The artificial collection of poplar bud, after cooking, rolling, put forward a series of extraction process, colloidal material, is often used as false" Propolis "Capsules sold, is currently on the market, is a little better off propolis; Chinese is currently on the market of propolis alternatives, and filled with propolis market.

Gum Propolis and gum

Propolis is a bee collecting propolis resin glue source plant, with its brown gelatinous material and secretion, has the unique aroma of propolis.
Gum a commentary:
Answer two gum: gum :
From all the plants and microbial polysaccharides and polysaccharide derivatives in water to form viscous solution or dispersion. Refers to the original trees at the dry adhesive crack injury liquid secretion into Amorphous The material, mainly composed of calcium, magnesium in uronic acid, Sylvite . Later extended to many from Terrestrial Polysaccharide and marine plants in water extracted. With the development of the industry, and have expanded to many dispersed in water cannot polysaccharides (cellulose and starch) and soluble processed (or dispersed) polysaccharide derivatives in water. Still continue to expand the gum. According to the source can be divided into: the secretions of plants, such as Arabia rubber , Peach Etc.. The water of the plant extracts, such as pectin Etc.. The seed gum, such as Guar gum Doug, corner glue. 4. Seaweed glue Such as, Agaro , Algin Etc.. The preparation of gum, such as biosynthesis Gum, Cellulose derivatives Etc.. The water dispersion of gum usually has a suspension, dispersion, emulsion adhesive or viscous and gel properties, commonly used Coagulant , An adhesive , Lubricant or Film material .

Gum Industrial uses

1. Arabia rubber . Mainly Arabia rubber trees (Acacia Senegal) secretion. Yellow or brown solid, crisp and shiny. The viscosity of the solution is low, with concentration of more than 50%, the adhesive properties and viscosity. The world's annual output of 50 thousand tons, of which 90% produced in Sultan. Is the most widely used gum industry, commonly used in food, medicine, cosmetics, paint, ink, printing, textile etc., is also used to prevent leakage of inner wall of oil depot.
2 Tragacanth . Is the glue Tragacanth The tree (Astragalus gummifera) and other secretions. In the gum on its viscosity is highest, mainly used in food, medicine and cosmetics.
3 Peach . By the secretion of peach hydrolysis Prepared, mainly for Watercolor Paint and printing.
4. larch Arabia galactosan . The larch wood with water or dilute alkali extraction processing, low viscosity high dispersion resin, mainly used for medicine, food etc..

Gum Health care function

Gum cheap, less dosage and can bring obvious benefits, it uses a wide range of. Expected future production of gum will have broad prospects.
The shape and gum Propolis Like! There is a tree gum itself has unique flavor, propolis has a unique fragrance of propolis! We all know that propolis, 50 thousand Swarm (about a box of bee propolis) with an annual output of 100 grams; because the yield is low the price is more expensive, known as "purple gold". Some unscrupulous traders will use gum instead of propolis! Add some honey to boil gum, on the surface, it is generally difficult to distinguish the authenticity! Only professionals can identify!
As a kind of gum, no pesticide, no antibiotics natural product Often, are exported to foreign countries, making health care products.
Gum contains flavonoids, on the human body is also good, has certain effect of propolis, especially poplar gum, is a good substitute of propolis and propolis, function of poplar gum has a lot of similarities between gum, also has a strong effect on health care.

Gum Study abroad

To study abroad is subject to gum Propolis The inspiration, because of the special pharmacological effect of propolis, abroad also made a study of bee propolis source, bee propolis extracts (Shu Jiao) research is also more systematic, the chemical composition of propolis and similar price, so its pharmacological effect also have certain similarity.

Gum Taobao propolis

Currently on Taobao Propolis Soft capsule, most of which is "false propolis" and "gum", true propolis is not much, and by the profit driven, many shopkeepers even know is "false propolis", will not tell consumers.