San Francisco

San Francisco (San Francisco), also translated as "San Francisco city", "St. Francesco", the United States The state of California The Pacific Ocean The coastal port city, is a famous tourist resort in California, the world's fourth most populous city. San Francisco is near the world famous high-tech industrial zone silicon valley That is the world's most important high-tech R & D base and the western United States, the most important financial center Also, the United Nations The birthplace of 1945 (" The Charter of the United Nations ") .
San Francisco
San Francisco is a subtropical Mediterranean climate Has the world famous, The San Francisco Bay Area , Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf Climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, sunny, near many national parks in the United States (such as Yosemite National Park ) and California Wine For Dummies Place of Origin Napa Valley , known as "the most popular American city". In 1769 the Spaniards found here in 1848 to join the federal. San Francisco in the mid nineteenth Century The gold rush In the rapid development, the Chinese called "golden hill", after the difference in Australia Melbourne San Francisco, renamed "" . By the end of July 2014, the city's population of about 850 thousand, of which 180 thousand Chinese In Chinese, is one of the highest population density in the Western Hemisphere, the total number of Chinese only New York .
The San Francisco Bay Area Is one of the world's most important science and cultural center, has the world famous universities including the public UC Berkeley And private type Stanford University Well, the world's top medical center University of Calif San Francisco . More than 100 The Nobel prize The winner (Berkeley 92, Standford 60) , Fields Medal The winner (Berkeley 13, Standford 7) and Turing Award The winner (Berkeley 22, Standford 20) In the bay area to work or study; more than 200 Olympic Games The champion (Standford 139 gold medals Berkeley, 117 gold medals Out from the San Francisco Bay area). The San Francisco Bay area since twentieth Century has been the United States Hippie culture The modern liberalism and Progressive The center of one of the nation's largest, and Art Colleges San Francisco University of the Arts .

San Francisco Name

San Francisco Chinese name

Homophonic translation: San Francisco City
As for San Francisco The name is the first two syllables "from the name of the San Fran English" homophonic translation, is living in here for a number of Cantonese group than the commonly used translation, such as the origin of Guangdong Chinese father Sun Yat-sen In the writings and letters mentioned in the city.
Homophonic The literal translation of St. Francesco
St. Francesco (San Francisco) was a common name of Spanish rule area, was named after Franciscan Founder Saint (Italian "San Francesco d'Assisi", "Saint Francis of Assisi English").
Code: San Francisco
Here is the United States in nineteenth Century The gold rush The center of the region, the early Chinese workers moved to the United States after living here, known as the "golden hill", but only in Australia Melbourne find Gold mine Later, in order to be called the "New Gold Mountain" in Melbourne to make the distinction, and was renamed San Francisco as "San Francisco".

San Francisco dispute

Chinese translation of St Francesco of the city for a long time, in the absence of a clear official policy, use somewhat chaotic.
The voice of America and The United States Department of state Use "San Francisco". Now, in the most formal address in the city, with the Chinese foreign affairs unit, is the use of "San Francisco" in the name, for example People's Republic of China Consulate General in San Francisco . In the official documents and maps of People's Republic of China, is called" St. Francesco "But the San Francisco municipal government (SFGov) and subordinate units at all levels of municipal official website Chinese version, it is respectively used in" San Francisco "and" San Francisco city "of the two different names, there is no consistent standard, and this phenomenon is also widespread use of living in the city in response to the Chinese community in the habit.

San Francisco History

San Francisco Early development

The San Francisco Bay area to Europeans in 1542, Jinshan District in sixteenth Century belongs to the old domain Spain The Alta California Territory. The Spanish general Gaspar de Botla (Don Gaspar de Portola) in 1769 to lead his men to explore the topography in San Francisco bay. In March 28, 1776, the Spanish explorer Juan Bautista Di Anza (Juan Bautista de Anza) in the local election of the two construction sites, one for military purposes, the other as a missionary purposes, but the essence of the construction is made up of two companions Jose Joaquin Moraga Francisco Palou and the priest Lieutenant Anza's supervision. JoseJoaquin Moraga is responsible for the establishment of the San Francisco military base Fort (Presidio of San Francisco, has been changed to Fort Park). Francisco Pal u is responsible for the establishment of the church, he will be the name of Assisi St. Francesco The Church (Mission San Francisco de Asis), commonly known as the Church (Mission Dolores) doyle. The area of all administrative affairs through church management.
1821, Mexico Since the Spanish independence, California has become the territory of Mexico. After the independence of the Church of Mexico under the jurisdiction of the power is weak, the church belongs to the land gradually planning into private ownership. Britain's William Richardson (William Richardson) in 1835 in the western peninsula (that is now located at the junction of city and district financial Chinese garden corner) established the first private buildings do not house. Li Chasen through the help of others, to start planning for nearby residential streets, and this area is called Parkview Green (Yerba Buena). Mexico and the United States after the outbreak of the war, the U.S. Navy brigadier general John Sloate (John D. Sloat) led to here, in 1846 the United States accounted for the occupation of the city name. In January 30, 1847, Captain John Montgomery (John B. Montgomery) will be renamed as San Francisco city.

San Francisco The city.

San Francisco, formerly known as Jerzy Wa Buey Na, also known as San Francisco, known as the overseas Chinese city of San Francisco, in 1847 was named the Mexicans in Spanish, the residents here only more than and 800 people. It is a colonial stronghold in Spain, after the Mexico took over, The Mexican American War When accounting for the u.s.. In January 1848 Sacremento Valley, a carpenter in the construction of a sawmill, gold was found in the Millstream. The news spread like wildfire, triggered a gold rush around the world. Just three months, the population of San Francisco has surged 25 thousand. Many Chinese as selling gold digging toil so far, hardships of a railroad. Since a large number of laborers here to settle down, they called the city of San Francisco (from Australia New Jinshan). San Francisco is the most strong immigrants burst of enthusiasm, this is a fascinating culture; distinctive Italian, Brazilian, Spanish, Chinese, different communities in ornament California This land.

San Francisco The gold rush

In January 1848, lies in the northeast of California (Sutter's Mill) Sutter's mill after the discovery of gold, the news quickly spread in August of the same year, California news of the discovery of gold to the east of New York, with a view to get rich overnight around many people began to pour into the port of San Francisco. In 1849, the California gold rush really launched from the United States and other countries in other parts of the boat or from inland to California dream Realize the dream of gold people on board passengers in a continuous line, and even the ship captain seaman immediately fought to Sutter square, San Francisco port was sailing everywhere, and the urban population soared overnight. It also allows San Francisco residents from 1847-1870 years, from 500 people to 150 thousand people. Later the so-called San Francisco 49 is that in 1849 from all over the world come to San Francisco to get rich overnight people. At that time, in addition to all over the world come to realize the dream of gold speculators, many people need to provide supplies of gold shop in San Francisco, then some companies still exist, including the manufacture of Levi's jeans (1873). Levi Strauss (Levi Strauss), Gidley chocolate shop (Ghirardelli, 1852), FOLGERS coffee (1850) and Wells Fargo (1852), the Bank of California (Bank of California, 1864). The discovery of gold in California before 1848 still belongs to the territory of Mexico, Mexico in February the same year to defeat the Mexican American war, California into the territory of the United states. California in 1850 officially The United States federal government Thirty-first, San Francisco is a county of the first. The federal mint of San Francisco was established in 1854, mainly used to create the gold market. The San Francisco gold rush became the United States The Mississippi River The largest city in the west.

San Francisco San Francisco earthquake

5:12 on the morning of April 18, 1906, a magnitude 8.25 earthquake in San Francisco. Because the gas pipe burst, various parts of the city and caused a number of fires, the fire quickly into the flames of the city, within 80 kilometers is also clear the fire and smoke from the glare of the visible sky. The fire burned for 3 days, San Francisco ruins. In the earthquake, 3200 people were killed and 250 thousand people homeless, 514 streets, 28 thousand buildings collapsed and burned. However, San Francisco has experienced in such a big disaster like a Phoenix, in less than six years to build a newer, more modern city. The 1915 World Expo held in San Francisco, marking the San Francisco has been completely from the ruins of the resurrection!

San Francisco World Expo Pacific

In order to celebrate the San Francisco connecting the Atlantic and Pacific panama canal The completion of reconstruction after the earthquake in 1906 showed the new appearance on the other hand, in 1915 in the coastal port of Panama held by the Pacific World expo. After the San Francisco earthquake reconstruction very quickly, when the earthquake were destroyed the town hall, drive in 1915 in situ reconstruction completed in World's Fair At the time has been completely invisible influence after earthquake. In order to speed up the reconstruction project of San Francisco at the time, many of the buildings are omitted shock design, ignoring the earthquake had caused vigilance, which also led to later in 1989 earthquake caused many buildings damaged. The World Expo from February 20, 1915 -12 month 4 days, the exhibition range extends from the east to the west of Palace of Fine Arts to Fort Mason. The Expo beautiful decoration buildings in after the show almost all removed, leaving behind the Palace of Fine Arts and the museum buildings, Japanese tea garden (have moved to Belmot city), and city hall next to the Bill Graham municipal auditorium.
Connecting San Francisco and 1936 Auckland The Bay Bridge completed in 1937 between San Francisco and Marin County Golden Gate Bridge In 1939 the completion of treasure island 51 founding members held Kinmen World Expo 1945 the United Nations signed in San Francisco " The Charter of the United Nations " Signed in 1951; the alliance with Japan " Treaty of San Francisco "The formal end of the war against Japan. In 1978 the then mayor Javier Connies and city councilman Harvey Mirko was shot dead in the town hall.

San Francisco Prestat earthquake

5:04pm in October 17, 1989, is located in San Francisco 97 kilometers south of Santa Cruz Mountain San Andreas Fault Slide 6.9 earthquake occurred, in the same seismic zone of the San Francisco Bay area also caused many casualties.
San Francisco coastal port source after the 1906 earthquake caused the soil reclamation, soil liquid when the earthquake occurred, the land with waves up and down swing, cause a lot of damage to housing and caused the fire. The upper road double pass Bay Bridge is located in the Oakland section of the fracture, the most serious is located in Oakland City, connecting the bay bridge double Nimitz The upper highway completely crushed, killing 42 people were killed in the car. At the time of the San Francisco south of the candlestick are preparing for the San Francisco giants and the Oakland athletics Baseball World Series, the television broadcast of the earthquake immediately spread throughout the world, so the world series was delayed ten days later, the earthquake is also known as the world series earthquake or earthquake in 1989.
The earthquake resulted in Nimitz 880 diversion of interstate highway reconstruction, by 11 years until 2000 after the completion of the bay bridge is completed, although in one month after the earthquake reconstruction of traffic, but after the security considerations, Oakland Bay Bridge section must be rebuilt bridge, bridge section will be built in 2013. Across the San Francisco Bay Bridge and dock connection Golden Gate Bridge The 480 double highway demolition after the earthquake, the demolition of highway 480 to the port area rebirth, open space planning for the port area at the beginning of twentieth Century to restore prosperity. The earthquake not only affected the Bay Area Rapid Transit become the main traffic tool connecting the East Bay and San Francisco after the earthquake disaster, a daily passenger volume from the first two months of the 220 thousand passengers increased to 330 thousand passengers. At that time has been cancelled for Bay Area shuttle transport ship, re opened after the earthquake Alameda , Auckland , Berkeley Connect to San Francisco route. The earthquake caused a total of around 57 people died, twelve thousand houses damaged, San Francisco future urban planning so as to change, many buildings must strengthen protective measures or reconstruction. The influence of the earthquake lasted until today.
 Before sunset in San Francisco City
Before sunset in San Francisco City

San Francisco geographical environment

San Francisco Location condition

San Francisco is located in the United States The state of California West Coast St. Francesco The Peninsula (37 degrees 48 '0 "N, 122 degrees 25' 0" W), an area of 121.73 square kilometers, with water on three sides, a beautiful environment, is a mountain.

San Francisco topographic features

San Francisco is located in California The earthquake zone . The history of the largest earthquake in 1906, before 1851, 1858, 1865 and 1868 also occurred in large earthquake. The recent earthquake in 1989, the city streets a few feet wide gap, including the Shanghai Bay Bridge route. The city is a typical hilly area, the city contains many straight streets. The city has three of the most famous: Nob Hill, Russian Hill hill and Telegraph Hill.

San Francisco Climatic characteristics

The San Francisco peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides, and by the Pacific California cold Influence, San Francisco is a typical summer type mediterranean climate . For a long time by the sea breeze effect, on high temperature in summer in San Francisco is only 20 degrees Celsius (c) about a year, only about a week because of strong breeze effects and more than 30 DEG C. September is the warmest month. At the same time because the water temperature 10-15 degrees Celsius for many years in the Pacific, the summer night it may drop to below 10 DEG C. San Francisco near the beach and the golden gate, under the influence of the middle of the night and the morning fog, but the summer rainfall is rare rainy season for 1-4 months, although the winter is cold, but fresh snow.

San Francisco The real estate situation

The local real estate market, San Francisco has experienced ups and downs. From the last century since the end of 90s, San Francisco and even the whole world has opened the era of the Internet and Internet company boom. Any association with the Internet companies will have a.Com suffix name, will be the risk of investors around the world favor. Internet start-up companies began to attract a large number of hot money investment, and hire a large number of professional talents, to grow up rapidly. The local real estate market began after the radical growth of about 100% from 1995 until 2001, the real estate bubble. From 2001 to 2002, prices fell nearly 10%.
Soon, however, because the bank provides low mortgage rates and when the United States popular real estate speculation boom and other stimuli, prices also show a rising trend. This makes the prices so far in 2007 rose more than 50%.
From 2008 to 2009 the financial crisis makes prices fall by about 25%.
From the beginning of 2012, the San Francisco real estate market revived. Until now, San Francisco prices have risen 60-70% in the past few years, a big reason is still technology startups driven by the real estate of great demand.
Today, San Francisco local real estate market is still very strong, although the heat decreased slightly. Although the demand for housing is still very large, but with the popularity of the past few years, has a lot of ease. Whether the smooth development of the high-tech industry will have a significant impact on the local real estate market also can make nothing of it. But according to the news media reported, mainly on the market whether venture capital institutions should put money into Silicon Valley innovative enterprises at this stage show hesitation. This will lead to some innovative enterprises will face difficult financing situation, and then facing development restrictions to recruit high quality talents. And so on all may make in the next few months, the real estate market slightly cooling. Although many people have speculated whether San Francisco will usher in a new round of falling house prices, but the historical data of the past 30 years, San Francisco prices will still rise in the long term.

San Francisco Culture

San Francisco Folk Festival

There are festivals every month in San Francisco.
In January / February
San Francisco's annual festival of ethnic minorities from the Chinese Spring Festival Start date according to the lunar calendar and Chinese. The main program is to set off firecrackers to celebrate the fireworks, couplets, held in America Chinatown Miss and dragon dance parade.
Irish descent to religious activities, and wine in March 17th (or from the day last Sunday) flags fluttering parade to celebrate the anniversary of Patrick 's. although Easter San Francisco is not a statutory holiday, residents of San Francisco will hold the corresponding celebration. "San Francisco Bay Area Music Award" awarded to the local music in March.
The Japanese community in San Francisco in late April to celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival, then there came from Japanese artist 1907, there are some celebrations held in the city in japan. North America's oldest San Francisco Film Festival opened in April.
May 5th is Xin Kede Ma friends in 1862 to commemorate the victory over the French Mexican holiday celebration is the climax of the coronation to the festival queen in the civic center.
The last Sunday of June held the "gay rainbow flag free day "The parade from the financial district along market street all the way to the Castro area.
July 4th is the United States Independence Day And as a national holiday, when the fireworks in Chris square and Golden Gate Bridge. Rail cable car bell in the championship Federation Square Bawk, street plaza.
In August / September
In addition to the Japanese city neighborhood market, August is a month of quiet. The September San Francisco Expo opening in the city center, and the Expo held in several other's street and Castro street. In the last weekend of August, the San Francisco Bruce festival in Fort Mason.
October 12th is Columbo day In 1492, to commemorate the Genoa explorers discovered the new continent. North Beach will be held in Italy folk celebrations. The traditional celebration programmes include religious ceremonies in Washington Square, St. Peter's Church in St Paul, marched to the fisherman's Wharf to pray fisheries harvest. The last day of October is Halloween, this is a great opportunity to do the party -- Jack-O-Lantern, pumpkin pie, workers also changed of odd shape Halloween costumes.
In November 2nd to commemorate the Mexico community The day of the dead . It is said that the ancestors of the soul on this day back, will hold a ceremony to send the spirit mission area at night. The San Francisco Jazz Festival opened in November. Is on the fourth Thursday of November Thanksgiving Also, the unofficial rehearsals, Christmas shopping will begin!
San Francisco Christmas the department stores are the window dress very beautiful, is a good opportunity for people new year carnival.
China celebrity charity recognition day
Jacky Cheung Date: US 1995 October 29th San Francisco Jacky Cheung day certificate.
Dawn On 1992, the mayor of San Francisco in October 16th as the 'dawn day' and 'awarded honorary mayor' award.
Sir Run Run Shaw Date: 1991, the United States of San Francisco every year in September 8th as "Run Run Shaw day" in recognition of what he did in terms of social welfare contributions.
Anita Mui Date: 1993, San Francisco city every year in April 18th as "Anita Mui day" in recognition of her charitable contributions to the local Chinese community. In 2002, Anita Mui was awarded the "outstanding governor of California charity artist" honor.
Jimmy Lin Date: 2003 Jimmy Lin to the United States of San Francisco city to receive the "Mayor Award" this award in recognition of his major in the United States to carry out a series of donations to schools, as the anti drug ambassador and other public welfare activities. In addition, the government of San Francisco will be identified as "Jimmy Lin on October 17th".
Twins Date: 2007 Twins for the first time to the United States and Canada held a concert tour, the first stop is San Francisco (San Francisco), their tight schedule, but also take the time to participate in local charity activities. Fans buy concert posters have signed opportunities, raised funds donated to local people service; San Francisco city municipal government in recognition of Twins's heart, will be in September 14th as "Twins day". (Twins, homophonic San Francisco city) issued to commemorate the award for praise.
Jolin Date: 2008 Jolin "the only dance" world tour will arrive in California, Senator Xia Lebo at the press conference on behalf of the parliament of California awarded her a welcome, she also became the first Asian American Concert awarded California The Government Council "welcome" female singer. Welcome to the art font like writing: professional performing arts has always been to encourage the government of California must Jolin in the singing and dancing achievements, and enjoyed fame in Asia Entertainment, from all walks of life in California for her visit to express welcome and blessing. On the day of the concert with Jolin, is the first in California held a singing audience full Chinese artist. California's parliament in November 29th as" Jolin Day".

San Francisco Culture area

San Francisco Chinatown
In different regions of San Francisco have very different cultural style:
* (Chinatown Chinatown ): Chinese focus, like Chinese "market" (exactly like "food"), but every day there are many tourists to visit.
* The Castro: Castro District, the most famous gay settlement global gay focus, similar to New York's Greenwich Village
* birthplace 60s hippie Haight-Ashbury:20 Century
* Hunters Point: industrial area, very warm
* church district (or Mission District; Mission District): San Francisco's most brilliant sunshine place, which is mainly Mexico restaurants and bars, there have been many world famous restaurants, there are many South American Spanish speaking Mexican, according to Wen, a considerable part of Illegal immigrant .
* LGB Pride Parade: the San Francisco pride parade, the fourth Sunday of June each year, the market street in downtown San Francisco (Market St.) will be held in the parade, is San Francisco's most popular tourist activities.
* Noe Valley: the house is mostly large residential Vitoria style, residents generally very young.
North * Beach:& #91; North District] Italy district and the area next to the Chinatown, the most famous is a garlic ("The Stinking Rose" restaurant), all the dishes are a lot of garlic.
* Pacific Heights and Nob Hill are the same: is the city's most expensive residential area, where you can see the whole panorama of San Francisco.
* Potrero Hill: the industrial zone near the mountain, you can see, and on the other side of the Gulf Bridge Auckland The part of the port.
* South of Market (SOMA): the south of market area, bar, club and artists, there are a lot of expensive new apartments
 The San Francisco Jewish Museum of contemporary architecture The San Francisco Jewish Museum of contemporary architecture
* the Richmond (Richmond District): Russia, Brazil, The culture of Arabia . While in the area
A Chinese population in Clement Street (Clement Street), the area is also known as "Xinhua bu". Segmentation and sunset district is the Gold Gate Park, and it separates is the sea beach.
* sunset District, some people think that the region is emerging in the Chinatown, because it stores mostly Chinese stores, but there are also many overseas Chinese and Chinese residents. This area is built in the Second World War, many in 30s or 40s moved in retirement.
* the tenderloin (The Tenderloin): the city's poor mess area, there are many adult shops and cinemas. The road is often seen drunk, drug addicts and beggars, is also a hotbed of various crimes. But it is in the tourist area and the business district on the edge, there are obvious differences between the amazing wealth.

San Francisco diet

San Francisco rich, fisherman's Wharf rich seafood dishes are always keep dinner in San Francisco. San Francisco food tastes and diverse, in the restaurant is one of the important parts of. San Francisco boasts the most authentic Chinese food, Chinatown The world is always diners.
With the San Francisco ethnic distribution, various family gathering place has its own food culture. Italy community "North Beach", the best choice is the natural taste of Italy food.
Mexican cuisine is another major cuisine in San Francisco. Japanese food is also very common. When transplanted into San Francisco at the same time, these exotic cuisines are inevitable to encounter some "improvement", also formed the local characteristics of California cuisine.
San Francisco coffee is a big part of the diet culture, street coffee shop and fast food shops can be seen everywhere, and a variety of coffee category once more to become the object of study dedicated people.
Because San Francisco has many immigrants, immigrants of different nationalities according to a party, formed as the China city generally small country, exotic restaurant bred. In addition to the authentic California cuisine, there are a lot of exotic dishes. The local rich raw materials on foreign cooking lessons, San Francisco chefs use the new formula allocation excellent flavor the United States and conforms to the laws of science of food nutrition. San Francisco has a large number of breaking the traditional frame of the cook, a tongue twister to multi language menu, is indeed a delicacy paradise.
To eat fresh seafood, seafood treasure to Fisherman's Wharf, near fisherman's Wharf signs around the rows of stalls can buy fast food, such as seafood Seafood sandwich , Boiled crab Etc..
San Francisco cuisine is the most distinctive of Dench J Xie and old bread. Two street is the most famous delicacy in San Francisco (Chinatown and Italy Food Street North Beach ).
In Europe's premier Chinatown, numerous Chinese restaurant, in addition to dinner, here's breakfast is also very rich and delicate.
North Beach, Little Italy, North Beach in the center of Columbo Avenue, represented by Italy is full of green, white and red dotted with fashionable Italian restaurant and cafe.
In addition, the Russian cuisine, Brazil cuisine, Kampuchea cuisine, Korean cuisine and Greek cuisine, Swedish dishes can let the world gourmet gobble down. The local newspaper and the San Francisco Municipal Tourism Bureau of the "San Francisco Handbook" is also part of the restaurant guide.

San Francisco traffic

San Francisco Exit

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is located in San Bruno, 14 miles from the city centre. Oakland and San Jose International Airport also has. SanFrancico Airport is divided into three connected region: South, international and North district. The upper left port, the lower port. The airport arrivals hall with shops, car rental, hotel registration and Tourism Advisory Service, a full range of services. International Airport bus from the airport to Downtown Hotel lower grid area, marked by the blue station. From the private bus in upper and lower layers are not limited to the start point, end point. From the airport to downtown by car in the non peak hours of traffic for half an hour.
Amtrak railroad connects San Francisco, Los Angeles , Seattle and Chicago . A street 425 more Bay terminal to have a train ticket. San Francisco train station at Fourth Avenue and the town is adjacent to California street corner, the railway line to St. Joseph's end point station.
Greyhound bus operator to San Francisco across the highway route. "Green turtle" passenger at slower speeds, but also a lot cheaper and route. A long-distance bus from the station departure Bay Street is a. No. 1 San Francisco South Road from Losangeles to San Francisco is the most beautiful scenery of the road line, go parallel with the Road 101 a little faster. North of Highway 101 across the Golden Gate Bridge from the south to the north from eureka. No. 80 Interstate highway Across the bay bridge extends from Sacramento to the southwest.

San Francisco Traffic in the city

Trolley bus San Francisco: also called MUNI, is the cheapest means of transport, the child fare $1.25, adult fare $2.50, available in 1.5 hours unlimited bus ride, very economical. The main route is: #42 ring run way bus station, Market St near Chinese, fisherman's Wharf, near the city, Van Ness street, municipal government, is the best route to visit the city of San Francisco. Also can transfer several other bus routes. #38 along GEARY street across town, passing through Chinese Consulate General in Japan until the city, West Pacific Beach, seal rock. #30 to China City, Union Square, South Street in Pierce or Scoff, for #28#29 bus on Lombard street to Golden Gate Bridge. What way across town #5 gold gate park . #1 trolley to run things, the city can be transferred to the Golden Gate Bridge #28 Chinese.
Cable Car
(Cable Car): the most distinctive San Francisco transportation, tourism is one of the hot spots. There are three routes from Powell street to Fisherman's Wharf line is often used by tourists. The cable car and walk slowly, to wait for 1-2 hours to get on the train. The fare of $5.
BART subway
In the street there are three stations to Market Auckland (Oakland), Berkeley (Berkeley and Fremont).
MUNI bus
The issuance of a day, three days, seven days for Passport. At the designated for unrestricted use days, were $6, $10, $15. One can also buy 10 car tokens for $8, saving $2. These tickets are sold at the cable station and Chinese City store, bookstore. Convenient to use, save money
The old tram
The downtown of San Francisco, you can see a lot of various types of colored antique trams, along the road of market street street and the bay. These antique trams, mainly dealing with the market street and west of CASTRO District, San Francisco city and the northeast coast of fisherman's Wharf. The tram style is very special and antique in particular, are popular tourist attractions bring more nostalgia.
Light rail
In 1950, the original highway was abolished after San Francisco, mostly to the Boulevard instead, some built tram route, both environmental protection and convenience, but also add many customs of San Francisco.

San Francisco Elite

San Francisco Stanford University

 Stanford University Stanford University
Stanford University (Stanford University) is an American Private University That is recognized as one of the world's most outstanding university, ranked third in the 2016-17 US NEWS World University In 2016-2017, ARWU The Academic Ranking of World Universities Second . It is located in the The state of California The Palo Alto (Palo Alto), located in the south of San Francisco Bay, near the silicon valley . Stanford University owns the assets belong to one of the largest universities in the world. It covers an area of 33 square kilometers, is the sixth largest university . Compared to the eastern United States Ivy League (Ivy League) especially the Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, although a relatively short history, but whether it is the academic standards or other aspects can compete with the Ivy League phase for example, according to the U.S. " Forbes "Magazine 2010 inventory of American culture the most billionaires University, Stanford University ranked second, the number of billionaires reached 28, second only to Harvard University.
Admission to the Stanford University is very competitive, the 2015 year there were 42497 applicants for admission, only accounted for 5% . Most of the subjects are biology, followed by economic, political science, psychology, English. Stanford University foundation strong, adequate funding, teaching equipment is extremely abundant. The library contains over 6 million 700 thousand books and more than 40 thousand journals. Other school has more than 7 thousand computer for students to use, also is provided with a plurality of computer room and computer center to provide services for students. Students can use the network with the school teachers and students relations. In addition, the school also has many sports facilities, the stadium can accommodate eighty-five thousand people, golf and swimming pool, fully embodies the advantages of a large area of the campus.
Stanford University is located in the south of San Francisco side about 35 miles from Palo Alto (Palo Alto), the climate was dry, the richest of the rich agricultural region, since the last century since 50s, due to the rise of the establishment of intensive high-tech industry has created the world science and technology center" silicon valley "(Silicon Valley), one of the birthplace of the Palo Alto became the core of Silicon Valley, with first-class Stanford University school district located here and pleasant climate, convenient transportation and favorable living conditions, the local land prices high. In addition in the high-tech leadership and growing commercial activities, there are about 60 thousand residents in Palo Alto, also has 100 years of history and cultural relics and many monuments, therefore a major feature of the city is a mix of old and new. Many parks have Palo Alto (at least 34) and the open green space, and is located in the bay area, natural landscape and recreational resources are also very rich, so although the city land is costly, but also provides a relatively high quality living environment, suitable for live and work.

San Francisco UC Berkeley

 The University of California The University of California
(MSRI) ; at "the father of the atomic bomb" (Space Sciences Lab) Winner of the Nobel prize in physics; Ernest O. Lawrence This invented cyclotron The United States, and established the top national laboratory Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboraory) Winner of the Nobel prize in chemistry; Glenn Theodore Seaborg Here found No. 43, No. 85 and No. 93 No. -106 total of sixteen kinds of chemical elements, way ahead in the world, of which ninety-seventh elements" Berkelium (Berkelium) "is named after Berkeley In the field of computer science and engineering; Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berkeley and San Francisco South racing together bridle to bridle. silicon valley Training a large number of talents, including Intel Founder Gordon Moore , Andy Grove and Apple Inc Founder Steve Wozniak . Berkeley's students and alumni also found Vitamin E For the first time, identified Influenza virus And found Carbon 14 And the invention of the 14s - Determination of carbon And found the hydrogen isotope deuterium And the invention of the laser And the invention of the Bubble chamber And the invention of the PCR Technology, is put forward" An asteroid said "The dinosaur hypothesis and so on, is also the first place no fault divorce bill. Incumbent The Fed Chairman janet yellen Is a professor at the school .

San Francisco University of San Francisco

University of San Francisco (University of San Francisco) is known as the "West Coast gateway" of San Francisco City, was founded in 1855, is a century old reputation for outstanding comprehensive university offers 17 undergraduate and 9 graduate. At present, a total of 57 countries from more than 8000 students in this study. In 2007 the U.S. magazine USnews and world report selected the university rankings, the University of San Francisco in the United States in more than 3 thousand and 600 universities ranked 112nd. The business school is the Wall Street journal named one of the world's 100 Best Business School in 2005, the school of Business Entrepreneurship in the professional ranks first in the California (more than Stanford University , UC Berkeley As the world's elite). University of San Francisco is the representative of the United States occupation development of university undergraduate education, its entrepreneurial spirit known to the world, is known as the cradle of the Chinese chairman. (Huarun group vice chairman Wang India JP. morgan Director General Manager Weijian Shan Are the school alumni). The postgraduate education is famous for its innovative spirit, is an American master of financial analysis of the university sports management, ranked third in the nation, the introduction of the computer master entrepreneurship training courses prestigious in the Silicon Valley. In the non academic aspects, University of San Francisco is also among the best in small classes and diverse campus rankings. General secretary Jiang Zemin in the United States had made a special trip to visit University of San Francisco.

San Francisco Tourism

San Francisco Scenic introduction

San Francisco is a paradise for holiday. The historical landscape restaurant dishes surprise, good to hear or see, hotel rich imagination. Large American city visitors expected in drama and sports, everything here. San Francisco is the strongest voice of immigrants who burst out of passion, this is a heady mix of cultures: distinctive Italian neighborhoods of different Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and South Asians dotted in the land of California.
It is this city, gave us the "Beat Generation" and "hippie" revolution, gay demonstrations and yuppies. Whether you love or love. Sinatra Frank raving, is obsessed with ballet or preference slide, you can find all the fun here. Welcome to San Francisco, because it is the most large-minded City, is one of the greatest city in the world.
From the sky overlooking San Francisco, the city is like a transistor radio as clean: buildings, boxy Vitoria style exquisite beyond compare parks, roads waterfront tourist area, skyscrapers beautifully decorated, reflective glass reflects the colorful scene, the twists and turns of the high speed highway stretches to touch the sky business district. Chinatown bustling street in concentrated form so that visitors a taste of the Chinese culture, california palace of the legion of honor People like Sam came to the Paris City Hall of the Grand Palace, a shock, M.H. (De Young Museum Stankovic Memorial Hall) and the magnificent display of American art to tourists. The vast park towering trees, Santa Cruz "boardwalk" has a long history. The ferry shuttle in the Gulf, to Alcar Dreas island. Rail cable car in the winding mountain road, the background is a dense fog of the Golden Gate Bridge. Through a spirit of vibration of the bridge, then south onto Highway 1 and California redwoods came into view.
Attractions list: Golden Gate Bridge , The Bay Bridge , Cable Car , Transamerica Pyramid (also translated ", Pyramid", "the Pyramid "Transamerica, Pyramid, M.H.), city hall, Great Basin National Park, Sequoia, Santa Cruz, Stankovic Memorial Museum, Coit Tower, Palace of Fine Arts, Union Square And the surrounding downtown area, Yosemite National Park Ma, to Africa Park, twin peaks, Chinatown And the Asian Art Museum, handmade folk art museum, seal rocks and cliff house, silicon valley , Fisherman's Wharf The parade, Lombard street The Japanese city, Gold Gate Park, and Alcatraz, etc..
There is a famous scenic spot in San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge , Fisherman's Wharf , Lombard street Chinatown, Alcatraz Island , Angel Island , Treasure Island , gold gate park , Municipal Center , Palace of Fine Arts , Alamo Square , Twin Peaks , North Beach Etc..

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Founded in 1937, at a cost of $35 million 500 thousand, is one of the world's largest single hole bridge,
 Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge
The bridge is 2780 meters long, from the sea to the center of the bridge is about 67.84 meters high. Both ends of the bridge has two 227 meter tall tower. Both ends of the bridge bridge orange stands steel column, connected by a thick steel cable, cable midpoint droop, almost close to the bridge, cable and bridge connected by a thin rope. The whole bridge is simple and majestic. In order to commemorate the designer engineer Strauss, people put his statue placed in bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge was completed on the same day, 200 thousand people walked across the bridge to jubilant to celebrate this day. Today, the Golden Gate Bridge bridge is one of the busiest in the world, every day there are about 100 thousand cars passing from Hashikami Takanon.
Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world famous bridge, a bridge project as a modern miracle. The Golden Gate Bridge was designed by engineer Strauss, his statue placed in bridge, in honor of his contributions to the United states. Ohashi O Zhi in the American state of California more than 1900 meters wide on the golden gate. The golden gate at the entrance to the Gulf of San Francisco, the steep, channel depth, for the 1579 British explorer Francis Drake Found by him named.

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf (Fisherman's Wharf) used to be Italy fisherman's Quay (wharf No. thirty-ninth, Pier 39), San Francisco is now the most popular place, all bustling. Jefferson street and Taylor street intersection marking is the symbol of the crab fisherman's wharf. All visitors to San Francisco to come here to enjoy a meal of fresh delicious seafood feast. There are near the pier Ocean Park Museum.
 Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39) Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39)
Fisherman s wharf is a painting of a circular billboard big crab, found "crab", went to the fisherman's Wharf, is also the preferred location for San Francisco tasting seafood. Fisherman's wharf near the coast are full of delicious crab, shrimp, squid, abalone, sea urchins, salmon, mackerel and COD and other seafood, seafood is the best season in November each year to June of the following year. At this time to Fisherman's Wharf, people can eat good Dan jinnisi sea crab (Dungeness Crab). Methods the seafood cuisine is very simple, braised, salt and pepper these will damage the original practices have been boiled seafood instead. No seasoning cover, fresh degree, seafood fat degree and cooking temperature was most incisive, fresh degree of indescribable.

San Francisco Lombard street

Lombard street Is a major feature of San Francisco. From the waves Pakistan street to Gilman street this section is a big downhill, the municipal authorities in order to prevent traffic accidents, specially built car beds, so far, only hovering, exceeding 5 mph, this street it is "the world's most crooked Street" said. Came to San Francisco, most visitors to come here to test their driving skills. Lanes on both sides of the garden full of roses, every family on both sides of the street are also in front of flowers and grass, flowers in bloom, from afar, like a Xiegua a needlepoint, beautiful, "flower" reputation, and so.

San Francisco San Francisco Chinatown

San Francisco Chinatown (Chinatown) the Chinatown is the largest city in the United States, has a history of over 120 years. The entrance was dark green and a Chinese archway
 Chinatown Chinatown
The stone lions, Mr. Sun Zhongshan's book the whole world as one community four characters, is the symbol of Chinatown, is also the symbol of Chinese civilization. One of the main street Grant Street, have many Chinese color souvenir shops and restaurants on both sides of China, to the tourist shoppers often packed. On the west side of Grant street and Stockton street is parallel to the local Chinese people buy goods shops. The history of the Chinese community to expand by strong resistance from the municipal government, for example, 1870 has issued a strict control to Chinese housing and jobs bill. The 1906 earthquake caused the fire burned the Chinatown municipal government will plan the Chinese from the region to drive out to the development of real estate, but the plan is finally under the strong resistance of all Chinese abortion. So far, Chinatown Safe and sound is still stay in the most bustling financial district next door, but want to continue the horizontal development it is almost impossible, so he had to think of a way to height. To see many other strange buildings here, it is not a time to build up. For example, after the temple Mazu Temple Built in the barber shop and laundry on the roof.

San Francisco Travel Tips

Travel time
San Francisco all year for tourism. The winter generally more humid. One day in the summer and foggy weather changes may occur repeatedly, than in other areas of California to cool off.
Shopping Directory
Shopping in the United States, will find that the United States has many elegant shopping mall, which is not only a shopping place, has become a cultural phenomenon, the morning old people walking in the shopping mall, the children will come to the mall after school recreation room to play, young mothers come here enjoyable weekend in addition, in the form of shopping, restaurants, cinemas and shopping malls, it can be said that the shopping center is more like a full-featured leisure. This business model has been popularized all over the world.
When shopping, may wish to visit several shops, large shopping malls, there will always be a regular sale, the store will hang out "on sale" brand, at this time, only a fraction of the original price can get what they want.
Special delicacy
The annual December to January next year, is the prime time to eat crab. In the famous San Francisco fisherman's Wharf, from the beginning of December, will be held every kind of charity is known as "the annual crab feast" activities, to raise a lot of money for local charities and political parties. To eat crab people and tourists can eat.
Oyster (Swan Oyster Depot Swan Restaurant )
In 2013, just the 100 anniversary of Swan Restaurant opened oyster. Has always been committed to achieve the ultimate delicious seafood restaurant shop oyster swan, space is very narrow, only 12 of the bar chairs placed in the dining room, the first time in the shop, something of a surprise. However, those alive and kicking oysters, fresh crab, shrimp and seafood chowder, will let the queue into the store every customer satisfied. In fact, the Swan Restaurant oysters as a great seafood restaurant, fresh and delicious early so that customers will gobble down as frightening as a queue like queuing grand forgot.
Bazaar restaurant (A Market Restaurant )
Located in the inland terminal market in a local restaurant is very famous chef, named Mark Simon, his specialty dish has a large number of local people pursued in San Francisco. The most famous dishes are used Green Papaya Grapefruit, slice, peanuts and cilantro for condiments made Jumbo Crab Cakes and fresh meat salad. In order to ensure the best dishes taste and freshness, all the dishes are the most fair restaurant to fresh crab food, the taste will be very authentic.
I hope the anchor (Anchor and Hope )
I hope the anchor boasts the U.S. East Coast and west coast all fish ". I hope the anchor of the restaurant's dishes are very rich, the use of Dungeness crab made of special crab burger and seafood soup, I eat the most delicious food in San Francisco. It is worth mentioning that it is a great contrast between the inside and outside the building, outside the wall with dry sand decoration, and it gives people a sense of modern fashion.
Netti (Nettie 's Crab crab shack Shack )
Marina is located beside the pier in San Francisco is also very famous netti crab shack restaurant. Once boasted that his crab is the most delicious local varieties of "deeds", also let the restaurant had a reputation in abroad. The delicious crab shack netti untold, the most famous dishes is crab rolls, crab salad, avocado, beet root and special egg, everything and make people linger. At the same time, there are a lot of very netti crab shack retro cream dessert, candy Boudin, hot apple crisp and crisp pears are the best dessert crab shack netti.

San Francisco The best tourist season

San Francisco all year for tourism, there are festivals every month.
January / February China Spring Festival
In March the Brazil Carnival
In April the Japanese community of Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco Film Festival
In May 1862 the French army defeated the Mexican Memorial Day
"Gay Freedom Day parade in June.
In July, American Independence Day
August / September San Francisco Expo, Bruce Festival
In October, Columbo on Halloween
In November the Mexico community memorial day of the dead, the San Francisco Jazz Festival, Thanksgiving
December Christmas, Carnival opportunity
The evaluation of city
Pluralistic culture
San Francisco is an important port city of California, lived from people of various countries, various cultural convergence in this city. Chinese occupies 12% of the total population in the city of San Francisco, the black also occupies the same proportion, and a small number of Filipinos, Japanese, Nicaragua, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese and Samoa people.
Native Wine
The Spanish missionaries initially put the grapes to California, the Wine manufacturing industry in the gold rush era has been established, and succeeded in 1970s. 90% of all American Wine produced here, the best quality focused on Napa Valley The cable and the Norma Valley more than 270 breweries in. Grape cultivation history of California is a European grape cultivation art integration and development in the history of the new world. London, summer white grape and Cabernet red grapes are planted in Napa Valley and Norma valley cable most area. The world famous Mahn And Ferre Semyon Ni Wine factory for the production here. On both sides of the Napa Valley Highway No. 29 with flagship like wineries, their architecture, building from the tank to the post - modernism style castle building luxurious, Nothing needed is lacking. On the left side of the Boehringer Valley Vineyard's history can be traced back to 1876; Stryn grape park has an imitation of Greek temple, the building a new generation of wine upstart humor; skin Gus winery is a winery in the palace of art style, interior actually has a theater, the lawn dotted with all sculpture, the sculpture "by Dionysus Dionysus is solely responsible for the" special attention.
Coffee culture
San Francisco looks like a replica of Europe, because there are too many coffee houses. The old Franciscan devotion to coffee is madness, they tend to use a coffee spoon to measure life. There are at least 40 methods of making coffee, there are about more than 250 kinds of Coffee Recipes worth a try. San Franciscans used to a cafe as the center of the community, to make friends, there listening to poetry, reading offbeat publications. Sheerlon education and reading is a fundamental part of coffee culture, coffee is the essence of coffee culture. In addition, lemon juice and vanilla is also very popular with residents of San Francisco's favorite, they are drinking coffee good seasoning.
The characteristics of the traffic system
San Francisco city and the surrounding towns are connected to the bridge, low storey Panshan colorful building, city size gangluan 42, many of the streets very steep. The most unique attractions is the "nine bay" at the steepest curve up to 20-45 degrees, the car full capacity may not be able to go uphill climb. These sections of the bus can only make a special cable car. Really need a certain driving drive here. The world famous San Francisco rail cable car system is designed in 1873 by the Scotland engineer. Cable car ride in the continuous advancement of the cable, the cable is placed in the center line of the street, the entire line is circular, its power by Mason on the street for rail car. Move the driver to control the car through a clamp lever, the average running speed of 30 kilometers per hour -40 km. San Francisco rail cable car still has three lines in operation. The most popular is Powell) - Mason and Powell - Hyde line line, they all use one-way vehicles. Although San Francisco's rail cable car sometimes crowded, but people are still accustomed to ride. Rail cable car provides an irresistible charm. Sunset, jump on a time-honored wooden car, just came to a visit 100 years ago San Francisco city life ticket.
The film on location
San Francisco has become the There is nothing comparable to this "movie star" in this century, the city location always chose San Francisco as the location. It has inspired many directors inspiration, whether it is business or directing blockbusters, soap operas, and ultimately its graceful charm. Today, San Francisco is known as the "north of Hollywood" on the one hand, every month is a city has many of the crew; on the other hand, San Francisco itself has become the center of the film industry. Obviously, San Francisco is a never retired "movie star".
The characteristics of the industrial structure
San Francisco's economy is dominated by the service industry, financial industry and international trade is also developed, accounting for more than half of urban employment population, industry accounted for only 15%. The city, there are more than 2.6 wholesale retailers. The western financial center in San Francisco, there are 40 banks and 147 branches. It is the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange and one of the largest bank in the United States Bank of America The headquarters is located. The industry of San Francisco in the traditional clothing, food, printing. The emerging automotive assembly, aerospace, electronics, oil refining and other industrial sectors have greater development. In addition, San Francisco suburban agriculture is also very rich, rich in vegetables and tropical fruits, flowers or important areas.
Cultural activities center
At the same time, San Francisco is a cultural city, a total of 18 colleges and universities. As established in 1855 University of San Francisco Founded in 1899, San Francisco State University Is a long history of higher education. The city is world renowned Kelun Theatre (Curran Theater) and Jinmen Theatre (Golden Gate Theater). There is a 9 km long beach north bay, is the American artist activity center. San Francisco all year for tourism. General winter is wet, foggy day in summer and the possibility of multiple changes in the weather, urban areas than in other areas of California to cool off.
Open and tolerant culture
From February 12, 2004 to March 11 during the day, the new mayor Gavin Newson And other officials began issuing same-sex marriage certificate, the United States has become the focus of the issue of gay marriage. The California Supreme Court ruled illegal, a total of 4161 gay couples received a marriage certificate. A survey shows that most of the local residents of their living in San Francisco was "very satisfied", including 87% Homosexuality African American and Hispanic, 81% heterosexual, 77% Asian, 77%, and 81% of whites.
This reveals the fact that San Francisco is a genuine advocate "diversification" of the city. Here, gay poised over the roof plug Rainbow flag , and heterosexual neighbors; here, white, black, yellow, harmonious coexistence, Chinatown Attached North Beach The the Latin quarter Japan, through the city Union Square Here, you can see; designed to win other buskers, some of the body painted colorful, some dressed as witches, clown or even black ghost; here, you can see the head of red hair of young people through the streets, openly gay couples kissing in the streets. In this land, any will not provoke others at new in order to be different, everyone is a personal independence of conduct model.
San Francisco large-minded is a kind of temperament is naturally like nature itself, inadvertently in the diet, architecture, music etc. all at the level of city life. Here, in addition to the delicious fresh rich
In the creative California dishes, you can eat the best French food, Italian food, Japanese cuisine and Chinese delicacy; here, all over the city Vitoria style house Although the Greek Rome good to hear or see, "Palace of Fine Arts", carved dragon phoenix engraved Chinatown gate, authentic taste of Japanese Oriental City five heavy tower, North Beach painted Italy painting restaurants make you dazzle; here, big city all you want in the art show everything, world-class ballet, elegant classical music, Broadway musicals, sentimental jazz, non compete, common totally into San Francisco's city beat. All this true American writer william saroyan Said, "if you are still alive, San Francisco will not make you tired; if you're dead, San Francisco will let you back."
It is this all-embracing city spirit, gave birth to 33 The Nobel prize The winner, created the miracle of Silicon Valley thousands on thousands of success stories.
The vitality of the hotel market
San Francisco is ranked first in the hotel market. Because of the mild climate, beautiful environment, living quality, first-class quality of education, San Francisco has been hailed as one of the best living city. At the same time, San Francisco is also the first North American popular tourist city and Exhibition Center City, has the best hotel market in North america.
In 2011, about 16 million 300 thousand visitors from around the world visited San Francisco, contributed more than $8 billion 500 million in revenue for the local
San Francisco 398 existing hotel (about 51900 rooms) can not meet the local tourism industry, exhibition industry and other diversified economic development needs of the market, the shortage of thousands of hotel rooms.
Since 2011 the hotel room revenue (RevPar) growth of 19.7%, the occupancy rate reached 80.2%.

San Francisco Social welfare

According to U.S. media reported on April 6, 2016, the United States of San Francisco, before the full pay maternity leave legislation, to become the nation's first full pay maternity leave the city.
Act, new parents can enjoy six weeks of paid maternity leave, there are only a few staff of government departments and private employees can enjoy paid maternity leave benefits. The new bill shall not only make San Francisco become the nation's first full pay maternity leave the city, the city also marks a new step in solving the problem of income inequality.
In 2006 San Francisco became the first city in the United States the implementation of paid sick leave, was approved in 2014 the minimum hourly wage of $15.