University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado (University of Northern Colorado) Colorado University was founded in 1889, is a 4 year public university, is also independent of the The state of Colorado Cooperative research organization. The existing school from 47 countries and regions, about 11000 students and 550 teachers.
University of Northern Colorado
Colorado University Music School in the country has a very high reputation among the professional jazz (Jazz Studies Program) and music education (Music Education) is the most famous. Jazz was also named in the national professional professional individual ranking top 5 position (Top Five Jazz Programs In The United States).

Essential information

University of Northern Colorado School profile

In the past 30 years, the Jazz students of Colorado University has received more than one hundred publications "set up by the U.S. core Down Beat" awards, including best jazz band, best instrumental soloist, best jazz composer / arranger, best jazz singer.
Jazz big band of Northern Colorado University (The Northern Colorado Jazz Lab I), the International Jazz music also received a high evaluation, and has been the core publications "American music Down Beat" named "America's best jazz big band" (2005 ~ 2006). The current director, jazz pianist / composer Dana Landry, but also the "best jazz composer / pianist Grammy nomination prize winner.
In addition, one of the Colorado University or university in the United States in a handful of "Jazz doctor degree for public university.

University of Northern Colorado The general situation of the city

Colorado State University is located in Colorado city in Greeley, north of the city of Denver in 50. Located in northwestern Arizona, by the magnificent Colorado 1 million 500 thousand years and can be washed. 1919 was approved as a national park. Colorado is a midwestern state, this state is the most famous peak with the Rocky Mountains, the terrain on the eastern side of the plain suddenly increased from west to the mountains, magnificent landscape geography. The state capital and largest city of Denver. In the Denver metropolitan area contains a total population of more than half of the state (about 2 million 500 thousand people, a total of 4 million 300 thousand people). Colorado is named after the Colorado River, in Spanish, Colorado (Colorado) represents a faint reddish (Reddish color).

University of Northern Colorado Professional settings

Set up a wide range of undergraduate and graduate school, which offers 40 undergraduate degree programs in 103 areas, with 52 graduate degree programs in 90 areas. The school has many scientific research institutions, including the center, art and science education and Research Center, experimental school, security education and Research Center, research center of educational technology etc.. Major: accounting, aerospace research applied statistics, biological sciences, biochemistry, nursing, computer science, psychology, art of dance, earth science, economics, educational psychology, English, environmental studies, geography, history, science, marketing, music, sports, physics and sociology.
Popular professional
Most of the students are subjects, business management (17%), Social Sciences (15%), Health Science (12%), education (12%), mass media (9%).

University of Northern Colorado The reputation of the school

In 2011 American Music College ranking 49
Professional jazz (Jazz Studies) was awarded the "national individual professional ranking into the top 5 (Top Five Jazz Programs In The United States).
In 2011 the United States University Graduate School of rehabilitation counseling (Rehabilitation Counseling) ranked 23
In 2011 the United States University Graduate School of Audiology (Audiology) ranked 52
In 2011 the United States University Graduate School of language pathology (Speech-Language Pathology) ranked 113
In 2011 the United States University Graduate School of Nursing (Nursing) ranked 99
In 2009 the United States University Graduate School of education college ranked 119th
"U.S. News and World Report" named the four national university academic reputation, ranked 207th in the nation.

University of Northern Colorado Year accommodation service

The university has 2962 places, only to ensure that new places are, and first come first served.

University of Northern Colorado Admission requirements

Admission TOEFL 550 application deadline in August 15th each year
Undergraduate and graduate IELTS 6 IELTS 7