Chi Chinese. Myths and legends In ancient times Jiuli nationality Chief, Brave and battlewise That was as Army master God of War . According to legend Chi That is a cow Totems and totem Clan Chief He has eighty-one brothers, who are bold and courageous, ten toes, a special skill. About 5000 years ago, Li tribe and Yanhuang The tribe (modern classification) occurred Battle of Zhuolu Chi You, who died, the part into the Ministry of public Yanhuang Tribe。
Chinese history, the Spring and Autumn period Since the ancient legend of Chi records is quite rich, but are often contradictory. According to these records, Chi yes In ancient times Nine Tribal leaders. According to the scholars " Lost Book of Zhou "," on salt and iron "That belongs to Chi You Taeho , Shao Hao The clan group. Chi You has eighty-one brothers (probably eighty-one tribes of Italy, said seventy-two), Brave and battlewise The powerful.
According to legend, could face such as the first cattle back, wings, and cattle Totem totem The clan leader. He has eighty-one brothers who are Bold and courageous , eight arms, nine toes, a special skill.
Chi You is mentioned in the most ancient, the tribal alliance and led by Huang Di started fighting, said there are three specific circumstances. The first said in "historical records" in the Yellow Emperor Wudi, i.e. Battle of Banquan Beat Yan, Chi You and Huang Di in the rebellion, Battle of Zhuolu To beat Chi You, in order to consolidate the position.
The second said in " Lost Book of Zhou And the article "the taste of wheat, namely Chi You expelled god of the south ( Yan ), Red Emperor appeal to Huang Di, the two emperor to kill Chi in hebei;
The third said in " Shanhaiching And the wild North via ", namely Chi You soldiers attack Yellow Emperor So, the Yellow Emperor winged dragon The two sides in the face Jizhou The wild war, the defeat of Chi You was killed.
Although each slightly different, but Chi You and Huang Di were at war is no doubt. The war is more tortuous, and very myth. Chi You Shanzhan, "five soldiers, changes in cloud", "fog," three "," nine Huang Di nine war victory "," three years under the city". "Huang Di" not ichthyosaurs scroll "enemy" Chi You, "but his sigh, anger Xuannv delegate Huang Di Bing letter Rune", which rely on the goddess" Xuannv "Just to win power. Huang Di said with the help of The wind For The car guide We identify the fog in the direction of victory.
 Huayuan county ancient Miao Chi River sculpture Huayuan county ancient Miao Chi River sculpture
The end of Chi You, said many legends were killed or subjected to defeat. Yellow Emperor And the main military! Later, the world is also chaotic, Huang Di painted the image of Chi You, Chi You thought that the world world deterrent, and in Huang Di's death, the shogunate, and the eight party is to take crossing".
Xuanyuan The Yellow Emperor and chi, is an extremely important event China legend era. Yellow Emperor After the victory, unification Central Plains Area, become China Orthodox. therefore Chinese Especially in the long history of Confucian classics of the mainstream Chi There are many bad comments, although not necessarily fair. Later, Chi Gradually the vulgar, has become a "bold and courageous" and "eight of eight toe", "personal beef four mesh six hands," and "eating sand stones" image.

Chi Record

" The Primary Anthology "Volume nine" gui zang Kai - "cloud: divination Chi You from amniotic fluid, eight humeral eight toe sparse first climbed nine to empty of Nao mulberry, the Yellow Emperor to kill Green hill . Later " Dragon river fish "(" Taipingyulan "Volume seven or eight) cloud:" the Chi You brothers eighty-one people, and the beast people, bold and courageous, eating sand stones "," The differences in mind "Cloud:" food, "Chi You stone" personal beef four mesh six hands, ears, hair like kengeki, head angle". It is the traditional double angle Tau Dragon Culture In Loong Legend, dragon is a horse head. Similarly, Gong Gong legend is the North Water Is a Hose .
 Hunan Huayuan County Road two Xiang Zi Xia Cun Chi You Hall Hunan Huayuan County Road two Xiang Zi Xia Cun Chi You Hall
And the cloud: "Chi You eighty brothers" (" Dragon river fish "People" (seventy-two) or The differences in mind ") person Chi You, God and human giant tribe.
But "from graves" duplicatus:" Chiyouzhong In Dongping county. Shouzhang County Kan Xiang City (fifteen Yuan Zhen in Shandong Yanggu county), seven feet high, people often worship in October. There is a red air such as a purple red silk, people called Chiyouqi . Shoulder in., Shanyang Juye County Again, the size and Kan mound etc.. The Yellow Emperor and Chi You in battle rumors Zhuolu wild The Yellow Emperor, kill, the body in different places, so don't be buried; and the Yellow Emperor is a rumor: kill Chi You Department (Shandong), in despair in Chi You injured (Willow village near immediately to wear clothes off) Chi You, hit the cliff Dutch act. To distinguish the dress for Chi You pursuers. It is held in Zhuolu Fanshan town ."
" Book Fengshan "Ji Qi Si Man," three soldiers said Lord Chi You worship". Chi You was in the final war image in history.

Chi textual research

1 Chi You and Yan
And Chi Yan The relationship is quite complicated, different argument. A view of Chi You, Chen Yan may once belongs to or have joined the tribal alliance led by Yan di. But then Chi You and Yan clashed, and defeated yandi.
In the summer Cengyou, Chosan , Lu Simian Some historians think that Chi You as the representative of the emperor yan. They to " Shuijingzhu The "Zhuo water records to the main basis for the research of Chi You and Huang Di on the war" Zhuolu "And Yanhuang The battle of the" Sakamoto Stephen "It is a. The two world war is the same time, Chi You and Yandi referred to is the same. In addition, Chi You and Yandi in cattle Totems This, with Chi You in the same totem image later.
Another point, Chi You Yan after. Two belong to the same Tribe Are the chief, tribe or title. Huang Di defeated Yandi tribe in the first Sakamoto Stephen wild, after Chi You and Huang Di could not understand the tribal wars in Zhuolu, defeated, captured and killed most of their leaders, then to Huang Di.
2 Chi and Huang Di
In the long term to Confucianism as the mainstream of the Chinese society, has always emphasized the "orthodox" concept, and many historians" Losers are always in the wrong "The traditional. Emperor Chi You has been described as war justice and evil war, with "Shihchi Wudi" as the representative, popular. Chi You demonized begins with Confucius's confucianism.
In the non Confucian literature such as " Lost Book of Zhou "," Shanhaiching "In the description of war on Chi You and the Yellow Emperor is relatively objective. In the Taoist classic " Chuang-tzu ", to borrow more the robber zhi The mouth, much sympathy for Chi You, and condemned Huang Di.
In addition, Chi You and the Yellow Emperor in hostile relations, may also have subordinate relationship. Huang Di had to assist Shao Hao Chi You in charge of metal smelting. the Spring and Autumn period Qi famous minister Guan The emperor Chi You said to the "six phase" in the first place, very high. In the Warring States Period Han Fei Has a similar record, but more myth.
3, Jiu Chi and Sanmiao
Chi is Nine Chief, documented, occasionally controversial. Chi You on behalf of the Jiu and another tribal group Sanmiao According to the relationship. " Shangshu "And" Mandarin "A variety of ancient books and records, note, from Sanmiao Jiuli, and after nine. Jiuli tribe defeated, diaspora, the evolution of Sanmiao, Sanmiao and contemporary Miao. " Liu Tao "Said:" the Miao Yao FA Yu Dan Water Pu "," LuShiChunQiu - "say" type called Yao Dan water to serve the southern barbarian war". A large number of scholars believe that the ancient books of the three seedlings in the north, has nothing to do with the southern minority later. Modern scholars such as Wang Tongling, Liang Qichao, Wen Yiduo, Hu Shi believes that modern Miao is Sanmiao descendants, but Zhang Taiyan , Lu Simian The scholars of different views, think modern Miao and Sanmiao Whether from the historical data or other.
4 Chi and Dongyi
This is often called Chi Dongyi The leader. In fact, "Dongyi" is the formation of the Shang and Zhou era "Huayi five party" pattern after the call, Chi You era is much later, after which Chi You or Dongyi is more appropriate.
5 future generations
Chi You defeated Huang Di, people scattered. Future generations may be associated with ethnic Han, Miao, yao, Qiang Etc..
The Han Nationality: after the defeat of Chi You, the majority of people in inflammation, Huang group, to become part of China Family ancestors and the Han people. Some Han Chinese surnames and Chi You may be related, such as Zou, Tu, li, Karachi Etc..
The Miao Miao epic: according to modern echo, Ballad Karachi, legend, is the ancestor of Miao and gelao. Since the Republic of China scholars, Miao ancestors in ancient times have been living in the the Yellow River River Basin, by the Huang Di tribe (Huaxia) defeated, was forced to migrate to Guizhou today and Xiangxi , In the southwest of Hubei Province Area.
The Qiang: according to the Han Book "Han Xiqiang biography", Chi You part of the tribe migrated west, and the ancient Qiang note: Ancient Qiang nationality is not equal to today's qiang.

Chi worship

1 the Han nationality area
Although Chi You in the Confucian classics in the negative image, but there has been a fan of Chi You's myth tradition, North China's Hebei, Shanxi with a related worship. as The Southern Dynasties Renfang The " The disloyalty "Record Jizhou (now Hebei) music name "Chi You show", people wore horns and offset; in Taiyuan village people offering Chi You god. Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Chi You is one of the eight Pro offering, the God of war, before later emperors, generals often to worship Chi You for blessing.
The legend of Chi You was executed, namely "the tomb of Chi You," there are many, there are people sacrifice . A folk art form popular in Shandong Juye County In 2001 for reconstruction of the tomb of Chi You and built in Chi You square".
According to Chi You for the Yellow Emperor's six phase, the first day when it became a tube. The stars The name, called "Chi Youqi". According to the " LuShiChunQiu "The" historical records "" Book of Sui "The description of the flag should be a comet That is a sign of war.
2 Miao area
For a long time with Chi You as the progenitor of miao. Sichuan Yunnan Guizhou Miao dialect area, spread the "Chi Ye lattice old" legend. "Ge Chi ye old" and "old Chi You" (a-hmao language: Gid Chib Yeul Laol), "Chi", meaning "old grandpa, old man, God" is the hero, whether it is Chi You, there is considerable controversy, many scholars think that it is the echo of the Miao in modern times the Miao minority historian was then quoted Han literati.
The relationship between Miao and Chi You
"This words of Shang Shu Lu punishment", but Chi You and Miao people in it, and that they did not have the origin of blood on the inherited relationship. The author from here to Chi You and Miao people linked narrative "inferred" relationship before and after inherited two." "Sanmiao King Xi Jiu evil" and "the Sanmiao complex Jiu virtue" the two sentences if not combined with the context of interpretation, we can draw different conclusions, what is "learning", what is "complex"? Is learning, inheritance or repeat? The former means that the two groups have inherited blood relationship, while the latter is only a group to follow another ethnic customs, doesn't necessarily mean they have relationship.
The earliest relationship Sanmiao and Chi You clear of the Eastern Han Zheng Xuan, he first proposed the "Miao people, namely after its" point of view. He put forward this view in the "notes" wudi. This view was obtained from many scholars, and the current development of the situation.
Therefore, in ancient literature and found no Chi You and Sanmiao, Miao people's relationship between direct records, on the contrary, "Shangshu Lu punishment" defined in the "Miao people" of this group have been extinct: "unfortunately to kill the emperor Shu, reported to the abuse of power, the Miao people, no in the next world." Mean that the emperor was killing innocent people of compassion, of misrule people with penalty for abuse of the Wei, the extinction of the Miao people, so that they had no descendants in the world. "Shangshu Lu punishment" repeated this point in another place: "God does not blame Miao Juan, drop. The Miao people not to resign on penalty, but the vast world of syncope." It is said that God cannot forgive them, evil in the Miao people, the Miao people have no reason to terminate the punishment, so their offspring without a liuzaishishang. Of course, "the provisions of Shangshu Lu punishment" is a song of words, not the historical record. Here is to show a song doesn't think Miao people still exist in the world, that is to say, he does not think there is any relationship between what group was extinct "Miao people" and the Western Zhou Dynasty, "Miao" is a Western Zhou Dynasty when people had not exist.

Chi Culture

The 1 film and television works
Directed by Zhang Jizhong 3D of the Chi You movie "magic", scheduled in July 24, 2015 national release. The film Chi You associated with the interesting topic of many. For example, how many people know that "the commom people", is derived from Chi You as chief of the "Chen Zan cited" Confucius three asaki "Cloud:" Chi You, the greedy people". Lists two different versions.
After, Simazhen Written on "historical records" on " The Emperor "And" Common people "Two said questioned. First cited title for the historians Sima qian and his father Sima tan The original "princes phase invasion odd, Chi You's most violent", analyzing its meaning, Chi You for the emperor, and the introduction of "pipe - the number of articles" the words "Chi You of Mount Lu gold and five soldiers", that Chi You is not the common people. And then put forward the "Chi also said Youge princes".
However, a feast of essays " Records of Justice "Lead," dragon fish map "cloud:" Huang Di Act as regent There are eighty-one brothers, Chi You, and beast man, bold and courageous, eating sand stones, established large crossbow weapon sword halberd, Wei world No, don't kill, cihren. All these things for the emperor emperor. Huang Di Chi You is not banned in righteousness, his sigh. The Awakening Xuannv Under Professor Huang Di Bing letter rune, before Chi You. For the Lord will make the emperor, for the eight party. Chi You did not disturb the world, complex. Yellow Emperor The image of the whole world and draw back. The world that Chi You Wei die, eight party service are crossing bridge".
The inclusion of the myth of the quoted folk legend, apparently to princes"," The Emperor "," Common people "All said to have negative meaning. Because only a portrait will be sufficient to make the "eight party are crossing Remove clothing "The prestige is far from the general princes than, nor can the common people and. However, another day the emperor to help Xuannv rather than help Chi You said, Chi You also missed the visible and the "emperor".
The scholar of the" The Emperor "," Common people "And" Princes "and the concept of hard to Chi You on the set, is obviously limited to Zhou and Qin Dynasties A framework of understanding the feudal social structure mode, and thus can not be the correct interpretation of Chi You's identity in the late primitive society and the concept of social historical connotation.
The era of Chi You, according to " Redords of the Grand History of China - Wudi "records, positive" Divine Husbandman The decline of.
He is a clan of the history of the Chinese nation invented farming tools, Lei Si. " Easy copulative "Remember:" Shennong As for Si's, chop wood, wood rubbing lei. Lei called Lee To teach the world ". From now on, in China, many by hunting and gathering as the main means of livelihood of the ethnic groups have to Victor Tillage as the main mode of production. Such as " Bai Hu Tong "Note:" the ancient people ate animal meat. For many people, Shennong, animals, and Shennong because day when, Divided The benefit of SI system, teach the people farming. God and the people, make appropriate, so that the Divine Husbandman ". This is the remembrance of the hunting ethnic carnivorous to farming production history. As the "Huainan Zi Xiu service training" note: "the people of ancient Glossogyne tenuifolia Drinking water, mining vegetation, edible snails meat, more poison and disease. So it was the first to teach people to sow Shennong Grain ". This is the collection and storage of fruit and Snails The meat group turned to farming The memory of history .
Leisi The invention is China Primitive society A big leap in productivity, it laid the China Primitive agriculture The foundation has led to a new historical era "emperor of the world". Shennong merit Wylie , known as "farm, also known as the" Imperial Emperor "". "Big Shang - Vol. Fourth" said: "the emperor Shennong agricultural also....... Shennong to Ji, have fertility Valley sparse, so the emperor in thonon". The essence of the merits of the play in fertility, also known as "the emperor".
In ancient Chinese legend, the emperor "means there are two: one is a major invention was the world power Dade meize," Huang, Jun, beauty, big [1], such as Suiren A wood fire drill a revered as" Sui Emperor "[2]; Fuxi As for the knot for trappers fishnets, fish, and make the marriage ceremony, the human reproduction itself into the healthy and orderly track, so called "Fuxi" [3]. The two refers to the early primitive society there is no public power, "the moral element were like heaven, said Huang said" [4], "trouble a husband a woman to work disturbed the world, not for the emperor also. Do not disturb Everyone The emperor [5]. The scene as "Chuang-tzu the robber zhi "The" Shen Nong's world, lying in the neighborhood, from then on in, people know that his mother, his father and I do not know. Elk Coexistence, farming and food, clothing and fabric, there is no harm in the heart".
Arrived Divine Husbandman Later, because of Farming The industry has gradually become the main mode of production, the original wandering foraging also gradually settled, gradually formed the clan society, and the development of tribal organization, appear to have influence beyond the tribal head of the tribal alliance, which is "the emperor". " Analytical Dictionary of Characters "Release:" the emperor, the king of the world, the truth is, too". "Truth" means" be attentive to every detail "That move and elaborate carefully, in conformity with objective law. "Baihutongyi" said, "German Emperor days" [6]. "King of the world" refers to the scope of the appeal beyond the tribe. The "emperor" of the title appears to mark a shift from the early primitive society tour group and the clan society stage to late stage of the tribal society. At this time, he also began to be called "yan".
" Yan "Inflammation", it has two meanings: one is the flame, burning. "Shuowen Jiezi" release: "burning, fire also". "Pian" release: "burning, heat, burning it". This primitive agriculture cannot do without the "fire farming". The so-called "fire farming", refers to the first cut down and burn weeds shrub lands of light, a means of cultivation and farming on demand. The two refers to the south of the god. The "Han" volume seventy-four: "Southern God Yan", which is from the geographical perspective of the the Yellow River River Basin, originated in Hubei Li Shan Collapse, buried in Hunan Chaling The emperor is undoubtedly the south.
 Hebei Zhuolu Chi wells Hebei Zhuolu Chi wells
From the revered" The queen farming "Emperor of the world", is called "Yan" and "Shennong world decline" when is a turning point in the history of the era.
Chi You is active in the history of the stage, namely "the ring" Yandi Shennong "when". At that time, tribalism, the tribes rely on their own economic strength and force fighting each other, no longer obey the leader of Yandi Shennong tribe alliance with the invention of Leisi exploits natural formation constraints. "Shennong world decline, the princes phase invasion of oppressive people, and Shennong Vernon syndrome...... The most violent "[7] Chi You. The word "lords", not the Zhou and Qin Dynasties social system, enfeoffment Hou, Peter, son, male Five other title The nobility, but at the end of the primitive society of the tribe. Chi You is one of them.
"Chi" is Derogatory Word. " Analytical Dictionary of Characters "Release" worm". As if this article. Curse words "Small reptiles". "Liushu is false" said: "all the ignorant, are the name of the chi". "Especially for tribal names. Another by means of agricultural. Yang Shen "Danqian recorded" cloud: "by nongtong". " Han Shi Wai Zhuan "Cloud:" things said cross tillage, plow said by the north and south". "LvShiChunQiu, do not bow" examples of "pipe to Huan said:" Dayi reclamation, land art millet, making the best use of land, if not Chen Ning Su, please the thought by "". Note: "by Danong, also". "Pipe -" official said: "high, as the concept of soil fertility and fertilizer barren, Chao Ming period, before and after the farmer to repair Yan; the grain is Ann Sangma, which, by Tian things". This period is " The book of Rites A. Yueling "The date of the so-called" King Mingbu farming ". By Tian The official also said that the peasant farmland. "Money money" the spectrum "Shennong agricultural" by "". "You" is written according to the rumors of tribal names and "by" homophone. The "you" or "the tribe" tribe, namely agricultural tribe. The so-called "Chi You down". The clan and the name of the tribe of ancient and Chinese chief The name and clan name people often indiscriminately call, so "Chi You" is also the name of the tribe, tribal chiefs and tribal people's common name.

Chi A merit

Because of the stage of primitive society, there is no written records, since The spring and autumn and Warring States Since that today, the history of China Classics That is according to legend dates back to 5000 years ago The Neolithic Age , The patriarchal clan commune During Huang Di period. Has always been the official orthodox history in China, has been to Huang Di, Emperor Yan as the ancestor of the Chinese nation, beginning Jun.
At the end of primitive society in China, and the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River The lower reaches of the Yellow River Along the ancient times lived a lot Primitive man They; after generation live, through hard work, in more than 5 thousand years ago, and gradually formed a tribal alliance. This is called "jiu", tribal alliance with Chi You as leader. "Mandarin" Dreamspell note said: "Chi and Jiu". The "book", the Lu punishment "LvShiChunQiu - Swing soldier "," the Warring States, Qin "Gaoyou note, said Chi You Jiu Jun. With their superior geographical conditions, constantly hard development, continuously improve the productivity, social economic development, and has become the powerful tribe in the East, and the first to enter the central plains. The famous historian of our party historian Comrades wrote: The Legend of the ancient China residents, "people living in southern China is called" system Barbarian tribes ". One of the earliest Jiuli nationality into the central region. When is Jiu nine tribal alliance, each tribe has nine brothers and eighty-one brothers clan clan. Chi You is the leader of nine Li, eighty-one brothers, eighty-one clan chief....... Is the beast totem, the brave and powerful tribal fight." After [2] entered the Central Plains in the Jiu tribe, Yan Family from the West and into the central region, the conflict between the tribes and the long nine li. Nine Li Yan tribes until the expulsion, Zhuolu. After the industry, Yandi tribe joint Huangdi tribe and Jiuli nationality in Zhuolu launched an unprecedented scale of the tribal war at the end of the primitive society, The battle of Zhuolu . At the beginning of the war, Huang Di due to the lack of strength, but also to Topography and climate Do not understand and not used, so "the Yellow Emperor and Chi You nine and nine would be" [3]; later created the Yellow Emperor family car guide to identify the direction; [4] and [5] can greatly increase the strength, out of the fire. Finally the two sides battle in Zhuolu, nine were defeated, its leader Chi You was sacked.
After the defeat of the Jiu, potential big decline, but they also have the lower reaches of the Yellow River River and the Yangtze River in the vicinity of a vast area. reach Yao , Shun , Yu During the period, they formed a new tribal alliance. This is the history books say "Sanmiao", also known as the "Miao" or "Miao people", the development of the Sanmiao tribal groups, and finally formed a tribe Emirate . historian Miao Yu wrote: "be after the defeat from the the Yellow River basin, according to the time of the Warring States (people Wuqi Three) said, in the place of seedlings in the Yangtze River Basin roughly in a narrow place, this claim is credible Wucongkaozheng, because from the Warring States era has Sanmiao past 2000, and Wuqi before most of the Sanmiao nation as the Central Plains region. From the ancient (Shang) records, Sanmiao as a nation or country in the period of Yao and Shun Yu was completely destroyed, which left the Ministry were moved to the northwest.
Sanmiao and later collective name of four counties in Hunan Is there a relationship has Wucongkaozheng, their location does not correspond, while in the Yangtze River Basin, but the jingman place roughly in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Basin, and Sanmiao place, no strict research, if according to the Qi words, narrow region between roughly in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in Hunan, Jiangxi at the junction of two provinces. Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake, but not in the same time, separated by one thousand years.
Sanmiao and later the Hmong relationship does not exist, "Miao" is the name of Song Dynasty only, every three thousand years and three times, but not seedlings Miao claimed, is known as the Southern Song of the common ethnic minorities.
From the archaeological point of view, if the Sanmiao does exist, should be with the qujialing, shijiahe culture About two, but this kind of culture has strong Tibeto Burman ethnic characteristics, with the tiger totem, and from the Miao culture cannot be found that have a clear correspondence with the.
Visible Sanmiao, jingman, Miao, there is no corresponding relationship, they are three different ethnic groups in different times.
But nine and Sanmiao still have a certain relationship, "Book week," Chi You Lu punishment "of Miao people with law", "Mandarin Zheng note" "Miao complex Jiu virtue" Sanmiao, jiu ", and other records, after the relationship has been showing" jiu "and" Sanmiao ". "The book of rites, Yi Zheng Fu Xing Shu cited note" said, "after the Miao, li...... occupy Hispanic "Sanmiao" language, also pointed out that "Sanmiao" is its descendants. After the Song Dynasty, some people will be linked, for example: "Miao Miao and Miao people, the origin of ancient Sanmiao" [7]; "Miao Sanmiao, the origin of" [8] "test; red seedling occupying Chu, Sichuan, Guizhou provinces of the world, namely ancient Sanmiao left" [9]. But these books are some blogs, such as County, not authoritative.
" Houhanshu Xiqiang biography "said:" from the West Qiangzhi Sanmiao, the surname is not. It's near Mount Heng in Hunan Province . And Shun flow Four. The three river, migration, the Xiqiang is also." That is to say, Qiang From Sanmiao, Sanmiao is descended from the other branch is the surname jiang. According to historical records, the original is in the northwest of Jiang Jiang family, later known as the Qiang, then gradually moved to the South and west. So, to the north of today's Qinghai, West to today's Tibet, South to Sichuan today, Guizhou, Yunnan, a Qiang people living. Qiang moved west to Tibet who claimed to be the" The Western Tibet "That is the reservoir, Ubbelohde, collectively, is the Tibetan Qiang, ubbelohde. They are also known as "Tibet", Tibet is in fact Western Qiang . It can be proved that today's Tibetan, Qiang and Wu family is merging into. There are miao. The southward, to Sichuan With the local table family called fusion Qing Qiang A part of the Qiang, southward to Sichuan, the local youth group fusion called Qing Qiang, a part of the Sichuan Move to Guizhou , Yunnan . Now western Guizhou Qiang, open their family, for the Qiang, and family life was still called seedlings. Yunnan Qiang, the source and the western Guizhou Qiang family, roughly the same, open for the Qiang, still claimed to be the family of human vaccine. Thus, also, the descendants of Jiu Qiang Sanmiao, as king Chi You also when Jiu is Qiang ancestors.
Historical materialism That history is created by the people, "people, only people, are the creators of history." At the same time, recognition of the individual in the history of the development of the role of. Outstanding people have is a historical necessity, is a product of certain historical conditions. In Chinese history, produces many historical figures. However, according to historical records and historical legends, three great historical figures China the earliest history of the Yellow Emperor, Yan Di, when Chi You. Moreover, it can be said that Huang Di, Yan Di, Chi You is a longtime miss people Chinese China the earliest history of the three great historical figures. About Chinese people miss Huang Di, Yan Di, there are many theory, the article expounds on the Chinese people miss Chi You's case this little. Therefore, we focus on Chinese people here for a long time the miss Chi You.
First of all, after the death of Chi You, Huang Di and Chi You as the descendants of the emperor" Army master "As to respect and cherish the memory of" God of war ". "The road of history and after four - Chi Ji Chuan" said "the later saint" like to Zun Yi Rong, that greedy. "." " Akira Chi You Tian Fu note says: "God, like not often, the three generation of Yi, much like Chi You, as the greedy child rong". "The dragon scroll" fish said: "no spirit especially after disturbed restless world complex. Huang Di was painting in Wei Chi image of the world. The salty that Chi You dies, the eight party is like crossing exterminate." Thus, after Chi You killed died in the Jiu tribe alliance captured, Huang Di and his family will be the image of Chi You used to intimidate the world eight party, so will Chi You into the protection of God himself, and to respect and cherish the memory of Chi You.
Secondly, since modern Miao people generally regard Chi You as their ancestors, long-term memory and sacrifice. Xiangxi, northeastern Guizhou Miao worship, to worship "section, especially the" pig and legend "section especially in ancient times" is a brave leader. "Split", according to the Xiangxi Miao language meaning father, "you" is the name "section, especially the" is "especially public" in italy. Hunan Province Chengbu Miao Autonomous County The Miao people are offering "Maple God" for the patient ward" Daemon Vector "Customs, dress" Maple God "who dressed very powerful; the embodiment of the awesome" Maple God "is Chi You, and the" The Classic of the Great Wilderness "wild South records" Chi You abandoned the shackles into Maple "legend. Qiandongnan "ancient Miao song" is a song called "Maple song", the song lyrics is the meaning of the Karachi as the ancestor of Miao to look at and miss. Central and southern area of Northwest Guizhou and "Chi Temple", is dedicated to the Miao nationality people.
There are quite a number of people with different degree of long-term memory of Chi You. Folk legend, has said Chi You is a long-term memory of historical figures. " Su Kingdoms "Said:" Jizhou People called Chi You God, folk people often burlesque; Qi Wei, Taiyuan village festival Chiyoushen ; Han Dynasty, people in Taiyuan also set up a shrine for Chi You;. Today, Hebei Province Zhuolu County still have Chi tomb Chi You, Chi You, Chi You monument, Temple Temple, deep local people yearning and sacrifice ribbon.

Chi status

First, Chi You has made an important contribution for material civilization. At that time, the command of Chi You Jiu tribe alliance, along the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and living downstream of the Yangtze River, is a face of the Haihe River and grows the tribe, was the most powerful three tribal alliance in the tribal alliance, the material civilization has had great development. They use the local geography, climate, water and other advantages, the invention of the grain planting, has begun development by collecting, fishery, nomadic to agriculture, which is a great progress in history and civilization, is a great contribution to the ancient civilization. The grain planting seedling, transplanting, seedling need etc..
Second, Chi You invented the manufacture of metal smelting and metal weapons. "There," said Chi You wood as "gold as a weapon". Jian Bozan wrote: "it is said that Chi You 'gold as a weapon", is the earliest invention of metal smelting." [15] I think that Chi You is not only the earliest invention of metal smelting, the earliest invention but also the metal weapons manufacturing. The number of "pipe -" said Chi You to make "gold armor sword Weibing, spears". "Historical records" of the five emperors of justice cited "dragon scroll" fish said: "Huang Di is the Regent, Chi You eighty-one brothers", "bold and courageous", "Li Bing Ji knife rod large crossbow, Wei world". History also said that the earliest invention of Chi You manufacturing, has made great contribution to Chinese ancient civilization. There is smelting industry into the generation of meaning, since then, humans began to enter the metal tools, it marks a new leap in productivity in the primitive society.
Third, Chi You is the establishment of laws and regulations, implement the rule of law is the earliest creators and visitors. In ancient Chinese, Chi You's first law, the implementation of the criminal law, in order to Su discipline. "Book week, Lu Xing", said: "Chi You of the Miao people in the penalty, it is a strong evidence. "The road history after Chi You biography" in the four century account of Chi You was sacked after said: "the descendants of the sage Zun Yi Rong, that greedy." Luo Ping notes: "Chi You day with God, like not often, the three generation of Yi, I like Chi You. For the sake of abuse of rong". "Taiping Yulan" volume 79 "dragon fish painting" said: "the spirit of the world especially not after the complex disturbed restless, the Yellow Emperor was painting image by Chi Wei of the world. The salty that Chi You dies. The eight party is like crossing exterminate." It also shows that the strict legal system and Chi You establish a dignified image and produced a profound influence. At the same time, Zheng Xuan said: "Miao Min, that is American jiu." "The effect to nine Li Chi" Yanmiao people." This also shows that Chi You is the pioneer of criminal law and implementation. Some sources also said that Chi You invented the weapons and criminal law, and later by Huang Di as tribal groups. Obviously, Chi You is the founder of the legal system of ancient Chinese. Although these are things in Chinese mythology.

Chi Left origin

" "Note:" in overseas, Blackwater in the north, people have the wing, called Miao people (Note: the people of London Pu Sanmiao) born huantou Zhuanxu, the firstborn of Huan Miao people." Huantou again Huandou See, "Shang Shu Shun Dian", "put in huandou high mountains ". And huandou, see "Shihchi Wudi": "put huandou in Chongshan to guangdong". Located in Hunan Dayong City Here is the southwest. In the mountainous area of Wuling That is the administrative organization Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous prefecture.
comprehensive Chinese Ancient records, Chi You is an agricultural tribe China late primitive society active in this Hebei Shanxi and Western Shandong name, common name of the tribe and the tribe of the people of farming. Chi You tribe Divine Husbandman The descendants of Yandi tribal alliance is a clan. The legend of Chi You tribe is good at metal smelting and manufacturing weapons. The failure of Chi You and the Yellow Emperor tribe tribal war, the American left most in the central plains. According to the "pipe" is written, Chi You joined the Huang Di tribe led by tribal alliance, and served as an important office in the. " Shi "Load, Zou, Tu's for the left origin in the name can be found.
In the part of the Chi You tribe moved to the north, and meat porridge ( Hun The ethnic relationship has an alias).
Chi You of the tribe migrated to the south, and Miao people , Sanmiao Have ethnic relationship. Sanmiao source is diverse, in addition to Chi You left origin in the name of Huang Di is after Jinyun's, after Zhuanxu's.
From the legend about Chi You and Sanmiao account, you can see the earth, the tribes in the late primitive society by aggregation, war, fusion, migration to links of the large-scale mixing movement. This caused some of the stirring movement originated in the formative stage can have is that you have me, I have you, close condition.

Chi Relation

The relationship between 1
 Chi You tribe and Huangdi tribe Chi You tribe and Huangdi tribe
Yan and Chi You have evolved by Shennong family, belong to farming tribe alliance. For the Yan Emperor Shen Nong clan descendant, Yang in its ancestors invented the residual strength of Shennong Leisi feat, to occupy the first tribal alliance by farming, and called "yan". Shennong Yandi and both belong to the two different historical stages, the "historical records" Fengshan book lists Fengshan ceremony When will he and Yan are successively. In "historical records Wudi "In a narrative of Yan Emperor Shennong and very close to, but does not specify the relationship. " The age of Kings "Said:" as for Shen, Yan, attention has been paid to the relationship of the two. "Han 2 ancient people form" and "easy copulative" Shu will collectively called "Yandi Shennong emperor and shen".
"Easy copulative" drainage "kings" cloud," Yan "The number, where the biography VIII: the emperor Pro Quebec, Emperor Cheng, emperor of the Ming emperor, emperor, Emperor Ai Li, straight, Dili Yu Gang . To the Emperor Yu Gang in the world, only to see Chi Department cast emerge.
" Red 2 Volume Three "note:" Haizhou Salt marshes, twenty. Long rain, four mountain water, we note which may spill; drought may dry up. The color is red in brine, Spring Edition, Chiyouxue called vulgar". The Song dynasty rule in the Shanxi state Yuncheng City Haizhou town . Salt marsh this name Solution pool , known as the "national treasure" reputation, with sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, Magnesium Sulfate and other salt containing calcium , iodine, potassium, boron, lithium, cesium, strontium and other rare elements. "World peace in mind, the six" objective existence of Yi County under article written: "Chi You day in South County in eighteen". so Anyi County This is also under the jurisdiction of the county, Yuncheng city. Here was the residence of the Chi You tribe. Have salt marshes of the rich, Chi You tribes have the strength to fight with the Yellow emperor. Such as "Shihchi Wudi" cloud:" Xuanyuan But the conventional arms, to levy did not enjoy the guests from the princes, xian. Chi You is the most violent, nothing can be cut".
And now Shanxi Yuncheng City, adjacent to Henan today Sanmenxia City Also, agricultural tribal heartland. Thousands of years later, there is still a Shennong seed. "Shihchi Ji" this week, week Wuwangfazhou Success, "Memorial Sage king But, after the letter of praise to Shennong jiao". Pei Yin "Shihchi variorum" notes: "" geography "in Shanxian city is Hongnong coke, coke country". "Han geography" Hongnong County, the first rule in the Henan County farmers. Lingbao County. This is Sanmenxia City, Shanxian. "Geography" contained "iron Hongnong county officer, in Strider pool "Now the Strider pool Mianchi County Also, a city of Sanmenxia. Lingbao County gold mine, there are still great exploitation value. Other such as silver, copper and iron, zinc, aluminum and other mineral resources are also very rich in reserves, the necessary conditions in the area with metal smelting. It is said that the Yellow Emperor of the bronze Ding Shoushan mining, namely in Lingbao county territory of [8], the relative age in history Xuanyuan And after the war of chi. This region is not only rich in mineral resources, and the land fertile, rich in fruit and grains, purple Hu, Tianma, Huang Ling, Salvia and other herbs, suitable for farming tribes living.
There are ethnic relationship between Chi You and yan. "The way the history of Chi You biography" said: "Chi You Jiang Yan, the origin of it". Yan and Chi You have evolved by Shennong family, belong to farming ministry cast alliance.
"Easy copulative" drainage "kings" cloud, "Yan", where the biography VIII sage unbelievable
The Chi You tribe is a tribal group by Shen family farming tribes evolved in the strongest. In fact, the strong reasons, one is beneficial to the real estate salt; two is in the production process of salt making, the invention of metal smelting and production of weapons.
"Pipe - the number of articles" said: "Ge Luzhi mountain and water, from the gold, Chi You and sword, that is the age of armor and their spears, nine princes. Yong mountain and fox water, gold from Chi You, and the fox thought Yong Rui Ge is old halberd, and those twenty princes". Ge Shan and Luzhi Yong fox specifically referred to hill without examination. When it is located not too far away from the city of Yuncheng. Or in the. "Gold" refers to the metal, not limited to gold.
Contained by historical view, the Chi You tribe because Yanchi interests, metal smelting method, has become one of the most powerful tribe led by Yan Di farming tribes. Chi You and Yandi Shennong as descendants of prominent persons called Yan Emperor, Chi You called the loser.
The first statement such as "historical records" contained wudi.
The second argument in "yizhoushu" solution & taste of wheat.
Third kinds of claims such as "The Classic of the Great Wilderness The wild North "Set:" Chi You Bing FA Huang Di. The Yellow Emperor is made winged dragon The attack in the suburb of Jizhou. Water dragon animal. Please keep The wind " rain god Longitudinal storm. Huang Di is under the rain stop, day said them, then kill Chi You". The wind and rain is farming Chi You tribe specially weather wizard, after the agricultural meteorological God, Li Miao, when in the word. " Han Fei A. Ten. "Huang Di said:" the Minamata ghosts on the Taishan...... Chi You top, wind swept into the shed, amashi ", which reflects the close relationship between wind and rain and the Chi You tribe, because the agricultural production of the harvest of tribes is inseparable from the good. Three what is said, this is no longer possible and necessary to examine the. For this kind of Shanghai came after thousands of years of prehistoric legends was recorded in the records, historians focus to look at, which is a national history influence; scholars concern, is the process of the legend reflects the types, the ethnic cultural characteristics and formation and evolution. Five "pipe - line" Huang Di also reuse Chi You records: "Huang Di Chi You and the Ming in heaven...... Chi You tomorrow, so at that time". "Time" is a kind of Yellow Emperor in the Central Plains tribal alliance official name, its status and functions about "Zhou" in "Tian Guan", the prime minister in later dynasties also approximate the alliance assisted tribal leaders (the emperor) tribes in the management of Public Affairs Department of slaughter. Here said the "heaven", refers to the experience and knowledge of astronomical calendar when yueling. Familiar with the knowledge, is the arrangement of agricultural production and life management of key tribes, tribal society of agriculture.
2 the relationship between the Yellow Emperor
About Chi You and the battle of the Yellow Emperor, before see, there are three: one is Huang Disheng Yan Later, Chi You wins again and consolidate the throne, Huang Di and Chi You battle like yellow Yanzhi war The aftermath Another is that Chi You expelled; god of the south (Yan Di), Red Emperor appeal to Huang Di, the two emperor to kill Chi You in Hebei; three said Chi You is killed by soldiers to attack Huang Di.
The first statement such as "historical records" contained wudi:" Xuanyuan Is a virtue rally troops Treatment. Five Art. Five Fu, the peoples of the Quartet, teach xiongpi brave Chu tiger, and Yan to fight Sakazumi Yukino . Three then the annals of war. Chi You had, without God life. It is Huang Di syndrome division of princes, to fight with Chi You at Zhuolu wild bird, then kill Chi You." Taishigong said the Xiong Xuanyuan name Xuanyuan Huangdi, intended for the car, should refer to the name of the clan leader invented car technology named, such as the invention of farming Tool technology He said, making Fishing tool And said Fuxi The invention. Fire drill Sui Technique Suiren So. Bear country no.. At the time of the "country", as the tribe. The bear , brown bear , Zheyuepi , Xiu , Taiwan , tiger Six kinds of animal name, should be a name for the six tribes of the bear clan, or that Totems . Sakamoto Stephen Water, in this Yanqing County, Beijing city. Zhuolu mountain in Hebei Zhuolu County That is not far from banquan.
The second argument in " Lost Book of Zhou And taste of wheat solution ":" Chi You is by the emperor, for the Zhuolu ah, The nine corner Exhaustive, Big Red Emperor zhe. Is said to Huang Di, to Chi You, killed in hebei". Quang Binh The man said. The open war occurred in the Zhuolu mountain, refers to the corner corner, "Nine" means, is not limited to the specific number eight plus one. Nine corners "exhaustive" is that Chi You expelled Red Emperor (i.e. Yandi tribe) left behind. Hebei refers to Central Plains Jizhou. "Er Ya" release: "between the two rivers, Jizhou". Guo Note: " East River To the river". At that time, the Yellow River is known as the East River into the sea, said the river flows south of hetao. "Zhou" reporter: "the staff side said North State", now Shanxi Taiyuan, Hebei Zhengding Baoding All belong to the Northeast; said, this Beijing city of Youzhou ". Ancient Jizhou is located in the quiet and in this mountain of the south, southwest and southwestern Hebei. The legend of Chi You was killed in this place, Shanxi Yuncheng Haizhou.
Three what is said, this is no longer possible and necessary to examine the. For such a thousand years before it was recorded in the records of the prehistoric Legend

Chi Warfare

Thousands of years ago, The Yellow River China The Yangtze River Basin, lived many clans and tribes. Where is the Yellow Emperor The Yellow River River Basin One of the most famous tribal leader. Another famous tribal leader named Yan Di. Huang Di and Yandi are brothers. stay Yangtze river basin There is a nine Li, their leader named Chi You, is very powerful.
Chi You has eighty-one brothers, they all face the beast, Vigorous and valiant Fierce matchless. They are good at producing all kinds of knives, crossbows and other weapons. Chi You often led his powerful tribe against other tribes. Once, Chi You occupied a place of Emperor Yan, Yan revolted against, but he is no match for Chi You, Chi Yousha have to suffer a big. Yan no way, where Huang Di fled to Zhuolu to ask for help. Huang Di wanted to kill Chi You, then combined with tribal leaders, launched a major battle in the field of Zhuolu and Chi You, this is the famous" The battle of Zhuolu ".
At the beginning of the war, Chi You with good weapons and brave soldiers, again and again to win. Later, Huang Di and other strange beasts to please him. Chi You's soldiers though fierce, but met Huang Di's army, together with a group of animals, can not resist, have fled.
Huang Di led the soldiers came up, suddenly dark around, foggy, Blustery The sky began to rain, lighting accompanied by peals of thunder, Huang Di, soldiers could not continue to catch up. The original Chi You called "Aeolus" and "Rain God" to assist in the work. Huang Di also invited the "dry not resigned to playing second fiddle, the sky god help dispel wind and rain. Between the moment the wind Stop the rain Stop, blue skies.
Chi You also used witchcraft has created a fog, the soldiers lost Huang Di. Huang Di used the Big Dipper sky always pointing north, built a" The car guide The soldiers rushed out of the fog, guide.
After many times of intense fighting, Huang Di has killed eighty-one of Chi You's brothers, and eventually captured Chi You. Huang Di ordered to Chi You in chains, and then kill him. Because of fear after the death of Chi You rebellion, his head and body were buried in a place far away from two. Chi You wore. chains Thrown in the mountain, into a piece of maple, every piece of red maple leaf, is Chi You Bloodstains . Later, Huang Di received many tribal support, gradually become the leader of all the tribes.
One that is captured and killed by the Yellow Emperor, as quoted in " Redords of the Grand History of China "," Lost Book of Zhou "," Shanhaiching "Written by Huang Di; another is that reuse, such as" Dragon fish He said: "the Yellow Emperor" uniform Chi You, because the Lord will make the emperor, for the eight party". To catch Qin and Han Dynasties Still, with Chi You as the main folk custom Temple soldiers salute. so that Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor East and the Emperor Liu Bang To all from the folk ritual temple Chi You, shown in "historical records" and "historical records of book Fengshan Emperor of the Millennium ". Two different outcomes on Chi You records, reflects the different stages of Huang Di and Chi You's relationship with the different sides. "Chi You" is the agricultural tribe, he said, not only for tribal chiefs, he said, is for all the members of the tribe he said. The first chief of the Chi You tribe called Chi You, also known as the second Chief Chi You; the first generation members of a tribe called Chi You, the second generation of tribal members still called Chi You. As "the actual meaning of rites, the large load de" remember "the Yellow Emperor three hundred years" rumors. The emperor Chi You and the post-war relations in primitive tribes The history of the war To understand the background, killing is inevitable, it is impossible to make, and ultimately can only be defeated tribes to keep living in obedience to conditions.

Chi There.

Yanggu Ye Jie Cun buried Chi You head, Yanggu and Chi You what is the origin? "From the ancient tomb" to "Huanggu," and "Chi You Ling", the sleeping giant mounds in 5000 years, people diligently strive after the end?. Since the last century in 70s, cultural relics experts here conducted three archaeological. 1973, Chinese Institute of Archaeology The Shandong team discovered a deep trench in the ruins of the center, and rough set Yangshao culture sites In 1994, Shandong province; Institute of archaeology, archaeologists led archaeological exploration team found some walls, identified as a stage and after the gang Longshan Culture 2006, LiaoCheng Archaeological team to conduct a comprehensive exploration of "Zhong" and "Zhong" around the top is proved Han dynasty Culture is the middle layer Longshan Culture The bottom layer is. Dawenkou The cultural layer (small amount of Yangshao culture). The mausoleum is located in Yanggu county. Fifteen Yuan Zhen Leaves street village history without stop, the absolute age can be traced back to 6000 years before and after. According to the results, only the ancient tomb, have since Yangshao to the Han Dynasty, from three thousand before history. "Archaeological results show that Huanggu region and" from ", "Shuijingzhu" Records, "Huanggu Zhong Chi" has the external conditions and internal characteristics." In addition, according to the "from graves" records, in the vicinity of Chi You graves near, every October Chi You worship custom. Yanggu and the surrounding areas, in the 1th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar every year, every family will burn grave worship, an unmarried girl to return home ". "There is a certain relationship between it and Chi You." In 2006 and 2008, Yanggu hosted the two session The culture of Chi You Seminar. Seminar in 2008, Guizhou province was former president of the association Wang Zhaowen said, there are documents and archaeological evidence shows that common folk support, Huanggu Zhong is Chi You's head.
In ancient times The Yanggu area is. Dongyi The group of political and economic, cultural and military center, led by Chi You Nine Tribes in the area of farming, iron, copper and five soldiers, a hundred art, tomorrow, science and education, made outstanding contribution to the formation of the Chinese early civilization, Yanggu has become China Agricultural civilization One of the important birthplace. Yanggu County in Chi You culture research, has made a major breakthrough, after the two National Symposium on Chi You culture demonstration, confirmed the Yanggu Chi You head mound is located, is known as the "capital of dongyi"!