Celery, genus Umbelliferae Botany。 Yes Cress , Celery , Celery Three, similar functions, with better medicinal celery. Celery aroma is strong, said" Celery ". But not a kind of coriander, celery is rich in protein, carbohydrates, carotene, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, and at the same time, with Pinggan Qingre Qufeng Lishi, Chufan detumescence, cooling blood to stop bleeding, detoxificationdeclare lung, stomach, blood, lungs and cough facilitate bowel, reduce blood pressure the brain, calming effect. Often eat celery, especially to eat celery leaves to prevent Hypertension , Arteriosclerosis Are very useful, and the role of adjuvant therapy.

Celery Morphological character

Herbs, 5~15 cm high, with creeping stems, stem developed, slender stems prostrate on the ground, is rooting.
Perennial leaves, leaves nearly orbicular or reniform, V notch, leaves 2~3 cm long, 1.8~2.5 cm wide, margin 5~7 lobed, lobes blunt toothed, lobed toothed approximately equal to the depth, base cordate, palmately veined leaves 7~9, sparsely hispidulous; petiole 5~15 cm long, densely on the handle pilose; stipules membranous, apex obtuse or lobed, 0.1~0.2 cm long.
This flower is shaped inflorescence The dispersion was born, Go shoot The Leaf axil At peduncles longer than petioles, 5~15 cm long, are pilose; umbel with dense flowers 18~26, the formation of spherical heads; pedicels short, 0.1~0.15 cm long, small bracts pedicel base with membranous, ovate or obovate; no calyx teeth; 5 petals, acuminate. White or creamy white flowers; style involution childhood, outward inflection, base uplift. Flower and fruit of 4~11 months.
Fruit from fruit, 0.12~0.15 cm long, 0.1~0.12 wide, flat circular, base cordate, smooth, yellowish brown is mature, and in the prism prism back significantly, there are two branches of fruit top style shaped antenna.

Celery Growth habit

Celery likes the cold and humid climate, semi cold vegetables; high temperature.
Drying can be short-term low temperature below zero. The lowest seed germination temperature of 4 DEG C, the optimum temperature of 15 ~ 20 DEG, 15 DEG C germination delayed more than 30 DEG C almost no germination, seedling resistance of - 5 to - 7 degrees Celsius temperature, a green vernalization plant, 3 ~ 4 leaves of seedlings at 2 to 10 DEG C temperature conditions after 10 ~ 30 days through the spring stage.
The poor cold resistance, frost resistance of rice seedlings, complete vernalization optimal temperature is 12 ~ 13 DEG C.

Celery Distribution range

Native to Mediterranean Sea The coastal marshes of the world has generally cultivate .
Celery cultivation in China began Han dynasty It has been 2000 years of history. At first only as ornamental plants Plant Then, edible After continuous cultivation, domestication, forming a slender stalk of celery type cultivars, namely the celery (China celery). The celery is widely distributed in our country, and Hebei Zunhua and Yutian Shandong County, Huantai and weixian, Henan Shangqiu Inner Mongolia, Jining and other places are famous origin of celery.

Celery Variety classification

Celery The Qin

Strong growth potential of the species, late bolting, fewer branches. Petiole is solid, good quality, disease resistance and wide adaptability. The average weight of 0.5Kg, the average yield of 6000 ~ 10000Kg, suitable for all parts of the country during the spring and autumn open and protected cultivation.
Jinnan winter celery
The varieties of petiole thick, pale green, fragrance palatability. Height 90cm, weight of 0.25Kg, the most suitable branches few, winter protection production use.
Hardcore celery
Plant height, leaf color dark green, glossy, green petiole, solid or semi solid, plant weight 0.25Kg, yield of about 5000Kg.

Celery Celery

The king of California (Ventura)
Tall plants, vigorous growth, plant height of more than 80cm. On Fusarium wilt, boron deficiency resistance. 80 days after planting can be listed, more than 1Kg weight per plant, yield more than 7500Kg.
High Utah 52 - 70R
Line shape is tall, the height of more than 70cm. Cylindrical, easy to soften. The celery virus disease and boron deficiency resistance. After planting 90 days can be listed above, yield up to 7000Kg, the weight per plant for over 1Kg.
fresh and crispy
Tall, more than 75cm. The plant is compact, medium resistance. 90 days after planting can be listed, more than lKg weight per plant, yield more than 7000Kg.
Florida 683
Tall, high above 75cm, strong growth potential, sweet. There is resistance to boron deficiency. 90 days after planting can be listed, more than 1Kg weight per plant, yield more than 7000Kg.
The United States Bai Qin
The plant is erect, more compact plant type, plant height of more than 60cm. Plant weight 0.8 ~ 1Kg. Protected cultivation is easy to self However, the formation of softening cultivation, harvest the lower part of the plant petiole milky white, is about 5000 ~ 7000Kg.
Italy Dongqin
Plant growth, plant height 85CM, petiole thick, solid, petiole width 1.2cm, thickness 0.95cm, crisp texture, less fiber, medicine fragrance, the average weight of 250 grams per plant. C - resistant to short-term low temperature and 35 DEG C high temperature. North and south around the main planting celery varieties, especially suitable for middle and small arch shed in north area, improved coldframe and greenhouse in winter and spring and autumn cultivation.

Celery cultivation techniques

Celery Planting season

Celery in open field in North China is suitable for growth of celery cultivation, autumn climate is the most long, so the yield, quality, cultivation area. Celery can cultivation in a variety of protection, to achieve annual supply. The general cultivation in spring from 1 to February in the greenhouse seedling, 4 months from late March to late May to July, planting, harvesting, autumn cultivation, sowing in mid June to early July August, seedling, mid September to mid October to December for planting, harvest. General protected cultivation in July, mid August to early sowing and seedling colonization in 9 ~ November coldframe or modified solar greenhouse, from January to March harvest.

Celery Planting and management

Celery seedling is difficult, should choose the higher terrain, convenient irrigation and drainage and loose soil, fertile sandy loam as seedling beds. To apply sufficient base fertilizer for composting, loosen the soil to apply some manure. To achieve the fast emergence, and Qi, 7 ~ 8 days before sowing, for seed germination. 6 months, late sowing, first with cold water 12 to 14 DEG C for 12 to 24 hours, the seed panning clean, cool place to air dry for a while, the seed surface drying, wrapped with a wet towel, put cold place (15 to 20 DEG C) light germination, washed 1 times with cold water every day. After the seeds were exposed shoots can be used wet sowing, sowing method, namely the first poured water, water after mixing sand to sow. Check up seedling shade, cooling, sunscreen, anti rain.
 Celery Celery
After sowing covering soil to thin uniformly, keep moist seedling beds, generally every 1 to 2 days early, late poured a little water, until the seedlings of Qi, spring and autumn sowing can not take shade, should wash poured small water, in order to facilitate the emergence of. In order to reduce the harm of weeds, but after seeding emergence before 25% WP Nitrofen 0.75 ~ 1Kg/ mu, adding 80 ~ 100Kg, spray evenly on the soil surface. The 2 leaf seedling time seedlings, seedlings from 1cm. Seedlings of 3 ~ 4 pieces of a seedling, seedlings from 8 to 10cm square, seedlings of work, to promote the differentiation of root and seedling cultivation, leaves, can Topdressing Urea 10Kg/ mu, and remove all coverings, to facilitate the exercise of seedling. The seedlings grow to 5 ~ 7 for seedling height of 15 ~ 18cm, can be planted. Pay attention to preventing the harm of aphids, leaf blight etc..

Celery Pest control

Early blight of celery: Celery also called early blight Spot In general, cold and wet conditions occurred serious, is a major impact on the high yield and quality of celery, prevention measures:
A. implementation of rotation, disease and other vegetable crop rotation in 2-3, and the timely spraying on the ground High lipid membranes Waterproof moisture evaporation, prevent soil compaction, pathogen isolation.
The selection of disease resistant varieties b.. Seeding should be used for disease free seed, the seed will gradually in 48 degrees of water soaking for 30 minutes, remove the dried seeds after cooling into cold water after sowing. Before use High lipid membranes Seed dressing, isolation of the virus infection, strengthen the respiratory intensity, improve seed germination rate.
To strengthen the management of fertilizer c.. Reasonable density, water, drought and waterlogging growth period, watering should prevent flood irrigation, to strengthen ventilation, reduce the humidity, and spraying of high moisture evaporation in waterproof membrane, timely spraying of celery growth period Vegetable stem Zhuang Ling The plant stems stout, leaf hypertrophy, leaf color is tender, and can improve the anti disaster ability of celery.
D. chemical control. At the early stage of the disease timely removal of diseased leaves, and spraying medicaments High lipid membranes The formation of protective film, enhance the efficacy, control of airborne bacteria invasion.

Celery The colonization of injury prevention

Change cropping system for crop rotation, as a crop, and other crops, rational rotation.
The use of compost organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer (such as agricultural newspaper Yeast Organic fertilizer as base fertilizer, combined with soil) Insecticide Deep plowing, soil, reduce soil compaction.
Hymexazol 3000 times liquid + newspaper nongshile Feng 1000 times or 6.25% a fine of 3000 times liquid of fludioxonil + earthworm chitin 1000 times liquid ester dipping root after cultivation for 70% evil before planting.
After planting for 25% a propamocarb 600 times liquid +72% streptomycin 3000 times or 70% times liquid 3000 hymexazol +50% Thiram 1500 times liquid + newspaper nongshile Feng 1000 times or 6.25% a fine of fludioxonil 3000 times liquid +3% Zhongshengmycin + earthworm chitin ester 800 times liquid 1000 times liquid foliar spray can effectively prevent the occurrence of physiological diseases and soil borne diseases.

Celery Prevent bolting

1, scientific selection: selection of winter, the vernalization stage needs strict conditions of varieties, also can choose the vigorous vegetative growth of varieties.
2, the new species, new, plump seeds than aged seeds grow in the vigorous plant, early bolting is. The spring summer winter celery seed, weak, bolting phenomenon is serious, and the use of autumn planting seed, the seed, winter, early bolting is. Seed should be in strict accordance with the operation of agronomic technical requirements, to prevent the premature bolting of seed plants, otherwise it will greatly reduce the varieties of winter, causing quality degradation, exacerbated the phenomenon of premature bolting.
 Celery Celery
3, to prevent cold winter and spring sowing, seedling breeding, attention to insulation, avoid seedling under low temperature of 8 DEG C to 10 DEG C, the night temperature should be above 8 degrees centigrade to 12 degrees centigrade, the daytime temperature of 15 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, preventing seedlings by vernalization stage.
4, strengthen the management after planting: to strengthen the management of water and fertilizer, pest control, to ensure the normal growth and development, prevent drought, less fertilizer, restrain the growth of seedlings, promote vegetative growth, reproductive growth inhibition.
5, spray of gibberellin in under the prerequisite of strengthening management, gibberellin growth stage every 7 to 10 days of a jet of 20 to 50 mg / L (920), even 2 to 3 times, can promote vegetative growth, slow bolting.
6, timely harvest: in the flower buds are not long before harvest, or split leaf harvesting method, can reduce the harm of premature bolting, not to bolting old harvest.

Celery The main value

According to modern scientific analysis, per 100 grams of celery contains 2.2 grams of protein, 0.3 grams fat, 1.9 grams carbohydrates, 160 mg of calcium, phosphorus 61 mg, iron 8.5 mg, also contains carotene and a variety of other Vitamin B . Celery is rich in nutrition, contain more calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin C, Vitamin P As long as both edible and medicinal. Celery of sweet cold, with clearing stomach phlegm, expelling Qi, refreshing cool throat teeth, Xu Qing eyesight and antihypertensive effect. In addition, contain volatile aromatic oil rich in celery, can increase appetite, promote blood circulation, can play a refreshing effect of diet.
Chinese medicine believes that celery Ganliang, with heat, diuretic, antihypertensive, Quzhi effect. The medicinal decoction, drink or juice with topical, adjuvant therapy in early hypertension, High blood fat In, Bronchitis , pulmonary tuberculosis, cough, headache, insomnia, menorrhagia, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, dysuria, lung and stomach heat, measles, mumps and other symptoms in children.

Celery Medicinal value

Nutritional composition
Celery is rich Vitamin A , Vitamin B1 , Vitamin B2 , Vitamin C and Vitamin P , calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals content, in addition to protein, mannitol and dietary fiber and other components.
Leaves also contain medicinal components of celery glycosides, bergamot lactone glycosides and volatile oil, have lower blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, prevention and control atherosclerosis The role of neurasthenia and menstrual disorders, gout , Muscle spasm There are certain auxiliary therapeutic effect; it can promote gastric secretion, increase appetite. Especially the elderly, because of physical activity, eating less, the lack of drinking water and prone to dry stool, often eat celery can stimulate the gastrointestinal peristalsis conducive to defecation.

1, Jingan town god celery
The effect of celery
A basic ingredient isolated from celery in the animal, Calm Role play, stability and function of the human body can; celery Gan or oral apigenin against cocaine in mice caused by excitement, is conducive to Stable Mood, eliminate irritability.
2, celery diuresis
Celery contains Diuresis Effective ingredients, eliminate body water and sodium retention, diuretic swelling. Celery Decoction clinical effective rate was 85.7%, but the treatment of chyluria.
3, celery Pingganjiangya
Antihypertensive celery acidic component, has obvious antihypertensive effect on injection of rabbit and canine vein; vascular perfusion can expand blood vessel perfusion; aortic arch, it can antagonize the pressor response induced by nicotine, lobelia and theophylline, can cause blood pressure. The clinical effective for primary hypertension of pregnancy and menopause.
4 celery, nourishing tonic
High iron content of celery.
5 celery, detoxification
Dry spring weather, people often feel mouth parched and tongue scorched physical discomfort, shortness of breath upset, helps detoxify eat some celery, keep on. Excessive anger, rough skin and often insomnia, headaches can be appropriate to eat.
6, celery is an ideal green food diet . When you are chewing celery because the mouth at the same time, energy consumption is far greater than you give your energy celery.
7, celery anti-cancer
High concentration can inhibit the intestinal bacteria produce carcinogenic. It can also speed up the stool in the intestines of the running time; reduce the contact of carcinogens and the colonic mucosa to prevent colon cancer objective.
8, celery hangover stomach
Celery is a high fiber diet, can accelerate stomach digestion and eliminate, and then through the celery diuretic function, the stomach alcohol excreted through urine, in order to ease the pressure of the stomach, the stomach to sober up effect.
9, celery Gan or oral apigenin can antagonize cocaine induced excitement, emotional stability and help to eliminate irritability
Celery celery contains known as antihypertensive effect, its main function is through reflection of carotid body chemoreceptors.
Cause. The Alkaloid Extracts of celery has a calming effect on animal. For liver heat, hyperactivity of liver Yang, Fanre discomfort, dizziness; infection, turbid urine, dysuria or hematuria; menstruation; stomach vomiting, eating less. For modern hypertension and chyluria etc..
10 celery, whitening skin
Celery is high fibre Food, through the intestinal digestion to produce a lignin or intestinal lipid substances, this substance is a Antioxidant Often eat celery, can help skin whitening anti-aging Skin care The effect of.

Celery Dietary value

Scrambled eggs
Do Flapjack
Make soup
Fresh celery Apple Juice
Celery egg cake
Celery fried shredded pork
Celery fried yam
 Chopped pepper celery Chopped pepper celery
Celery beef
Vegetable Salad
Lettuce and celery juice
Fried chicken and celery
Dried tofu fried celery
Diet recipe raw celery juice
Efficacy: the treatment of hypertension, lower cholesterol; effective for primary hypertension of pregnancy and menopause.
 Celery Celery
Celery root jujube
Efficacy: the treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease and serum cholesterol levels exceed the standard.
 Celery fried shredded pork Celery fried shredded pork
Matters needing attention
 Celery Celery
[g] food
[+] easy to hurt the celery chicken.
[+] rabbit easily cause peeling celery.

Celery Living small common sense

People eat celery should pay attention to two points: one is the celery is cold food, often eat Yin Yin can clear fire, you should not eat, eat can cause stomach, affect the digestive, stool thinning; two celery contains nutrients in leaves, leaves should be connected together to eat, do not eat only lose stem leaf.

Celery Horticultural value

Rapid growth, rapid forming. Often shore water clump planting, planted garden waterscape landscape, especially good material details in landscape design, can be used for indoor greening or water aquarium cultivation prospects.

Celery Plant culture

Celery Selected documents

" Compendium of Materia Medica ":" Han Qin, the lubricating."
" The food in the "" food vinegar and tooth loss, red persons harm."
" The jump ":" treating liver Yang headache, red eyes, top-heavy, walk in."
 Celery Celery
"Health communication": "Qingwei polyester heat, promoting blood circulation, refreshing tooth throat, nose Xingnao Mingmu, stomach, lungs and cough."
Don Tu Fu : " Cui Dongshan cottage ":" love cottage Yushan quiet, high Qiushuang fresh gas. Sometimes spontaneous bell sound, the more people I see. The exploitation of the white crow valley mouth chestnut, rice boiled celery qingni fang. Why Xizhuang to do, though empty atresia song yun."
Qing Zhang Xiongxi: " Eat celery "Kind of Art:" Qin Wen said near to our house, don't debate. Deep bury white root for the world is not expensive, a Shiba coach."
"LvShiChunQiu": "the taste of beauty dish, Yunmeng qin."
Confucius: "Book of Songs," "take the beans Bi boiling Kanquan, gather the qin. The gentleman to view its words."
Confucius: "Book of Songs pan water" "Si Le Panshui, gather the qin. Lu Hou Li, said the flag."
Tang Gaoshi "poem" Qi involving the Yellow River on the way: "there is no reason to see Qin Xian, Ming master."

Celery Legends

 Celery Celery
The genus name Apium celery from Celtic APON, meaning "water". The word Graveolens in Latin means "gravity". The ancient Egyptians and Greeks often linked together with celery funeral; however they see visible celery as the symbol, sorrow and death, always the actual Egyptians to reduce the swelling of limbs with celery.
In recent times, we can find some celery, in seventeenth Century on the southern boundary of alkaline earth; more by the Italians for planting. While the original varieties developed from many different varieties. Celery is sometimes called 'aromatic' because the whole conium maculatum, plant in cooking, plays a role of commonly used in perfumery, soup and salad, it is rich in minerals, can provide a low salt food. Carle Pei argued that this herb can relieve wave "barriers to women", thus it has positive influence on the reproductive system. In addition, it is known for bird feed, nerve tonic, and Flavoring .
Spring and autumn season, the snake eggs attached to the celery, people mistakenly put it together with food to eat celery, cause disease, appear pale purple, abdominal bulge symptoms like pain like pregnancy, this is the Dragon disease. Should eat candy two or three liters, three times a day, until spit like lizards filth after the symptoms disappeared. Li Shizhen said: the growth of celery in the water. How can be the most changeful Jiao, the sperm egg attached to celery? May be Lizard And the snake like animal, mate in the spring and summer when the * * left there it. Besides the snake love celery, which is sufficient to prove the above conclusion.

Celery How to choose

Celery is a unique flavor of vegetables. Celery and have good water Qinggan role, regular consumption can stimulate the body detox, have good Detox Slimming effect. So, how to choose the tender celery?
Appearance: buy celery stalk, should not be too long, 20 cm to 30 cm, short and stout is better to green leaves, yellow.
Look at the leaves of fresh celery leaves is flat, and longer storage time of celery leaves, the tip will tilt, Ye Ziruan, yellow, even from rust. In addition, deep green leaves of celery should not buy, because the crude fibre, the taste of the old.
Celery: Celery pick, pinch pinch can stalk of celery, easily broken into tender celery, not easy to break the old celery.
There are 4 main types: on the market of celery, celery, green Huang Xinqin, Bai Qin He Meiqin, general Qin Qing Huang Xinqin Sauvignon; rich, soft white light, crisp; Qin; Qin beauty tasteless, crisp taste, can choose according to need.

Celery Disease prevention and control

Celery during the growth period, especially in the mid and late period, white spots, often appear in the cross section of the hollow petioles, petiole or transverse and longitudinal cracking. The causes and solutions are described as follows:
[] the boron deficiency in the soil is a major cause of petiole cracking. Solution: each 667m2 0.5~1 kilograms of borax as base fertilizer, once found a slight crack handle, available 0.2%~0.5% borax aqueous solution Foliar spray, or with aqueous solution of borax 0.25% root irrigation.
[sowing or improper] in less nitrogen fertilizer in autumn planting sowing too late, and lack of nitrogen fertilizer, plant growth, harvest season was not up to the standard recovery, and in the case of delayed harvest, vulnerable to low temperature, cold invasion, petiole softening, hollow phenomenon intensified. Therefore, the country should be based on the local climate condition and cultivation facilities to determine the proper sowing time, and strengthen the management of fertilizer in the early and mid growth, providing adequate nitrogen.
[cold] celery plants not cold resistant, when the temperature is 0 degrees centigrade or 0 degrees Celsius is prone to cold symptoms. When plants are serious cold, petiole tissue destruction of the structure when the temperature rises, the organization can not be restored, the cell gap increases, so hollow. So, in the course of cultivation should be used to prevent cold heat preservation measures, avoid the overwintering.
[] celery celery and common varieties degradation prone to natural hybridization, the seed must be strictly isolated in celery, and other varieties of celery seed production at the same time, in the process, should prevent the choice of some hollow plant seed, in order to avoid thousands of hollow plants increased the proportion of.

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