic neuroma after surgical treatment of facial paralysis caused by. Introduced by the friends, came from the United States to Beijing for treatment. In Beijing a few days after treatment, the symptoms improved, after two weeks, significantly improved. A 8 year old girl was a traumatic facial paralysis, accept the nutritional therapy after two weeks of treatment, the facial paralysis signs began to improve, the basic functional recovery after 3 months, but because the nerve endings function has not been fully restored, the remaining local atrophy phenomenon, the doctor take changing the treatment area, method of target lesions in the treatment in further treatment. After 3 months of recovery. The facial nerve disease patients received nutritional therapy in the Beijing Iraq Jiyuan Neurological Institute has more than 8000 people, the therapy has been included in the national key projects to promote scientific and technological achievements.

Vegetative cells formation

The formation of reproductive vegetative cell division Ascus By the release of ascospores, ascus and ascospore is stronger than that of vegetative cells Resistance . Heat 10 min under the condition of 60 DEG c, Yeast The vegetative cells of more than 90% deaths, but not ascospores.

Vegetative cells Seedling method

An enzymatic dissociation Laver A vegetative cell breeding method. The homogenate of algae eating conch, adjust PH,
 The vegetative cell (four) The vegetative cell (four)
Adding glucose or sucrose with laver vegetative cell dissociation buffer. The preparation of vegetative cells of Porphyra yezoensis dissociation liquid, and in seawater cultured for 10-15 days, artificial seedling breeding technology of laver. Change sexual reproduction is asexual reproduction. The present invention has the advantages that a laver seedling period was shortened from 6 months to 15 days; the two methods to solve the difficulties in the north of Porphyra haitanensis seedling, can make Porphyra cultivation in the north; the three method is a means of laver breeding. The invention belongs to the breeding technology of economic algae, using an enzyme method of dissociation of Porphyra thallus to obtain single cell nutrition, method for artificial breeding of Porphyra, the invention is characterized in that the part of the software will eat algae conch by homogenization, adjust PH, removal of harmful proteins and enzymes to prepare enzyme solution and enzyme solution with 1.5 - 2 molar into sugar laver vegetative cell dissociation liquid, can the vegetative cells under the action of the enzyme dissociated single cells dissociated after washing and cultured for 10-15 days, the seedling seedling for 1-2 days, and then moved into the sea farming, the method is simple, convenient, is asexual breeding method.